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Here is a tale I wrote for a friend of mine. I wanted to post it here for all to enjoy! Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Belle's experience

The music was blaring and there was chatter everywhere. Belle made her way through the sea of people, holding her drink and managed to find a table. She sat down, sipped her drink through the straw and was feeling really good. She looked around and saw many beautiful ladies. She couldn’t help but look at their feet as well. She licked her lips, and her desires started to peak. She wanted to know which of these beauties she was going to take home and have her way with them. She giggled to herself because she knew she was going to tickle one of them with great passion.

Belle managed to make small talk with a few, but none really sparked her interest. She did drink many drinks and now she was getting tired and was very buzzed. Through her hazy eyes, she saw this strikingly beautiful woman approach her. She could tell the woman was blond and had a very beautiful face. She looked down at her feet, but the woman was wearing closed toed heels. Belle knew she had to get a look at those feet.

“Hi…my name is Heidi. How are you?” the woman asked.

“I am doing reeeeeallll good Heidi….” Belle slurred.

Heide and Belle continued to make small talk and Heidi started to caress Belle’s hand. Belle was now in overdrive and wanted this woman. In the back of her mind, the woman looked familiar. She couldn’t place it, but she seemed very familiar.

“Damn alcohol…” Belle thought inside her head.

Heidi then asked Belle if she would like to go to her place for a “nightcap” and Belle blushed. Belle accepted and the two women left the bar. Belle got into Heidi’s car and they drove to Heidi’s place.

Belle staggered her way into the apartment and was impressed. She then sat down on the couch, and Heidi offer her a drink. Belle laughed as she already had too many, but hey, might as well have another. Heidi then sat next to her, and Belle downed the drink quickly. She wanted to get closer to Heidi and have her way with her. Belle then felt Heidi lean in and kiss her on the lips. The softness of the woman’s lips made Belle melt inside her own skin and she kissed her back. The two woman started to touch each other and the kiss became more wet, more delicious. Then, Belle started to feel very lightheaded and started to drift off.

“Damn, you’re a good kisser……” Belle said as she drifted off into sleep.

Heidi flashed a devious smile as she saw Belle collapse in her arms. Heidi laughed to herself as she knew the sleeping pills she put in the drink took effect. “Now, I am going to have a lot of fun with you…let’s see how sensitive you are…..” she laughed.

Belle started to come to and she tried to open her eyes. Her head was spinning and she was quite groggy. “I had way too much to drink…” Then she tried to rub her eyes, but realized she couldn’t. She discovered her wrists were above her head and seemed to be strapped to a headboard. She then tried her legs and couldn’t move them as she was tied by her ankles to a foot board. She was spread eagled, and she was dressed in her bra, panties and high heel shoes. “What the hell? HELP!! Is anyone there!”

“I am here sweetie…..” a voice said in the darkness.

“Heidi? Is that you?” Belle started to feel worried. Why was she tied down? How come she can’t remember how she got here? She felt so vulnerable and even though she still had her undergarments on, she felt so naked.

“Yes it is me beautiful…..Glad to see you awake…” Heidi said as she walked into the light.

Belle gasped at the vision before her. Heidi was in a skimpy nightgown, her breasts looked as though they would pop out any moment, and the nightie barely, just barely covered half her ass. Belle thought she looked sexy, but why was she tied up? “Heidi dear, why am I tied up?”

“Because…..” Heidi cooed as she lay next to Belle on the bed. “I want to play with you..I want to really take this opportunity to…..get my revenge….” She said as her finger caressed Belle’s cheeks.

“R-revenge? Revenge for what?” Belle said as her heart stopped. She was tied down and trapped. Was she about to be killed? Who was this woman? Damn, why did she have to drink so much?

“The revenge is not from something you did to me, but something you did to a dear friend of mine… You tortured her Belle.” Heidi said coldly.

“Um, I-I didn’t torture anyone! I never hurt anyone! Please let me go Heidi….” Belle begged.

“You’re right. You didn’t cause physical pain as what everyone knows is pain. But you….let’s just say, you tortured her by…..tickling her…..” Heidi then cracked a smile. “So now, you are going to experience the same thing…..”

“Wait!!! Who was it? I am sooo sorry! Please! Don’t do that to me! How about we make love? I will eat your pussy until you are dry! I will suck your toes! Hell, I will even be your sex slave for a month!” Belle pleaded desperately.

“No, you will be my tickle SLAVE for as long as I want…Get ready to suffer….hmmm I wonder. Are your underarms ticklish?” Heidi teased as she began to slide her long nails across Belle’s smooth armpits.

Belle’s body tensed up, then she exploded in pure laughter. The feeling of being tied up, helpless, and a woman was going to torture her, heightened her senses tenfold. As soon as the nails made contact, ticklish sensations ripped through her nervous system and she tried to thrash. To her detriment, she was tied down pretty tight so there was no escape from the tickling fingers. She looked over and saw nails scurrying along on her skin and she lost it. She begged, she pleaded, she cursed, she did everything she could in her position to get the tickling to stop, but there was no escape for her.

“Laugh for me ticklish Belle, laugh for ME!!!” Heidi laughed as she continued to tickle Belle. Heidi’s own body was feeling flushed as she had a very ticklish woman under her tickling powers. She loved the way Belle squirmed and it was making her hot. She started to taunt Belle by calling her baby names, and of course asking if it tickled.

“PLEASE!!!! PLEASE STOP!!!!!” Belle screamed. Then finally it stopped. Belle started to cough and try to catch her breath. The tickling was really driving her insane. Then she exploded in laughter again when she felt Heidi’s fingers scurrying along her ribcage.

“Ticklish ribbies….I LOVE ticklish ribbies…tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle… you are such a helpless little girl aren’t you?” Heidi teased. She then dug her fingers into the ribs and Belle lost it. Her mouth was wide open, but in silent laughter. Heidi knew she was getting to Belle and she had NO intention of stopping.

Minutes passed and the rib tickling continued. Now Heidi was lightly scratching her nails along the ribs and across Belle’s stomach. Belle didn’t know what to think. This woman was relentless! She wished this woman would stop, but there was no mercy. What really frightened Belle was that she was getting turned on too. Being totally helpless, vulnerable with no escape from this maddening tickling set a fire inside her. She could barely beg, because this woman would not stop tickling her! Then a pause occurred and Belle took in deep breaths and nearly sobbing. Then, a chill ran through her body when she heard Heidi say…..

“Time to play with your nipples…….”

Belle started to beg! “No…you can’t!!! You can’t touch them! Your nails will kill me!”

Heidi simply smiled at her. “Oh don’t worry sweetie….I won’t use my nails….But this feather will…” Heidi then grabbed a pair of scissors and put it to Belle’s chest. She could see fear in Belle’s eyes, but she smiled, licked her lips, then cut open the bra. She put the scissors down and easily removed the cut bra, exposing Belle’s breasts. “Oooh, I like them…”

Belle’s face grew very red from embarrassment. Here was this devious woman, staring and lusting over her breasts. She couldn’t help herself, but it was turning her on immensely. Her nipples grew stiff from the excitement.

“That’s what I thought…you WANT me to tickle those nipples don’t you? Well, since you want me too, I will do this. See this stiff owl feather? I will stroke EACH nipple 100 times and you will count each stroke. But be warned, if you do not count the number immediately to my liking, we start OVER! So you just might get more than 100 strokes. Ready?” Heidi grinned.

“Are you trying to kill me?? Please don’t do this!!” Belle pleaded. It fell on deaf ears and the feather began to stroke the stiff right nipple. Belle’s body tensed up and the touch of the feather was electric! The feather slowly stroked the nipple, taking it’s time to finish its cruel path. Belle stammered “one…”

Heidi grinned when she heard Belle count the number one. She got comfortable and proceeded to stroke the nipple very, very slowly, driving her victim insane. The more strokes that occurred, the more sensitive and ticklish the nipple got. Very similar to “Chinese water torture”, each stroke started to get worse and worse. Unfortunately for Belle, she made it to 37 strokes when the 38th stroke sent her into shivers of pain and ticklishness. She moaned and shuddered and didn’t make the count!

“Naughty naughty! You took too long. Time to start over!” Heidi laughed.

Belle’s eyes bugged out and saw the feather going back to her very tender, very sensitive nipple. She begged and pleaded as the feather made its slow motion movement towards the helpless nipple. Then contact was made and she shrieked. The sensation was deliciously unbearable but she made sure she screamed out “ONE!!!!!!!!”

Heidi couldn’t help but laugh at the maniacal shouting of a number. She had Belle right where she wanted her. She was savoring the tortured screams of Belle counting each stroke. She could see the anguish, she could see the extreme sensitivity and tickle hell Belle was going through. She LOVED this moment. Belle was crying hysterically through her laughter and each stroke was making Belle scream the number louder. “69!!!!!!!” Heidi would hear and then she stroked again. “SEVENTY!!!!!!!! Please stop!!!!” she would hear. She saw the nipple looking really tender and knew Belle would be broken soon. Finally, Belle screamed “ONE HUNDRED!!!!!! STOP!!! STOP!!!!! PLEASE!!!!”

Belle gasped for air and her body was on fire!! That nipple stroking sent her body into such sexual anticipation she wanted to just pass out. Then she began to panic when she heard…..

“Time for your left nipple……”

Belle shook her head in panic. Her right nipple was on fire and now her left nipple was under siege! Her body trembled in fear as the feather slowly made its way to that nipple. It was getting closer and closer…closer and closer…then….CONTACT!!! Belle exploded! The first touch of the feather stroking her left nipple sent her body into convulsions. Her body was so tense, so on fire with sexual desires the touch nearly sent her to the moon. Inside her mind, it screamed, “you better count”…Belle felt the feather finish its stroke and she screamed to the top of her lungs, “ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONE!!! ONE!!!!!!!”

Heidi couldn’t help but chuckle. She knew she had Belle of a complete ticklish breakdown and she was going to savor each and every stroke. The sounds of Belle’s screams was music to her ears. She started humming to herself as Belle screamed numbers with such power in her voice. The count was now at 75 and she could tell her victim was on the verge of passing out. Heidi wanted to take the torture up a notch. “If you pass out, we start over…..”

Belle’s mind was turning to mush and her own womanhood was on fire with lust. She heard the threat of starting over and it took every ounce of her strength to not pass out. “NINETY NINE!!!!!!” she screamed. She started to feel joy as she was sooooo close. “ONE HUNDRED!!!! ONE HUNDRED!!!!!”

“Good girl…..” Heidi cooed. She took the feather away and smiled when she saw the nipples throbbing. She then licked the tip of each nipple with the tip of her tongue and her victim was bucking like crazy. Oh yes, her victim was going to suffer even more. “Well the warmup is over. I think it’s time for me to play with my favorite spot….your feet……”

Belle’s eyes pop wide open as she sees Heidi sliding her way towards her feet seductively. “NO…please no!!! Come on! Don’t tickle my feet… I will do ANYTHING you want. ANYTHING!!! Want your pussy eaten? I will do it!!! I will do it good! Just please…please…do not touch my feet….I am begging you…”

“You’re going to eat my pussy anyway my dear…but in due time. I am guessing your feet are, let’s say, sensitive?” Heidi giggled as she gripped the heel of the shoe and pulled it off, exposing Belle’s barefoot. She repeated the procedure on the other foot and took a whiff. Belle’s feet had become sweaty inside the shoes, but Heidi LOVED the smell. “Nothing like feet coming out of shoes….such pretty feet. I love these toes of yours…”

Belle began to tear up. Her body was on sexual fire. She was exhausted, and her nipples felt like bursting. Now, her weakest spot was going to be tortured. It became a love-hate situation. She hated the torture, but her body LOVED the sensations. She wiggled her toes, which only inspired Heidi.

“Look at these precious toes…they look so tasty..” Heidi smiled as she then wrapped her lips around the big toe on the left foot. The flavor of the toe exploded in her mouth and she savored the taste. She could feel the trembles shaking through Belle’s body and she devoured each toe. She began making slurping sounds. Her tongue began to slither between each digit and she heard the desperate pleading from her victim. Heidi’s own body was so turned on at this point. The trapped big toe popped out of her mouth and she stared at the saliva drenched toe. She then stared at the trembling feet.

“….please…please let me go…my feet can’t take it anymore…please….” Belle begged.

“Tell me Belle, are these soft, tender feet………ticklish?” Heidi teased, then she began to run her nails up and down the trapped soles, forcing uncontrollable laughter from Belle. She loved the way her nails scratch along the tender skin. She could see the indentations into the skin and everywhere it touched, it drew out more hysterical laughter. “I could tickle these feet for…….HOURS!!!!”

Belle exploded into more hysterical laughter. She couldn’t even fathom the thought of getting her feet tickled for hours. She wiggled her feet, trying to get away from the evil nails, but there was no escape. She shut her eyes, trying to close out the horrendous, yet erotic tickle sensations, but it was no use. Her feet were trapped. She wasn’t going anywhere….

“Kitchy kitchy koo! These ticklish feet are all MINE!!! I wonder if the balls of your feet are ticklish. Let’s find out….” Heidi teased. She then took the tips of her thumbnail and index nail and skittered them across each foot. She was delighted to see her victim thrash wildly in her bonds. She found a hot spot and she was going to continue tickling the sweet spot. Heidi was like in a trance, she watched her nails skitter over and over and over and over the skin and didn’t ease up. She heard the frantic screams, but it didn’t matter to her. She was going to torture these sweet feet until she felt like stopping.

Belle’s mind began to turn to mush. Those evil nails did not stop. They did not hesitate. Just over and over and over and over again, those nails attacked the balls of her feet. She prayed she would pass out, but that relief never came. It was though Heidi knew her body better than her. She felt like a puppet and Heidi was pulling her strings. Then finally, the tickling stopped. Belle gasped for air as though she was underwater for a long time.

“Ah sweetie, this is just the beginning. I think I need to get some baby oil……” Heidi laughed.

Belle started to twitch and giggle nervously as she felt the cool baby oil being massaged on her soles. She would gasp when she felt fingers rub the oil in between her toes and would hold her breath as she felt strong fingers massage oil into the skin of her soles. She winced as more and more oil was applied to her feet. She knew her feet were doomed!

“There we go! Nice and shiny… I love oily feet….Ready to laugh?” Heidi teased.

“Please! C’mon, please!! Y-you don’t understand how sensitive my feet are!” Belle begged.

“Oh I do know….Ok I won’t tickle your feet with my nails….” Heidi told her.

“T-thank you….” Belle breathed a sigh of relief.

“I will use this brush instead…..” Heidi laughed, then started to rub a hairbrush up and down the oild slicked soles.

Belle exploded in laughter! The sensations of the bristles were too much and she screamed pure ticklish agony. The bristles would slide easily against her soles and set her ticklish nerves on pure tickle fire! The brush then began to swirl around in a vicious circle and there wasn’t any spot on Belle’s soles that weren’t touched.

Heidi loved hearing the screams and then she revved the brush even faster on the soles. Her hand started to move into a blur with the brush and her smile grew very wide. She knew she was inflicting cruel tickle torture on Belle’s feet and she wanted more! She wanted to send Belle to tickle hell on an express elevator. She gripped Belle’s slippery big toe and rubbed the brush up and down the sole again at a feverish pace. She didn’t want to stop. She could do this forever!

Belle couldn’t even beg. Her mouth was wide open and she was in silent laughter. She started to see spots and her eyes began to close. She was finally going to pass out mercifully. Then the tickling stopped. Belle gasped for air as her mind returned to the conscious world. She moaned and she cried. This was a brutal foot tickling and she mumbled her begging. She couldn’t form coherent sentences and prayed it was over.

“Aww sweetie….you look so tired. I have been tickling you for 30 minutes already on your feet. Just 2 more hours to go….hehehehehehehe” Heidi laughed. She then began to rake her nails up and down the oily soles. She loved the way Belle’s body would shudder in ticklish terror as her nails skittered all through the arches. She loved the way the toes would clench, then spread wide open as her nails tormented the tender balls of the feet. She loved the way Belle begged in sheer tickle terror when she tickled under the ticklish toes. Heidi got herself comfortable and just stroked away.

Belle couldn’t believe it. This woman was EVIL!!! How long could she survive this? She had never been tickled like this before and there was no escape. Her mind was turning to mush and all she could do was laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. The worst part was that Heidi would stop tickling right when she was going to pass out, then as she recovered, the tickling continued. She was beyond begging. She saw spots in her eyes and her body felt like it was going to explode. Then it stopped. The tickling stopped and Belle began to suck in precious oxygen.

“Aww my pet, aren’t we having fun???? Well, I can’t let your feet have all the fun, let’s see what you got under your skirt….” Heidi cooed.

Belle’s eyes shot open. She saw Heidi seductively crawl between her legs and flash some scissors. She watched in horror as Heidi cut open her skirt and peeled it off, leaving her in her panties. Then the scissors began their path, cutting through her panties and soon, they were peeled off and Belle’s womanhood was exposed. Belle blushed in embarrassment.

“My my my…someone has a pretty pussy….” Heidi teased as Belle’s face got even redder. Heidi then slowly stroked her fingers across the lips and she could tell Belle was very….wet. “Someone likes being tickled don’t they? I think I need to make you cum…..”

Belle’s eyes popped open as she heard Heidi’s threat. She didn’t know what to think. She felt humiliated at having her most private area exposed to this woman, but at the same time felt a thrill. She was indeed wet from the excitement, but knew this woman was going to torment her before she felt any pleasure. “Please..please don’t tickle me there…”

“Oh I will sweetie… I am going to tickle this nice pink pussy until you explode. Tickle tickle” Heidi teased as her fingers lightly stroked the outer lips. She loved the reaction Belle gave by moving her hips seductively. She knew she had her right where she wanted. Her fingers continued to slide up and down the lips, every once in a while circling around the clit. She knew she was driving Belle insane, but she didn’t care. All she wanted to do was torment her all night long. The more she tickled, the more Belle moaned and laughed. Heidi then stopped the pussy teasing and stood up…

Belle was groaning from all the teasing and tickling. Her womanhood was on fire now, but she also felt relieved the teasing stopped. She opened her eyes and saw Heidi standing above her and she had a devious smile. Belle knew this was not going to be good for her. Heidi had one arm behind her back. “Set me free….please…” Belle begged.

“Set you free? Let me think about it….hmmmmm….um, no. But I will set something free. I am going to set free all that cum you have inside you….” Heidi laughed as she now displayed a Hitachi wand.

Belle’s eyes shot open and she begged furiously. If that want touched her pussy, she knew she was going to have extreme orgasms. She saw Heidi put the wand directly on her pussy and also felt Heidi strapping it to her leg. She wouldn’t be able to shake it free! She began to whimper as she felt the head of the device nestled snug on her pussy.

“Quiet! You are going to cum a lot for me whether you like it or not!” Heidi laughed as she turned on the device. She smiled evilly as she heard the humming of the wand and saw Belle’s eyes roll into the back of her head. She had great delight in watching Belle’s body quiver and saw the pussy twitching as the Hitachi did its evil work. “Now my dear, I am going to tickle your feet while the Hitachi tickles your pussy…”

Belle moaned very loudly as the wand was driving her arousal into hyperdrive. Now she shrieked hysterically as she felt Heidi’s nails skittering up and down her soles. Belle didn’t know what to think. The tickling of her tender soles was devastating, but at the same time, the humming of the device was making her pussy pulsate with erotic pleasure. Her toes curled, but then stretched open as the tickling fingers tickled them. She felt something building. A tsunami of erotic pleasure was building within her very soul and started to get bigger and bigger and bigger. The device was driving her clit into pleasure, her mind wanted to fight the tidal wave because she had to fight Heidi. She had to show her that she was in control of her body, but this was too much. Belle’s body couldn’t take it anymore and the tsunami of pleasure finally hit. She saw stars in her eyes as the orgasm unleashed its pleasurable fury over her body. She trembled wildly as it rocked her from her head to her toes.

Heidi laughed as she saw Belle’s body buck wildly and knew a major orgasm just hit. She paused her tickling but as soon as she heard Belle catching her breath, she attacked her feet again. She was rewarded with the kind of laughter only an insane person would laugh. She knew Belle’s body was extremely sensitive, and now finally, she could begin her torture…

“Oh yes my pretty Belle, now that the appetizer of torture is over, now let’s get busy with the real thing!!!” Heidi laughed with glee.


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Holy hell. I'm conflicted. It's dark. I reluctantly want to read more haha.