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07-20-2015, 01:45 PM
She opened her eyes and she realised she could not move. She seemed to be in some kind of bonds, but she could not see them as her head was tightly secured and there was no way for her to move. Her arms were somehow attached above her head as well as her legs. It seemed to her as if she was strapped to some kind of production line. As she moved, she could see a mechanical hand above her head, holding a feather. As soon as her head was above it, the hand started to wiggle the feather around her nose. It tickled slightly, but was more of a nuisance. Nevertheless she let out a giggle and a smile appeared on her. "Hey stop it!' she said while still smiling. Then she heard a mechanical noise, but could not see what was happening. Fear struck her as she did not know what was going to happen to her. Then she got tickled literally everywhere, her ribs, feet armpits, belly and so on... The worst part was, she even had no idea what was tickling her or why was she getting tickled In a minute or so, she passed out.

When she woke up, she was still tied. What was even worse, was that she could not see this time.
She started crying in pure desperation. Then she saw something what could be described as a sad yellow emoticon. A stream of text appeared. It wrote "Aww are you crying? That's so sad. Let's put a smile on that face." she felt a soft feather tickling her breasts, which made her grin almost immediately. What was happening to her? Was she going mad? The emoticon's sad face turned into a smiley face and a new text appeared. "That's better." as soon as she read it, a new text started to appear "We will perform a few tests on you. All I want you to do is to laugh." She wanted to protest, but somehow she could not utter a single word even though there was nothing more she wanted to do than tell that mysterious stranger to go to hell.
"Begin armpit test." a text appeared. He heart began to race. She wanted to beg to stop this madness, but she somehow became dumb. That however did not prevent her to laugh hysterically as soon as some small rotating brushes began to race in her pits. While the brushes were torturing her, the emoticon turned into an evil face and a new stream of text appeared "That's it baby, laugh, laugh!" As the brushes began to eject some kind of oil and her smooth armpits became even more slippery if that was even possible. She was really struggling for breath. What actually lasted only few minutes felt like days. Then was interrupted at last. The emoticon turned into a smiley face again and the text that appeared now was "Good girl, but we don't want you to pass out again don't we?" Then a "score" appeared. "Armpits 8/10. They're damn ticklish. I can't wait to test other parts of your body."
She could not move, she could not speak, but no one could remove the sheer terror from her eyes as she read the last sentence.

"Oh come on." she read "Your heart is racing again. I'm not going to hurt you.... much." She heard a new mechanical sound. "Beginning ribs test." Some sort of very soft mechanical fingers ran up and down her ribs. She struggled so much against her bonds, that her wrists started to hurt The emoticon turned into a surprised face and the text that appeared was "Hey easy girl, you'll hurt yourself like that." Then a mischievous smile appeared on the emoticon "We can't have that, can we?" Somehow, her whole body then betrayed her as she could not move one inch and yet she had to take all the aggressive tickling on her ribs. After only like 30 seconds, she was again close to passing out. As before the tickling stopped and she got her new score "Ribs: 9/10, that's really great! Let's move onto your feet." She somehow did not feel that stressed this time.
It began with light tickling with what seemed to be like feather, and if she was to be honest, she was quite enjoying the attention her feet were getting. The emoticon made a wink and she could read "You like that don't you? Unfortunately for you I want to hear you laugh." and it made again its devilish face. Hair brushes began to tickle her feet really badly and even though it wasn't nearly as bad as her ribs, she was still laughing loudly. The machines had to work really relentlessly in order to make her scream with laughter like she did in the two previous tests, but they managed. As always the emoticon smiled and gave her her scale of ticklishness "Feet 6/10 We had to work hard to make you laugh this time."

"Let's proceed with belly." she read. Panic struck her again as she somehow knew how terribly ticklish she was there. She just felt so helpless in her descend to madness. Only a light touch of the tickling hands would make her jump out in hysteria if she could make even a slightest move. The emoticon showed again its grin and this time it seemed to her evil beyond imagining. Maybe because she suffered so much and she was almost forced to read the text before her that appeared whether or not her eyes were closed "So that's what made you pass out. Aww you poor little ticklish thing. Don't worry it won't happen this time." Twenty mechanical fingers were dancing merrily on her belly while a small brush explored inside her belly button. As the tickling increased she was wondering but one thing... when would she finally pass out. That mercy would not come this time unfortunately. "You might be wondering why you are still awake, when your breath is wasted on screams and laughter. Don't worry there are more ways then one to oxygenate you." Then the machines went into a pure frenzy. If any more messages appeared she could not notice them. She could not even notice the expressions of the emoticon. The only thing she had on her mind was this relentless tickling. She could not even imagine she could be tickled so much and yet still keep her sanity and it seemed this time the test would not stop. Was she tickled for hours or even days? She could not tell... for all she knew it could be just one minute of total hell. Was this still a mere test or a prolonged sadistic torture by a sick man? Whatever it was, she felt an enormous relief when it ended. She however could not stop laughing for another minute or two from the aftershock. As soon as she calmed down, she noticed the emoticon again. It was smiling. The text that appeared below it was "That was delicious. Thank you sweetheart. Belly: 10/10. We'll take a pause: you've definitely earned it."

A photo of a man appeared in front of her eyes. She did not understand why, but he seemed to her as a most handsome man she has ever seen. There was nothing particularly special about him. He had the most banal haircut, light brown hair, his dress was rather messy and seemed to be in his late fourties. There was something irresistibly attractive to her about him, but she could not tell why. More text appeared "This is John. He is your future master. You will love him. He will tickle you and while you may hate the tickling, you will love John more than anything in the world. You will be his cute little tickle toy and he will have his way with you. When he tickles you, you can plead for mercy, you can laugh, you can cry, but you will never insult him, because he is the love of your life. He may tickle you without restraints. If he does so, you can wiggle all you want, but you will never ever hurt him. You won't strike him. Don't forget he is the only man you will ever love."
At this point she was too exhausted to question anything.
Then the photo disappeared and the emoticon made a sad face. She could read "I'm sorry girl, but we need to make more tests. Let's continue with your breasts. You can do this." The emoticon gave her a wink and then the tickling resumed....

When all these evil tests were finished. She saw the last text appear "You did well. It was a pleasure working with you. You are ready to be shipped: take care." She was still restrained, but got at the end of the production line, where she was put into a long box with a sign "fragile" on it.

In a dark room above the production line a man in a lab coat was sitting behind the screen. "Well sir. I did the most throughout test I could on her and I did not spot any deficiencies but I still object to this. She is by far the most autonomous model we put on line and I'm not sure what she can be capable of."
The boss answered "What could possibly go wrong? She's still bound by the three laws of robotics isn't she?"
"Of course she is. Without them I would never ever ship her, but... there is more than one way to hurt a human being. Also... I am starting to having my doubts on whether what we do is ethical."
"You?" asked the boss quite surprised. "You knew very well that our company produces tickle slave androids among other things and you specifically asked me to work in that kind of production line. Isn't it a bit too late to ask questions?"
"Not really." answered the researcher. "When I started working here, the androids were primitive beings with little to nothing in common with humans, but as the positronic brains are getting better and better, I'm just wondering if we're not genuinely torturing these androids. I mean this girl I made tests upon seemed to genuinely suffer."
The boss answered "Oh come on. She's just an android. She has nothing in common with a real woman. Expect that she's pretty... actually prettier than most real women."

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Very interesting concept. Great job.