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Hey Guys sorry for the delay of the newest victoria victim story. The series itself is starting to take shape I'd like y'all to vote on whether you'd rather victoria continue with this victim or to move on to another victim, as always comments and criticism is welcome
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‘I’m so tired’ thought Victoria, ‘here it is Sunday and I have to get back to work tomorrow ugh I want one more girl to tickle before the weekend is over. ‘hmmph oh well Ill have some coffee with mom stop to make up for skipping dinner Friday, dididididididido, didididididididido ‘click’ “Hello”, “hey mom, I was thinking we could get a cup of coffee, I want to make up for missing dinner the other night?” “Sure sweetie that sounds great, meet me at the coffee shop by my house, I don’t want to drive that far?” “ Yeah, ok mom” Victoria said feeling disappointed, she didn’t want to drive all that way either it was really only thirty minutes but Victoria was feeling lazy and disappointed about going back to work.

Victoria parked a block away and walked toward the coffee shop, it was cozy with couches, leather benches, and cute little tables strewn about, some of them high enough to stand at, to her left a display case full of baked goodies. Her mother already in line waiting.. “hey mom” “oh, hi sweetie, how are you?” “I’m kind of tired” Victoria responded. “Good thing we’re getting coffee” her mother quipped. Glancing behind the counter Victoria notices a young light skin black girl and does a double take. The girl so light skinned she looked like she could be Puerto Rican, mocha with medium pink lips, slightly rounded face, long dark hair, gorgeous body or at least as much as Victoria could see from underneath that hideous apron the girl was wearing.

Her mother starts rambling on as Victoria begins to paying more attention to the girl behind the counter hoping to get a better look at her. “I’m sorry, what mom?” “Gabrielle told me that Friday night after she left the restaurant she had an intense dream of being tied up and tickled for hours, when she awoke in her car at the restaurant, she checked the time and hours did indeed pass but she says she doesn’t remember passing out, I thought maybe someone slipped her something in her drink.” “Oh my god, that’s crazy” Victoria responded trying not to sound guilty. “That’s kind of a weird dream, don’t you think, could you imagine being tied up, tickled and not being able to get away I wouldn’t be able to handle that” her mother says “That is crazy I couldn’t even imagine” Victoria responded feeling a little flushed as her mother’s conversation made her recall her night with Gabrielle turning her on.

“Hi, how may I help you” the cheery girl behind the counter says as Victoria and her mother approach the counter. Victoria looks at her with a smile and says “I’ll have a mocha latte with a shot of espresso extra froth” “tired much” the girl behind the counter teases playfully, “just a little” Victoria responds with her thumb and forefinger pinched close together with one eye closed, as Victoria did she read the girl’s nametag ‘Annabelle’. What a cute name Victoria thought as her mother placed her order while Victoria continued to look over Annabelle. Annabelle cheerily said “you can pick up your order over there.” She points towards another counter where another girl was just picking up an order. Victoria and her mother head over to the counter as they continue to talk.

“I’m not sure if Gabrielle was telling me the truth about her ordeal. It seems a bit farfetched, don’t you think?” “I’m not sure what to think about it, mom, I haven’t spoken to her” their order arrives and they take it and find a spot with a couch and a comfy chair with a table between them. “Maybe you should speak to her then, I’ve invited her for dinner next Saturday, would you join us?” “No, I can’t mom I have a girls night out that night” trying her best to avoid the situation and avoid talking about it worried that if she met with Gabrielle she would be caught “So, how are you doing, mom?” “I’m great, I got a settlement from your father last week 7 million” “Holy cow, can I have some” “You know your dad still has quite a bit more than that, go bark up his tree” “Wow mom really, I have to go anyway, mom, I’ll see you later, love you” “I love you too sweetie, bye” Victoria exits the coffee shop Annabelle still on her mind she heads home and gets in her van.

Pulling up to the coffee shop an hour later she peered into the shop and was disappointed when she didn’t see Annabelle. Feeling upset that Annabelle wasn’t there Victoria sits in her van twenty minutes goes by, Annabelle walks out the back door. An overwhelming feeling of excitement overcomes Victoria and she smiles from ear to ear. Victoria waits for Annabelle to get near her car. When she does Victoria pulls up next to her feigning being lost asks Annabelle for directions as Annabelle leans into the window of the van to give her directions Victoria gives her a shot in her neck and Annabelle is out, quickly opening the back door and dragging Annabelle in Victoria shuts the door and takes off her heart beating out of her chest she has never taken a girl during the day and is worried she has been seen but Annabelle was so cute she had to take the risk.

Whipping into the garage and pulling Annabelle out eager to get started on her as she so loved mocha skin girls there was something about the contrast of skin on her lips hands and especially feet. Dragging Annabelle into her torture room she realizes Annabelle is wearing a short sleeve shirt and pants neither of those articles of clothing are going to be ok for tickling this girl. Victoria removes them and sets them aside as she sets Annabelle into the stocks and ties her wrists together. She ratchets them up just about Annabelle’s forehead as she takes a look over her poor victim. Matching bra and panties gold clovers set atop a pink background and black lace around the outside about c cup. She’s super short at around 4’10 with the smallest feet Victoria had ever seen in person a 4 in a circle around the bottom of the mary janes Annabelle was wearing to Victoria’s delight she also wore white nylon socks with frilly lace around the ankle.

Annabelle began to stir and awaken realizing she had been tied and that she was in an unfamiliar place she immediately screamed. Victoria sprung up and planted her hand across Annabelle’s mouth, “that’s annoying” Victoria whispered “no one can hear you if they could I would’ve gagged you” “Ow!” Victoria exclaimed as Annabelle bit her hand, “You’ll pay for that.” Annabelle immediately screams out “HELP ME” again Victoria covers Annabelle’s mouth being sure to pinch her mouth shut so she can’t bite her again, “now listen, you’re not here for me to hurt or do harm to you and I’ll let you go when I’m finished but if you continue to scream I’ll have to put you out again and if I put you out you’ll be here longer and if you continue to scream after that I’ll put you out again and you’ll never leave here so don’t scream, ok” Annabelle shook her head yes in response as she couldn’t open her mouth. Victoria released her hand from over Annabelle’s mouth.

Now standing next to her and ratchets her arms above her head. “mmmm, you look tasty” Victoria said as she placed the back of her hand on Annabelle’s wrist and let it drag slowly down Annabelle’s arm. Annabelle struggled slightly in her bonds but did not make a sound. When Victoria finished dragging her nails down Annabelle’s arm Annabelle cleared her throat and said, “so, if you aren’t going to hurt me and you don’t plan on raping me, What do you plan on doing with me?”

“oh, my dear you might find it pleasant, you’ll definitely laugh” “I don’t think I’m gonna laugh at all” “We’ll find out soon.”
Victoria starts to lightly rub on Annabelle’s ribs placing a single fingernail on her bottom rib and walking her fingernails up Annabelle’s ribs one by one scratching at the last rib on the top just at the bottom of her armpit. Annabelle squirms and tugs at her bonds gritting her teeth and trying not to laugh. “If you’re trying to tickle me it isn’t going to work” “huuhhhhhh” Victoria sighs “Why does everyone try to act like they aren’t ticklish, I guess I’ll just tickle your feet then that’s really what I want to do anyway” “You’re wasting your time trying to tickle my feet it’s pointless maybe you should try a different spot.” Victoria ignored her as she drug her finger down Annabelle’s body her nails slide along Annabelle’s mary jane’s and up the sole dancing her fingers around the outside of the shoe and on the tops of her feet. “I love these socks” she says “so frilly pretty and soft…..I wonder what my nails will feel like on your nylon sock covered soles”

Annabelle now squirming even more her jaw clenched her lips slightly pursed into a small smile, she closes her eyes tight trying to shut out the sensations of Victoria’s fingernails gliding over the outside of her mary jane’s the nylon frilly socks didn’t help. Victoria slid a single fingernail in the outside of Annabelle’s shoe. Annabelle let out a screech Victoria began to slide her fingernail up and down inside her shoe, Annabelle couldn’t take it and started to laugh she quickly caught herself and stopped. Victoria says “oh if you think that’s bad wait til you feel this” as she said that her nails slid over the top of Annabelle’s foot and slowly started to plunge into Annabelle’s shoe along her instep, Annabelle’s face contorted and scrunched tight as she tried to control how much it tickled. Victoria slowly slid her nails along Annabelle’s instep first toward her heel then up toward her toes Annabelle shook her head and gritted her teeth every muscle in her leg tense trying to hold back the tickle sensations, she was fighting a losing battle. Victoria sped up her assault up and down on Annabelle’s instep, Annabelle couldn’t take it and broke down letting out a yelp and continuous laughter

Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe hehehehehehehehehehehehahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaahhahahah ahahahahahahahahahahahahanohohohohohohohohohohohoh ohhohohoho

“oh, my dear it seems your ticklish, I’m gonna take your shoe off” “NO!!!! God no please you can’t I’ll die” Victoria ignored her victims pleas with a huge smile on her face and unbuckled her mary jane using her fingernail Victoria scratched along her heel scratching on Annabelle’s heel and up her sole as the shoe fell to the floor, immediately Victoria used all her nails to scratch Annabelle’s white nylon covered sole Annabelle peeled with laughter

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Yanking vigorously on her bonds and screaming with laughter

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaOHPLEASEhahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahSThahahahahahahah ahahahahPDONhohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoho hotOHMYGHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahD

Yanking even more violent now Victoria says “Woah don’t break my stocks” “hahahahahahIWIShahahahahahahah” Immediately Victoria unbuckles Annabelle’s other shoe and removes it using both her hands to tickle the top near her toes and the bottom near her heel


Victoria stopped for a second Annabelle immediately said “you gotta stop I can’t take it” “oh no dear, you don’t get any breaks remember when you bit me, this is payback” with that Victoria began scrabbling all her nails over each foot vigorously Annabelle could do nothing but laugh


“I haven’t even tickled you anywhere else really, Oh you’re in for a treat” Victoria slid out two small wooden boards under Annabelle’s heel each a hole in it inside the holes she puts two toothbrushes, “click, bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz” “now if you can hold your feet away from these they will be safe from being tickled” Victoria slid her nails up Annabelle’s smooth and soft leg as she reached Annabelle’s knees she shook her foot touched the toothbrush and she screamed.

Running her nails up to Annabelle’s sides she again screamed squirmed and laughed uncontrollably as her feet touched the toothbrush she bucked wildly, “oh this is going to be fun” Victoria exclaimed as she began vigorously tickling Annabelle’s side. Annabelle threw her head back hysterical with laughter as Victoria continued to tickle Annabelle’s sides her soles now touching the brushes randomly making her squirm scream and jump each time peeling with laughter.


Victoria now runs her nails up to Annabelle’s armpits. Annabelle jumped as Victoria’s nails reached the center of Annabelle’s armpit and again when Victoria did it again.


Victoria runs her nails from top to bottom causing Annabelle to shake violently silently laughing. Victoria stopped for quick second Annabelle takes a deep breath and screams out in laughter


Annabelle’s scream resonated as she fell into slumber, disappointed Victoria unties Annabelle…

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oh my...keep going ...por favor??