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Hi here is the next instalment of the Andrea series. It features pure tickling with no other sexual stuff as I'm steering away from that

Not actually as happy with it as I have been with previous instalments and may rework it when I spell-check and amend name errors in the other ones.

It seemed much better in my head when I planned it out, that was weeks ago though....

- - -

As Andrea walked to her car she longed to be wearing sandals or pumps, she was obediently wearing three pairs of socks with a pair of suede boots that were a size too big for her. After only two days the regime Lilly had imposed alongside the lotion and pumice stones were already raising her sensitivity, she apprehensively wondered how much more sensitive her feet could get, she was barely able to walk barefoot on carpet which had previously been one of life’s little pleasures.

Andrea decided to wear a Sundress again, knowing how much Lilly like them. She also wore a pair of purple leggings that went well with the sundress and jumper which would keep her warm if the garden party carried on into the evening. Amy picked her up around seven, Natalie was already in the car and moved into the back seat to keep Andrea company, they nervously chatted each anticipating the evening ahead. Amy teased them from the driver’s seat alluding to the plans she had in store for both of them. Amy took them down a long winding country road which twisted and turned eventually ending in a small clearing where several other cars were parked alongside the van Andrea recognised from her weekends at the beach. Andrea was glad of her boots as she followed Amy uphill, looking at the backpack and wondering what cruel tickling tools the Goth girl had decided to bring.

After the trek through the forest the three girls reached the gatehouse, it was square with some remaining ivy and plants. Andrea enjoyed visiting castles and ruins and noticed the signs that it was being restored. Amy produced a key and unlocked the padlock on the Iron Gate, she then guided the girls through the gate house into what Andrea now recognised as the Keep.

Lilly, Emily, Betty & Simon were sat round a trestle table enjoying drinks and snacks in the evening sun. Lilly and Betty greeted the newcomers as Emily and Simon seemed quiet. Andrea noticed how Emily seemed slightly off and Simon seemed stressed but was too excited greeting the other girls to worry. S¬he noticed how Betty was comforting Simon who was twitching more than usual. The three girls were invited to sit down and offered drinks. A jug of Pimm’s was shared between glasses and a cold box contained beers, ciders and a few soft drinks. As Andrea was looking for a bottle opener, Betty slipped her foot out of its shoe and picked it up off the floor. Andrea was astonished as the contortionist put her leg behind her head, holding the bottle opener with her toes and took the cap off Andrea’s bottle. Simon smiled at Andrea’s reaction to his wife’s feat of flexibility.

Sensing she had lightened the mood Betty gently encouraged Simon to tell Andrea about the castle. As Simon told Andrea all about it he seemed to calm down, his twitches and ticks becoming less frequent. Andrea politely nodded and learnt how his Grandfather had won it in a poker game during World War 2. His parents had tried to renovate it to make it into a visitor attraction but it wasn’t possible; monthly guided tours were organised but the lack of car parking space, its location and a number of other factors meant it would never make much money. His parents had done well enough and had recently retired to live in America.

Ingrid joined the table having finished with her gardening. She removed her boots and socks and sighed as she placed her feet in a bowl of cold water. Andrea watched her wiggle her toes and dry her pink and pale feet with a towel. Spotting her gaze Ingrid smiled at her and Lilly winked….

“We have a treat in store for Ingrid later, but first I¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ think it is time for the beautiful Natalie to take her punishment”

Natalie’s eyes widened as Lilly and the other girls grinned.

“Now we took the liberty of bringing your costume for tomorrow, if you are willing to co-operate and wear it we might be willing to show mercy” Betty grinned, as usual she was wearing 1920s style clothing.

“O….Okay!” Natalie meekly submitted taking the white linen gown and brown leather sandals and going to get changed. As she emerged from the little room in the gatehouse Andrea couldn’t wait for the fun to begin. Her linen gown fitted Natalie perfectly and did that thing at the elbows that Andrea had noticed when watching period films. The leather sandals were made for her feet and displayed her lovely long toes, the leather straps crossed again and again until they were tied half way up her lower legs. Her curly hair bounced as she walked and shone in the last of the evening’s sun. She nervously smiled as she walked to her friends anticipating whatever cruel punishments they had planned.

“If you will submit to be tied we promise mercy, resist us and your torments will greatly be increased” …Betty declared, delighted that her fantasy was coming to life.

Natalie submitted to Betty and Lilly who tied her Ankles and Wrists with soft rope. Her bondage was gentle but secure. Ingrid and Simon approached with a stout wooden pole, they placed the pole between her bonds. Natalie was lifted by the pole which Simon and Ingrid lifted. Simon and all the girls except Andrea carried her grinning as she swung from the pole. As the procession rounded a corner Andrea saw the preparations that had been made. A sheepskin rug was laid on the ground and to either side two poles formed an A frame, being tied at the top and pushed into the ground at an angle. Sure enough the pole was placed in the small V formed by the frame and tied. Natalie was just able to lay back on the sheepskin.

Andrea couldn’t wait to tickle Natalie. Betty began by tickling her feet through her Roman sandals before reclining on a chaise lounge which had been placed as a perfect viewing platform for her fantasy, there was even a little table for her wine. The other girls explored her upper body and the backs of her knees. Lilly and Andrea took Betty’s place at Natalie’s feet using their fingers to tickle her arches and exploring her toes with feathers. Natalie was hysterical, her position exposed all of her most sensitive parts the only small mercy was that her tormentors couldn’t remove her roman sandals. They didn’t offer her much protection but the girls still found them frustrating and after rotating positions to allow everyone a chance at her most sensitive spots it was decided they should stake her out.

Natalie was too weak to resist as she was untied from the frame and moved to lie between four posts sticking up around inches from the grass. Her sheepskin was position and her body tightly spread eagled. This time Lilly slowly removed her sandals as Andrea and Amy held her ankles. The anticipation enough was torture and Natalie giggled and squirmed as her bare feet were tied to the stakes. Amy, Lilly and Andrea began the torture of her feet using fingers and feathers to drive her insane, Ingrid focused on her upper body using two feathers to torment her underarms. The girls rotated as before. During the fifth or sixth shift change Lilly whispered to Andrea….

“Do you remember how you promised to be tied any way I asked?” Nodding at more stakes set in the grass.

Andrea shyly nodded.

“Well after you help me stake out Amy I want to tickle you like this!”

Amy jumped as Lilly and Ingrid grabbed her having planned her capture prior to her arrival. She put up a fierce fight but soon Ingrid was straddling her and tickling her exposed underarms as Lilly and Andrea pulled off her big spiky boots. Betty returned from the sofa to continue Natalie’s torment using her nails to torture her long soft feet as Emily used feathers to tickle the Roman Governesses underarms. Amy’s feet were receiving a similar treatment from Lilly and Andrea, her soft pale soles horrendously sensitive. Andrea enjoyed running feather between Amy’s toes taking delight in watching their futile attempts to escape and especially appreciating the black nail polish. After enduring her punishment the girls agreed that Natalie should be released so she would be fresh for the show tomorrow.
Andrea submissively took her place without a word and giggled as Lilly removed her many layer of socks. Her bare feet were cleaned with brushes before the finger tickling started. Her upper body received a merciless tickling from Ingrid as Lilly tormented her feet dragging her wicked nails across her soles and scribbling them in her arches. Amy’s torment continued in a similar fashion until both girls were hysterical. Betty produced Amy’s back pack and waved it in front of the hysterical Goth girl, struggling frantically to escape her bonds….

“Now what have you got in here”… Betty teased

Amy had produced some soft drinks and a hip flask of vodka she had carefully taken a small amount of being a designated driver for the group. Each of the girls had noted that she clearly had much more in the back pack though. Both Andrea and Amy were given a brief respite to catch their breath as the girls poured over the bags contents. Electric toothbrushes and flossers were produced along with the usual selection of feathers and brushes, each item was added to small piles that the victims could see enhancing their anticipation and Amy’s fury and being hoisted by her own petard. Finally Lilly produced four pairs of the vibrating feathers designed to go in between toes…

“I think we have a winner!” she purred approaching Amy with the cruel devices.

“NOOOO!” NOT THOSE!!” Amy screamed as Lilly began to secure them in place.

Betty produced a ball-gag from the bottom of Amy’s bag and applied it, Amy’s screams wouldn’t be heard but she liked the way the Goth girl looked with it secured in place. Andrea’s reactions to the devices between her toes were approaching a similar volume but there was only the one gag. Ingrid supplied the solution and held out an Apple from one of the garden’s trees for Andrea to see. Whilst Amy screamed into her ball-gag Andrea was given a brief respite as Lilly and Ingrid informed her of a new game….

“Okay sweetie be a good girl and take a big bite into this apple but don’t bite a chunk off, we are going to gag you with it and see how long it can stay in place”

Andrea liked the idea of the game and the sadistic smile in Lilly’s eyes. She did as she was instructed and the tickling resumed. The toe tickling machines were reactivated and all manner of brushes were used on her soft skin. The Apple was secure between her teeth, a mixture of its juice and her saliva dribbled from the corners of her mouth, Lilly had pushing it in hard such that even if she wanted to spit it out she couldn’t. The tickling was horrendous, although not as torturous as that suffered by Amy, who apart from gentle feather tickles supplied by Emily was being tortured by all the girls in turn. Andrea too received a range of tickles from all involved, with the exception of Emily. Despite the torture she found Emily’s absence concerning, as she had her previous coldness.¬ Eventually everyone agreed that the girls had suffered enough released them for a break, the late evening sun was giving way to a cool evening and the smell of the honeysuckle and wildflowers gave the castle an enchanted feel.

Everyone enjoyed another drink during the respite and Simon seemed more relaxed. Emily however was still cold towards Andrea and having suffered at the fingers of everyone else present Andrea decided she needed to find out what was wrong. Eventually Andrea managed to catch Emily for a private conversation, it took all of her courage to broach the subject, Emily was shy at first too but eventually explained that she didn’t like the way Lilly and Andrea had become so close. Andrea apologised and Emily continued to explain they she was hurt that she hadn’t been invited until the last moment to session at Lilly’s house on Wednesday. As Andrea explained that everyone was invited last minute Emily still avoided eye contact, until Andrea said “Also I didn’t know you were into that stuff”….

“What stuff?” Emily asked

Andrea gave a brief overview of the night’s games and Emily’s cheeks turned red. Eventually Emily interrupted…

“I’m not! I just like gentle tickling!” Emily quietly murmured

The air was cleared and the two friend returned to the table. Simon was explaining why he was so stressed. The following weekend would be the last session at the beach, yet again the powers that be had decided their show was inappropriate. The weekend after, it might be possible for the show to take place at a world music festival but nothing was confirmed yet and even if it went ahead it would be a one off. The disappointment was palpable. And after a long silence Lilly raised her glass and said…

“Well let’s make this weekend count!”

The toast briefly brightened everyone’s spirits long enough for Ingrid to ask about ‘her treatment’…

“Ah yes! I have checked it again, I’m sure it is safe!” Lilly grinned

The party moved to a different corner of the castle’s garden where an old tree sported several lengths pf rope pulling down one of its long boughs that explored its surroundings horizontally around 8 foot off the ground near the trunk. The tree’s roots also showed and attached to some of these were ropes and straps also. Ingrid stood on the roots and allowed her wrists and ankles to be secured. Andrea was unsure what was happening, and watch patiently waiting for the purpose of the ropes to be revealed.

Simon took his position further away from the trunk of the tree and held a rope lopped and tied around the bough to which Ingrid’s arms were tied. Lilly untied them and instructed him to hold the rope tight which he did….

“Now slowly let it out… careful now”

Andrea’s eyes widened, the purpose of the contraption became clear. The three’s bow was pulled down by two ropes, one was a safety the other could be released to raise the bough to its original position stretching the victim like an organic rack.

Ingrid sighed as her back was stretched. Nothing clicked but the tension helped her muscles which had already received a massage from the skilled hands of Lilly. Eventually she was stretched to that special spot just before pain but enough to both ease her back and satisfy her desire to be stretched like this. Simon tied off the second rope securing her in her tight bondage. Ingrid loved having the excuse of a bad back, even if it was a genuine problem. She hadn’t revealed that being stretched turned her on slightly and was unsure if Lilly had guessed or not.

“I think your back is improving you know” Lilly chirped

“Oh really?” Ingrid asked

“Why yes! So much so I can do this!” Lilly purred tickling the backs of Ingrid’s knees with the pads of her fingertips.

Ingrid squealed, she would have jumped too but was unable to move, which only made the torture worse. A week ago her struggles would have hurt her back, but Lilly was right the constant massages and stretching was helping her and she could endure the torture without hurting herself as a result of her involuntary movements. Soon the other girls circled round removed her sensible garden sandals and tickling her feet. Emily and Andrea used feather to tickle Ingird’s underarms and neck meanwhile Amy and Natalie lay on their tummies and tormented her feet. Amy’s feet were securely locked away back in their spiky boots which kept them ultra-sensitive. Natalie however suffered several tickle attacks from both Betty and Lilly who were unable to resist the soft long feet barely protected by their sandals wiggling in soft light of the sun-set. They had Ingrid’s Tummy and legs to tickle but the soft feet seemed so much more alluring. Ingrid had turned a bright pink and been reduced to silent laughter. Eventually Lilly decreed that he had suffered enough and she didn’t want to break her. The branch was lowered again and her binds untied. She seemed pleased though, almost satisfied.

As the group went to return to the table for one last drink Lilly grabbed Andrea’s arm…

“Do you remember your promise?”…

Andrea’s eyes widened in fear, the thought of being stretched out and totally exposed frightened her. She anticipated the tickling but wasn’t sure if the complete lack of movement would be too much.

“Well this is something I will keep for another week!” Lilly purred…..

“Can’t have all your presents at once can you? I have to leave you with something to look forwards to”….. Of course I could always stretch you out on the rack me and Simon made instead”

Lilly enjoying Andrea’s squirms and shivers and knowing they were a façade.

The girls all enjoyed one last drink and chatted about the last show tomorrow and possible options for the future. After a while Andrea decided to voice an idea she had been toying with…

“So why don’t you do tickling events here?”

Simon resumed his explanation of the difficulties in getting enough people to visit the castle, until Andrea interrupted him…

“But what about specific tickling events people would pay to come to, you know people who like tickling in the way we do”

Andrea was met with silence, her new found confidence retreated and the silence hung heavy.

Eventually Betty spoke….

“So we would invite people who secret like to be tickled or tickle others and charge them a but more than a few pounds… probably having a lot more fun ourselves in the process…”

“..es” Andrea managed to say slightly ashamed of everyone’s stares

Simon had his head in one hand, he sighed and eventually inhaled deeply and spoke in his circus master’s tones…


“Would you please mind telling me….”

“Why have none of thought of this before!”

It took a while for Andrea to realise that the stunned silence and stares were not because she had said something abhorrently stupid, but because everyone loved her idea. She beamed as the group drank up and cleared away their things returning home in order to be fresh for the last beach show. The disappointment at its loss had been replaced by a tangible buzz of excitement as each of them discussed the possibilities, most of which involved bringing their own personal tickling fantasies to life. Andrea drove home with Lilly and Emily since the route was quicker with them on the way back. She was looking forwards to the weekend with her new friend’s and glad she had found them and the confidence to suggest her idea.

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A lot of people there.

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Great story as always! I'm really loving his series!