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Andrea had even more of a spring in her step at work after the joys of Game’s night. Her co-workers noticed and commented on her mood and she even managed to smile and make eye contact with a few of them. Helen made some sort of comment about it being ‘Hump day’ it being a Wednesday.

She had a few texts from Lilly and the other girls about a garden party on Friday and she replied smiling her co-workers assuming her new boyfriend was texting her. Helen resumed her brief tickling game involving the high shelves and had somehow managed to pull strings to have her desk put closer to Andrea’s. Andrea missed Ron, the nice old chap who kept himself to himself and didn’t pry. Helen took off her shoes at her desks and sat with one foot underneath her wigging her toes in their tan Nylons and grinning whenever she noticed Andrea looking at her feet. Andrea always looked away shyly but would glance back as her colleague adjusted herself in her chair to dangle one of her pumps from her toes whilst pretending to type. Andrea felt a little bit uncomfortable with the new arrangement but was still too shy to complain.

She had a text from Lilly inviting her over for dinner and after umming and erring decided that she owed her friend after putting her in the torture box. She managed to leave work on time for once and went home to get changed wanting to look good for her new friend. Lilly had been unclear on whether it would be just them so she didn’t want to turn up in her jeans but couldn’t wear the dress she kept for formal occasions. Eventually she decided upon the sundress she wore to the beach during her first encounter with Lilly only with a pair of black nylons and blue pumps.

She found Lilly’s flat and rang the doorbell. The door was answered by Amy holding one of Lilly’s black cats that was trying desperately to escape wanting to explore outside. Amy was wearing a different corset top and skirt to the night before and top and black stockings with the re-enforced seams like those that Betty preferred. She greeted Andrea without any trace of malice and guided her through the cluttered hallway to the living room.

“That one is a little Houdini” Lilly said as Andrea was guided into the living room.

Lilly was sipping a glass of wine as she sat barefoot in her jeans in the corner, cuddling her other cat. Across from her was Natalie also wearing jeans but with a pair of tattered black socks with red heels and toes, her soft skin visible through the worn patches on the balls of her feet that allowed Andrea brief glance of her delicate toes. Noticing her gaze Natalie wiggled her toes and invited Andrea to sit next to her. Andrea tip-toed towards her, slightly perturbed by the messiness of Lilly’s flat. Lilly’s appearance was always so neat the messy living room with old plates and glasses scattered around didn’t quite scan.

The cats prowled amongst the debris as the girls chatted. Andrea could smell cooking and was glad she had only had a slight nibble before coming out. Andrea learnt that she was the last to arrive as this was a last minute thing and the others had plans, Natalie couldn’t stay as long either but wanted to see Andrea again so would stay for dinner.

Despite being somewhat slovenly with her housekeeping, Lilly was an amazing cook and Andrea thoroughly enjoyed the meal and the company. Both Lilly and Amy teased her with their feet under the table and Andrea pretended not to notice but enjoyed the tingles as their toes explored her arches and the backs of her knees. The girls pretended not to notice Andrea’s little twitches as the game of footsie went on beneath the table, across from Andrea Natalie was also clearly receiving the same treatment. After dinner Andrea told Lilly about Helen tickling her at work. As she listened Lilly sat hugging her knees splaying out her toes which were being licked by both kittens. Lilly clearly enjoyed their rough tongues exploring between her toes and as she spoke Andrea pondered getting a cat for this purpose.

“Sounds like she needs to be taught a lesson!” Lilly declared emerging from her focus on the cats at her feet.

“Oh no! I don’t think!...” Andrea protested not wanting the real world and her circle of tickle friends to mix, regretting bringing up the topic.

“But your mine sweetie! I can’t have this other woman tickling you without permission!” Lilly declared

Andrea shrugged, she didn’t mind being referred to in the possessive tense by Lilly, in fact in a peculiar way she sort of liked it. But at the same time she was adamant that Lilly shouldn’t approach Helen.

“Anyway enough talk about work! Time for some tickles!” Lilly declared producing an empty wine bottle and securing its cap.

The girls sat in a circle and Lilly span the wine bottle, Andrea had never played the game but guessed that whoever it pointed to would be tickled by the other girls. She was right and as the bottle came to rest facing her she squealed as the girls began tickling her. Amy and Lilly grabbing her feet and pulling away her pumps to get at her nylon clad feet. After her turn was up Andrea enjoyed tickling Natalie who took two turns the wine bottle facing her after the third spin. The first time the girls playfully tickled her as she tried to resist. The second time Amy and Lilly pulled off her socks and pinned her down, Amy used her legs to trap her ankles like a pair of stocks Whilst Lilly held her arms above her head. Lost in the tickling Andrea straddled Natalie and mercilessly tickled her exposed underarms. Natalie’s torture continued for a long time the girls forgetting about the game and enjoying tormenting their helpless captive. Eventually Amy decided to tickle Andrea’s feet which were exposed facing up as she straddled Natalie. Lilly joined in tickling Andrea’s tummy and underarms releasing Natalie’s wrists to do so. When recovered Natalie also tickled Andrea hoping that by doing so she would shift focus from herself. She was wrong and she was tickled again as were Lilly and Amy, all four girls tickled one another in a glorious tickle fight until Natalie needed the bathroom. She managed to slip away leaving the other three girls rolling around tickling one another their giggles slowing as they tired themselves out.

Upon her return Amy declared that Natalie was the loser and had to take a special punishment. Lilly concurred and bound Natalie’s wrists with a scarf. Natalie submissively allowed herself to be bound and blindfolded and was guided upstairs in a solemn procession. Andrea followed at the back noting Lilly’s clean but messy house, tip-toeing around discarded items of clothing. At the bedroom she gasped tickling instruments and restraints being strewn all over the floor and bed.

Natalie was guided to the bed and Lilly and Amy began to strip her. She protested saying she had to go soon but the girls insisted she had time for a short torture session. Lilly asked her what game she would like to play naming a number of options. Andrea noted the words: “French resistance” and “Sensual deprivation’ from amongst the list of options. Sighing as she was tied spread eagle to the bed Natalie asked:

“What is the one with the vibrating panties called? You know where I get tickled until I cum…. not the one where I have to resist them or else I get tickled?”

“Yes you like that one don’t you” Amy purred tugging down Natalie’s panties as Lilly prepared her ankle restraints.

“Andrea sweetie do you mind finishing this while I find the appropriate device?” Lilly asked

Andrea was too shy to refuse and secured Natalie’s ankles in the leather cuffs noticed her submissive obedience and slight trembles as Amy lay across the bed gently blowing on her face and teasing her knees with her toes.
Lilly produced a pair of panties like the ones that had been used to torment Amy the night before and adjusted the straps to ensure they were perfectly positioned. Before switching them on she placed three more on the bed.

“Girl’s let’s make this fun! We all wear a pair and after Natalie manages to climax whoever orgasms last has to take her place!”

Amy beamed loving the idea and secured a black pair of the vibrating panties in pace under her skirt having removed her own black underwear first. Lilly grabbed the red pair of vibrating panties and slipped down her jeans to secure it in place. Andrea gazed at the remaining pair of light blue panties as Amy and Lilly continued their torment of Natalie. Seeing her apprehension Lilly winked at Andrea…

“If you’re not comfortable with it sweetie we can play a different game. But I think you will enjoy it; you had a pretty good time last Saturday courtesy of my tongue if I remember correctly”. Lilly smiled broadly and Andrea’s apprehension melted away, she slipped off her own panties along with her nylons as the other girls had and eased the blue ones into place.

Lilly grinned producing two small remotes, as she pressed the main button on each Andrea felt the vibrator whir into life, it was gentle but effective and held perfectly on the right spot, Andrea was already slightly aroused from the tickling she had received and dished out downstairs and relished the prospect of the night’s fun. Amy also switched her vibrator on and winked at Lilly as Andrea was transfixed by Natalie’s feet. The two had concocted this scheme around mid-morning, the light blue pair were much weaker and rarely enough to bring their wearer to a climax.

Natalie’s tickling torment continued. Andrea remained completely transfixed by her victim’s left foot, running a feather between the toes and enjoying the way they wiggled. She would also use the fingertips of her other hand to gently tickle the arch of Natalie’s foot, but this allowed her victim to wiggle her feet freeing her toes from the gentle feather tickles that Andrea loved administering and she had to hold the toes, longing for her victim to be restrained in a pair of stocks with toe ties so she could administer both forms of torture at once. To her right Lilly had joined her, leaning over Natalie’s right foot and gently tickling the sole with her right hand and using her left to hold the toes. Lilly increased the amount of torment she could administer by licking and nibbling Natalie’s toes, her long hair also accidentally tickling Natalie’s captive foot. Andrea noticed this new technique and quivered, she had explored such techniques as part of her ‘research’ and although she liked the tickling component was unsure if she would enjoy tasting another woman’s feet.

Amy meanwhile was focusing her attention on Natalie’s underarms and neck using long soft feathers to gently torment Natalie’s second worst spots, longing for her turn at her victim’s feet: at once the most torturous and greatest turn on for her ticklish friend. Sighing and enviously watching Lilly and Andrea’s fun, Amy satisfied herself by slowly rotating her feathers around Natalie’s breasts getting ever closer to the nipples and smiling as they stiffened in response to the torture. Natalie was becoming increasingly aroused and Amy new how to drive her over the edge: leaning in she blew in Natalie’s ear and whispered…

“Oh you won’t be able to last much longer and when you do, your feet are mine”.

Natalie whimpered and cringed, verbal teasing like this turned her on and she began to moan as the tickling and vibrator brought her closer to a climax. Lilly had begun to use her feet to tease her tummy, a clever trick which Amy used to satisfy her desire to tickle a pair of sensitive feet. Waiting until Natalie’s toes were not in her friend’s mouth Amy scribbled her nails over Lilly’s soft feet. Surprised by the tickling Lilly squealed and lost control unable to continue her clever torment of Natalie’s body. Andrea took full advantage of the situation to tickle both of Natalie’s feet.

Lilly tried to pull her feet away but Amy had grabbed her ankle and scribbled her long black nails over her sensitive arches. Natalie and Lilly orgasmed in unison, the tickling being enough to push Lilly over the edge and the brief respite not being enough to stop the freight train of arousal that the girls had given steam to in Natalie’s loins. Amy grinned victoriously knowing she had won the game and her turn at Natalie’s feet. Lilly struggled free of Amy’s grasp and grinned deviously at her friend…

“Well I can’t deny I enjoyed that, but I will have my revenge!” She took her position at Natalie’s upper body and produced the master control for the vibrating panties lowering the frequency and intensity of all four pairs. Natalie sighed and relaxed….

“So another game before I go?”…

“Oh no! Sweetie! Because you and Lilly came together we have to play another round..." Amy teased revelling in her victory taking her place at Natalie’s feet…

“Now her worst spots are under her toes, how about we take it in turn to tickle both her feet whilst the other holds them back?” Amy's eyes lit up as she spoke, and although it was a question Andrea knew it was really a statement….

“I will go first!” Amy confirmed the tactics placing her hands across Natalie’s toes and stretching the sensitive soles for Andrea’s administrations.
Meanwhile Lilly was giving Natalie a triple tickle torment, using her toes in Natalie’s underarms, her fingers found the worst spots all over Natalie’s legs focusing particularly on the backs of her knees but giving the thighs a good squeeze in the places that previous sessions had revealed as the most sensitive. The torture was finalised through Lilly’s tongue which explored the depths of Natalie’s belly button.

Andrea didn’t notice this cruel trick being too busy scribbling horrible patterns all over Natalie’s restrained soles. Amy grinned enjoying feeling Natalie’s feet desperately try to escape, she whispered in Andrea’s ear….

“Now if you want to make her torture worse what you need to do is blow gently on her toes”.

Andrea grinned back and both girls leaned in and blew gently on the soft spot where Natalie’s toes met the balls of her feet. Eventually the time came for Andrea to hold back Natalie’s toes and she quietly watched the evil dance of Amy’s nails learning several new tricks as she watched. The vibrators had been turned back up and although they increased her arousal she didn’t feel close to an orgasm, she just sat and wiggled her bare feet enjoying feeling the carpet. Amy meanwhile was starting to sigh and moan, rolling her eyes as she administered the cruel tickles that slowed as she lost focus. Eventually Amy offered Natalie’s soles to Andrea ahead of time, her words lost to deep breaths and moans of pleasure. Not noticing the change in her friend due to her desire to tickle Natalie’s soles Andrea resumed her tickling, wiggling her bare feet subconsciously. Amy had noticed Andrea’s toe curling and stealthily repositioned herself slowly moving her crotch closer to Andrea’s toes. Andrea was briefly distracted as Amy made contact pushing the vibrator close enough to bring her to climax. Andrea squirmed not being fully comfortable and moved her foot away. Amy smiled bashfully letting go of Natalie’s foot and using one hand to finish herself off….

“I think we should punish her for that on Friday!” Lilly teased remembered the foot tickling Amy had given her earlier…

Andrea continued tickling Natalie’s feet who joined Amy’s sighs as her second orgasm approached. Eventually Amy was able to re-join the tickling as Natalie’s second orgasm reached full force. As the storm passed the vibrators were switched to a lower setting.

“So her punishment for losing the Jenga yesterday is over now?” Andrea asked, not wanting to discuss the incident involving her toes and Amy’s libido.

“Oh no sweetie! We have that planned for Friday at the garden party!” Lilly evilly smiled her eyes sparkling, anticipating that particular treat.

“Listen, if I made you uncomfortable…” Amy began

“Hmm-Hmm” Andrea cleared her throat wanting to change the conversation, Amy’s face sank.

“Just ask me before you try anything like that again…” She found the confidence to say, Amy’s crestfallen embarrassment being enough to make up for the unexpected contact.

“Okay! so I think it is someone pretty’s turn to take Natalie’s place!” Lilly beamed relishing the cruel torture planned, releasing Natalie’s wrists.

Amy released Natalie’s ankles, longing to begin her revenge for the torture she had suffered on the rack the night before. Andrea helped her to show she had no hard feelings.
When released Natalie cleaned herself up and slipped on one of Lilly’s special torture gowns, the soft white one she liked. The silky soft sensations against her sensitive skin teased her and kept the buzz going from the tickly orgasms she had previously enjoyed. She slipped downstairs to get a glass of wine. Meanwhile Andrea submissively accepted her place on the bed and squirmed in anticipation as her ankles and wrist were tied. Lilly applied the blindfold and the phantom tickles began, with each passing second she giggled more as she imagined tickling sensations all over her exposed skin.

She jumped as the phantom tickles gave way to gentle feather touches to her underarms and feet. The vibrator resumed its gentle teasing, Andrea’s arousal increased quicker as a result. Her nipples stiffened as the feathers explored them. She noted Natalie’s return as she felt both feet being held back by the toes as the stiff quill side of a feather ran up and down each sole in evil strokes accompanied by devilish swirls and squiggles in the deepest recesses of her arches. The tickling slowly increased in intensity but the vibrator kept her at a moderate simmer. She remembered her time in the sand, stocks and torture box the previous weekend and the fond memories were replaced with dread as she remembered the desperate need for orgasmic release….

“Turn it up!” She begged

“Okay girls she wants us to take the tickling up a notch!” Lilly chimed in a sing-song voice.

Andrea squealed as the tickling increased, hairbrushes being used on her oiled soles as Lilly assumed her position cruelly using her toes and fingers at the same time.

“No the Vibrator! The Vibra-ha-ha-tor!” She begged

“That one doesn’t go up any further Sweetie!” Lilly giggled, revealing her cruel trick to ensure Andrea went second on the bed.

Andrea just laughed and writhed unable to speak, the torture was taken to a new level as Lilly used her tongue to explore her belly button. This sensation overrided those from the tickling and teasing…

“NOOO! NOT THAT IT IS WORSE THAN ANYHTING!” Andrea squealed her voice loud enough over the stereo to disturb Lilly’s neighbours.

Lilly produced a ball gag during the brief respite Andrea’s ourburst had earnt her….

“Okay sweetie! No more belly button stuff if you submit to be gagged and orally pleasured”

Andrea agreed wanting to keep her belly button tongue free and hoping Lilly’s tongue would slip and allow her the orgasm she was starting to crave. Lilly untied the panties leaving Andrea totally naked apart from the ball-gag and blindfold. The gentle tickling resumed as Lilly adjusted her triple tickle position to place her mouth over Andrea’s engorged pussy. After 10 minutes of cruel gentle teasing tickles and orgasm denial Natalie made her excuses…

“Bring the tray up before you go!” Amy asked from Andrea’s feet.

Natalie’s brief return was not noticed by Andrea who was sure she couldn’t be kept on the edge much longer, her world totally consisting of the gentle tickling and Lilly’s tongue. As she approached the climax she craved Lilly and Amy winked at one another. Suddenly Andrea’s anticipation of the approaching climax was broken and she screamed into her ball-gag at the cold sensations all over her body and feet. Natalie had returned with three buckets of ice and a cruel ice-tray: each ice cube of which held a suspended cocktail stick to allow it to tease her hot pleasure racked body. In this way the girls had planned to prologue her orgasm deprivation into the early hours of morning. The unexpected sensation of ice being poured over her skin had both moved an orgasm further out of Andrea’s reach and increased her overall arousal.

The tickling and tongue teasing resumed and the girls slowly brought her back to a slow torturous simmer, Andrea ever threatening to boil over so Lilly carefully moderated her tongue and used two of the ice cubes to keep her victim frustrated, when they melted in her hands she used two from the tray to cool off Andrea’s pink heaving skin focusing particularly on her underarms and breasts. Amy and Natalie had begun licking Andrea’s feet, using their tongues to tickle between her toes whilst still scribbling their nails over her arches. The tongues between Andrea’s toes both tickling, turned-on and grossed out Andrea. Her body was hypersensitive and tortured by the tickling which only served to increase her arousal, Lilly purred when raising her mouth from Andrea’s pussy teasing her victim…

“Hmm yes we are going to keep you on the edge of an Orgasm all night long! Teach you to put me in the torture box! That is for my Victims! Not me!” Lilly gloated, enjoying watching her victim squirm and plead into her ball-gag.

Natalie made her excuses and left, returning only to change: making it half way down the stairs in the revealing silk torture gown. Amy enjoyed having Andrea’s feet all to herself and continued to torment them with fingers feather and her tongue. After what felt like hours of orgasm deprivation and slow gentle tickles Lilly removed Andrea’s ball-gag, Andrea was too weak to make enough noise to disturb Lilly’s neighbours and could only quietly beg…

“Please let me climax!....”

“Hmmm not yet sweetie! I think we have got several more hours of torture left in you!” Lilly teased

“Please, I’m so close….” Andrea pleaded

“Hmmm if you agree to my terms we might consider letting you orgasm in an hour or so, rather than when we simply can’t keep you in suspense…”

“Yes, anything just let me orgasm soon…” Andrea pleaded squirming wanting Lilly’s tongue back teasing her clit knowing she couldn’t stand to be kept in suspense any longer and this respite would prolong her torture.

“I want you to be my Tickle Slave” Lilly purred…

“Any way I want to tickle you, any position I want to restrain you in: you must accept”…

“You have to apply lotion to your feet twice a day to keep them soft and never wear less than three pairs of socks in your boots ensuring your feet are kept at the peak of sensitivity”

Andrea agreed wanting the withheld orgasm more than air in her lungs. As the teasing resumed Lilly took her closer and closer to an orgasm, humming to enhance the oral pleasure. Andrea moaned feeling the dam begin to burst and as Amy abandoned her feet to caress and fondle her breasts she climaxed, her body being racked by multiple orgasms which increased in intensity as the girls delighted in her ecstasy. The release continued, without being kept in suspense no woman could climax for as long or as hard as this, Lilly’s tongue was getting tired but she kept going wanting to know just how many orgasms she could give this goddess. Eventually Andrea could stand no more ecstasy and with one last orgasm she passed out.

When she awoke Amy had left, she was wrapped up in Lilly’s arms. The alarm on her phone was going off and she suddenly realised she had work, she must have only had three hours sleep and dreaded the day ahead. Lilly made her coffee and breakfast and lent her a hairbrush. Always maintaining a neat, professional appearance Andrea was extremely embarrassed by her bedraggled walk to her desk. Had she not always kept herself so tidy this would have gone unnoticed but her co-workers noticed the signs as she made her walk of shame. As she sat Helen leaned over and whispered…

“So Hump day gave way to hump night, huh?” winking at Andrea

Andrea sank in her chair wishing the earth would swallow her up. She would not exchange her new circle of tickle-friends for anything but felt the boundaries between them and the real world dissolving as she focused on her work she began to anticipate the garden party the following night, had Lilly said something about a castle? The next day passed uneventfully and as Andrea was leaving work early on the Friday she anticipated the afternoon and evening to follow, Lilly had arranged to pick her to be picked up by Amy, alongside herself and Natalie, apparently the castle was hard to find and had limited parking. Andrea knew whatever delights tonight’s sunset would witness would be accompanied by another weekend at the beach, she longed to see Natalie in her Roman governess’s costume and whatever Amy would wear. As she walked to her car she longed to be wearing sandals or pumps, she was obediently wearing three pairs of socks with a pair of suede boots that were a size too big for her. After only two days the regime Lilly had imposed alongside the lotion and pumice stones were already raising her sensitivity, she apprehensively wondered how much more sensitive her feet could get.

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Thanks I have the next three stories planned out :-)

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