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Attached are pictures of the two characters involved...

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Lightning Tickles: Final Tickle Fantasy XIII

Lightning walks into a room. Fang is sitting on a bad. “Fang, I’m tired of all this.”

“All this what?” Fang replies.

“I know there’s something you’re not telling me.”

“There’s nothing.”

“We’ll see about that.” Lightning starts approaching her.

“What are you going to do Lightning?”

Lightning doesn’t answer, she puts her weapon down, pushes Fang back on her bed and climbs on her legs.

“Lightning, I’m not that type of girl.”

“Are you sure?” Lightning smiled at her and then just started squeezing Fangs bare thighs through her outfit.
Fang just started squealing, trying to push Lightning away. Lightning looked at Fangs hands, she quickly climbed off Fang and stabbed a sword into fang’s floor. She took some rope and tied fans arms up to it so they were above her head, stuck there. Lightning decided to climb back on her legs and began tickling her thighs again. Fang couldn’t push her away this time. Eventually she had to give in and just started laughing.

“Please Lightning, not that!”

Lightning smiled a wicked smile and monuevered her hands in between Fangs legs and started circling Fang’s inner thighs. Fang started laughing, closing her legs immediately. This did nothing but trap Lightning fingers in between her legs. Lighting started moving her trapped fingers around, touching Fang’s inner thighs.

“Hahahah hehehaheaheHEHEAHehaehahea!” Fang laughed. “Stop this! Hehaheaehahehehah!”

“You’re the one that trapped my fingers.” Lightning responded, still wiggling her fingers around.

“HeyeahheaheHEyaehaheehehehahaheheha!” Fang fights her insticts and opens her legs up. “Outttt

Lightning moved her hands.

“Thank you! Now get off!”

Lightning just smiled and moves her hands like a torpedo towards Fang’s bare torso and started tickling her belly.

“Hehehehehehahdafhafhahehehehe! Not the belly!”

“But you have such nice, tight, abs.” Lightning says as she moves her fingers around the belly.

Fang twists from side to side. “HEHEHehhaehaehehahahehaeahe!”

“Such a nice belly.” She keeps tickling it.

“No, no, no! HehaheaHEHEHAHAHEA!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” She moved her hands over and starts squeezing Fangs sides.

“HahehaHEAhaehaehaehaeha! Heaheahheheheheeeheh! HeahaehHeAHAHEa!

“Who would have thought the big strong Fang was so ticklish?”

“Not me! HehaHEhaehaheahehhahahahahehah! Please! Haheahahaehahaheha!”

Lightning lowers her hands and starts pressing her thumps into the front of her hips. Fang started bucking, trying to sit up.


Lightning started pressing her thumbs into her hips quicker.

“HEHEHEHahheHEOAHAHE!” Fang screamed with laughter, not enjoying this for a second.

Lightning took out a chocobo feather. She started sliding it around Fangs belly button and eventually inside it.

“That feels so weird!” Fang said and then started giggling. “Tickles!” Fang keeps giggling.

“Good.” Lightning says. She starts spinning the feather quicker.

“Heheheheh!” Fangs giggle gets louder, faster, and harder. “HEHEHAHEhahehaeHA!”

Lightning took out the feather from Fang’s belly button and moves them around Fang’s inner thighs. Fang quickly closes her legs after letting out a short giggle. Unlike Lighting fingers, she was not able to move the feather around with her legs closed. Lighting forced the feather out of between her legs, climbed off of fang and headed to her face. Lightning took the feather and started stroking the feather around one of Fang’s armpits. Fang tried to pull her arm down but she couldn’t. her hands were tied up. Feather stroked the armpit with the feather.


“Nice pits.” Lightning said as she continued to stroke one with the feather.


Lighting put down the feather and started attacking both armpits with her fingers.

Fang started twisting again. “HEHAHEHAHEHAHAEHAEHAHAHAEHAEHAHAEHA! HEAHhaeahehehehahehahaeha!”

Lightning’s hand moved down and started tickling Fang’s neck. Fang started giggling as she scrunched up her neck, trying to prevent the tickling. Lightning just moved back up to her armpits, scratching in them.

“Come on! HehaheaheahHEHEHEHE! HohohoHEHEHEhadhahHEHEEH ho ho ho hohheheHEHE.”

Lightning moved like lightning up to Fang’s legs and moved a hand under her legs and started squeezing the back of her thighs with one hand and the top of her thighs with the other.


Lightning stops and smiles. “You know, I don’t even remember why I was tickling you.”

Fang sits there, silent, trying to catch her breath. When she’s able to speak she says, “Then get out!”

“I think I will.” Lightning looks at Fang for a second. “Don’t get up, I’ll show myself out.”

“You’ll pay for this.” Fang said, struggling at the ropes.

Lightning exits. Fang moves her legs so that she is sitting up, since they aren’t tied, her arms go out to her side. She struggles to untie herself by using the blade of the sword stuck into the ground. A few of her bandits enter the room. They see her predicament. She finishes untying herself and looks at the bandits.

“I want you to get Lightning. She just left, she couldn’t have gone far. Find her and bring her back to me.”

“Sure thing.” One of the bandits replied.

The bandits exit the room in a hurry. Fang takes a few deep breaths, still tired from one just happened. After she catches her breath she stands up and looks towards the door.

To Be Continued...

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Straight to the point. I dig.

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Fang IS that type of girl. It's kind of obvious that Vanille is more than just s friend. Kind of surprised she didn't show up to "go fish" (use that whip thing of hers to catch and tie up Lightning). Or is that going to be a later part.

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Fang IS that type of girl. It's kind of obvious that Vanille is more than just s friend. Kind of surprised she didn't show up to "go fish" (use that whip thing of hers to catch and tie up Lightning). Or is that going to be a later part.

Yeah, she is that type of girl... which is why I kind of implied she was... but in denail... the second part too... :p