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A little heads up if you have not noticed the 18+ sign, the content below is very graphic. Not only that, this is sort of twisted depending on what is shown. This has tickling in it, although I could say that no spot won't get left out. Now what inspired me to write this is a Creepypasta tale about the NoEndHouse. Basically it is a house that never ends. It has different environments through each of the marked doors you go through with different stuff happening. I decided to use the same concept except place it in a tickling fetish although I sort of tied it up with my Harsh Sick Game series.

Depending on how many people like this, I will write a story about one of the hunter's journey through this floor as well as some random entries that talk about this Never Ending House and what lies on what floor. Each floor has its own torture and to be honest, the further you go, it'll start to take a heavy toil on the victim. Anyways, enjoy.


Harsh Sick Game: The Haunted House

This entry will contain the records of those who enter the Haunted House. The Haunted House looks like a normal House and technically this place is out of the Harsh Sick Game. It is located in a random normal neighborhood. By normal, I mean there is nothing strange about the area around it. The house itself is not even scary looking. It looks like any white two story building. It looks well kept and clean, no damages or rust, nothing out of the ordinary. Although, rumor has it, that the house is haunted due to the unknown natures inside the house. Even though the Harsh Sick Game usually takes place in the maze, forest, and the laboratory, this place is an expection to sending our prey and predators there. Ironic that no one comes out though, no matter how many people we toss in there. We survey the time they enter and wait for someone to come out. No one has exited the house. We shoved a tracker and communicator on a person once to ensure this was no prank. This individual was in the house for hours, days, and the location they were in never changed. They never left the house. When we were listening to the audio recordings, the person was going hysterical, crazy, due to the scary nature of the house and how this person was being tossed to make decisions left and right. We even heard the person begged, wet herself, pleaded, desperately ran away from these unknown things. The things, these beings that were communicating with her spoke in an unknown language. Gibberish maybe. We don’t know shit apparently about this damn mansion and we decided to get a group of trained hunters to go in, weapons free. We survey the house from the outside, trying to see if there was anything strange about it. Like if there was some alien technology on top of the house or somewhere nearby. We inspected every inch of the house and the area around it. Nothing. The house had nothing strange and only had one entrance. The front door. If one was to walk through the front door, they are to proceed further, and further into whatever Hell that lies there. Hiring at least a group of eight, four males and females, heavily armed with fully covered in body armor and assault rifles, we let them storm into the room. Before they entered, I told them the same info like any other individual who was tossed in there. “You have to go through the marked doors. There should be a final number…” So I thought. I made sure each one of them had a camera attach to their helmets and chest. I went back to the van and watch the monitors as they proceeded into the building. I had some guards outside just incase things went bad, who knows if something unnatural wants revenge for me for spying into this Haunted House.

The room they entered was not scary. It has some Halloween decorations that would not even scare a child, or even adults. The soldiers chuckle amongst themselves, joking about how scary this is. I told them to stay focus, not wanting something unexpected to take them out so easily. They nod at the command, exploring the house. There are three doors marked with the number 2 on it. One was at the basement, one was upstairs, and the last door was where the back of the house was (straight down the corridor if you walked from the entrance). The soldiers decided to split up. Three went through the door upstairs, three in the backdoor, and two in the basement. What surprised me was that all three groups were in different areas despite the same number on the door. The group that went upstairs was in an abandoned dungeon. The group barging through the back was in a strange field, and the group in the basement entered some huge abandoned science building. How can these three groups enter three different areas?! This was impossible! I stood at the monitors, asking them, “How the hell are you three in different areas?! That…” The groups noticed that the door they entered through was gone. They quickly aim their rifles in the air surveying the area. I just watch in amazement of how big this house is. The guys in the dungeon were shooting their rifles; they were being pursued by a huge monster. The other groups were walking around, being extremely cautious. The creature was some robot, some old rusty robot. I could not tell much about what it looked like exactly, but one of the male soldiers toss a grenade, hoping it would die from the explosion. It was still intact, slowly approaching them. The group decided to split up. The male and female running down the stairs as one of the buffer males decided to distract the robot. The group in the forest panic. Their guns fired at the moving plants and huge caterpillars. These plants and caterpillars were slowly approaching them. One of the males got captured, coiled in vines as he was being stripped slowly. The two members of the group tried to rescue them, but a scary huge Venus fly trap emerged from the ground, blocking their attempt to rescue their male comrade. They just run away, shooting all around them. The two females in the laboratory were being very cautious. They were being smarter than the first two groups. They did not fire at the robots moving here and there, slowly checking every corner and moving towards their next destination. They found the door though, entering it and coming into a new room that surprised me even more. I look at the other groups, watching how one male from both of the teams got captured. Dryads, half human and nature beings were moving around their male captive, tickling him. They were not giving him any rest or mercy. They already stripped him naked, the camera I place on the helmet and his body armor was showing me the entire show.

The dryads were covering his body with some orange sap coming out from the dryad’s breasts. They coat it all over his upper body, their tongues roaming every inch of his upper body. What came next was the torture to his penis. They were coiling some feathery vines around his long erect shaft, making it tickle for sure, his laughter gaining some octaves. The dryad in front of his cock starts to mock how stupid he was to get caught on floor two. The dryad starts to use her fingers to tease the pink crown, the penis quivering madly at her touch. Another dryad starts to stroke and grab his balls, the man grunting in every effect not to entertain his ticklers. I was focused on the conversation than on what the other members were doing or the torment going on before the screen.

“Getting caught on floor 2 is like child’s play. Your other members will experience true Hell. You just got caught by the lesser evil… No matter, we are happy to have something to play with now.” With that said, the dryad starts to nibble and lickle tease the tip of his cock, the man getting aroused quickly. The dryad pulls back to flick her finger against the throbbing little giant, watching it move side to side. The girl stands up to pull on her nipples that squirt out orange sap all over the captive’s glans and meatus. The feathers and vines all over his bodies were pulled away as the male was now surrounded by gorgeous half naked women. He was trying his hardest not to fall into his own desires and temptation, doing whatever he could to control his continuous laughter and moans. He was withstanding most of the torture. His upper body was being covered in sap though, the male’s voice rising in laughter. He was not being tortured on his feet yet. He was drooling, tears covering his dark face. He would have a huge grin with his teeth bearing down on each other, not trying to open his mouth any further. One of the dryads was trying to kiss him. She eyes at the dryad down below, the sinister smirk on the being was spread across her face. When the dryad starts to lick the tip of his cock, the man starts to explode, begging for ultimate pleasure. It only took a few moments for the guy to go ballistic. It must be because of the sap. The man was a mess now, in sheer minutes he was tortured into this state. The dryad that wanted to kiss in moves forward to take the opportunity. The man’s eyes went wide open as the dryad was skillfully tickling the insides of his mouth. The caterpillars were starting to lick and move all over his lower legs and feet. The man seems to have lost it. He was ejaculating as well. I just roll my eyes at how pathetic it was to see their first captive release in mere moments of entering this damn house. I just sat back in the chair questioning how bad this house was. Maybe the other groups will experience the fear the dryad mentioned, or this Hell. Listening to the other male captor, the robot has tossed the man to a bunch of zombie. He was fighting them all with his bare hands, but he was growing tired as numerous undead humans started to swarm him. They pry off the armor, tore off the clothes underneath him. Obviously I heard laughter and bloody murder. His helmet and armor was tossed onto the floor. I was unable to witness what happened to the man, only the screams and laughs echoed through the screen. There was a bunch of zombie bodies surrounding him. I just sigh finding this observation a waste of time. I decided to call to the other groups, giving them the image of what happened to their comrades. They glance at their own miniature computer on their wrists to see the events unfold. They all laugh, except the two females.

The two that escaped the dungeon are in some dark forest. How could they be outside? This was odd. The group that escaped the field was in an abandoned hospital, and the two females are in some cave like civilization. The group of the male and female were being too lax. They were joking around about how pathetic this house was. The two females, on the other hand, start to question a lot of stuff that was running through my mind. This house was oddly strange. What the other groups were not realizing was how much trouble they are going to get into. The sounds of the forest were present in the one area the group was as well as the eerie atmosphere of the hospital the other group was in. The two females were already on high alert, walking cautiously once again. “What the Hell is that?!” hollered a male voice. I glance at the moniter with the group in the forest. There was a creature staring at them in the dim moonlight deep in the words. The figure teleports away further into the woods. There was laughter, creepy children laughter echoing all around the two. This voice, the tone, it was demonic and hollow. It was as if something was echoing behind the girl’s true voice. The armed group raised their rifles moving together carefully. “This is fucking stupid! Let’s get going!” As they ran deeper into the woods, the crickets, and the moonlight faded away. The darkness engulfs the camera. I could tell that the group was entering total darkness soon. What shocks the male was the figure that was standing next to the door they had to go through. “Hey, you piece of shit, move out of the way!” He fires his gun, the figure teleporting to the left. It continues to disappear, moving closer to the two. The girl was tackled, something appearing ontop of her. The male tries to help her out, but the mysterious figure shoves the man to the ground, taking his rifle quickly. As the male looks straight at the creature, a high pitch tune fills the air, the camera for the two soldiers being distorted. A creepy laughter filled the air, the ghoulish and hollow voice of a girl says, “You are so fucking doom…” The male tries to fight against the mysterious creature, but it quickly wraps dark tentacles around him. It has no face, wearing a black suit. If it had a face, I bet it would be smiling. Hell, I bet that creature was staring at me too. The girl hunter pushes the ghoul child aside, firing some shots at the creature holding her comrade. It did not die. It was not wounded by the bullets. It just wraps a tentacle around the girl, flinging her to the door. The male comrade was screaming for help. Desperation for aid was written all over him, his covered helmet eyeing at the female. The female hunter eyes at the ghoulish children running towards her. She was in a state of panic. I could hear her heart racing and heavy breathing. She exclaims in sheer agony, “I am sorry!” She opens the door and enters the next area. The male curses at her for ditching him, trying his best to get out of his confines. The being tosses him onto the ground, the children surrounding him. They were all laughing. The male cursed at all of them, trying to fight back.The camera on his helmet disappeared. The camera on his chest was off for a while till it turned back on. “Thank you for giving us more things to play with. We were bored… If you could bring more, we will be surely in your debt Mister.”

The face was utterly pale. The eyes were showing darkness all over, not even looking human at all. Her long dark hair runs over her face, messy, and unkempt. Her lips twisted to form a cruel smile. Her eyes were wide in satisfaction, the fact that this being knows that I was here watching this send chills down my spine. The girl starts to laugh, her teeth less mouth letting out a very chilling and intoxicating sound of a demonic child. Whatever that sounds like. I just gaze at the child laughing at the camera, leaning against the back of my chair.

I sat on the chair, a huge smirk formed on my face. I started to laugh. I had to cover my own face with my left hand, then tossing it aside as I thrust myself back against the seat of my chair, forcing it to lean back with me. I started to laugh maniacally. Who made this house? They were a fucking genius! I continue to laugh inside the van, some of my honor guards coming in to see what was the ruckus. I decided to show them how sick this house was, showing what happened to the two males… three males. One of the females laughed hysterically, slapping her knee and agreeing on how devious this place was. I could see the female was crying. She just ditched one of her comrades. Agony, suffering, guilt! This was amazing! I was laughing my head off in the van. I know that the woman who entered door number 4 won’t be going anywhere soon, my smile plastered on my face as I watch the other groups. I lean forward to observe the others, hoping for more entertainment. The male and female that were in the abandoned hospital encountered something strange. They were firing bullets. I see zombies pursuing the male and female. They were being killed easily though. The male was glancing into the rooms, staring at dead corpses… And they seem to be played with. Then the male stumbled into other rooms showing tied up victims as they’re being tortured. Most of the victims were gagged, their mouth being covered by all means. They were being tickled in certain areas or just tortured all around. They could never speak. The male was trying to find a safe place to escape with his comrade. They were racing around the place, fearing that they might bump into something worse. There was an empty room. The male ordered his ally to come with him. The two enter the room and the door locked behind them. The girl tries to open it, blasting it even, but it would not budge. They noticed the door marked 4 across the room. They were going to approach it until a faceless nurse, just like the woman in the suit from before, appears out of nowhere. This time this being has long blonde hair with a nurse outfit. It spoke. I do not know how, but it said in a very raspy hollow voice, “One of you will have to stay. If one of you do not stay, then we will torture you both.” The female found this silly, shooting the being in the head. The two of them start to move halfway through the door at the other end. The being quickly revived itself, standing upright saying once again, “One of you have to stay.” The two of them glance at each other. Moments ago they were joking around about how stupid this place was, but I was able to read their heart rates, thoughts, and other things. Somewhere along their journey through this hospital, the male was showing signs of fright. He was really unstable. If things go as I see it, he might do something that might make me laugh my ass off.

“Let’s go.” The female said, the two of them heading to the door. The guy opens the door first. The female found it strange that the being was not stopping them right there and then. If it says only one person has to stay, why does it let them go? Does she count as a being to stay in the room? When she turns around, the male soldier pushes her violently away from the door. She lands hard onto the floor, the man saying, “Sorry, but I do not want to be in here!” The girl was in disbelief. She gets up, hastily dashing to the door. The man slams the door as he goes to the next room. The door disappears, the girl slamming into the wall. “SHIT!” she cries. She takes off her protective headgear, tossing the helmet at the blonde being. The blonde takes the helmet. She turns it so the camera was directed to the female hunter. “I am not going to fucking rot in this torture Hell!” She pulls out her pistol, aiming it to her head.

A white tendril whips the gun from her hands, more of these white tentacles wrap around the hunter’s wrists. The girl was forced to turn around, slamming her back against the wall. I could see her pretty green eyes shredding tears of disbelief, her long brunette hair running down her back and some covering her face from her crazed disbelief. “Let me die!” she exclaimed. I decided to chime in, making sure the others will not see them if I toss them a video recording of what happened to their teammates. “You know,” I started, “This was what you signed up for. Even in the Harsh Sick Game of mine, Hunters were also subjected to this torment sweetie. You just have to suck it up and take it.” The girl starts to scream violently at me, cursing me out, hoping I would die. The wall behind her started to transform into a torture device. A white cloth wraps around the girl’s lower face, hindering all speech from her. The wall starts to transform itself into a table. A vertical table for the girl’s back to lie against as a horizontal table was present underneath her, picking her legs up so she was in an L position now. The figure starts to speak to me, “If you can bring more guests into this mansion, we will surely serve you. We shall not look at you as an enemy…” Even though this creepy voice was communicating with me, I only reply with, “Show me more to those I sent inside this Hell, then I will surely invest in you all. I do not mind sending more pathetic victims to see such masterpieces! Hell, I can send some guards and troopers to always assist you guys!” The being let a subtle chuckle. The girl was still in her hunter outfit, but now she has her arms high above her head and her ankles locked in stocks. Several more figures with different colored hair beings appeared. They start to trace their fingers all over the girl. The girl just glances away, shifting her body away from the wiggling exploring fingers. One of the pink hair girls grabs the hunter’s chin, shaking her head side to side. A sudden collar snaps around the girl. All of the girls continue to tease and taunt, the brunette slowly giving up some giggles. The blonde holding the camera moves closer as I watch deviously. The girls start to tear bits and parts of the clothes that still covered her. The brunette could feel some of their tentacles slowly stroking her body as they tear ever so slowly. The girl was obviously breaking down. Her heart rate was increasing; her mental state was being shattered as she was watching her protection being stripped away. She wanted to die or something. Of course I could kill all of them, but that would not be fun. Fuck that, why should I let them escape when so many other hunters knew this would happen to them if they entered my game.

Oh how the hunter starts to laugh when they snaked their tendrils through the holes of her outfit. The girls stop tearing her outfit, watching the hunter squirm. If I recall from the glances of this hospital, most of their victims were heavily restrained. I watch as some of the nurses prepared a bunch of tickling instruments and a couple of needles beside them. The hunter was panicking now, screaming at the top of her lungs. She was quickly subjected to laughing as they start to tear her clothes a bit more to reveal more of her flesh. Her hairless armpits, her fleshy bouncing sides, and stomach, the girl was in tears before the true torture was beginning. She could feel something exploring her womanhood. She was blushing violently, trying to ease the feeling off. She was moving a bunch of her body parts, her fingers curling into a fist and wiggling around too much. The nurses start to pull their hands back, rubbing lotion between their hands. There are ten nurses at the least meaning twenty hands with one hundred fingers ready to explore her body. The brunette could figure the math out as well, screaming even more. I swear, one of the girls start to whisper stuff into her ear. The girl was conflicted with arousal and fear. The reason being, I bet the creature said it would not be bad. If she was to proceed further into the abyss, she would be force to go up against her nightmares. She did not like being tickled, it was obviously, but she was being aroused and being treated rather nicely. As her mind was having an internal struggle, the tentacles pry off most of the cloth from her outfit. It still covers most of her genital areas, legs, and her boots were still on her. The hunter starts to moan violently as her breasts were being treated to nice soothing sensations to her D size breasts. The ticklee could feel herself getting wet. Did they apply oil to their tentacles as well? I stare at two girls leaning their moves towards the brunette’s ears to “devour” them. What surprised me was the brunette falling into a strange expression. It was lost in pleasure. The tickling started when she was falling into a deep lust of this sexual foreplay. The hands start to rake and claw all over her neck, armpits, sides, and stomach. They were roaming all around, the ticklee breaking out of her trance to laugh bewilderingly against her gag. She starts to wiggle around a lot. The contraption she seems to be adapting to the ticklee’s movement. It starts to produce more restrains and straps, but they did not wrap around her just yet. Maybe they want to wait before they kick it up a notch. The brunette wets her pants, her body trembling at how embarrassing it was to release already. The girls just giggled among themselves, tearing the rest of her clothes off including bra and panty. She was already covered in her own liquid, the ticklee blushing at how nude she was. Arm binders wrap themselves all over her arms. The same binders start to wrap around the girl’s legs. Several straps start to go across the hunter’s body tying down any loose movements. Not only were her arms and legs completely immobilized, her hands and fingers were too, white straps wrapped around them as well. The girl was shocked, moving her feet. She was forced to take some tendrils up her ass and pussy. The feeling quickly silenced her disbelief. The tickling continues as she was losing her thoughts. The tendrils were teasing her, playing with her. They pulled out, teasing around the shape of her holes. A girl lowers herself to play with the clitoris, that strange feeling she feels from the being’s mouth seems to let her squirt out more liquid. The girl was going to go through a bunch of releases. The brunette was blindfolded as the nurses start to inject something into her.

Her laughter increases three folds, her violent struggles being present in her confines. Her feet were the only objects that could move. They will join in her immobilization in a bit. The strange tentacle beings knew her feet are her ticklish spot. They found it boring to head right to the spot that will torture her. These creatures can read the mind, knowing that the male would ditch her female comrade. The tendril starts to untie her boots and takes them off. The girl did not notice this. Overwhelmed by the sensations that most of her body was receiving. So many fingers and “mouths” start to lap all over her upperbody. Her nipples felt the invisible mouths engulfing her sending the ticklee into overdrive with her arousal state. Her body was submitting itself to the pleasure and tickling, loving it, wanting more. As the beings read her mind, the tickling went even further. Tentacles and instruments coming out of the contraption start to flood the brunette’s body. Toothbrushes, brushes, paintbrushes, feathers, and sharp mechanical hands start to add themselves into tickling the human. The girl jumps in her seat, drool appearing in the white cloth, her blindfold being soaked by tears, sweat forming all over her body. The girl feels feather and brushes tickle her breast, ass, and pussy, leaving no spot untouched. The tendrils were doing their job in thrusting themselves further into her butt and pussy. Throwing inexperienced sexually stimulation to the ticklee. Her feet were moving around crazily despite the fact they were getting tickled. Her toes were flexing madly, her feet shaking side to side violently, moving forward and back, the feelings overloading everything the girl knows.

The tendrils slowly slide off her socks, teasing her badly. The tickling stopped and even the pleasuring. The girl hated it! She was about to release again. She was frustrated, mad! She tries her best to tell them to tickle her and fuck her, the girl shaking madly in her restrains. The nurses, once again, giggled among themselves. One of the beings leans forward to whisper to the hunter. The hunter wanted it, the pure torture she was going through. She did not care about the world, she wanted to be lost in the world she was shown. The bliss of pleasure and overwhelming sensations! The brunette could feel all of the tendrils attack her feet. Two of the nurses decide to personally “devour” her toes to stimulate the unknown sensations that forced her to hit the high octaves. Her feet were being immobilized as the tendrils roam here and there, but it was like the tendrils allowed her feet to move around and they toyed with how they bind them. Tying up two of the big toes, tying the big toes and pinky toes, they were just doing whatever. No matter what, the hunter was enjoying it. When the beings and the contraption start to swarm her upperbody, the body of the girl was consumed by all of this. Only her face soaked in her liquid could be seen or part of her face could be seen. I loved the fact that this hunter just turned into a tickle slave. I laughed. The units that were inside the van with me laughed their ass off as well. “So fucking devious! These damn creatures are evil!” I glance at the two females in their one group, they seem safe. They were panting though and they seemed to have lost their body armor for some reason. The male and female that lost their comrades were in a state of fear and guilt. I decide to show them the video of what happened to their comrades, the guy and girl crying like babies. The two females that were in a group together communicated to me. “Are you kidding me?! What the hell did you get us into?!”

“I did warn you about this. Do not point fingers at me now…”

“No, you have a button that could have spared them. Why the hell did you let them get tortured like that? Didn’t you promise that you’ll save us if things like that happen?” Placing my finger on my chin, I remember that I said that. But the only thing I said was if it was something bad. To be honest, it was not bad and this was the same stuff from the Harsh Sick Game.

“I did, although it is not that bad…”

“Are you kidding me?! You aren’t in this damn hellhole! You know that we’re breaking down and pissing our pants cause of this! You know how terrifying it is to get stalked?! Fighting against these abnormal things?!” I just stare at the two girls, saying to all four of them, “My assistance and care to you four is now terminated. You are on your own.” With that said, I cut the lines. They were alone. The two girls tried to communicate with me, cursing as it failed. Now, I want to watch more of the horrors this mansion has to offer. What got to me was the fact the two females literally toss the armor and helmet to the ground and left it there. They did not want me to watch what they were doing anymore, I just sighed at this. A pity I wouldn’t see their torment up close. The lone female hunter was in a laboratory or some sorts. It was not abandoned. You could hear screams, whirling of machines, the sounds of laughter echoing the air. I swear the girl was pissing in her pants, trembling in her own protective gear she still has. The lone male hunter was in a very bright area. I swear, my eyes could have been blinded by that much light. The two girls seem to be in a greenhouse before they took off the cameras. I watch the male traveling into the area. He was soon greeted by some naked women. Some of the guy guards literally stood over me. I can tell that they were turned on to what they saw. These women were like models. All sorts, all types, utterly outstanding and flawless in their appearance. The captain of the honor guard with me stood over to point out some of the dudes in the back. Of course the guys would not care about them, they were not gay. The girl can easily tell that some of her troopers were lying, but she said nothing motioning her female elites to watch. The male hunter was going to shoot till they start to comfort him. This was like the number one trick to get him to stop. I laugh a bit along with my female elite honor guard. I quickly stopped, a frown forming, “This is the cheesiest method to stop a guy from progressing. Fucking hunter will just stay in this damn floor cause of what he sees. Fucking weakling.” This was so fucking easy! The male was soon surrounded by a bunch of naked females, telling him that it was okay, it was not his fault. He found himself taking off his clothes and tickling the girls. Hell, he started to fuck some of them as well, laughing as the girls start to swarm him, tickling him and giving him blow jobs and tickles on his cock. I did not go into details with this because I did not want to. Wasn’t worth the time, this was like a reward more than punishment for the hunter. My male guards were just watching the scene before them. “So pathetic. And this is how the man gets paid. I doubt he’ll go any further now! Haha so easy to fool a weak minded human!” The guy was enjoying himself. He was having fun with many beautiful women, slip, sexy, moderate, blonde, red hair, almost any type he loved. He just tickled and fucked most of them, receiving thousands of those in return, cumming so much. I just looked away from the monitor, knowing that’s all to witness. Now to watch the lone female hunter fall to her demise!

Whatever happened, she stripped herself into some regular clothing. Wait a second? She left her gear on the damn ground as well. FUCK! I just stood up in the van saying, “FUCKING GIRLS!? THEY JUST DITCH THE CAMERAS!? HOW DO I KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW!?” The honor guards glance at one another. The female captain says to me, “Calm down… It’ll be fine. Just end the entry here, and we’ll do something against those hunters later… Better yet, I can make it even better…” She motions me to get up. I followed her outside to see a bunch of trucks with the captives, hunters, and a few elite guards. The captain says, “Send more people into this house… And you’ll be able to watch more fun things.” I could feel the sinister and devious smirk returning to me. “Let the game begin.”

-End of Overseer Entry

07-22-2015, 11:22 AM
Great story as always! Looking forward to more :-)

07-23-2015, 01:18 AM
Haha thanks.

07-25-2015, 03:38 PM
Has this interesting, sort of SCP feel to it. I guess I don't read much creepy-pasta, so I wouldn't know for sure, but they're probably very similar.

Good story, good setting.

07-28-2015, 03:01 AM
This was like a sexually charged tickling version of Cabin in the Woods. Completely awesome!

07-29-2015, 12:00 AM
Ha ha thank you, although this is just the beginning. I will introduce a creepy character soon.

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Just adding the next part for the people that dont know about your Deviantart

The Never-Ending House: Mr Sinister Intro (*/F)
by DeathBlackShadoz, Oct 31, 2017, 8:57:44 PM

The air is filled with laughter. No one was safe from these horrible creatures. It was Halloween as well, technically, if you were outside of this nightmarish house. Dates inside this place are nonexistent. Time in an eternity in this world. It never ends, the people who enter this damn place have to continue their descent into madness. Some people die, some get tortured to their wit's end, some people are lucky enough to get out of said torture, but some find it as a curse. The creatures slowly torment their victims to no end. When you think you are free, you end up getting into another hopeless situation. Escape, get trapped, repeat. People desperately struggle onto hope. Was there really an escape out of this hellhole? The strong can carry on. But for how long? This is the never-ending house. The house shrouded with mysteries and abominations. It will consume you.

"A white mask. You can describe it like one of those drama masks of happy and tragedy. Whatever you do, avoid him at all cost. DO NOT bump into him. Pray that you don’t bump into him. He wears a mask with a sinister smile. Seeing him will be your demise! He’ll know if… I don’t know if this guy is a human. If you see anyone with a red suit, a black top hat with white gloves, shoes, black pants, and a smiling mask- run. Escape before he notice you! He will not stop until you are broken. It is impossible to kill him. I tried. This creature enjoys the desperate struggles. If you are not ticklish, he’ll make you sensitive as fuck. A single touch will make you laugh.. If you hate being tickled, he'll sway you to say otherwise. If you don’t want to tickle anyone, he’ll make you into a sadistic tickler. If you deny his methods or games, you will surely be playing them all the time. He can turn a strong minded person into a blabbering sex slave. He will explore every inch of your body. He will exploit and abuse your sensitive spots. Those two curvy black sockets on his mask reveal devious intentions. I know I cannot see his pupils or his facial expression, but he is smiling. A malicious, vicious smile that relish in our suffering. When he talks, when he makes his gestures, when he stands there, he seems to be in Heaven. He is always laughing, laughing at the misery we are in. He uses one's fears or pleasures to his advantage. No one can escape his sick games."

"Well, that is nice of you to talk about me like that! Some advice though, you should watch your back dear. Someone could just… tickle you silly!" The young blonde woman holding the black rectangular voice recorder lets out a shriek. The unknown figure who sneaked up behind her grasp at her sides. Dropping the device, she distance herself from the unknown assailant. No, she knows the identity of this person. The MONSTER behind the mask. The one she was talking about is standing before her. The mask’s wicked smile dawns on her with those curved eyes. Wearing a top hat over his head, the man bows at his target. Yes, target. She has escaped him for a good day or so. Her allies, her friends, were captured by this abomination. Even though this creature has a body of a man, he is cruel and wicked. Everything he did was inhumane. Bullets could not kill him. Explosions and fire do not burn him. He is an immortal that defies logic. Then again, they are in some hellhole. A never-ending mansion built for someone’s sick pleasure. With his hands covered in white gloves, he picks up the recording device. He lets out a slight scoff, shrugging his shoulders. Placing it on the bed, he says, “Ella, you should just give up now. I promise I’ll treat you with kindness. Aren’t you tired of living in fear?”

“I am trying to survive! I do not… I know what you can do! You sick bastard!” Tears form at the corner of her green eyes, her body trembling before the masked man. “You… I will never submit to you!”

“Are you sure? You won’t survive my next game. You will lose. Without any weapons, the state you are in, and the lack of energy will be your downfall. I say this now. You admit defeat right now, I will grace you with kindness.”

“You weren’t kind to my friends? You made them fall in love-”

“And? What’s wrong with a little push? Those two were lovey-dovey with each other already. I just happened to… set the right scene for them. A little bit of pressure, clothes flying through the air, and a bit of nudity solved the stiff relationship between them. If you are referring to the other two, I just showed them true pleasure. Come now, don't resist me.” The masked man explained.

“You… It was still wrong! You…” Backing away through the door, the masked man stops her.

“I will warn you one last time, admit defeat or else.” Ignoring him, she runs down the long hallway. There were so many questions rushing through her head. The biggest one was how did this monster get to the seventh story floor of this apartment?! There was no ladder outside the window. Even if there was a ladder outside in some building, was it tall enough to reach this apartment? Let alone the floor she was on. And how did he unlock the window? He might have a lock pick on him, but she would have heard it. Covered in sweat, breathing heavily, Ella descends down the stairs. When she reach the sixth floor, something snakes around her left arm. Screaming at this sudden action, Ella’s locks onto the small gray slime that blended in with the steps. Calming herself, the slime was not a huge threat. They are common creatures for traps. Specifically, slowing down anyone who comes close to them. Before she could do anything about this slime, she broke out into a giggle.

“Nohehehehe….. HOW?!” She swings her free arm at the known figure. The masked man caught up to her already?! The man evades the attack, his fingers diving into her sides. How did he catch up to her?!

“You have such a beautiful laugh. Not only that, you have a nice figure as well. Were you a model?” Ignoring his questions, Ella tries to run. The slime holds her in place as the masked man continues his assault on her sensitive sides. Ella’s clothes are in poor conditions. Rips and tears are all over her white tank top and blue pants. Her shoes are still intact along with her socks, panties, and bra. Revealing her hidden card, her free hand pulls a pistol from her pants. She did not aim it at the masked fiend. Firing two shots at the slime, the creature lose its grip around Ella’s arm. Sprinting down the hallway, the monster laughs at her.

“Oh?! So you did have a weapon? Were you trying to hide that for me? I am a tad sour that you used it on the slime though…” As his voice fades away, Ella turns at every corner. Making sure she mix it up between left and right, she finds another stairway. Her muscles burn, aching for rest. Ella denied such leisure, knowing that if Mr. Mask caught up to her, she will lose. As she descends towards the fourth floor, something pushed her down onto the ground. Her head was spinning for a while. Shaking it side to side, she regained her vision. Her eyes turned into daggers, glaring at her former friends. Their eyes are lost in their own lust as they look down on Ella. Covered in a slim red suit jacket and white collared shirt, they sided with the masked monster. The brown hair woman on Ella’s left is Rebecca. With long straight brunette hair, she gives Ella a soft smile. It would have been a friendly familiar face, if she was not corrupted by the madman. Rebecca has a nice body, but she does not have much when it comes to her breasts. She makes that up for her nice, firm ass. Looking at her lower body, Ella notice her pants are extremely tight. It molds around her nice assets. The woman on Ella’s right is Ciel. Unlike Rebecca, she has large breasts. Larger than Ella’s breasts. Ciel’s dark green hair is tied in a ponytail. Even though Ciel has a slender figure, she is strong like a soldier. Ciel knows some basic boxing and judo moves. Cursing at her luck, Eva feel their nails against her naked skin. Jumping under their bodies, the girls giggle at the helpless woman. They could tear the tank top off of her, but what’s the fun in that? They slip their fingers through the open holes, stroking at Eva's skin.

“Oh Eva,” Rebecca started, using one hand to tease Eva’s right naked nipple, “You should just give up now. Do you want to be tortured that badly by Mr. Sinister? Is that why you continue to play his game? You naughty girl.”

“Noheheheheheh that’shahhaheheheheh nothehehehe- Agghghghhahhahahahahah! Stophahahah ithhahahaha!” Ciel nibbles on her neck. Eva curse at how her close friends are attacking her. They know her weak spots. She could hurt or kill them, but she does not have the mentality or the guts to do it… Internally, she cried at her current situation. What should she do? Letting out a moan, Ciel has her right hand slide into her pants. At that moment, Eva lets go of her pistol. Blushing violently, Eva somehow toss them off of her. Guess that renewed her strength and vigor to struggle. Running down the hallway again, Eva turns around the corner…

“I would continue our little game, but I want you Eva.” Mr. Masked was standing right there. Grabbing both of her wrists above her, he laughs at the frightened blonde. “What’s with that face? You should be laughing.” On cue, four hands grasp at her sides. Eva breaks into laughter, seeing her former friends right behind her. Both girls lean against Eva’s back as they nibble against the sides of her neck. Jumping at this, Eva felt the last of her strength leave her. Kicking her legs underneath her, “By the way, the name is Mr. Sinister. You forgot to mention that in your recording. You bad girl… Girls, kindly punish her. Ah, not to hard though. The light tickles will get to her.”

“Awwwww, I wanted to do THAT to her though.” Ciel whined.

“In due time.” Mr. Sinister laughs. As he holds Eva in place, Rebecca and Ciel continue their ticklish onslaught. The neck is one of the sensitive spots, but Eva knows that she will faint soon enough. Running nonstop from this madman, she had no rest against this guy. Not only that, her former friends will drive her insane soon enough. Even though they were not targeting her other weak spots, they can do it with the upper body tickling. Unable to turn her head due to Ciel and Rebecca, she watch Mr. Sinister pull out a feather and slowly dust it around her right naked nipple. Increasing her laughter, Eva laughs in earnest. Squirming in their grasp, she could not null the ticklish sensations overwhelming her. There was a mix of sexually arousement as well. The soft feeling of the feather brushing against her nipple is getting to her. It tickled and it pleased her. The same thing with her neck although the teeth gnawing against her flesh is tickling her more than arousing her. The twenty fingers roaming down her curvy figure did not show any signs of slowing down. They increase in their own tempo, making Eva jump in place. Should she resist? It would be better if she fell unconscious right now. Then again, wouldn’t that be bad? It would give Mr. Sinister the chance to set up something devious for her. As if they were reading her mind, Rebecca whispers this into Eva’s ear.

“You know what happened to me. You saw it. I was in such a sorry state. I tried to resist, but he showed me the true joy of this. The feathers, the brushes, the paint brushes, the toothbrushes, anything soft just made me fall into a blissful state. It is… exciting. Enjoyable, even. I never thought to use those devices in a… sadistic manner. Just imagine it. You will experience it for yourself soon enough.” Eva remembers it too well.

At the time, she was observing the torture room Rebecca was in. Rebecca was on her knees. Her arms were encased in metal and straps around her ankles. Her restrains were simple. Nothing too extreme. The tools, however, were a bunch of fluffy items. Feathers, paint brushes, toothbrushes, anything with a soft texture were used on Rebecca. She felt them all over her body. Even though she was able to move some parts of her body, she would never escape the tools. They were everywhere. If she move towards the right, she would feel the toothbrushes run against her sides. She moved towards the left, paint brushes would stroke up and down her sides. If she moved forward, a black Japanese calligraphy brush might dive into her belly button as her breasts and nipples would receive a good scrubbing from circular bristle brushes, moving back would also grant her the same treatment. She wiggles her feet around- well, they were tickled despite her frantic movements. Especially her vagina and round ass. No matter how much she wiggled, her lower body was surrounded by these devices. It must have taken a few hours for Eva to submit to the tickle torture. Frowning at the thought, Rebecca came immediately once the toothbrush touched the lips of womanhood. Rebecca purrs at Eva, saying, “You just thought up of something indecent, didn’t you Eva… I bet you would want that.” She gently touched her vagina.

“Don’theheheh touchehehahehahahha mehhahahhah!” Eva shouted.

“You cannot stop us.” Rebecca corrected. Despite the clothes protecting her vagina, she can still feel the long, deliberated strokes. Forcing the moans to stay in her mouth, Rebecca, once again, whispers into Eva’s ear. “It was soooooo good. I never felt something like that before in my life. Having a rotating brush tickle-fuck me silly like that? I would have never thought to do it, but Mr. Sinister showed me the pleasure of it. Ah, not only that, the feathers… I enjoy the soft textures brushing against my womanhood. They gently teased me, tickled me, and aroused me at the same time. The way they barely touched me, the really, really soft strokes, the rapid dusting… You need to experience it for yourself.” As if her vivid image wasn’t enough, Rebecca press her fingers upward, rubbing Eva’s clitoris. With her clothes on, she did not feel the full effect, but it was enough to get Eva to jump. The blonde hair girl shakes in her helpless predicament as Ciel decides to laugh at her reaction.

“Look at Eva being touched by us. I was like that too, you know? I tried to resist. I fought with everything I had. And guess what? I should have accepted the torture beforehand. Because of our stubbornness, we received a harsh punishment…” Ciel did not finish her sentence. Following her silence, her hands stopped their ticklish assault. Ciel’s head backed away from Eva’s neck as well. Glancing over her shoulder, Eva was frightened at Ciel’s expression. Pure joy. A twisted smile spread across her face as her eyes lust for whatever was going through her head. “Ahhhhhhhh, it was heaven.” Heaven!? What Ciel went through was not heaven! It was the exact opposite. It was hell! How can someone call that heaven?! Fear wraps around Eva’s mind and body as she recall the scene where Ciel was tortured before her very eyes.

Out of their small party, there were five of them. Four females and one male. Ciel, Rebecca, Ashley, Rob, and Eva. Rebecca was captured first, then Ciel. After that, Ashley and Rob were next. And lastly, it will be Eva’s turn. The reason why Rebecca got captured first was due to her kind attitude. They did not know the true nature of Mr. Sinister’s games or his motives, so they agreed to it. Also, he looked like a human, so it was harmless fun, right? Losing their first game, Rebecca accepted her punishment. However, Mr. Sinister did not stop there. He wanted all five of them to fall. As long as they don’t see him as a friend, he will do whatever it takes to make them join his side. Compared to Rebecca’s punishment, Ciel received a harsh tickling session. Resisting five games from Mr. Sinister, he captured Ciel. Out of everyone in the party, Ciel has the most strength and combat experience. Yet it meant nothing in the face of this masked abomination. Eva does not know how she got captured, but when she did, Mr. Sinister displayed her torture before them. The contraption used on Ciel was some futuristic chair that engulfed her legs, arms, and shoulders. The chair morphed around her body, preventing any slight movement. Around her ankles are a set of metal stocks. Ciel’s eyes were covered with a black blindfold. She was naked as her huge D size breasts moved slightly due to her breathing.

And the tickler… was Rebecca. The girl wore the same outfit like Mr. Sinister. Red suit jacket, dark pants, white gloves, she had everything that he had. She also had some other ticklers waiting off to the side. They wore a white mask though, yet each one of them had a female body with different hair colors and styles. They could be other victims who turned into his minions or fellow monsters. Either way, Rebecca was the one who tortured Ciel right before our very eyes. Using Rebecca against us, she would know their weaknesses. Out of the five, Ciel, Rebecca, and Eva are close friends. They did everything together. They would also gossip a lot about various things. One of them was about their ticklish spots throughout their bodies. Knowing this, Rebecca broke Ciel in a few minutes.

“...with that being said, this is your punishment! You can run as much as you like, but know that we will get you. And when we do…” She did not finish her sentence as several masked females surround Ciel’s body and dust her entire body with large, long, fluffy feathers. Ciel’s body shakes in her seat. She would have been shaking left and right if the seat wasn’t glued to her. The chair ceased any movement for Ciel. The only area that was not fully restrained were her feet and breasts, although her breasts were not trying to evade the feathers. They jiggle a bit due to Ciel’s heavy laughter. They dust her neck, her sides, they wiggle into her belly button, tease between the toes, dust all over her soles, tickle her vagina, and they definitely focused on her large breasts. Unable to move, Rebecca taunts Ciel, saying things like, “Look at the big girl! She’s laughing already.” or “You were so tough, but feathers can do this to you? I wonder about the other tools.” Yes, other tools. They swap out the fluffy feathers for stiff ones. They use those feathers to zone in on Ciel’s ticklish spots. Even though her vagina was not a main ticklish spot, it became one due to the intense tickle-teasing the stiff feathers did. The stiff feathers zone in on her clitoris and circle around her little nub. With such a tip, they did wonders on Ciel. The other area the stiff feathers focused on were her toes and nipples. The feathers would circle around them and flick against the erect nipples. This made Ciel go crazy, hearing her pleas from the screen. Her feet can put up a fight, but several fingers wrap around the moving digits. They halt any resistance, allowing the feathers to attack each toe pad. Along with her huge breasts, Ciel also has large feet. Around size twelve, the space on her soles will be her downfall later on. Ciel, herself, was a mess. Sweat and tears leaked out of the blindfold, hair sticking to her face, body yearning for some freedom, she was forced into submission. The sight of their toughest team member being tortured before them was too much for the survivors.

After a few minutes, they swap the fluffy feathers for fingers. The ticklers surround Ciel’s body, hands crawling all over her body. Ciel was rendered speechless. She could not form any words, ushering laughter or loud moans. The hands at her breasts would grope her or lightly tickle-tease the round targets. The hands tickling her stomach and sides would be clawing at her flesh in a fast or slow manner. The ones at her feet did a number of things. They would stroke up and down, lightly tickle-tease them, or go all out. Later on, they would grasp the toes, pull her feet back, secure her heel, they would do something to hold her feet still. There were so many hands all over her body, Eva was dumbfounded at the torture. This was nothing like Rebecca’s punishment. As they used their fingers, Ciel came during that time. Rebecca announce Ciel’s little mess for a split second.

“Ohhhhhhh, the tough girl made a mess! I think she needs to be punished for staining Mr. Sinister’s machine!” As if those words were to seal Ciel’s fate, the stocks came alive. It wraps a metal strap around each toe, spreading them out a bit as the stocks mold around her large feet. Silencing the last moving body part, Ciel was immobilized. The ticklers pulled out various items now. Brushes, metal nails, plastic combs, lotion, itching powder, they lined them up on a nearby table. The screen zoomed in on all the items on the table. Dread and fear crept into their hearts. And that was when they left the room…

“Don’t make such a face Eva! I fell in love with the treatment after a couple hours. You will understand it soon enough!” Snapping Eva out of her thoughts, she re-entered the present.

Despair. Dread. Fear. Insanity.

Eva does not want to lose to Mr. Sinister. She hated this damn house, she hated the predicament she’s stuck in, and she hated the corruption that got to her friends. These thoughts enrage the blonde girl as she stares at the masked man.

“I hate you… I really do.”

“Oh come now, you will understand soon enough.” Mr. Sinister shrugs his shoulder. “I guess we will-”

Before he can say anything, an explosion blows them away. Black smoke covers the area as several armored figures appear out of their hiding spots. Rifles at the ready, they slowly approach the area where Mr. Sinister was at.

“YoU dArE To INTeRrUPT mE!? PaTHeTiC MOrTaLs!” Letting out a demonic voice, Mr. Sinister appears out of the smoke. Running towards the nearest soldier, he grasp the armored helmet and crush it with all his might. The head burst from his grip, killing the soldier. Responding to his death, the soldiers aim their weapons at him. Vanishing for a split second, he reappears between two soldiers. Moving his hands like a sword, their heads fly off of their bodies. Before the remaining three could do anything, Mr. Sinister knocks them out with a snap of his fingers. Using a spell, he made all three of them fall onto the ground. After a few seconds, Mr. Sinister lets out a sigh. Looking back at his original spot, the three girls he had an interest in are… gone. There goes his fun and two minions.

“Fucking humans… We would never side with them.” Entering his own monologue, he vents out his frustration, “The creator of this place did not want us to befriend such outsiders! These mortals cannot be our equal! They should fear us and serve us! What have we become?! My fellow brothers and sisters are fools! This is why I act on my own accord! I must show them the error of their ways! And they think I am a rebel? Me? No. Nooooo, I am not! I am doing what we should be doing. We need to show them our true power. The monsters that we are. Or saviors.” Pausing, he looks at the spot where Rebecca, Eva, and Ciel were at. Shaking his head, he says, “It is a shame that I lost two followers today and maybe a third. These mortals do not understand the joy that I was made to do! There is nothing wrong with the way I do things! For example, I helped Ashley and Rob get together! Tying one of them up and forcing the other to do whatever they want to them might be a bit too much- no, it wasn’t. It was necessary for their future development! If I did not step in, how would they confess love to one another? How long will it take?! I did the right thing! Eva, I feel sorry for you. You lost, lost lamb. I am sorry for this tragic event. Do not worry, I will punish the evildoers…” Wrapping up his own speech, Mr. Sinister lets out a devilish laugh that rings through the night sky of the fiftieth floor...

Once Mr. Sinister left the building, two figures stumble upon Eva’s recording device.

They nod to each other as they listen to the recording...