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A Certain Magical Index TK: Kuroko’s Ticklish Turn


Kuroko Shirai’s mischievous ploy to tickle her best friend in the guise of a ‘training exercise’ had almost gone off entirely without a hitch. Thus, by using an ingenious tickling machine of her own design, and taking advantage of her friend’s stubbornness she had systematically tickled nearly every inch of her friend’s body, and discovered a plethora of super-ticklish spots she could not wait to exploit in her day-to-day life.

The problem came when Kuroko accidentally revealed incriminating knowledge. One evening a few days after Mikoto’s ‘training session’, during their regular slumber party, while Mikoto was curled up in bed, Kuroko’s eyes caught the gleam of Mikoto’s freshly-painted toenails (this time painted an edgy black) and couldn’t resist pouncing on them. She wrapped the bedsheets around Mikoto like a cocoon, and went to town on those perfectly-pedicured soles, going right for those toes that she knew were super-sensitive. The sound of Mikoto’s shrill laughter was so intoxicating that Kuroko was barely cognizant of the fact she had added her tongue to the ticklish mix till it was too late. Of course, she tried to remedy the error by tickling Mikoto’s immacute soles even harder in the hopes that Mikoto might not remember due to being in the throes of powerful, ticklish mirth, but Mikoto knew. She recognized the feel of that tongue on her sole all too well.

So once Mikoto had freed herself from her bedsheet bondage, she delivered a quick retaliatory tickle to Kuroko’s pale tummy, but that would not be the extent of the ticklish revenge Mikoto had in mind. Oh yes, she had big plans for Mikoto… As the two girls returned to their respective beds and began nodding off, Mikoto snuck glances at Kuroko as the pigtailed girl slept. She was sleeping in a rather odd position, with her arms above her head like she was stretching before a gym class. Mikoto noticed those creamy underarms that were so exposed, and thought. Kuroko’s bare stomach was shown in this pose, due to the stretching of her arms, and Mikoto took notice of the cute divet and toned stomach muscles, and thought. A single slender bare foot was also sticking out of the bedcovers, its toes perfectly painted in black and white, and its sole looking buttery soft. Mikoto thought, and thought, and thought. Thinking was all well and good, but Mikoto could not resist a bit of experimentation while she was in this position.

She stared at the defenceless, bare foot, Kuroko’s bubble-like toes all curled up as if they were cool. Mikoto smoothed out her pillow; it was one of the older pillows that still used tiny feathers for maximum comfort. She plucked a feather loose from it, slipped out of her bed, and began lightly flittering the small feather over the pretty, bare sole. She brushed the foot from toe to heel, watching Kuroko’s relaxed face as she sighed and smiled in her sleep as the teasing feathering continued. After a few more strokes, Kuroko’s other foot came into plan, leaving the cover of the bedsheets to begin rubbing at the feathered sole. It seemed the feather was creating a tickly, itchy sensation, just the kind Mikoto was keen to coax further.

The feet began jumping upwards as the feather flew across both soles, and her black and white painted toes were starting to scrunch up and wiggle. At this Kuroko began to chuckle and giggle cutely in her sleep. After a few strokes of the feather under the toes, they began to wiggle even more, and Kuroko started to move about in her sleep.

"Hihihihihih, ohohohoho… that tihihickles," the sleeping girl murmured, as she shifted about in her bed. Mikoto did not want her friend to wake up, so she gave those tender toes one last parting tickle, cherishing the way they would wiggle for the feather, and returned to her bed. The sound of Kuroko’s sleepy giggles were still in her mind as the grinning Mikoto settled back into bed. By the time the next morning came round, Mikoto had a plan, and it was a good one.


“Good morning, Onee-sama,” Kuroko yawned, her eyes fluttering open as she greeted Mikoto who sat across from her. “If this is a dream, you can keep your clothes on this time,” she giggled.

“I’ve actually got something else in mind for today,” Mikoto said, with a cheeky grin as she ignored Kuroko’s perverted comment. She found herself in a familiar room, but in a position she had not found to see herself in. Kuroko was confused to see she was strapped into the ‘training’ device she had created, wearing nothing but her nightie. She was flat on her back, with her arms stretched out above her hand in metal shackles, while her feet were in the stocks. Then the pieces of the puzzle in her mind clicked, and she realized what had happened.

“Ahhh, you had your… training session here, right, Onee-sama?” Kuroko say coyly, as she wiggled her feet and toes in the metal stocks, as they had both gone numb from her slumber.

“I’m sure you know all about it, as it was your plan in the first place,” Mikoto said, crossing her arms.

“What makes you say that?” Kuroko said, trying to put on her best innocent face.

Mikoto laughed, as she casually tapped a finger on Kuroko’s milky-white, stocked foot, making the bound girl giggle. “Well, for a start, you knew about my training session. I didn’t tell you about it!”

“Uhhhh, lucky guess?”

“Also, you seem remarkably unsurprised about this place. No questions about ‘what is this machine?’ or ‘why am I in stocks?’ that sort of thing.”

“What is this machine? Why am I in stocks?” Kuroko said, with a mischievous smile.

“Nice try,” Mikoto smirked. “And I also realized…” A flush crept into Mikoto’s cheeks. She did not want to admit she had recognized the feeling of Mikoto’s tongue on her sole, as that would be letting her dirty-minded friend realize just how sensual she had found the whole thing to be. “…I also realized no one loves to tickle me as much as you.”

“Well, you are a lot of fun to tickle, Onee-sama,” Kuroko said with a straight face. “Ask anyone!”

“Pshhh,” Mikoto said, with a shake of her head. “Well today, will be seeing how fun you are to tickle!”

Kuroko shot her best friend a defiant grin. “Bring it on, Onee-sama! I’m not nearly as ticklish as you. In fact…” Kuroko stuck out her tongue and smirked. “I don’t think anyone has feet or ribs as ticklish as you.”

“We’ll see about that!” Mikoto declared, as she dug into her best friend’s feet with gusto. Kuroko immediately burst into high-pitched giggles, eeping and squeaking with every shift of Mikoto’s long nails. The girls had both given each other manicures in addition to pedicures during their slumber party, and Mikoto was putting those sharp, varnished nails to good use, scraping and stroking her nails all over the pale, ticklish soles before her, leaving little pink trails upon the skin as she went.

As Mikoto’s nails roved around the tender flesh of Kuroko’s excellently-maintained soles, Mikoto started to see the appeal in being the tickler in charge. There was a certain power rush in having so much control over a person, and Mikoto loved the way she could make her friend squeak and squeal with well-timed strikes from her nimble fingers.

It was almost like she had a remote control, Mikoto thought, as she scratched at her friend’s soft heels to make Kuroko’s toes wiggle like they were doing a dance, before zeroing on the tips of those splendidly-painted toes to make Kuroko go into silent laughter. Mikoto’s quite enjoyed hearing the sound of her friend’s bubbly, wild laughter, so she quickly abandoned the toes and dug deep into those slender, immaculate arches to send her friend into deep belly laughter.

“Tickle, tickle, Kuroko,” Mikoto teased, enjoying the feel of her friend’s soft feet under her fingers. She could really see why Kuroko enjoyed this so much. It was pretty fun! And Kuroko’s melodious laughter was music to her ears. They were just having a wonderful giggly time!

“Thihihihihis is nohohohohothing!” Kuroko said, trying to taunt her friend. The taunt was rather ineffectual because of all the laughter that was spilling from her lips, but Mikoto immediately caught on to what her friend was trying to do. It was a challenge – Mikoto was daring her friend to tickle her harder. She wondered if maybe Kuroko enjoyed being tickled as much as she did. Wait, what? That’s not what I mean… Mikoto thought.

Shaking the thoughts from her mind, she resolved to tickle Kuroko’s feet even harder. Laughing was all well and good, but she wanted her friend to beg, the way Mikoto had with those machines. Hmmmm, machines… there’s a thought, Mikoto mused, as she stared at the ticklish devices that were still there next to the restraints. I have to keep that in mind for later…

“Cootchie cootchie coo!” Mikoto said, her fingers flying over Kuroko’s soles quickly, as the pigtailed girl threw her head back and burbled with wild laughter. Mikoto’s fingers teased under Kuroko’s scrunched toes, and immediately they flew open, like someone had just pressed the button for an elevator. The toes sprang open and spread out shamelessly, welcoming the incursion of fingers against ticklish flesh. Although there was no toe bondage used, Mikoto couldn’t help but notice how Kuroko’s pale white soles acted as if they were immobilized. Aside from a few minor twitches and toe scrunches, her feet stayed still, almost as if Kuroko wanted to do everything she could to facilitating Mikoto’s teasing of her super sensitive soles. She would always arc her feet back so those deep, ticklish arches would be smooth as possible for Mikoto’s fingers to skate across.

“Dohohohohoho your woheheherse!” Kuroko spluttered, as Mikoto’s fingers traced along the stems of her perfectly-painted black and white toes. She spread her toes as wide as they would go to give Mikoto unfettered access to every ticklish inch of those appendages.

“You know, I think I will!” Mikoto blustered, sitting up from her perch at Kuroko’s trapped soles. She pressed the robotic feather device and the backscratcher towards the foot of the bondage. “I think it’s time to give your upperbody a bit of attention. But we wouldn’t want your feet getting lonely, would we?”

Oh no, that would be no fun at all… Kuroko thought with glee, and the glee she was feeling bubbling about in her insides was not the ticklish kind, either. Kuroko gave a final squeal of laughter as Mikoto used those lovely long fingers of hers to give a parting tickling on Kuroko’s stocked, sensitive feet before moving to straddle Kuroko’s stomach. Mikoto gave her friend a naughty smile that sent shivers down Kuroko’s back, and aimed a jolt of electricity at the devices, jarring them to life.

Kuroko could only marvel at her own technical expertise as she felt the wooden fingers of the backscratcher begin its automated tickling patterns while the soft tendrils of the feather began its own machinations. She had tested the machine out on herself, of course, but it was incomparable to the sensation she was experiencing today. Even if it wasn’t a dream, Kuroko did not know if she could think of a hotter scenario.

She loved to be tickled, especially on her feet, and she had actually built this machine a while ago to give her ‘foot massages’ long before she had got the idea to create a little training session for her bestie. Kuroko would never beg for the tickling to stop, because well, she didn’t want it to. To wake up to find herself strapped in her own machine, with her best friend’s long, varnished nails (which Kuroko had been the one to do!) ravaging all over her super ticklish soles was a dream come true.

Kuroko erupted into machine gun-style splutters of laughter when Mikoto began grabbing around her sides with those long nails of hers. “Yohohohohou know I’ll get yohohohhohoho bahahahack for thihihihis!”

“I know you’ll try,” Mikoto smirked.

It was even better because there was now an unspoken understanding that Kuroko would get revenge at some point, and their little tickle-war would keep on escalating and escalating until… well, forever, right? The thought made Kuroko’s smile grow even wider than the silly grin she already had plastered on her face from the tinkling tickles. Maybe Mikoto would let her guard down in class, and Kuroko could sneak a few tickles in while Mikoto was trying to answer a teacher’s question! Oh, wouldn’t that be fun! Plots of revenged had to be put on hold for a while as Mikoto began drilling her fingers into her bare armpits, utterly unprotected by her flimsy nightie. The ticklish sensations from her upper and lower body were starting to conflate together to create this steady roar of bursting mirth, which beleaguered Kuroko’s body with powerful sensations.

“You really did a good job with the bondage here,” Mikoto observed coolly, as she leisurely walked her fingers from the edges of Kuroko’s triceps down to the hollows of those quivering underarms and then back again. “I remember how tight it was in there.”

“Juhuhuhuhust the wahahahahay yohohohohoho lihihihike it, Onee-Sahahahahama,” Kuroko said, her voice contaminated with so many giggles it was becoming hard to speak clearly. The utensils at her feet were damn effective, even more than she remembered when she first set them up and created them.

“You’re so silly,” Mikoto said, her words dismissive but a broad grin on her face as she said them.

“Hohohohohow dihihihid you get sohohoho gahahahahad at thihihis?” Kuroko struggled to say. The fact she was having so much difficult enunciating her words proved the verisimilitude of what she was saying.

“Well, I did learn from the best,” Mikoto said proudly, as her fingers continued to move like a blur over Kuroko’s mid-section, hopping from side to underarm to stomach in a flurry of movement. “And you did a real number on me last time!”

“Thahahahahanks!” Kuroko howled, shaking her pigtail wildly from side-to-side as she tried to respond to the stimulating touches at her body. “Buhuhuhuhut, I think I lihihike it when you tihihihickle my feeheeeheeet mohohohore!” she said, kicking out with her feet for emphasis.

“Why is that? Do the machines tickle too much?” Mikoto asked, with a chuckle “I was in there for a lot longer than you!”

With the mass of ticklish sensations bombarding her body, Kuroko was unable to vocalize her opinion of how fingers felt much better on her bare feet than the tongs of the backscratcher and the bristles of the feather, alas. Fortunately, Mikoto somehow managed to understand what she was trying to say, as Mikoto gently nudged the machines away. The dalliance with her upperbody had ended, as Mikoto gave Kuroko’s bellybutton a last poke before returning to her seat at Kuroko’s soles, which had reddened somewhat from the prolonged tickle assault.

“Your poor feetsies are all red,” observed Mikoto as she stared down at Kuroko’s thoroughly-tickled feet.

“Your feet were redder last time, Onee-sama,” Kuroko said with a smile, pointing one of her feet at Mikoto like an accusing finger.

“Oh, you…” Mikoto said, rolling her eyes. She reached down into her bag and pulled out a bottle of lotion. She began to rub the lotion into Kuroko’s brutalized soles. The pigtailed girl cooed from the pleasant sensations as her best friend gave her pinkened soles a nice invigorating massage, adding more lotion every now and then. The massage didn’t quite stoke the fire in her belly the way the tickling did, but the massage was a very pleasant experience, peppered in with occasional (seemingly inadvertent tickles) from Mikoto’s dangerously long fingernails.

Kuroko closed her eyes for a moment. She knew what would come next.

“You did your homework… this is going to make my feet even more ticklish, isn’t it, Onee-sama?” Kuroko asked, with a wide grin on her face that suggested this did not faze her one bit.

“You betcha. I do my homework,” Mikoto said, sticking her tongue out.

With a final squirt of lotion on Kuroko’s already-super ticklish feet, Mikoto sent to work massaging the lotion into every inch of her friend’s gorgeously pretty feet. Now they were baby-soft and slick to the touch, ready for a final dose of tickle treatment.

“Are you ready for this?” Mikoto grinned.

Kuroko scrunched her toes then opened them – the way a boxer might crack his knuckles before a fight. “Bring it!”

And bring it she did.

“Now those we have these dainty things all lotioned up…” Mikoto said, gesturing to the stocked pair of feet before her. “Let’s bring out the big guns!” she cheered, as she lifted up a pair of powerful electric toothbrushes.

A grin appeared on Kuroko’s face at the sight of them. Oh boy… now we’re talking… she thought, while her heart pounded like a jackhammer in her chest. Those electric toothbrushes had been part of a stomach scrubbing device that she had never quite been able to get working, but Kuroko was ecstatic to see that her resourceful friend had requisitioned them in order to give Kuroko’s velvety-soft soles the scrubbing of a lifetime.

“By the way… it seems your feet got dirty somehow. I’ll help you get the dust off. Aren’t I a wonderful friend?” Mikoto said with a smirk on her face, her tone mocking. Kuroko knew full well there wasn’t any dust or anything icky on her sole, and this was just an excuse to ‘clean’ her feet with the toothbrushes, but she accepted this fact willingly. If anything, she marvelled at her friend’s creativity in coming up with such a good excuse. She had to do something similar when she got her revenge. Maybe she could give Mikoto’s armpits and stomach a good scrubbing?

She was planning this all out when suddenly Kuroko yelped: “Hreeeeeee!” The toothbrushes had introduced themselves to her heels. They stayed in one spot, right at the lowest point of her sole, the bristles spinning away happily. The electric toothbrush was a unique tool in that it required no manoeuvring or even any kind of movement. One could just press them in place and let the whirling, spinning head do the work for you. As a result, there was no device better for a precise tickle attack.

Mikoto quickly grew bored of the harassment of Kuroko’s heels, and the brushes quickly headed for greener tickling pastures. The pale arches were clearly filthy in Mikoto’s mind, as she spent an ungodly amount of time down there, and she seemed determined to clean every millimetre of Kuroko’s high arches. Kuroko responded by laughing outrageously , of course, to show how just how much it tickled. She was amazed at the intensity of the electric toothbrushes buzzing about her sensitive arches, and how it felt like she could feel every single tiny bristle.

After the arches were cleaned to Mikoto’s satisfaction, the toothbrushes briefly went over less ticklish spots, like the side and tops of her feet, and the fleshy balls of her foot. Evidently, these less ticklish spots were miraculously cleaner, as their cleaning was astonishingly rapid.

Now the toes, oh, those prettily black and white painted toes of Kuroko’s would be a whole other story.

Upon reaching them, Mikoto seemed invigorated in her cleaning duties, probably because she knew how hilariously ticklish her friend was there. She scrubbed under and in between the toes with gusto, making sure every little sensitive fold and niche got a taste of the brush. The toe tickling got so extreme that Kuroko’s toes couldn’t even stay in place. Mikoto had to use one hand to push her friend’s super-sensitive feet back just to ensure each toe got the scrubbing it so definitely deserved, and indeed, craved for.

With the toes stretched taut and spread, Mikoto began working fervently on all the toes, from the pinkie toe on her left foot onwards till she gave the pinkie toe on the right an in-depth brushing. She would brush across the tip, the sides, the pad, and fleshy undersides before meandering across the toe webbing between the toes and snaking up to the next toe in line. By the time Mikoto had finished all the toes, a ticklish grin was plastered across Kuroko’s face from ear-to-ear.

“Ready for the final round?”


“Now, I wasn’t sure I was going to do this, but I’m pretty sure you did this to me, and it tickled like crazy, so…” Mikoto said, as she chewed on her lower lip. Kuroko did not think it was possible for her heart to beat any quicker as Mikoto lowered her head and glared at Kuroko’s slightly reddened soles. She had an inkling of what ‘this’ was, and if she was right, she was in for one heck of a tickle high. The feeling of warm hands caressing her tender toes and soles filled her body with nourishing and soothing warmth, and if she was correct about Mikoto using the most devious of tickling tools available to her, then this would be even more intensive and sensual than that.

Sure enough, Kuroko was not disappointed. It was everything she thought it would be… and more.

Quick as a serpent, Mikoto’s warm, wet tongue flashed out and flicked across the undersides of her invitingly outstretched toes. Kuroko’s first reaction was a gasp, and then she began to half-coo, half-giggle as she felt the tongue lick and lap across her soles. After all the scrubbing and scratching her poor tootsies had endured, the soft, moist touch of the tongue was especially welcome.

The tongue felt soft and rough at the same time, especially when Mikoto would use her teeth to nibble. The slick, fleshy organ slid wildly to and fro over Kuroko’s feet, with a surprising celerity. None of her machines had ever been able to tickle her quite like this! It lapped in and out quickly, licking across the sole of her foot faster than fingers.

The tongue flicked round the sole in a circular pattern, before then tracing various shapes, and letters. Each toe got its personal tongue treatment too, as the slithering appendage slipped between the spaces between Kuroko's pedicures toes, and lightly licking those horrendously sensitive gaps along the webbing of the toes. The teeth would occasionally make an appearance too; Kuroko almost kicked Mikoto in the eye when the sharp teeth nibbled along the ball of her feet, for the sudden sensation was such a contrast from the soft touch of that amorous tongue.

It was here that the gasps and moans intermingled with the laughter really made their presence felt. Kuroko was yowling like a dog in heat as Mikoto’s nimble tongue did unspeakable things to her feet and loins. More than once during a particularly sultry gasp, Kuroko’s hips thrust upwards, physically begging to gain some kind of release. Mikoto pretended not to notice the sight, but there was no ignoring the sounds Kuroko was making, so true to her personality, Mikoto was quick to spoil her fun.

After a while of maddeningly teasing Kuroko’s feet by exclusively using her tongue, Mikoto diabolically reintroduce her fingers to the mix, so Kuroko might have to contend with having a big toe nibbled while twenty fingers spidered across the same foot at the same time. Kuroko went from cooing to squealing quickly, though with her mouth curved up in such a wide smile there was no doubt that she loved every single moment of it.

“My mouth is tired,” Mikoto complained, rubbing her jaw with one hand as she continued to dance her sharp fingernails over Kuroko’s soles with her other hand. “I think I prefer using my fingers anyway. Can’t have you having too much fun!” The devastatingly sharp fingernails quickly descended on Kuroko’s flawless soles again. Her eyes closed, as laughter began spilling out of her uncontrollably again, the tickling all the sweeter because of the tongue treatment she had just finished receiving. Kuroko was dimly aware of a flash of electricity as the devices on her upperbody began rampaging across her ticklish torso yet again, but she only had one thought on her mind.

I could do this all day.

Little did Kuroko know that Mikoto was thinking the exact same thing.