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07-13-2015, 06:26 AM
Vacation Torment Part 10

We are lulled asleep by the rocking boat and crashing waves. In the morning you hear the sound of seagulls. You awake still bound to the bed in the leg binders. You open your eyes but see only darkness you have been blindfolded and you have a gag in your mouth.. It smells of your own juices and must be your thong from the night before. Your wrists however now clipped to the headboard completely naked now except for the binders and stockings still on your feet bunched at the ankles. Oh, how you hoped the morning would bring some rest. You sense that I am no where in the cabin. You hear whispering on the deck.
Foot steps coming down the ladder. You want to cover yourself so badly. “So my pet are we feeling submissive today, I would have liked to let you free this morning but you were quite resistant last night?
“Is Lili hungry?” Cnfffff..you mumble for the gag. “Oh, yes, that might be a little difficult with that in your mouth” I come and take the gag off you, you drag some air in and say thank you Mistress. I sit on the side of the bed and lift your head up so it is resting on my left for arm. I take a blackberry and place it on your lips.. You are frightened to open your mouth. “Come on open those luscious lips, its wonderful fruit for you.” You finally open and the berry is delicious, suddenly you are ravenous. I take my time feeding you pineapple chunks, kiwi slices, honey dew, more blackberries and chocolate filled rugela...I kiss you deeply between each taste. I pour you espresso making sure to let it not drip and burn you. When I am done, I straddle you and begin kissing your lips, sucking on your neck down your chest and kiss each nipple sucking there. You begin to wiggle under me... I then tell you we have to finish of your lesson and I lightly draw the tips of my finger tips up your sides. Slowly, barely a brush at your sides, you start to giggle and thrash underneath me. “My, it’s just a caress not even a tickle and see how excited you are already. Wait until we really begin!!! “ Long sail to Mykonos do you think you can survive it my Trojan whore...
You plead asking me to stop.. You tell me that you have really learned your lesson and you promise to do whatever I ask of you..
You only see darkness but you feel the morning sun becoming more intense and you are beginning to feel the sweat building under the binders. You feel my my fingers lightly brushing your sides.. It is driving you crazy And you begin to giggle.. You hate tickling . You are afraid to object because you do not want the gag back on.. You try hard to stifle your laughter. My fingers continue to ripple done your sides and back up under your arms. You feel my index fingers go into each armpit and starting from the outside trace in a spiral to the center of your pit.. Ugggghhhhhhh you cry. Then you laugh and startle yourself . You cannot see but know that your breast are fully swollen again.. You feel sweat rippling down your legs dampening your stockings and tickling it as it runs down. Tickle, tickle. Lili loves her pits to be tickled.. You can't help it but scream out no.. Knowing that the tickling will now get worse.. I take both hands now and wiggle my fingers going rapidly down your sides and back up gain. Back and forth wiggling my fingers all over your sides.. You buck under me.. Ahhhhhhhhh, stop please,stop!!!!! This only makes me delve into your pits and at an amazing pace tickle your underarms, wiggling all my fingers there.. You cannot move anything but your feet and your arms thrash between the tickles.. Your head is moving side to side.....ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhh..you scream ohhhh mistresss yesssss.
Don't cum, don't you dare cum til I tell you you can.. I fed you breakfast now it's my turn to eat... Eat your wet juicy.. Pussy.. You are laughing and snorting as my fingers still go wild in your pits.. You feel me lie down on top of you now. I continue to run my fingers up and down your sides as i slide down your body between your legs. You can't see me but you feel my mouth near your pussy. My hands are reaching up and continue to pillage your sides.. You squirm and feel your vaginal lips rising to kiss mine. I start at your clit..licking it in circles.. My hands running circles up you arms..
I lift my head... My you are happy to see your owner down here today..give me a nice breakfast ok baby.. I lick and lick your clit, tickling as you wiggle into my face. Look at your body glistening with sweat, squirming to meet my caresses..
I dive back in fiercely lick your clit. I suck on it and it swells under my lips.. Ohhhhhhhh you moan, please, please..
Oh you want more.. Tickle,tickle. My fingers wildly in your pits.. You are so wet.. I am going to eat you... My tongue travels over your pussy. You are so wet and your vagina reaches for my tongue.. I bury my face now in your vagina and I lick. Then plunging into you wide upon.. You are now clenching as I lick and suck, driving you crazy.
You feel the tickles continue to Penetrate your arm pits and side, but the sensations are mixing with your sensations deep in your vagina.. You are one big raw nerve ending..your arms are wildly thrashing against the restraints. You lift your chest up as the index finger runs circles up and down your sides..my tongue runs circles up and down your clit to your vagina over your perineum and around your anus..
Ohhhhh my god mistress, please no more..ahhhhhhhhh.. Please as you let more laughter out. Trying to stop it.
Oh is my little slave in agony, coming up over your mound.. I look up and see tears coming out under the blindfold..
I lift up and run the fingers of my hands up your arms and you feel my index finger dive in and zig zag over your pits.. Everything squirms underneath me. You scream Mistress please, please let me cum. Your chest is heaving.
One moment, I slide back down.. When you feel me there pour your juices.. I dive back in my tongue rapidly circling on top of your lit.. I lick your pussy,.sucking in and out. My hands still at your side . Your pelvis rises and your vaginal lips shutter and you giggle in delight as you cuuuuummmmmmmm with full force... I pull back up and rest my right hand in your vagina and you squeeze hard as your body quivers..ohhhhh you moan.. Thank for a wonderful Greek breakfast my sub. I reach up and take off the blind fold...your eyes adjust to the light.. I am laying there on top of you, both of us full of sweat. You have pools of water in your stocking toes. Wow you must be boiling.. Let me take these binders off. You feel me brush over your wet stockings. You cringe but hold in a giggle as you worry there will be more if you react. I just pull the wet stockings off and slowly unbuckled the binders. Your legs are drenched and you can barely feel them as they have been bound over 12 hours. I move to the head of the bed and let your wrists free.
Would you like a shower, you are so weak your yes is so barely audible. You try to stand but your legs give out. I catch you and pick you up. Your legs around my waist. At first I hold you while we shower. Slowly your strength comes back and you stand while you lean against me. I want to touch you more as we shower and you are still aroused but you need to conserve your energy.
We dry off and I tell you to put a bathing suit on and something to cover up. I put on board shorts and a swim tank and a blouse. I help you up the ladder. When we get up top, you notice that the Captain is female to male tranny and the mate a drag king. You laugh...
We go to the bow and nap.. Your head laying on my stomach. We wake and anchor for a bit as the crew naps in the back of the boat. We both take a swim in the blue green sea..it revives you and you feel wonderful again as you swim by me and grab me around the neck kiss me deeply.. There is the island of Mykonos is the distance . Bright white buildings and church domes against the deep blue sky.. You are so excited to get on board and sail again..


07-21-2015, 06:14 AM
wow...this is an incredible vacation!! I need to talk to a travel agent soon...LMAO