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07-17-2015, 10:54 PM
It was a quiet day in Hunnewell. This was normal for the small town which saw little commotion. There was one man who was quite notorious with the ladies. His name was "Cooper" and he was quite the lady killer. Standing at six feet four inches he was the tallest man in town. He had brown hair and emerald green eyes, and a very nice sun tan. The local women in town saw him as a kind and sweet gentlemen who would do anything upon request. That leads us up to the incident at hand. The Foster Sisters (Della, Brianna, Jessica, and Aimee) needed some work down on the outside of their house after the nasty thunderstorm that had ensued in Hunnewell the day before, and who better to ask than the sweethearted gentlemen Cooper? Whom was non-hesitant to give a "yes" to the cute sisters. The work that needed done was none too hard for Cooper. Just picking up heavy tree limbs and other bad storm cleanup duties. When he had finished the sisters invited him inside to cool off from the summer sun.
"You finished that very quickly, Cooper." Brianna said as she sipped the homemade sweet tea. "And very nicely done as well." Brianna was the oldest of the sisters. She was 27. one year older than Cooper. She was also the heaviest. She had struggled with weight all her life but nobody seemed to notice as her beauty concealed it. She was the tannest with dark brown hair, hazel brown eyes, and a lovely smile. She stood at five feet six inches tall. All in all she was a very beautiful woman.
"It was actually my pleasure to do it for you ladies." Cooper replied.
"Well it looks SO much better in my opinion." Della said with her twin sister Jessica sitting beside her. They were both five feet five inches tall, Jessica had her natural blonde hair and Della had dyed her's brown with some blonde highlights in it. They both shared the same brown eyes Brianna did.
"I think so too." Jessica chimed in.
"We would never have been able to do it. We aren't very strong." Aimee said jumping into the conversation. Aimee is the youngest of the sisters at an age of 22. She was also the shortest, standing only five feet three inches, but she was also the most athletic having been a cheerleader in high school. She dyed her hair a dark shade of red but left her natural brown hair remain at the scalp. She had the same lovely brown eyes all of the sisters shared, and she had very cute dimples that appeared when she were to smile.
"It was honestly no trouble at all."
"Well we appreciate it VERY much." Brianna said placing her hand on Cooper's for a moment. "How much do we owe you?"
"Not a thing. Consider it a token of friendship." He replied to her.
"Come now. Isn't there something we can do for you?" Brianna asked him with a curious look on her face. "We can do anything."
"Well..." Cooper began then stopped himself.
"Out with it, Cooper. Don't be shy." Brianna said giggling at him.
"Well. This is gonna sound strange, but. I have a knack for tickling women and I've always had this fantasy of sorts of tickling you girls." Cooper said with his heart jumping out of his chest.
"Like a fetish desire of sorts?" She asked with an intrigued look on her face.
"That is weird". Aimee said with an awkward facial expression.
"Oh, hush it, Aimee." Brianna snapped at her.
"Yes, madame". Cooper said to her.
"Well." Brianna said. "You did bust your ass off for us, so I believe we need to repay in some fashion and maybe this could be the payment." She said sort of nervously.
"Did you seriously just volunteer us to get tickled?" Aimee said leaning forward out of her chair.
"Yes I did." Brianna replied to her. "He's earned it."
"Um. Thank you, madame." Cooper said to her smiling as his biggest fantasy was unfolding in his very eyes.
"Please. Call me Brianna."
"Thank you, Brianna."
"Consider it a token of our friendship." She said winking at him. "So who is your first victim going to be?"
Cooper looked at each of the girls with wandering eyes. Examining them from head to toe. They were all stunningly beautiful, but after looking he had chosen his first ticklee.
"Jessica." He said almost stuttering.
Jessica remained stationary.
"Jessica. You are first." Brianna said giving her an evil eye.
She finally stood up and walked towards Cooper.
"Before you begin, how are you going to tickle her?" Brianna asked him curiously.
"Well." He thought for a moment. "Maybe she could lie on the floor and the rest of you could hold her arms and legs for me."
"Very well." Jessica said assuming her position.
Della got up and sat on Jessica's arm and Aimee did the same to the other. Brianna sat on her legs while Cooper straddled her waist.
"I think a time limit is in order to ensure fairness though." Jessica said before Cooper could make a move on her vulnerable torso.
"Yes. Yes there should. Is ten minutes fine with everyone?" Cooper asked.
"I believe ten is fair." Brianna said answering for all her sisters. She pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and set a timer for ten minutes even. "Ready, begin." She started the timer.
Cooper hesitated for a moment grasping at reality. His wildest fantasy was unfolding before his very eyes.
He began his tickling by stroking down Jessica's pale arms which produced twitching and a faint smile. He worked his way into her underarms. Still no laughs or giggles. Only a smile. He had already wasted three minutes by messing around and he was becoming aroused already. He left her underarms and grabbed her sides and continuously squeezed them. She jumped at the fresh sensation and actually laughed.
"Hehehe" and "hahahah" were the sounds he was making her produce but it wasn't enough for him. He wanted more. He took a glance at Brianna's smart phone and saw that a little over four minutes remained and Jessica was still immobile with all the weight on her limbs. He grabbed and prodded at her ribs which caused her to go ecstatic. He had found her spot. She was testing her human restraints to the max as she was bucking, twisting, rolling, and lifting forward. Anything to get away from his giant torturous hands. She was belly going into silent laughter when he began rolling his thumbs in her ribs, and before he knew it the alarm on Brianna's phone was going off. Cooper immediately stopped to preserve his fantasy payment wouldn't end with just Jessica.
Jessica was a hot mess. She was sweating horridly and her hair was frizzing because of it. Cooper let her up as the sisters removed themselves from Jessica's extremities.
"That was a living Hell." She said stopping to catch her breath. "I've never been tickled like that before." She said plopping into her chair.
"Sorry, Jessica. I was just feeling the moment." Cooper said apologetically.
"Well. Who's next?" Aimee said eagerly. She seemed to have enjoyed watching her sister get worked over like that.
"Hmm..." He said crossing his arms and placing a finger on his nose. He had three beautiful women to choose from.

07-18-2015, 02:00 PM
Awesome premise and start. I thought he was going to tickle them all at once when I first eyed this story. Can't wait for more. Please continue.

07-18-2015, 09:54 PM
As a tiny spoiler I will admit that each sister will be put into a different, yet very ticklish situation. Part two to come soon. Keep your eyes peeled, man.

07-19-2015, 10:13 AM
Glad to hear it.