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The sexual tension was boiling over him. He saw himself clearly in his mind’s eye grabbing his knife, cutting her bonds, yanking her panties off, picking her up, siting back down on the chair, setting her down on his raging love and satisfying their lust, embracing this angel made for this, desperately enmeshed in bliss.

Amy’s focus turned with a laugh, to her left, as Sarah and Jessica had begun teasing her knee.

“I really think she likes this!” Sarah said, with an inquisitive smile.

“I think she needs some more,” Jessica agreed, nodding with mocking over-sincerity.

“Hahahahhhaah GUYSS WaitAHAHAOKOKOKWAIIITTTHAHAHAHAHNOahahaIAHAHAHA~“s he broke out in a fit of laughter as the girls pinched and kneaded with interest, and Mark snapped back to reality. He prodded Amy’s supple thigh with his strong, skilled hands. She went ballistic.


She begged and laughed and laughed and begged, as the ticklers moved up and down her thighs towards her tender warmth. There was nothing she could do but laugh and squirm and plead. Her begging was… the most adorable thing Mark had ever seen.

“OW! MY HANDHAHAHSAH! I REALLYAHAHahahahaahaHAah I CAN’T BREAThehaheheHAHAHEH. PLEEEEAAASSSEHHeheheEH JUST JUST STOPHAHAHAPAHAHA YOU CAN REALAHEEHE STAHHPPPheHEheheheheh~~” her pitch was growing as she chortled and thrashed with abandon, in every conceivable direction. It was unbelievably sexy to watch her move and thrust. To see her power and grace and energy. To know what he was giving her. To appreciate her beauty, given form.

His fingers came ever closer as he kneaded his way up her thigh. He just barely feathered her crotch before moving back down again. He had tickled her straight from toe to hip, pausing and reversing course when she squealed with increased abandon.

He moved around more so he was directly in front of her, snuggled tight next to Jessica who was engrossed in her tickly ministrations, a huge grin plastered on her face. He knelt down on the floor and began tickling both legs simultaneously, squeezing and kneading deeply; Jessica, realizing that he was much better at tickling than she was, gave up her place to work, leaned her elbow on Mark’s shoulder, relaxing her weight onto him.

“I guess we can just enjoy the view!” she exclaimed with her plastered grin. “This is way better than a movie… or a study session!“

“AhahAH NO IT ISN’THAHAahah! IT ISN’T BETTERHEHAHAHAH. IT’S WORSEAHEHEHEHHAH~ SO SO SO MUCH WORSEHEHEHEHEHAHAHA” Amy wailed. Mark wished he had set up a video camera to witness this event – to capture her sexy, desperate, contorted self. As he moved up her thighs again with his clasping hands, his body moved in closer and closer to hers. Positioned squarely between her legs, his thumbs worked her towards her sex, teasing the outline of her panties.


His fingers, meanwhile, spidered up and around to her waist, just below her lower ribs. God, she felt sweet… she always smelled good, but now, sweating and heaving, he began to notice something more primal… more deeply arousing about it. It wasn’t cosmetics he was sensing. It was her own desperate, natural sweetness.

His thumbs found the sweet spot on her hips.

He thought she was going to scream.




He attacked her hips, and although she could pull her arms in to slightly protect her armpits and sides, her waist and lower ribs were infinitely vulnerable.

He had Her.

His fingers moved up from her hips, squeezing and probing, and he promised himself that this wouldn’t be the last time he felt her like this. He needed her like he never had needed before.

She tried, with herculean effort, to put her elbows in place of his fingers. She was beside herself in fits, thrashing and laughing and laughing. It was hilarious, intense, and fantastic. Her laughter had become the permanent fixture in the room. The background upon which all else occurred.

Suddenly, her right arm broke free, and she brought it over with mighty, adorable, almost trained force over her tender bucking hips, smacking Mark’s hands away.

“Hey! Hahahah” Mark chuckled. “You have damn small wrists, Love.” Amy flashed him a narrowed, fervent, focused glare.

“OK. Just wait!” she commanded, while drawing precious, heavy beaths. “Now just let me go, ok? This is fucking crazy. Come on guys. I… can’t do this. Please. Really. This is too crazy.”

“Girls,” Mark looked at Jessica and Sarah. “Hold her arm behind her so it doesn’t get in the way.”

He took hold of her tiny wrist, and handed it to Sarah. She opened her mouth to begin protesting anew as she gasped for breath but Mark cut her off.

“Did you forget? We are going to make you say you are our tiny tickle toy… twice.”

Mark let his fingers hover near her for a moment’s respite before he pounced on her waist, his hands practically reaching around her slim sweetness. She felt the finest silk under his fingers, sounded the sweetest music to his ears, looked an irresistible pixie, and smelled of the softest, sweetest, most insatiable desire.

And He had Her.

He longed to know her taste.


This was the most fun Mark had ever had. Flushed and frantic was the most adorable girl he knew, and soon, she would be exploding with pleasure. But not yet.

They still had some work to do.

Mark had been tickling her sides for over a minute straight, and her cries and begs were becoming increasingly primal… guttural. Necessary.

Sarah was still holding back her one lose arm and Jessica was staring, mouth increasingly agape at the fantastic, torturous scene before her. She felt herself getting hotter and hotter as Mark stroked, poked, and prodded Amy’s body. She wondered what it would be like… if she could handle it. She found herself getting jealous… hot.

As Amy thrashed, Mark saw the soft, sweet curves of her neck and almost felt his lips melt around her earlobes. She gasped for breath as she thrashed her head and put everything she had into freeing herself.


“Malarkey,” Mark replied with a smile. “You’re exaggerating. And, you know what you have to say to make this end, if you’re ready to give up.”

Mark was working up and down her tender ribs, kneading in earnest. Sarah and Jessica couldn’t wipe the smiles off of their faces.

“Let’s give our girl a break,” Mark said as he brought his hand up to her face for a slow caress. He pushed the stray hairs, matted with sweat and lust to her moist forehead, behind her ears. She brought her wide, brown eyes to meet his intent blue with a sheepish smirk still lingering. Holding her head now with renewed vigor, he brought his lips to hers with energy he had never felt before. She pressed herself into him as much as she could. Instinctively, Sarah let go of her wrist, and her hand found a fistful of Mark’s hair as she pressed him further onto her. Into her.

Sarah and Jessica exchanged a bashful gaze as their kiss deepened. They’d never seen anything so passionate before. It was like neither one wanted anything in the world but the other.

It was the most beautiful kiss either had ever seen in their lives.

With his right hand behind her head, his left stroked down over her perky breasts and down to her thighs. Her legs parted as he slipped his hand under her skirt and gently stroked the wet warmth of her panties. She moaned into him and instinctively thrust her hips to draw more pleasure from his teasing fingers. Up and down he teased as he felt her panties moistening more. Her hips danced with his fingers, doing all they could.

Reluctantly, Mark tore himself away from her lips, leaving his hands on her thigh and head. His neck strained against the force of her free hand, still trying to press his head into her.

“Come back” she cooed, desire aflame in her eyes. He stood up and moved behind her, untying her other hand, and pulled her shirt up over her head; her hands shot up in earnest. She needed his hands on her breasts. On her.

He tossed her shirt aside and unclasped her bra, freeing her sweet girlish mounds.

Her breathing was coming in lusty moans as her breasts felt the air, anticipating what was to come.

He kissed her shoulder, softly, and took the smallest bite. Fuck. Her flesh. He kissed and nibbled up her shoulder towards her neck as his hands found her breasts. With a firm, meaningful grasp, his fingers slid down to her nipples. He rolled them between his thumb and forefinger as he kissed and sucked on her neck.

“Uhaaaaaaah~” she moaned as her hands, enmeshed in his hair, kept him close to her.

He took her wrists firmly and moved them down, behind her again. Her breaths were coming sharper now, faster, and filled with ever more pleasure – ever more desire.
Without a word, as his lips and teeth ground on her tender earlobe, he quickly wove the ties around her wrists again. She didn’t care what he did to her arms, so long as he kept up what he was doing to the rest of her body.

He pulled the slack out of the knots and tore his lips away from the tender warmth of her neck.

“Mmmmmhhaark” she sighed, the words slipped out of her like he was the only thing there was on her mind. The only thing there was in the world.

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