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07-20-2015, 03:11 PM
My wife Amy and I had been getting together with another couple, Steve and Sarah, for dinner and movies for some time. We had been seated together at a charity event, and we had hit it off. We had a lot in common- same ages (mid 50s), similar interests. It was fun and but very tame until one evening Steve suggested strip poker and Sarah chimed in “I’m game!” I expected my wife to laugh and treat it like a joke; instead to my surprise she thought about it a minute and said “But only down to our underwear!!” Amy and I had a conventional marriage, and like for a lot of couples the sex had largely fallen by the wayside. We had talked about ‘spicing things up’, but it had never gotten beyond talk and pretty general talk at that.

The dining room table was cleared, cards were produced and soon enough the clothes were coming off. It was certainly fun to watch: my wife was well built and a little chunky, and Steve and Sarah where a very good-looking couple: Steve was a bit brawnier than I am, and Sarah was a just all around cute woman with a great full figure. Soon enough, Steve and I were down to our jeans and underwear, Sarah still had her t-shirt and panties left (she had opted to take off her jeans rather than her top) and my wife was down to her white bra, jeans and panties. Steve lost the next hand, and slipped his jeans off under the table. My wife lost the next hand. I expected her slip her jeans off under the table but she surprised me (and there were going to be a lot of surprises this evening!), by standing up to unbutton her jeans and, turning her back, bending over and pulling them off. She was wearing a pair of white cotton panties with pastel flowers, and has the cutest butt. While her panties weren’t thongs or anything, they were low cut enough that they left a lot of space between her belly button and the waistband. With a little shake, she sat back down blushing. Technically the game was over for my wife: she lost. But no one wanted to stop, and Steve suggested that Amy kiss the winner of the next hand but she just blushed and shook her head. Finally Sarah suggested that if Amy lost we would tie her up for an hour but let her keep her bra and panties on. Amy and I had played around with light bondage before, but we had new had anyone else involved, so I wasn’t sure how she would react. After a moment’s hesitation, she agreed. And of course she lost the next hand.

We led Amy up the stairs to the bedrooms, Sarah going first, then my wife, me and Steve. I kept my hand protectively on Amy’s back as we went up the stairs, admiring both the way she looked, her butt moving as we climbed and the view I was getting of Sarah’s butt at the same time. We tied her to the bed using whatever we could find that wouldn’t make her uncomfortable (well, any more uncomfortable): bathrobe belts and panty hose, with her hands together at the top and her feet together at the bottom. I have to say, the sight of her tied up in her underwear certainly got a reaction out of me. (And from Steve, by the way he tried to hide the bulge in his underwear! Interestingly enough, that didn’t bother me at all…) “Well, what are we going to do with you?”

“Uh, leave me here like this for an hour?” said Amy tentatively. (Sarah told us later that was what she originally had in mind…)

“Mmmm let’s see…” Sarah said as if she hadn’t heard. She sat on the edge of the bed and leaned over my wife. Sarah brushed the back of her had gently over Amy's side. Amy smiled and shifted away again. Sarah ran her long nails down my wife’s sides. “Kitchy kitchy” and that was all the further she got before my wife burst out laughing. “Oh my gosh! Is someone ticklish?” and bent over (and yes, I admired the view) and whispered something in my wife’s ear. Amy blushed and smiled but shook her head. “Ok, you asked for it!” She ran her fingertips lightly down her sides.

I should explain that my wife is not just ticklish but insanely so: when someone really tickled her she didn’t just giggle or give a lady-like laugh but burst out with real belly laughs. And that what she did now, shouting “NO!!” with a squeal and laugh and thrashing around. “HAAHAHA!! Stop, no. please…” Sarah moved one hand to caress her belly button and the other hand moved to her exposed armpit, tickling her lightly. Steve got up for a minute and came back with a long turkey feather. “Try this." I could only sit back and enjoy. Sara stretched out next to Amy and gently moved the tip of the feather over her belly button. Amy giggled. "Stop it! heehehe this is hehehee not fair haha..." "But you're laughing sweetie." Sarah moved the tip of the feather over the space between my wife's belly button and the top of her panties and back again. Then she traced the feather all around her panties. My wife wasn't laughing, but she didn't say "No" or "Stop" either. In fact, she didn't say anything at all. But her breathing picked up...

Steve had been pretty quiet so far, just sitting back and watching. But he was definitely turned on (its hard to hide when your only wearing underwear!). He knelt down at the foot of the bed and said, “Are her feet ticklish?” while gently running an index finger over her instep. And her feet are just the worst place (or best, depending on you point of view…) “NO!! Haahahah Not my feeettt…. Hehaha…” “What about this one?” And he ran his finger up the other one. “HHHahaah.” “What about both?” HAHAHAAHA she laughed as he rythemicaly stroked the soles of both feet.

“What I’ve never told anyone is that Steve has a hell of a thing for tickling feet. Drives me nuts, so I’m fine with sharing him. I do like watching him do it to someone else though/” Amy was still breathing hard but finally gasped “Its torture!” Sarah picked up her feather and caressed my wife’s belly button with the tip. “Not yet it isn’t.” "NOnono..." Amy said, but Sarah just tickled her belly button with the tip of the feather. "Heeee", Amy giggled and tried to twist away. "Oh? And you're ticklish there?" And she proceeded to run the feather down her exposed side. "Hahahah." More giggles, and my wife says "Stop it! You didn't say anything about tickling!!"

Steve knelt down at the foot of the bed. "Wait, please, my feet..." Steve began to gently stroke her foot with his finger before she could finish "HAHAHAhee noplease..." "What about this one?" and he switched to the other foot, running his finger from the toes to the heel. Amy barely got out, "AHAHAHA stop!!!" before he said, "What about both?" and began to rhythmically stroke both feet. The effect was instantaneous: "HAHAAHAA NONONO haaaHAAHAA," accompanied by pulling against her restraints, rocking from side to side and arching her back to try to get away... But she couldn't.

"Steve, now stop. You're going to tickle the poor girl to death!" Steve stopped.

"Th..thank you" my wife gasped.

"Oh don't thank me yet..." Sarah took her feather and tickled my wife's belly button. "Heheeh." She bent down and whispered something again in my wife's ear. Amy said "No way!"

"No way??" Sarah straddled Amy, showing off more than a bit of her black panties. She started gently caressing Amy's ribs with her feather making her twist and giggle.

“OK!!” Amy said finally.

Sarah got off Amy and lay down next to her. She started to caress my wife’s tummy, and then moving her hand lower, to the space between her belly button and the tops of her panties. And then she kissed her. Not just a little peck on the cheek, but a full on french kiss. After a second, Amy responded with enthusiasm while Steve and I watched from the foot of the bed. Sarah slid her hand lower, over Amy's panties. "You're all wet." She whispered something in my wife's ear. Amy's eyes got big. "Aaall of you? No... really Sarah no, c'mon, let me up..."

Thoughts anyone?

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Great story. I wonder how the three will use the hour? The other husband should have his way with her feet. A tickle contest.

07-20-2015, 05:07 PM
More will be revealed. Literally. And I wouldn't leave Steve out...

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And thank you for the compliment!!

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More more more...

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I hope Steve can get his tongue and dick on her feet...not just his fingers. But they better gag Amy for that.

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Really good start

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Good stuff

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Any thoughts, anyone?

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I always love suggestions....