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When Mae called out my name, trouble was all I heard.

Here I was, walking up onto a gigantic stage with two other women to face some type of torture. I wasn't going to kid myself, X-frames aren't used for ice cream socials.

As I walked up the steps, I began to notice my two other fellow victims. We were all different in body types and hair color. Me, a curvy blonde whose shoulder-length hair rests gently over my ample chest.

Maggie happened to be the petite redhead who had been tortured next to me earlier on the upperbody wall. The two of us couldn't have been more different in appearance, her flaming red hair trailing down to her ass.

The final member of our merry trio, Tiffany, was a bubbly brunette who looked like a mix between the two of us. She wasn't as endowed up top or below as I was, yet she wasn't skin and bones either. We were like a ticklish Goldie Locks and the three bears. I just prayed Goldie Locks had a softer side.

When we all reached center stage, Mae once again began talking to the crowd.

“We all know why we're here, at least the ones who matter,” Mae said before the audience. “These three lucky ladies will be competing for the right to escape servitude and become mistresses of their own.”

Before she'd barely finished her last syllable, we were all carried to the X-frames and locked tight.

“My three best ticklers will torment them unlike anything they've seen, but with a twist. The opening round will be decided when the first slave orgasms.”

Just then electric massagers were strapped between our legs, and unlike my earlier encounter with Mae this was turned full blast as the three of us arched our backs in almost unison.

“The two competitors moving on will then compete in another special challenge,” Mae said grinning that all-too-familiar grin when she's about to be really cruel. “They'll tickle each others mistress with the winner advancing to the final round. Me!”

We weren't even being tickled yet and the massagers were proving difficult as we were each letting soft moans escape our lips.

“Should the last woman standing best me in a one-on-one tickle fight, she'll earn her freedom,” Mae continued. “But should she lose, both her and her mistress will join my harem, as will the other losers.”

The tension in the crowd was palpable as I could barely make out faces due to the bright lights of the stage contrasted with the dimly lit audience. I didn't need to see them though to know over a hundred eyes were staring at me and my cohorts naked bodies with a primal lust.

Mae began to laugh menacingly knowing the odds of her losing were astronomical to say the least. There really was no other choice, compete or live the rest of my life as Mae's slave while knowing I caused the woman I loved to suffer the same fate.

After Mae explained how screwed we all were, the three ticklers began their work on our helpless bodies. I remembered Maggie's laugh from before as her tickler focused on her underarms and ribs, poking and prodding as she did.

Tiffany was in her own personal hell, her inner thighs being squeezed as her belly button was being licked. Each lick of her ticklers tongue sent more and more moans from her mouth. She was in real trouble.

When it came to me, Mae had to of given special instructions as my toes were being gently sucked and arches softly teased with had to have been the sharpest set of nails in the universe. I kept feeling a tongue race between my toes before stopping at it's next meal.

The audience, entranced with this wanton display of sensual tickling, was awoken once again by Mae's booming voice.

“Let's introduce our contestants mistresses, and my future slaves!” she said as the three of us were being sent into different dimensions of arousal by her ticklers. I was astounded she could speak over the sounds of pleasure we were making. “Up first is Maggie's mistress, Kelly!”

I was ecstatic to hear this, hoping I can get another crack at her in the next round. Kelly was brought up, hands cuffed behind her back. She was still naked from our earlier encounter, her breasts jiggling with each step she took.

During the introduction, Maggie was beginning to lose it a little. Her nipples were now being licked, causing her to gyrate her hips which only made this worse as the massager drove in deeper.

Tiffany's milky white thighs were being kneaded with her tickler's knuckles, causing ripples while the massager was being pressed closer in as well.

As this was happening, Mae handed my tortmenter a hair brush which was being used on my now well-licked soles sending me into ticklish orbit.

I don't think any of us noticed when Tiffany's mistress, Nadine, was brought on stage. She had beautiful caramel skin and dark black hair. Her legs looked like stilts, having to be at least 6-feet-tall with round, supple breasts. Mae led her on stage with a leash around her neck, smacking her ass with a riding crop as she did. I saw out of the corner of my eye as her plentiful posterior was jiggling with each hit.

It didn't look good for Maggie or her mistress, as she was writhing in pleasure almost begging for release and certain servitude.

Last to be brought up was Antonia, with her clothes having been stripped already revealing an almost matching bust to mine. Her hands were bound in front of her as she led for all to admire.

With the procession complete, our ticklers tortured us with renewed vigor. My feet were abandoned in favor of my breasts, a warm embrace from my ticklers mouth to my nipples very similar to Maggie who was mere moments away from the most costly orgasm of her life. I felt my ass being massaged and I almost climaxed when before I could, Maggie screamed out in ecstasy as Kelly could only watch.

“We have a winner,” screamed Mae to the delight of the audience. “Please take Maggie and Kelly to the back room please.”

The pair were dragged away, Maggie still in the throws of pleasure as Kelly looked on in horror. I was a little disappointed I wouldn't get another crack at Kelly, but looking over Nadine's curvaceous body I wasn't complaining. The only problem was Tiffany was giving that same predatory look to Antonia, and I began to worry about her being tortured as I was mere seconds earlier.

“Who's ready for round two,” Mae yelled into the microphone. “Same conditions as earlier, first woman to orgasm loses and becomes my slave along with her slave. Get them into position.”

Both Antonia and Nadine were hoisted up into tickle swings, their bodies hanging limp for our fingers to exploit.

“Your mistress has lovely tits, I hope they're ticklish,” Tiffany said to me with mischievousness in her eyes. I didn't respond in kind but I could see the fear in Antonia's eyes thinking she might let us down. The massagers were being strapped in place when I had a different idea.

I was scared stiff, but I walked over to Mae and whispered in her ear. To my delight, and relief, she acquiesced to my request. While Antonia had a massager between her legs, I was given a strap on to torment Nadine a little differently. Tiffany tried to protest but my creativity was rewarded with the advantage.

Nadine could only glance out of the corner of her eye as I positioned myself directly behind her, hands at the ready along her ribs with the tip of the strap on poised to strike at the right time. Antonia was about to see how much tit tickling she could take as Tiffany placed her nails along the undersides waiting to start.

The crowd, barely able to contain themselves with the lust in the air, anticipated Mae's order which was being drawn out for entertainment effect at this point. Soon she hollered for us to start, and the cackling from the two ticklish mistresses quickly filled the room.

Tiffany wasted no time, skittering her nails around Antonia's breasts round and round. She made sure to ever so gently scrap her nipples to keep them at attention. Her laughter was like a cry for help that I couldn't answer.

With my mistress in distress, I decided to make Nadine pay dearly for her slave's skills. I played her ribs like I was practicing for Julliard, leaving no key untouched. By pressing harder and harder, it forced her to buck her body back and forth. In doing so, she unintentionally was dooming herself by shoving the strap on into her now moist mound.

I leaned in and told her I wasn't going to stop until her sweet release doomed her and Tiffany to Mae's dungeon.

Antonia's body was shaking as well, with Tiffany swirling her fingers in her pits sending her bountiful breasts in every direction. They'd sway apart only to collide time and again like thunder claps, sending tingling sensations across her naked body.

I can't lie and say I wasn't getting turned on myself at my mistresses display of titular troubles. The images only fueled my own desire to make Nadine scream out as I was now thrusting in and out of her slit. I was grabbing her hips, pulling her along in the swing with the motion of my own gyrations and I could tell she was losing it.

Sensing her on the verge of climax, I tempered my pace a bit. I was alternating rapid and sensually slow movements to keep her off balance. She also, accidentally, gave me an idea when I saw her feet wiggling in my peripheral vision.

I heard Antonia beg to have her breasts sucked mixed with cries of laughter so I knew I had to hurry.

Quickly, I began my own mouth assault, licking Nadine's soles in between sucking her toes. Her body began trembling on the cusp of orgasm when I had one final trick up my sleeve.

At this point I thought the crowd was going to storm the stage. I heard unmistakable orgasmic sounds coming from the audience which would barely contain themselves now anticipating the end.

I pulled out of Nadine's dripping mound, kneeling down underneath and shoved one breast in my mouth at a time, swirling my tongue as I did. It was the straw that broke the camels back as she screamed out in ecstasy.

“That's how you suck a tit,” I yelled at a now defeated Tiffany, whose eyes stared down at the ground awaiting her fate.

“Looks like we have a winner!” Mae bellowed to the crowd, which at this point was lost in their own lustfilled encounters to hardly notice what was happening on stage. Just like earlier, the two losers were hauled off to wait their fate as Mae's slaves while Mae waited for the crowd to settle down.

It took nearly 15 minutes for everyone in attendance to regain composure before the final instructions were given.

“You've done very well to reach this far,” Mae said. “But you have one final obstacle to secure you and your mistresses freedom...me. I have an idea for our tickle fight though.”

Just then a French maid outfit was brought out.

“Since your journey as slave began with you as a maid, it's only fitting for it to possibly end dressed as one,” she continued. I put the costume on to raucous applause, my cleavage busting out of the top and the bottom barely covering my ass. “I'll even give a tool to use, a feather duster.”

I doubted how long I would even have the duster, but any advantage I could get was probably for the best.

“Now, I think I'll even go one step further and really give you an edge,” with that said, Mae began to strip naked. She started by removing her green blouse, revealing a yellow bra which did its best to contain her ample bosom. Next was her skirt, shimmying it down her shapely legs so all could see her matching yellow panties.

“Who'd like to see me all the way nude,” Mae screamed, which got even more applause. Her fingers slipped down the straps of her bra so her cups were now the only support left for her breasts. When she slid down her panties, gravity did the rest as her bra fell to the ground leaving her completely naked.

“Who's ready for a show!”

There were no other words spoken before she jumped on my stomach, pinning my arms above my head tickling my defenseless underarms. I tried to extract my arms to stop her nails from doing their worst but it seemed pointless as I giggled non-stop.

“I'm going to enjoy tickling these pits every day,” Mae said as she continued the attack. What little modesty I had was quickly lost, with the bottom of the French maid costume riding up exposing my ass for all to see.

Out of desperation more than skill, I swung my legs up and dug my toes into her own underarms. My toes wiggled in her hollows, catching her off guard just long enough for me to free my arms. In the momentary escape, I grabbed the duster from beside me when I fell and went after her most abundantly sensitive area, her breasts.

After being tortured for so long at the hands of this maniac, I was finally exacting some revenge. Her ticklish tit flesh jiggled with each stroke of the feathers. My joy though was shortlived because out of nowhere, all four of my vanquished opponents stormed out of the back room where they'd been kept.

They were going to protect their mistress, and they meant business. Kelly was the first to reach me, grabbing my ankles and raking her nails along my tender soles. Maggie dug into my ribs just as I'd done to Nadine.

At this point, Mae had regained her composure.

“You didn't think you were ever going to win dear, did you,” she asked with a sinister smile. “Get her girls,” With that, Mae walked off stage, Antonia in tow, as Tiffany pulled my breasts out of the top, one by one before taking them in her mouth. All I could do was moan loudly as I heard popping noises each time she let one of my tits out before going to the next.

If that was where it'd have ended, I'd have been lucky.

“Remember this,” Nadine said evilly, looking down at the strap on I'd caused her to cum with. “Now it's your turn.”

The three women pinned me down, tickling my breasts, pits and feet as they did while Nadine slowly entered me. She was matching my rhythmic movements from earlier, going in slowly to build to a crescendo.

I could have tried to fight back, but what was the point. I decided I might as well enjoy what I had cumming. Soon my body was quivering in anticipation for the sweet revenge Nadine had coming to her. Not long after she built up to a frenetic pace and I shook with a powerful orgasm.
I had lost.

For the next several hours, everyone in attendance, slave and mistress alike, took turns tickling and pleasuring me. My skin was on fire with the sensations or fingers, tongues and mouths both on and in me rocking my body with orgasm after orgasm.

When it was all over, I was cleaned up and taken to Mae's home where I'd spend the rest of my days.


What a great chance to make some easy cash Amber thought to herself as she pulled up to the mansion. I don't mind cleaning and doing laundry. I could live being a maid for a few months.

She got to the door and a gorgeous blonde housekeeper took her jacket, her long red hair flowing as it unfurled from underneath. Her skintight blouse clinging to her EE breasts, slightly larger than the blondes own chest but my, she sure is nice to look at Amber thought of the woman.

As she walked through the kitchen she could smell a lasagna in the oven baking, and a glimpse of the cooks firm ass as she walked by.

Amber kicked off her shoes while she waited for her prospective employer to come into the living room. She was dangling her feet over the sofa when this beautiful Hmong woman walked in, brushing against her feet as she did.

Amber stifled a giggle from the ticklish sensation she felt.

“Hi, my name is Mae,” the woman introduced herself as. “I hope you're not ticklish dear,”

What a nice lady Amber thought, this job will be a breeze. Truth was, Amber was deathly ticklish. Hopefully that's not a problem.


Hope you all enjoyed the series. Let me know what you thought of the ending.

07-14-2015, 03:33 AM
I kind of hoped she won, but it was still amazingly well written. Bravo.

07-14-2015, 07:08 AM
Fine story. :D It was the ending that I expected.

07-14-2015, 08:58 PM
Maybe write a part 5 where all of the slaves take revenge on their mistress.

07-14-2015, 11:11 PM
It ended perfectly. Great work. If Julia wasn't doomed to Mae's ownership, I'd have been disappointed.

07-15-2015, 10:02 AM
I want you to understand that I really REALLY like this stories and I REALLY liked how it ended!!! For a Moment I was afraid she would become a Mistress but she is so much better as a slave (=personal opinion, I know... I am a Sadist xD)!!! And if you ever plan to continue it you already prepared the next victim, perfectly laid out!!! (I can already Picture this Amber girl waking up at night by laughter from the Basement and be traumatized of what she sees taking place or something other like that!!!)

Well whatever... a perfect 10 of 10!!!

07-17-2015, 11:33 AM
Just in case you're interested, I think I'm going to continue the series with Amber and have a minor cameo by Julia in the next installment. I have an idea of where I want to take it that will definitely make Amber her own character and completely different from Julia but keep the interesting aspects. I hope at least.

07-17-2015, 02:23 PM
Just in case you're interested, I think I'm going to continue the series with Amber and have a minor cameo by Julia in the next installment. I have an idea of where I want to take it that will definitely make Amber her own character and completely different from Julia but keep the interesting aspects. I hope at least.

I for once would be very interested!!! (or does it go "I for one..." probably shouldn't use phrases I am not sure of)

07-18-2015, 01:48 AM