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Realized I've been terribly behind on uploading some of my stories here. Enjoy.


Fate/stay Night TK: Saber Vs Rin


Life in Homurahara Gakuen had been simple and satisfying for Rin Tōsaka, the black-haired, pigtailed exemplar of the school. Everyone knew of her talent, and as one of the honour students of the school, she was put upon the highest of pedestals. For someone as immensely competitive as Rin, nothing satisfied her pride so much as the fear respect of her peers. Sure, there were those who found her distant and cold, calling her “The Ice Queen”, but frankly, she accepted that nickname – she was a queen, in her own way. None were her equal.

At least, that was true until she appeared.

Her name was Saber, and she was literally the personification of a renowned figure in history. How could Rin compete with that? She was agile, powerful, and as beautiful as she was dangerous, and Rin hated to admit it, but she was pulchritudinous by any measure. Rin’s elegant attire, shapely features, and dark hair had always turned heads, but Saber was at a whole other level, with her slender, muscular physique. Her hair was like spun gold, beautifully textured as if sprinkled with shimmering, glimmering dust. Her soft, unblemished white skin did not match the clunky shiny armour and old-fashioned blue dress combo she wore, but somehow she was able to pull it off.

For someone as competitive as Rin, it was rather demoralizing to see what seemed to be the living embodiment of perfection take accolades left and right. Saber was resolute, courageous, and honourable, and although all those adjectives could be used to describe Rin too (though honourable might be a bit more debatable, depending on who you asked), it just seemed that Saber was better than her in every way. She was the ultimate warrior, tough as nails, and fierce as a lioness. It was because of this that her ‘less than warrior-like’ moments so stuck out. It was in isolated event, but Rin remembered it well because it so shook this idea of Saber the unflappable warrior girl.

It was during a walk through some woods near the school. One moment, Saber was marching with her typical, rigid, military-like discipline, and then suddenly she froze, and began shaking and hopping from foot to foot like a demented dancer. The sudden change in behaviour was so jarring that for a moment Rin thought perhaps Saber had been possessed by some kind of malevolent spirit, but the truth was far more mundane, yet far more peculiar. A little ladybug had fluttered down the hem of her outfit, and it was clear that the insect’s little legs skittering across rarely-touched flesh was causing Saber serious discomfort. During this fight to remove this invading insect, more than once Saber let loose a little snicker, though she tried to disguise it as a cough. She patted at her chest, and slapped at her garments with strong hands till the offensive pest was finally removed. The red-faced warrior straightened her clothing, cleared her throat, and discarded the ladybug that had clearly caused her so much strife, before walking off as if nothing had happened.

Rin witnessed this entire event first-hand, as did a few others, but it wasn’t until the end of the day, when Rin was lounging about in her room, painting her toenails a bold crimson. At first, Rin had wondered if Saber simply was terrified of insects, but the way Saber had calmly removed the ladybug at the end seemed to disprove that notion. It was when the nail polish applying brush accidentally brushed across her toe, causing an itching, mildy ticklish reaction that Rin had her revelation.

So the tough girl’s weakness is tickling? Now that’s… hilarious…


Rin had her hypothesis, and now she just needed an opportunity to test it out. She knew that as a Servant, Saber had same strength and innate high magical resistance, which made things tricky. Rin knew she was resourceful though, and she would think of something. Maybe she should just keep her eyes open. You never knew when an opportunity might present itself… besides, it was too early in the morning to worry about such things.

It seemed like it was Rin’s lucky day, as that afternoon, an opportunity did present itself. Rin was prowling the libraries, revising as she was wont to do, when she came across a particular piece of magic that seemed perfect for her purposes. It allowed sensations to be passed through the air, and it was a form of telekinesis. Sustained magical bondage was unlikely to work with Saber’s resistance to spells, but this had a chance.

After practicing the spell several times on unsuspecting classmates, and trying to hide her amusement when they suddenly gasped, flinched or giggled, Rin knew she was ready. She had really enjoyed practicing the spell during class especially on a bookish girl who sat in front of her. The mental feathers she conjured were invisible to everyone but her, and they were able to flitter through bits of clothing undaunted, so Rin had full access to any ticklish spots she wanted to tickle. It was tremendous fun watching the ponytailed brunette, whom had always been a teacher’s pet, shake her hips and jolt from side to side like some kind of exotic dancer as Rin’s feathers stroked her behind. After doing this for the better part of a lesson, Rin found her mastery of the spell had improved to the extent she could control where every inch of the feathers went. Naturally, she practiced this by sliding the invisible feather all over her classmate’s sensitive buttcheeks, tickling every inch of skin beneath the panty line. After doing this for most of the lesson, Rin found she knew exactly how to tickle her hapless would be rival, focusing on all the spots that made her bum dance like some kind of trollop at a nightclub. The way she would hide her mouth behind her hand as if that could silence her squeaks and squeals was laughable, and Rin had to admit she found it funny how the teacher kept repeatedly shushing the giggling girl. Oh, I cannot wait to try this on Saber…

The next lesson was more practice, as this time Rin tried to conjure something a bit different. This time she made fingers, and marvelled at how the spell made it feel like Rin was really touching her ticklish victim. Her target had been a sporty, short-haired blonde girl who usually slept in the back of the class, although in this lesson she would find that her nap was far from restful. The spell really was marvellous, as Rin found she could really feel the touch of her classmate’s muscular abs under her fingers as the magical fingers skittered from spot to spot.

The best part was after Rin had activated her magic and anchored to her target, there was no escape. Even when the girl fled to the washroom, Rin could still feel that ticklish toned abdomen within her mind, and she could still feel her perfectly toned muscles quivering under her spectral hands as Rin squeezed and goosed those sides and stomach.

After all this experimentation, she knew she was ready for her true target. Later in the day, she found Saber where she knew she would be – standing sentry in the school hall during some kind of weekly whole school assembly. Rin picked a seat strategically nearby the solemn Servant where she would get a good view of her reactions, and got ready to unleash her magic.

Rin closed her eyes, and focusing her energies on the steel greaves that Saber always wore. She felt their cold metal touch, and then moved past them. She moved onto a pair of white cotton stockings, which evidently Saber wore under her mail, and then pushed past those too. She felt a pair of warm, slender, surprisingly soft feet in her hands, well, not quite in her hands exactly, but Rin could feel them. Hiding a grin under her composed and dignified honor student visage, she extended a mental projection of two fingers and experimentally traced them down Saber’s arches.

To Rin’s delight, Saber reacted immediately. There was a jolt, and Saber stared down at her armoured legs, like she was wondering if her foot had fallen asleep. A few moments later, Rin did it again, and had to restrain a chuckle as Saber’s legs jerked in response. Saber stared intently down at her legs, and shook her foot, like she was trying to discern if anything had gotten into her shoes somehow.

Rin struck again, this time using all ten of her spectral fingers instead of just one, and instead of simply tracing up those high arches, this time her fingers spidered and skittered in random directions, in an attempt to catch Saber off guard. Saber did not burst into laughter like Rin would have liked, but her twitching, wiggling, and biting of her lower lip made up for it.

Rin teased up and down the clearly sensitive feet, smiling to herself as she felt strong toes and flexing feet wiggling and twisting furiously beneath her ghostly touch. Like the others, there was no escape from her ticklish ministrations, and nowhere to hide. The greaves and armour that would have protected her vulnerable body was useless against her spectral touch, which cleaved through clothing, vestments, and steel. I’ve got you now… Rin thought gleefully.

The Servant’s discipline had to be admired, as Saber resisted the urge to laugh despite the siege her ticklish feet were clearly undergoing. The ethereal hands clawed and scythed up and down those trembling soles, knifing through her toes to assault the ticklish flesh under and between them, but Saber kept on battling. She could scrunch her toes tightly in defiance, but the invisible fingers always seemed to be stronger, pushing through the gaps like an unrelenting torrent of water rushing past a rock. When Rin noticed Saber’s right foot spasming involuntarily due to the ticklish attack under her toes, Rin redoubled her efforts there, really digging inside the tender spaces between those toes with her merciless magical fingernails. Once or twice, Rin caught Saber’s feet kicking up in reflexively response to the tickling, but that seemed to be all the response she would yield, aside from cracking a tight grin every now and then.

Now it was for something Rin had never tried, because clearly Saber was made of tougher stuff than her earlier victims. Rin set the hands prowling along Saber’s feet on ‘auto-pilot’ – they would make slowly slide down her soles, they quickly sweep back up, taking care to scratch along those high, milky-white arches along the way. Then they would go down again, and then up again. While Rin had this sequence memorized in her mind, she sent feathers to probe along Saber’s stomach and underarms, curious if she could make this mighty warrior burst into giggles in front of everyone before the meeting was over.

Rin marvelled at the magic, as she could feel Saber’s toned, muscular body tensing as she flicked spectral feathers along the warrior’s sides, before twirling and dusting them along her toned abdominal muscles, feeling their flinch and twitch under Rin’s masterful feathery touch.

Rin glanced up hungrily, and saw that Saber’s serene face betrayed little of the ticklish torment her body was clearly undergoing. The only evidence of the sensual tribulations of the spectral feathers and fingers was a light liggling and twitching of the body. After watching Saber’s butt give a little wiggle like she had an ant in her pants, Rin got a diabolical idea. Surely, the mighty Saber wouldn’t be ticklish there…

She sent an invisible feather slowly sliding up and down Saber’s bum, curious as to how the strong Servant would respond. Rin focused her energies to create a super soft, mega fluffy feather which would gently stroke Saber’s shapely buttocks, just between her round, creamy buns. Rin almost burst out in laughter when she saw Saber clench her butt cheeks tightly together and bounce slightly up and down, as if doing so could somehow alleviate the sensations. It seems like someone has a ticklish ass. Had she ever been tickled on her butt before? Probably not. Saber had probably never really been tickled period, Rin realized, at least for more than a few moments at a time. Rin grinned to herself as she wondered how much longer this tough girl could hold out.

Clearly not long. With the fingers continuing to rake up and down those scrunched up little feet as feathers spun around her stomach and a lone feather tormented that bum, it was clear that Saber was on her last ticklish legs. Rin could sense it… a few moments longer and Saber would be spluttering and squealing with laughter, thrashing on the floor as the sensations overwhelmed her body… Rin pushed her magic further, anxious to reach this crescendo of ticklish suffering… and then, suddenly, she lost it. She felt the feathers wilt away and die, and the hands fall to the floor as if exhausted. Saber straightened, with a stoic expression on her face. Damn, Servant’s magical resistance.

Rin sighed. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow… I’ll get another crack at that ticklish body before long.

Little did Rin know that a certain Servant was aware of who had been playing these ticklish games on her, and she had a mind set on punishing the perpetrator… with a taste of her own medicine. Saber had on her mind the most condign of punishments for the prankster who had teased her so…


“I know it was you, Rin Tohsaka,” Saber said, her arms crossed. “That was impressive magic. It took me a while to break free from it.”

“You’re out of your mind. It wasn’t me!” Rin lied, as she thrashed in her bonds. Towards the end of the assembly where Rin had played her ticklish game on the unsuspecting Servant, Saber had clanked over to where Rin was sitting and politely requested her to meet her tomorrow morning in the hall as Saber had an urgent matter in which she required Rin’s magical expertise.

Rin had thought about skiving, but there was no escaping the implacable Saber, so she had met her the day after, in the hopes that perhaps Saber was meeting her about something entirely different than the ticklish magi. Of course, she was not that lucky.

With effortless strength, Saber had lifted Rin in the air in a fireman’s lift, so now Rin lay equipoised on Saber’s armoured shoulder, beating her fists impotently on the clanking armour to no avail.

“What are you doing with me?” Rin said, hoping the anger in her voice could cover the trepidation she was feeling.

“I think you already know that – see if you can take what you like to dole out.”

“No! Stop! I can’t stand to be tickled!” Rin blurted out, twisting in Saber’s vice-like grip even more fiercely. It was true. Even in her childhood she had always resented tickling, because of how she despised the idea of how the gentle touch of a finger could crumble her composure and turn her into a giggling mess.

“Now who ever spoke of tickling? It seems you’ve just given yourself away,” said Saber, with a tone of triumph in her voice. Rin mentally kicked herself as she realized what she had just done. Whatever happened to her usual chary and wary nature?

Rin grunted, the air knocked out of her as she was plopped unceremoniously on a mat in the corner of the hall. The hall was sometimes used for physical exercise lessons, so there were mats stored in the closet for gymnastics lessons. She felt herself being rolled up in the mat tightly, till she was cocooned tightly by the soft material of the blue mat.

Saber plucked off Rin's school shoes and socks, so soon the only thing sticking out the blue, plushy mat was a pair of quite pretty, lily-white feet, with recently-toenails, and the face of the glaring, pigtailed girl.

“Red,” Saber commented, lightly pinching Rin’s painted toes. Rin bit her lip determinedly and refused to reveal how much it tickled. “You take better care of your skin than I do. I wonder if that makes them more ticklish?” she asked rhetorically, as her invading fingers made first contact with her exposed foe. Saber moved her finger slowly from spot-to-spot, unhurried, like a scout carefully mapping the surrounding area for a future attack. She had removed her heavy metal gauntlets, so Rin could taste every flick and scratch from the Servant’s nails. Those nails ran up and down the silky soles, scratching up and down Rin’s wrinkly arches.

“I’m nohohohohot tihihihiciklish!” Rin vehemently denied, though her wild laughter revealed the lie. She squirmed within the mat, but she was wound too tightly to escape or pull her legs in. She tried turning and wriggling her whole body away, but Saber lifted up her armoured leg and pressed it down on Rin’s shins and then she had no chance.

“As… amusing as it would be to keep you here for hours, I am nothing if not fair,” Saber said coolly, as her fingers continued to probe up and down Rin’s sensitive soles, searching for sweet spots. She was wiggling two precise fingers about an inch apart at seemingly random locations on her sole as she scoured the ticklish land for ripe spots to strike. “You struck at me while I was unable to defend myself,” Saber paused, her explorative strokes reaching the tops of Rin’s feet, along the insteps, as the pigtailed girl threw her head back and howled, her pigtails flying about like the rotors of a helicopter. Saber smiled to herself, mentally noting that the she seemed to have discovered a soft spot. “But I am not without mercy… you had your way with me for twenty-five minutes in that hall, so these soft feet of yours will be my property for twenty-five minutes only. Then we’ll be even,” Saber said, finishing her ticklish examination of every tiniest millimetre of Rin’s pedicured toes.

Rin should have breathed a sigh of relief at the news, but she was still too breathless from Saber’s precision probing of her red toes. Saber had taken what seemed like hours with each toe, brushing between her slender toes with her long fingernails, scratching under the toe stems and tweaking along the pads. “It’s been five minutes,” Saber announced, though Rin thought that surely it must have been triple that at least. “So that’s enough of warm-up for now. I’m keen to try something new. I’ve prepared a few supplies for this battle.”

Rin would have rolled her eyes, but Saber had just procured a rather menacing looking hairbrush. The bristles definitely did not look like the kind of thing she wanted anywhere near her soles…

Yet to Saber’s surprise, the hairbrush did not seem that effective on her captive, as instead of the steady laughter from before, Rin merely cracked an occasional grin. When Saber had briefly tested the hairbrush on her own foot, she found the itching sensation to be quite irritating, and theorized that although it was not really possible to tickle oneself, the itching would like equate itself to ticklish sensations when done by another person. Yet it seemed that everyone was ticklish in their own way, and perhaps her own ticklishness would not be applicable to another. It wasn’t until Saber began accentuating the hairbrush’s scrubbing with a few scribbles to the tops of Rin’s feet, along the insteps, that Rin began giggling and laughing heartily again. “Hmmm. Perhaps you prefer a firmer, more precise touch,” Saber mused, as she put the hairbrush away.

The next tool to make its appearance was a fork, and the second its three metal prongs made contact with Rin’s milky-white soles, it was clear that Saber’s theory had been correct. Rin arched her back and exhaled loudly through her nose, as if doing so could disguise how much it tickled, but Saber knew. She brandished the fork like a sword, and attacked the ticklish soles before her like she was fencing with a dangerous foe. She landed blow after blow, each strike upon a vulnerable area causing more and more shrill laughter to spill from Rin’s lips. The balls of the feet seemed to be particularly vulnerable to the tines of the fork, so Saber aimed for them, dodging Rin’s parries and dodges as her feet flapped and curled to try to evade the weapon’s strikes. More than once, Rin would crane her neck down to try to get a better view, but she would toss her head back as Saber landed a powerful blow.

“Ohohohohohoho, stahahahap! Dahahahahamn fohohohohork!” Rin said, torn between watching the onslaught on her helpless soles and closing her eyes in frustration. How could a damn eating utensil possibly tickle so much!

Saber manoeuvred her weapon in a figure-8 pattern across both soles, looping around both fleshy balls of the feet so she could dance from one spot to the other in constant motion. Rin’s pale white soles were growing pinkish, especially around the area around the centre of the foot and the balls, as Saber stroked and stroked, like a farmer tilling sensitive soil in preparation for a harvest of mirth.

“These seem rather effective on you,” Saber commented casually, as Rin shrieked and struggled, her pigtails flying to and fro. “I’ll have to keep that in mind for future reference. You have ten minutes left. What shall we try next? I think perhaps we should give these a quick break…” she poked at the reddened ball of the foot of Rin’s right foot, making the bound girl squeak. “Maybe something softer now… I grant this may not be as impressive as the ones you created…”

Rin’s mind was whirling at what that could mean, but she got her answer when she felt the soft kiss of a fluffy feather at her sole. She cooed and giggled lightly at the sensations. The feather swished from foot to foot, but her relief, it didn’t tickle all that much. The feather was just too light to do much damage, despite the softness and overall sensitivity of her feet.

“Ah yes,” Saber recalled. “You prefer the firmer touch,” she nodded to herself, switching the feather from the soft fluffy end to the stiff end. The tickling sensations immediately intensified twofold, as Rin threw her head back and squeaked. She hated to admit it, but Saber was right. The scratchy stiff end of the feather definitely tickled a lot more, and Saber was wielding it like an artist’s paintbrush, making wavy strokes up and down the Rin’s silky-smooth soles. Rin’s shapely toes would curl up every time the feather hit the pressure points along her arch, which naturally meant Saber did so repeatedly to see those petite toes flare up and wiggle energetically. Saber reluctantly admitted to herself that she rather admired the way Rin took care of those colourful toes of hers, as she could not imagine doing so herself. She resolved to give Rin’s pampered toes closer ticklish attention.

Saber continued the methodical approach she had adopted before, starting at the heel, scratching slowly up along the slender, wrinkly arch, across the reddened ball, and spent an extra long amount of time wandering around her painted toes, before switching to the other foot and repeating. The feather even tried teasing the tops of the sole, though it was regrettably less effective there. After observing how Rin would jolt every time the scratchy stiff end of the feather dipped along the sensitive undersides of her toes, Saber took a few moments individually working from toe to toe, just to distinguish which toe was the most ticklish. The winner was the pinkie toe on Rin’s left foot, which won an extensive and exclusive teasing from the feather as its reward.

“Five minutes left,” Saber announced, as she put away the feather and reached for her final tool. She glanced at Rin’s soles, and noticed how the toes and the balls were still reddened. Perhaps a final tool to give those wrinkly arches a fond farewell would be best, in the name of parity.

She pulled out a toothbrush from her bag of tools, and gave it an experimental scrape at the bottom of Rin’s right foot. Rin immediately curled up her toes and started to splutter as the fine bristles of the dental implement was deadly on her sensitive sole. The bristles were much tinier and focused, unlike the ones of the hairbrush, and the way they would focus at a smaller area of the time lowered the chance of desensitivity.

As Saber brushed firmly at the base of Rin’s wrinkly arch, the Servant was amused by the way Rin’s toes would flex and spasm, like the death throes of a fallen soldier. They would curl tightly as if they were forming a shield wall, then fly open once their defences were pierced by the toothbrush hitting an especially bad spot. Every time those cute, red toes opened up, Saber could not resist the inviting targets and had to slide the soft toothbrush under between those shapely digits, twirling it delicately between her fingers so the bristles could tease those already thoroughly tormented spots.

She would quickly return to Rin’s deep arches, however, and alternate between wide arcs across the expanse of ticklish flesh, and quick, sharp strokes of the brush up and down. Saber took care to circle the balls of Rin’s feet a few times too, just to leave no ticklish stone unturned.

Observing there was about a minute left, Saber resolved to give Rin’s arches the most thorough of scrubbings before she stopped. Rin looked all but defeated, her pigtailed hair awash with loose strands and sweat. The dark-haired girl was trying her best to scrunch up her pretty little toes, probably because doing so created wrinkly ripples across the skin of her arches which could somewhat nullify the sensations, but Saber was about to put a stop to that plan.

With an iron grip, Saber seized the squirming toes of Rin’s right foot and pushed them back firmly, stretching Rin's creamy white arch till it was nice and taut. With the arch high and extended, Saber’s weapon went in for the killing blow, the brush flying across the trapped foot, as Rin’s free left foot flapped and kicked in a desperate bid for mercy. Saber had received none when her own feet were being tormented, so she would grant none, as she scrubbed every inch of those milky-white arches, aiming for all the worst spots she had discovered on her earlier trips. Rin shrieked her loudness, then shrieked again, even more frantic as Saber repeated her move for Rin’s other foot.

And then it was done.

“I hope… you realize… this means war…” Rin panted, as Saber unrolled her from her mattress prison.

“En garde, then,” Saber said, handed Rin back her shoes and socks. Rin took them sullenly, glaring at her before skulking away.

Saber wondered if she had seen the last of those perfect white feet, before she considered the option of a pre-emptive strike on her foe. Rin had openly threatened vengeance, after all…

Surely it would not taint her honour to prevent an attack she knew was coming.

07-20-2015, 05:40 PM
Nice work. Hoping to see some nylon foot tickling in the future. I know that both these characters sometimes wear black stockings.

07-24-2015, 09:01 PM
One doesn't have to be a fan of cute warrior girl manga to appreciate the vivid characterizations and deft descriptions in your tale. I love strong women protagonists who don't easily give in, no matter the provocation, and ticklish women who set themselves up for hilarity. First rate and thank you.

07-25-2015, 10:50 PM
One doesn't have to be a fan of cute warrior girl manga to appreciate the vivid characterizations and deft descriptions in your tale. I love strong women protagonists who don't easily give in, no matter the provocation, and ticklish women who set themselves up for hilarity. First rate and thank you.

Appreciate it, TeeHee. I'm a big fan of your work too!