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07-13-2015, 03:51 PM
Wanda and Pedro had just become the newest members of the Avengers. Pepper Pots was showing them to their respective quarters.
They stopped at one of the doors in what was apparently the residential area.
“This will be Wanda's quarters and right next to her's” She pointed to the neighboring door, “are your quarters Pedro.”
The twins looked at each other, unsure if this would be a major issue for their new allies. Pedro spoke. “Miss Pots” he was interrupted. “Please, call me Pepper.”
“Of course, Pepper, We don't need separate quarters. One room will do.”
“ Yes,” Wanda added, “Pepper, we've watched over each other all our lives. It's hard to sleep without being in sight of each other so If you could just put a second bed in there.”
She didn't care for the necessity of explaining herself but she was well aware of the rumors of an “unusual” relationship between her and her brother and didn't want to feed the rumor mill. Particularly since she got the feeling Stark was the root of the grapevine around here.
“Oh, well okay. I'll have one sent up.” With that she left the twins to their room.

“Well, dear sister, what do you think of our new allies?”

Wanda paused. “Their an effective team. Pepper is nice enough. Stark is kind of a pain in the ass. The Captain is nice.”

“Yeah, the supposed god, Thor, is certainly a colorful character.”

Then a slightly wicked thought came to her mind. They'd had a stressful time recently. SO, Time to lighten things up.
“YOU, however scared the life out of me. You need to be more careful...I think you're slowing down.”

“OH, slowing down am I.” Pedro recognized the taunts that had always been their invitation to play as far back as he could remember.

“Well, sister, let's see if you can get away from me.”

With her magic most people couldn't touch her without her permission, but she couldn't react fast enough to use a spell against him.
As always he moved faster than she could even perceive. Before she saw any movement she felt his hands under her jacket, wiggling across her ribs. She squirmed involuntarily, trying to escape his tickling hands.

“Heeheeheheh, Stop it!” she demanded as she tried to get away from him. He knew her too well. If anyone else had tried to do this she could use magic to get away but he knew how to make it impossible for her to focus on magic.
Hahahahahahaha, cut it out peeeedroo. AHHHH.
She continued to wiggle in an attempt to get away but he was too strong she couldn't escape. She couldn't stand his tickling but at the same time kind of liked it.
Noooohohoo. Hahahahahahaha. Pedro STOP.

“Am I slow? What do ya, say sis?'

She almost gave in but just couldn't resist keeping the game going. Hehehe, like a snail.”

“Oh, that does it. He lifted her off her feet and onto the chair with her feet hanging over one arm of the chair. He then took of her shoes, got one leg in a vice grip, her heel in one hand, and started tickling her foot with the other.
Wanda went ballistic. Screaming with laughter. AHHHHH, NO. STOP. AAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHH.
She felt every his fingers dancing across the sole of her foot. Then between her toes. It send an almost eclectic sensation. Her feet wiggled around in a vain attempt to avoid his fingers.

Then Pedro decided to end the game. He went for the spot he knew, from experience, that she couldn't handle. In her arch just in front of her heel.
Wanda felt the shock as he started on her worst spot. She was flopping around like a fish and howling WAHHAHHAHA, HHEEEEEEE, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, MERCY BROTHER PLEASE.

“I'm I slowing down?”
Satisfied that she'd had enough, he let go of her foot. She laid there catching her breath. Sometimes Pedro wondered if she didn't see these kind of seasons as a fun kind of workout.
Then, in there usual peace gesture after play time he leaned over where she was still laying across the chair and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She returned the kiss.
Just then they heard someone behind them. Pepper cleared her throat.
“I um, heard a commotion in here and wanted to make sure you're alright.”
They looked at each other. Neither really wanted everyone to know that they play tickle games. Wanda answered Pepper.

“it's okay, were were just fooling...(dam bad choice of words)...goofing around.”

“I see, Sorry for barging in.”

Pepper left, Pedro and Wanda looked at each other. Wanda shook her head. “You know what that must have looked like.”

“Yeah, like those rumors aren't going away anytime soon.”

“It probably depends on what she tells Stark. It doesn't make any difference though, I'm not giving up our little romps anyway.”
They smiled at each other as he helped her up..