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“Superb audition Grace,” Jean-Luc said, extending his hand.

“Oh, thank you,” Grace said shyly, almost unable to make eye contact. He was a legendary theatre director in the region and seemed to have his hand in the pot of every theatre, film, or even advertising production these days. His presence was powerful and he was flamboyant, moody, and had a reputation for being difficult, making his compliment all the more exciting to hear for the fledgling twenty-eight-year-old actress.

“Your hand!” he exclaimed in his effeminate tone. “So soft! Let me see that hand of yours!”

“Um…my hand?” she said, surprised, as she slowly extended it, palm up, so he could see.

He held her hand is his and examined it thoroughly. “You have beautiful hands, Grace. You could be a hand model. Did you know this?”

She blushed. “No…I….no one’s ever told me that before.”

“A film I’m involved with is looking for a hand model extra. You must come to the studio tomorrow! They’ll be so pleased with my find!” He exclaimed, handed her his card, and gave her the address.

Grace didn’t have a particular interest in hand modeling, but the extra money seemed helpful as she was not exactly raking in the cash doing small theatre productions, and she figured it couldn’t hurt to get “in” with Jean-Luc and his film friends. She was nicely dressed in a thin, black, lacy long-sleeve shirt, dark jeans, and brown flats without socks covering her size 9 1/2 feet. She straightened her wavy brown hair to look extra professional, and put mascara on to highlight her big, beautiful brown eyes. Though she often felt shy meeting new people, she strode into the studio with as much confidence as she could muster, trying to remember what she’d been taught about fully embodying her 5’9” frame and not being ashamed of her own beauty.

Jean-Luc’s friends drooled over her hands and they filmed several scenes over the course of the day, breaking only briefly for lunch. By four o’clock, Grace was tired and ready to take her paycheck and head home. As she was getting her things together, she overheard Jean-Luc and the film’s director, Ralph, speaking to one another in hushed voices.

“Her feet - does she have nice feet?” she heard Ralph whispering.

“I don’t know!” Jean-Luc said, almost sounding appalled that he would be expected to know the answer. “I’ve never seen her feet!”

“Go find out, our foot model extra for tomorrow canceled and we need to get these scenes done!”

“I will find out for you. Give me a moment.”

Grace nervously started shuffling through her bag, pretending to be busy, acting as if she hadn’t heard anything, as Jean-Luc approached.

“Gracie baby,” he said, “How are your feet? Are your feet pretty too, like your hands?”

Grace turned bright red. She didn’t know what to say. She’d always felt self-conscious about her feet. “Um, I don’t really, uh…I don't know….”

“Well let me have a look, Babe,” he said nonchalantly, kneeling down. He waited expectantly for a second, then looked up at Grace. “Come on, Gracie, kick off your shoes!”

Grace’s stomach filled with butterflies. “Um, okay…um, sorry if they smell….” She removed both shoes, using the opposite foot to kick each shoe off.

“Oh, come on Gracie, they don’t smell,” Jean-Luc said with a smile. “Come on, gimme gimme, we don’t have all day!” He gestured for her to lift her foot in the air and place it in his hands.

Nervously, she did. “My, my!” Jean-Luc exclaimed as he ran his hands along her quite legitimately stunning feet. Her toes were long, with her second toe longer than her big toe. Her toenails were well cared-for and painted a chipped dark red. Her feet were long and slender. He could feel her soles were soft, and peeked to make sure. They were damp from being in her shoes all day.

Grace bit her lip as Jean-Luc’s hands explored her foot. She tried to keep her balance on one leg and not fall. Mostly, she tried not to laugh, embarrassed at the idea of someone as prominent as Jean-Luc knowing she was ticklish.

“Other foot, dear,” he said, and Grace obeyed, switching legs to stand on and extending her left foot for Jean-Luc to touch and explore.

“Such lovely, long toes,” he said, holding her second toe in between his thumb and pointer finger and running them up from the bottom to the tip, then repeating it with her third and fourth toes.

Grace couldn’t help it - she scrunched her toes up tightly and a loud laugh burst from her mouth. She pulled her foot away, lost her balance, and stumbled backward.

“Ticklish much, Gracie?? Sheesh!” Jean-Luc exclaimed dramatically.

She was bright red again. “I’m sorry - yes - I’m…yes, it was just a bit tickly…”

“Well your feet are simply stunning. We could use you tomorrow, can you do it?”

“Um….uh…..sure….” Grace said hesitantly.

“That’s the answer I like to hear, girlfriend! Stay here just a moment.” He walked back over to talk with Ralph, then returned a moment later. “Can you stay another hour or so?”

“Oh, yeah, sure…” she replied, somewhat unenthusiastically.

“The shoot starts bright and early at nine in the morning, so we want to get your feet ready now. We’re going to have you go in the back to the spa and have one of our girls take care of you.”

Grace swallowed anxiously. “Oh….well….okay, but….I mean…..I can just repaint my toenails tonight at home, I really don’t mind….”

“Nonsense, Sweetie. The girls have a whole treatment they do to really get your feet up to snuff. Industry standards, you know? It’s a free pedicure, Gracie, and the best and most thorough you’ll ever have. Trust me, I’ve had them before and Kimmy is the best. Very, very thorough.”

The words “very, very thorough” echoed through Grace’s mind and she shivered. As Jean-Luc led her into to the back room and told her to get settled in “just like the usual routine,” she tried to act cool and not let on that she’d never had a pedicure before and didn’t know what the usual routine was. She also tried not to let on that she was terrified.

A few minutes later, Kimmy entered. She was an attractive blonde woman in her mid-twenties, with blue eyes, standing 5’5”. Her hair was perfectly styled and her makeup perfectly applied. She was clearly familiar with the beauty industry and the film world. Jean-Luc introduced the two ladies.

“I’m Kimmy,” she said. “Nice to meet you. We’re going to take great care of your feet here tonight, okay, and then I’m going to give you special instructions to care for them overnight so that tomorrow morning they are just completely perfect. You won’t much help though, your feet are pretty perfect as it is!”

“You’re sweet to say it,” Grace said, rolling up her jeans as Kimmy motioned for her to do. “I’ve never thought much of them.”

As he headed out the door, Jean-Luc said to Kimmy, “Give those tootsies a good scrubbing. No blemishes at all. You know how Ralph hates blemishes!”

“I know all too well,” Kimmy said, recalling how the on last pedicure she’d done, she’d accidentally missed one tiny spot and left a tiny, tiny callous and Ralph had let her have it. She was not about to make that mistake again.

Scrubbing? Grace thought to herself. She’d never particularly liked her feet touched - she felt self-conscious about them and she was awfully ticklish - so she’d never gotten a pedicure for fear that she’d dislike - or be unable to stand - someone else handling her feet and painting her toes. But scrubbing? She didn’t really know what else happened during a pedicure other than toenail painting but….scrubbing?

The door shut loudly behind Jean-Luc as he walked out. Her feet in the warm, bubbling water below her, her mind began racing. Her eyes darted around at the tools laid out on the small cart next to the foot bath. What could they all be for? Then she saw the pumice stone and scrub brush.

She felt panicked but she tried to assure herself that it wasn’t possible that scrubbing the bottoms of the feet with those tools could be part of a pedicure. No one would be able to take that! She smiled to herself, somewhat reassured, as she thought about all of her friends who had mentioned getting pedicures over the years. No one would ever do this if that was a part of it, she thought. It would be like paying for merciless tickle torture. The idea was somewhat absurd, and she chuckled to herself for even having the thought that the bottoms of her feet might be scrubbed like that. You’re just like a little girl, scared of monsters under her bed, she told herself. Apparently you’re so afraid of being tickled that you’re capable of inventing the most far-fetched scenarios in your mind!

The warm, bubbling water felt good on her feet, which were a bit sore and tired from standing in her flats all day. A few times, she accidentally drifted her foot too close to one of the jets, and the force of the water tickled intensely for a second before she quickly pulled her foot back.

Next, Kimmy removed the nail polish from Grace’s toenails, trimmed them, and cleaned them. There were a few painful moments, but all in all, it wasn’t so bad. Kimmy’s fingers grabbing her toes made Grace’s foot jerk a few times, but considering how ticklish she was, it really wasn’t bad. This is fine, she thought to herself, I can’t believe all these years I’ve been so afraid!

Kimmy didn’t even warn her. She didn’t give her any time to mentally prepare. It all happened in a matter of seconds. She pulled Grace’s leg out of the water so the bottom of her foot was resting on the edge of the foot bath, inches from Kimmy’s seat. The next thing Grace knew, Kimmy had picked up the pumice stone and was scrubbing the bottom of her right foot.

The nervous lip-biting stage lasted about two seconds. That changed to a gaping mouth, with her hand covering it, in surprise or perhaps ready to catch the laughter. The focused scrubbing on her heel was tolerable. But as the pumice stone moved up to her arch, Grace couldn’t help but begin to giggle. She put her head in her hands, embarrassed.

“Uh oh,” Kimmy said playfully. “You’re a ticklish one, eh?”

“Yesss….” Grace said, nodding while giggling.

“Well, I’ll do my best, but you heard the man - the boss wants me to be thorough…”

Grace nodded, wishing she could do something to stop the tickling. As the pumice stone moved up to the ball of her foot, she shrieked and pulled her foot away.

“Oh boy…” Kimmy said, rolling her eyes. She leaned forward after Grace voluntarily put her foot back in place, and put her forearm on Grace’s ankle, pressing her weight against it to hold it in place. Then she continued scrubbing.

Grace immediately burst into laughter again. Her eyes filled with some combination of terror and amazement. She laughed harder and harder, as the sensation became increasingly unbearable. Between her shrieks and laughs, she decided she simply couldn’t take it.

“Please!” Grace begged. “I need you to stop!! This is too - HAHAHAHHAA - ticklish!!”

Kimmy, unfazed, continued to scrub. “We’re halfway done, babe, you’ll make it through.”

But as the scrubbing reached the base of her toes, Grace literally thought she might lose her mind. She flailed in her seat, laughing like a mad woman, half just trying to endure, half trying to crawl away somehow. “No reaalllllyy!!!!” she shrieked again as she tried to speak. “I didn’t know when I signed up for this that -HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - ohmygod- I didn’t know about - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - please just let me go, I don’t need the money, I don’t need the job, I’m too TICKLISH - HAHAHAHEEEEEEEEE!!!!”

Continuing to scrub, as if she’d seen this all before, Kimmy said, “Look, you can’t back out of the job. They’re expecting you in the morning and they don’t have anyone else. And it’s my job to deliver you with perfect feet, so that’s what I’m going to do. It’ll be over in a few minutes.”

“NOOO-HOOOOOHOOO!!!!!” Grace cried out through her laughter.

Then it stopped. Switch feet. A short reprieve. Grace tried to catch her breath. “W-wait - please - not yet…” she begged as Kimmy was about to start.

“Girl, it’s almost five o’clock, and I want to get home. We don’t have time to dilly-dally here.” She began scrubbing Grace’s other foot.

Grace exploded into instant hysterics again. She thrashed in her chair, alternating gripping the arms and pounding on them. She had to try to explain how much she needed the tickling to stop. Kimmy was a nice lady. She’d understand.

“KIMMY PLEEEASSSE!!” she pleaded. “Look - hahahhahaaHEEEEEE!!! - I don’t think - HAAHAAAAA - GOD - ohGOD - hahaaaaa - I don’t think you understand. I have EXTREMELY - HAHOOOOO - ticklish FEET! This - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH - is really torture for me - I don’t think I’m the right person for this jo-ooobbbbb!!!!!! I can’t TAKE THIIISSS!!!!” As the scrubbing moved up to the ball again, Grace’s laughter became silent and she could no longer get the words out. Her thrashing lessened and she appeared more resigned to simply surrender - she didn’t have the energy to fight it anymore. She sat back, exhausted, her silent laughter punctuated by occasional high-pitched gasps for air.

When Kimmy finally relented, Grace coudln’t believe it. She was beyond relieved. She had made it through. It was the most torturous experience of her life, for sure, but she’d made it through. She closed her eyes. She breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank heavens…” she muttered.

But suddenly Kimmy had her foot in hand again and was lathering it with lotion. Grace instinctively jerked away but Kimmy kept her firm grip. As she began to massage Grace’s foot and rub the lotion in, Grace felt the ticklish sensation of little crystals throughout the scrub. 

“It’s an exfoliating scrub,” Kimmy said. “Feels great!”

“Noooooooooooooo it doooessn’tt!!!” Grace said, again melting into giggles. Although the sensation was different, in a certain way it was even more ticklish than the pumice scrubbing: the way Kimmy glided her fingers all over Grace’s foot, and the tiny little grains of crystal rubbing around her skin.

Grace began laughing harder again and took up her begging again. “Kimmy REALLY - hahahahahaha - you don’t have to do this - it’s too much - my feet are already - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH MY GOD - already so soft - HAHAEEEEEEYYEEEEYYEEEEEE - I don’t need this scruuubbbbbbhhhhhhhahaahahahahahah!!!”

Kimmy rolled her eyes, smiled, and switched feet. The sudden sensation was extreme, and Grace laughed wildly. “I CAN’T BELIEVE THIIISSSSS!!” she cried out through her laughter, no longer speaking specifically to Kimmy specifically, but perhaps more to the universe, cursing her fate. “Why am I THIS TICKLLLIIISHHH!?!?!?!?!?!!!!! WHY AM I HAVING TO GO THROUGHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH THISSSSSSSS??!!”

Then she started pleading with Kimmy again. “KIMMY! I’ll pay you to stop! Look HAHA - I promise if you get yelled at it’ll be worth it - I got a good paycheck today!!”

“Look sweetie, it wouldn’t be worth it now, we’re almost done…”

Just then, Jean-Luc came bursting back into the room.

“Gracie, was that you laughing?”

“Jean-Luc! You’re still here?” Kimmy exclaimed.

Gracie turned beet red and sheepishly replied, “Yes…”

“From the pedicure?” Jean-Luc asked eagerly. “It tickled you that much?”

Gracie didn’t like the sound of his excitement. But she couldn’t exactly deny what he had clearly heard. “Um, yeah….it…it did…”

“Thank the good lord!” he exclaimed. “We’ve got another scene for you tomorrow. It’s separate from the foot scene.”

“Wh - wh - what is it….?” Grace asked with dread dripping from her voice.

“There’s a tickling scene scripted in - boyfriend gets the girlfriend, you know, that kind of thing. But the girl isn’t ticklish to save her life. We’ve tried to get her to fake the laughter but she’s awful! It sounds like a dying duck - so fake! So we’ll use you as a double, we’ll do it face down, and no one will know the difference. Your laugh is superb - so authentic!”

Grace was speechless. “I - I - well….”

“See you tomorrow, Gracie! You’re the best! You’re going to go far because of this! I take care of my people, if you know what I mean!” He smiled excitedly, turned around, and walked out.

“You’ll be a natural,” Kimmy said with a wink.

“Th- that’s….that’s the problem….” Gracie said, still stunned as she tried to comprehend what she had gotten herself into.


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Great story! :feets: Looking forward to part two. :D

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This is my favourite story ever!
You have out done yourself my man!

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Ha ha ha, I like it.

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Love it

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Oh this is so good!

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Love this half non-consensual/incidental idea. I find the stories about ticklish person unexpectedly involving in "normal" situation more "erotic" than "rape" or "kindnapped tickling". Cause they are simply more realistic, and more often happening in real life! Always they become even more erotic, if the tickling is intentionally prolonged for unexpected amount of time!!! :laughhard:

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This is terrific! You are, without a doubt, my favorite author on this site. Keep it up, maestro.

That's very, very kind of you. I appreciate it. I think a lot of my stories are very niche-oriented and not necessarily for everyone, but I love knowing when people are into these particular niches ;)

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Awesome story sir. Cant wait for part 2!

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Nothing about the presage "TO BE CONTINUED"...????

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Thanks for this charming little story. I love how you took pains--akin to Kimmy's ministrations on Grace--to make things credible. I agree with TKM. Tickling in a "normal" situation can be surprisingly erotic, not to mention more amusing.<p>
Please don't hesitate to keep us informed of Grace's progress.

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Bring on part 2! ��