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Recap (skip down if you have parts 1 & 2 fresh in your mind) Rachel here and I've been telling you about the most embarrassed I've ever been. My husband Jason was trying to ask his boss for a couple weeks vacation for an unexpected trip to the Bahamas we were lucky to get from my sister. His boss Victor told him they could discuss it over dinner at his house with his wife, Felicia. We showed up not realizing Victor lived in what can only be described as a mansion in Pasadena and expecting a barbecue but it was a four star meal their pretty servant Maria served up and it was a tough meal to sit through because Felicia a forty something beauty with huge double d tits was a total snob so as soon as dinner was done we were ready to leave but Victor insisted on giving us a tour of his home and he led us to a garage which was empty except for a heavy pair of wooden stocks that look straight out of the renaissance and built to hold 2 people with 8 perfect holes carved out in the center. Since Victor is the owner of a security firm that employs my husband he convinced us to climb in and test it out because they might start using them to hold drugged out teens at raves they work security for to keep them from hurting themselves. So my big 6'5 250 pound muscle bound husband volunteered us despite my trepidations and Victor locked both of us in while we sat on the bench attached to it and our hands and feet secured through the holes in front of us. As hard as we tried we couldn't escape and Victor decided not to let us go instead he removed our shoes proceeded to tickle the both of us until we couldn't take it then he stripped us naked got both of us aroused just as his wife Felicia showed up not to rescue us but to take the tickle torture to the next level. She worshipped my feet and got Jason turned on and with the four of us naked they had their way with us reducing us to begging tickle slaves for these rich snobs to play with and now Felicia proposed a game as she takes a seat in front of us putting her feet in our faces. We both worship her feet, who ever does the better job gets to cum who ever loses gets tickle tortured even harder and despite not wanting to play her game I have no choice as I start worshipping her perfect little foot as she and Victor lightly tickle us in an attempt to distract us from properly pleasuring her feet.


I still sit here beyond humiliated next to my muscular but completely dominated husband in a garage at his boss Victor's mansion. Both of us locked in stocks completely naked and exposed like a couple of 18th century chicken thieves, hunched forward with our hands and feet sequestered in the holes right in front of us while Victor stands naked behind us lightly tickling each of our sides and his wife Felicia sits in a tall stool in front of us naked and her red hair flowing down her pale while body and stopping just short of covering her big tits, she rests her tiny milky white feet on top of the very stocks holding us as if it was an ottoman while she traces her finger over my helpless foot and she does the same to Jason's left foot with her other hand. I reluctantly have her right foot in my mouth and Jason has her left in his. But he doesn't look so reluctant about it. Both of us competing against each other to give her foot the most pleasure to avoid being tickle tortured further and rewarding the winner with sweet built up release. They've tortured us for almost 2 hours now making us laugh nonstop while simultaneously turning us on against our will. It's been incredibly frustrating for my mind and body to be at such odds with each other. I'm furious that these rich yuppies have made us into their tickle slaves while my body yearns for them to take it further and just let me cum already.

Like I mentioned before this is the first time I've ever had a foot in my mouth so I'm just trying to do the same things I do when I go down on Jason and trying to imitate what Felicia did to my feet earlier because I know that got me all hot and bothered. I've never been into feet, never really put much thought into them but if I would've known how stimulating it could be I might have asked Jason to suck my toes the way I can see him doing to Felicia's other foot out of the corner of my eye. I can see him really trying to win that blowjob Felicia promised him if he was better at worshipping her foot than me and I can't have that. So I try to ignore the feeling of Victor's fingers tracing around my bare breasts and Felicia's finger lightly scratching my sole and lick my way up and down her foot stopping to suck the side of her foot for a second which makes Felicia recoil a little bit and giggle giving me the first indication that she's also ticklish. The back of my mind starts thinking about getting revenge on her for putting us in this position and how sweet it would be but for now stuck in these stocks I have to make sure and pleasure her so I slide my tongue back up her sole to her toes. The soft smooth texture of her foot is enjoyable for my mouth to feel, I can smell the cocoa butter cream she applied to her foot earlier and I hate to admit it but it's delicious. I suck on her foot like it was an ice cream cone and for the first time I can see her face really start to feel the affects. She stops using her hands to tickle me and Jason and she moves them toward feeling her own humongous double d breasts which at the beginning of the night during dinner I would've sworn they were fake but once she took off her robe to reveal them I could see they were as natural as my little B's. I keep sucking her toes making sure to use my tongue to lightly caress them and I hear her start to moan. Behind us Victor increases the speed of his tickling underneath my breasts with one hand while I see his other hand out of the corner of my eye tickle Jason's thigh near his very erect dick and Victor's fingers wiggle faster and faster until I'm straining not to burst out laughing but Jason can't hold it in and he erupts into laughter and stops pleasuring Felicia's foot but I keep going making sure I keep turning her on as Jason continues laughing thanks to Victor. Felicia starts rubbing her pussy as I feel her toes wiggle in my wet mouth. "Yeah just like that." She says as I see Jason regain his composure and go back to worshipping Felicia's left foot. Victor resumes his attack on me and moves his hand down from my tits to my side and down in between my legs surprising me and his wiggling fingers finally get to me and I pull my head spitting Felicia's foot out of my mouth as I start laughing. "Please don't!" I beg but Victor keeps going and unfortunately for me that's just as Felicia starts to orgasm as she rubs herself and Jason sucks her toes and she moans in extreme pleasure as she lets herself go and all I can do is laugh as I watch a satisfied smile cross her face.

Victor stops tickling me and I'm finally able to stop laughing. Felicia looks at Jason. "Looks like you win big boy." She congratulates him. "That's not fair!" I whine, "I was the one turning you on right before Victor focused on me and I couldn't stop laughing." Felicia just shrugs her shoulders and presses her foot into my face. "Sorry. You lost, honey. Maybe your husband is willing to trade is in his win for you. What do you say, Jason? Do you want me to suck your dick while your wife is tickled or would you rather we make her cum while we tickle you?" Jason looks at me and doesn't say anything. "What the fuck, Jason?!" I yell at him but he just avoids eye contact and turns away making his choice clear.

Felicia gets up off the stool and comes around to sit on the bench between me and Jason. I'd give anything to be able to move my body just a little more so I can get close enough to bite her but I'm stuck in my place hunched forward and I see her as she sticks her head underneath Jason's arm and lays on her stomach on the bench bringing her face right over his erect cock and resting her little size 5 feet right in between my legs wiggling her tiny painted toes over my pussy. At 5'2 she fits perfectly over the bench underneath our trapped outstretched arms. She wiggles her butt up in the air right between us as she makes herself comfortable and I'd give anything to have my hand free to spank that milky white ass until it turned red. "You want me to suck your dick, Jason?" Felicia asks coyly as she stares down at his dick gripping it with one hand while she gently tickles his balls with the other and all Jason can do is nod and I can just watch as she takes his hard-on into her mouth with ease compared to the humongous cock on Victor she's use to sucking and she starts deep throating him while he's locked in the stupid stocks beside me and I'm just helpless to watch this voluptuous big tittied woman go down on my husband just as her husband Victor moves in front of me and with his enormous dick exposed but what I focus on is the electric toothbrush in his hand. "Please don't." I beg but he just steps forward to my helpless size 9's and he flips on the electric toothbrush and runs it over my left foot immediately making me convulse as I feel the speed of the bristles spin on the sole of my foot and send the ticklish vibrations through out my entire body. "Hahahahahahahahahahaha no no no hahahahahahahahaha please stop!" I shake my head from one side to the other catching glimpses of Felicia sucking Jason's cock like it had a chewy center every time I turn in their direction but as Victor works over my foot with the electric toothbrush my husband getting sucked off next to me is the furthest thing from my mind as I start building perspiration over my entire body and as I wiggle my naked ass on the bench I could feel sweat and the wetness building in between my legs as Felicia continues to play with my pussy with her toes. Victor jumps to my other foot and gives it the same treatment with the rapidly rotating toothbrush sending me into hysterics as I laugh so hard sound stops coming out and I struggle to get air to my lungs just as I hear Jason moan and start repeating "oh fuck, oh fuck!" Felicia pulls his dick out of her mouth and presses his dick against her tits as she strokes him and boom he cums all over her tits. He hunches over satisfied and exhausted while I shake, rattle, and roll. "Hahahahahahahahaha!!! Noooooooo! Hahahahahahahaha!" I scream as Victor gets every single spot on my long foot while Felicia sits up and turns to me and joins Victor in tickling me using her manicured nails on my tits, lightly tickling my erect nipples. "Pleeeease!!! Stop!!!!! Hahahahahahahaha!" But Felicia maneuvers her hands down my body to my moist pussy and focuses her light tickling there while Victor keeps attacking my feet with that fucking toothbrush and I'm on sensory overload with the tickling and my pussy being touched and I feel like I'm going to explode as I laugh like a fool wiggling my bare ass in my seat and waving my hands and feet frantically. Felicia ducks under my trapped stretched out arms and lays down on the bench again this time positioning her mouth over my pussy and her bare feet play with Jason's drained dick and before I even realize what she's doing I feel her tongue over my most private area while Victor keeps me laughing not allowing me to fully enjoy the sensual way in which Felicia gently tongues my vagina. Unlike anything I've ever felt before. Hard as it is I do my best to stop wiggling so much so I don't make her stop doing the wonderful thing that she's doing. I feel her big tits pressing down on my leg still smeared with Jason's cum, her wet tongue, her warm breath, and full lips work over my clit. Combined with Victor's relentless tickling it's maddening and in between laughs I can't help but moan with the genuine pleasure she's producing in me with her mouth and I see Victor tickling me with the brush in his left hand while he strokes his huge cock with his right as he watches intently as his wife goes down on me. "Hahaha fuck, fuck, yes, hahahahahaha, yes! Fuck yes! Hahahahahahahaha" I yell and laugh as Felicia buries her face into my pussy which is easily accessible thanks to the stocks spreading my legs far apart and Victor mercifully lowers the speed on the electric toothbrush that keeps spinning over my sole but now I'm able to enjoy what Felicia is doing to me. The light tickling reduces me to little giggles and heavy moaning as Felicia extracts so much juice from me I can feel myself soaking wet "yes hehehehe... yes ummmmmm hehehehe" I recognize myself repeating as Victor is full on jerking off now. Any other time I might've been disgusted if this woman wasn't in the middle of making me feel the most pleasure I've ever felt and I shut my eyes and arch my back the most I can and scream in ecstasy as her tongue brings me to a body quivering climax just as Victor cums all over my toes and I could care less as he rubs his cock over my sole like it was a 12 inch fountain pen spreading his cum all over my size 9 as he fully empties himself and finally turns off the toothbrush and stops tickling me. Felicia pulls her skillful mouth away from my pussy and sits up to look me in the eye with a smile. My body just goes limp right next to Jason who's still recovering from his own orgasm.

"Both of you did a fantastic job on my feet." Felicia informs us. "You both deserved it."

I breathe heavily. Exhausted in every way. I turn to look at Jason and we both stare at each other with half closed-on the verge of passing out eyes. I turn to Felicia and with little strength I plead "can you please let us go now?" I feel ashamed. Defeated. Helpless. Exposed. They won. They tricked us into these stocks. Tickled us. Stripped us of our clothes and our dignity and to make it worse forced us to enjoy it. Felicia hops off the bench, Victor hands her a towel and she wipes off Jason's cum from her tits and Victor goes over to my foot and wipes off the cum he poured over my foot. "Please" I ask again. "It's still early. Like 9 o'clock. I think we can still go for a few more hours." Felicia says deflating any hope I had. "We're going to take a quick dip in the pool. You two sit here, relax, rest. We'll send Maria to give you both some water." Felicia informs us as she and Victor walk naked out of the garage. "Maria?! We don't want her seeing us naked! Let us go, Felicia! Victor! Right now!" They ignore me as we see them round the corner outside and disappear from sight. "Fuck!" I yell as I rattle the stocks. I turn angrily to Jason "you don't want to say anything?" He just shrugs his shoulders. "What's the point? They're not listening to us." I scoff. "She listened to you when you said you wanted that blowjob from her!" I yell. "I'm in the same position as you. This has never happened to me before. You think I like this? I feel so emasculated. My boss stripped me naked, tickled me, got my dick hard, and had his way with my wife. I'm more ashamed than you are." Jason laments. "I'm beyond embarrassed." I guess I've been thinking so much about how demeaning this was to me I wasn't even thinking about how pathetic he must feel to be trapped in here naked with me watching his boss empty his dick over my feet while he's sitting right next to me. "I'm sorry. You're right. I know the weird feelings this brought out of me and I know you're going through the same thing."

"I know how you can feel better." Maria says from the entrance to the garage in a broken English accent. "Revenge." The Mexican beauty adds with a smile.

(To be continued)

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Please stop.......no more.....you're Killing me..........lolololol......masterful.......oh to be there, either in or out of the stocks......

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Great addition, keep going.

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I don't know why but I thought she would win. Great story! Can't wait for more!

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Terrific series. One of the best I've read in a long while.

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PARAGRAPHS! For the love of Christ, please put some bloody paragraphs into it! This is a fantastic story completely let down by the poor use of paragraphs! Take the post off, touch it up (as it were) with a grammar check and re-post it in a proper format! This could be a fantastic piece worthy of any on these boards, so please do the entire series justice and present your work properly!

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