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Recap: my name's Clint and in the year 1881 I'm trying to get everyone to stop treating me like a child despite being 25 my young looking face doesn't get me a lot of respect so I set out to be a bounty hunter like my father and with my horse Poker I chase after an outlaw by the name of Roy Holt across the country until I was hot on his trail in Colorado. When night comes I find a nice grass covered land hidden in the trees and go to sleep for the night but when I awake I find myself hog tied with my socks and boots off and Roy sitting there. I always was a heavy sleeper. He planned on killing me but looking so young he decides to teach me a lesson another way. He gags me with my own sock and starts tickling me like I was a woman and all I can do is laugh and laugh and wiggle my feet until Roy tied my toes together. He was having so much fun tickling me he didn't see the dozen or so Indians sneaking up behind me and if I wasn't gagged or laughing so hard I would've warned him but as they got closer and closer all I could do was laugh.


Roy kept making me wiggle in place dancing the long stiff yellow grass across my soles and I helplessly laughed into my gag and watched as the Indians got closer and closer and all I could do was laugh and mumble louder "Hahahaha mmmmphhhmmhhaammmmhaha!"
By the time Roy turned around they were already on top of him, 6 Indians quickly tackle him to the ground and hold him down and no matter how strong Roy Holt is there was no way for him to overpower 6 Indians. "Get off me you dirty savages!" Roy yells as they remove his holster but they don't stop there. Just like Roy had done to me they take off his boots and socks and keep going. They take off his trousers rip off his shirt and once they get to his long johns they tear that off his body leaving him as naked as the day he was born. "What the hell are you all doing?" Roy manages to ask but the Indians only communicate with each other in their native tongue and me or Roy don't have any idea what they're saying.

I watch in horror in my helpless hogtied position with my own sock stuffed in my mouth still catching my breath from the tickling assault Roy put me through as I wiggle around trying to undo the knots holding me but they're still holding steady as the Indians quickly flip the naked Roy on his stomach with out much that he can do. His cock swinging as they turn him around and his bare white ass sticks up in the air, his muscular body not helping him as the Indians pull his arms behind his back and quickly tie his wrists together and swing the rope to his ankles and wrap them tight to make the bottoms of his feet stick up in the air and put him in a stricter hogtie than I'm in. "I'll kill every single one of you sons--" one of the Indians shoves my other sock into Roy's mouth which I guess is worse than having your own sock put in your mouth and with another piece of rope they securely gag Roy as well. "Mmmmppphhhmmmphhhhh!" Now we're both hogtied and gagged side by side except I'm still wearing my clothes but not for long as the Indians turn they're attention to me talking amongst themselves and laughing they take out their knives and start cutting off my trousers and shirt and same as they did to Roy they rip off every piece of clothing I'm wearing until I'm bare ass naked hogtied face down on the grass.

The ten plus Indians gather in a circle around us and point and laugh at our position. We may not understand what they're saying but laughter can be understood in any form and I've never been as humiliated as I am now. Here I am trussed up like a hog with out a stitch of clothing next to the guy I was hunting. Both our useless horses just stand off to the side grazing away and there isn't another single soul besides us and these Indians for miles and miles.

The Indians are mostly young warriors in war paint and dressed only wearing pants and moccasins on their feet and most of their dark tanned muscular bodies are exposed. A lot of them wear traditional head gear decorated with various colored feathers. And for these guys to still be around after the cavalries have gone on the warpath wiping them out these guys must've been putting up quite the fight to still be here and no telling how many horrors they've witnessed. I was worried they were about to burn me and Roy alive or scalp us but that's when I saw each of the Indians start plucking feathers off their headgear I realized they had something else in mind.

I turn my head nervously and wiggle around on the ground with my toes still tied together thanks to Roy. I can look back and see the Indians leaning down holding out their feathers and it's not long before I feel their stiff tips poke several different parts of my body at once from the bottoms of my feet, to the crack of my ass, to the back of my neck, and underneath my arms and I react like I was bit by a thousand fire ants at once as I wail into the gag and slither in my hogtied bondage like I had any chance to avoid their prodding feathers. I barely get a chance to look at Roy next to me and I see he's suffering the same feathered attack as me and dealing with it just as well as he twists and turns his naked body every which way as I see a couple of Indians happily invade a couple of feathers in between his legs and it makes sense to me now why he did what he did to me knowing how excruciating it could be to be made to laugh against your will but now we were both in the same predicament as these damn Indians didn't leave a single spot on my body unfeathered. My ears, the back of my knees, even as they slid those feathers down my legs to my ankles I erupted into harder laughter unable to control myself. I laughed so hard into the gag I felt like I might choke on it if they didn't stop soon. After another minute the Indians each pulled away they're torturous feathers and laughed at how me and Roy were sucking for air, beyond exhausted. I look at Roy's face and see his confident demeanor was all but gone as I could see his cheeks were red and wet with tears from laughing so hard.

I wondered what the Indians would do to us next but I didn't have to wonder for long as I saw them one by one start to remove their moccasins to reveal their long dark tanned bare feet until they were all barefoot and standing right next to us and using their feet they easily rolled us over on to our backs so we were face up along with our dicks, the hogtie forced our knees to point straight up in the air. Right away the Indians start pointing at my manhood and even they seemed to be impressed by the size, taking a glimpse at Roy's I could see that it was average at best not that I was an expert or anything. One by one the Indians start putting their feet on us which I expected to feel rough and calloused but I was surprised as they dug their toes into my torso to feel them as soft as a puppy dog's paw but once they started wiggling their toes up and down my stomach they tickled as much as the feathers and both me and Roy were trying to squeal as loud as the gag would let us and swivel in our bondage but the Indians held us down with their feet as they tickled us with them. One of them put his big foot over my face keeping me from seeing anything as he rubbed it down my gagged mouth and around my nose as I felt another foot right over my cock and wiggle their toes right over it and much to my shame I started to grow aroused and my large cock got hard as I felt toes simultaneously tickle my sides and thighs while they danced over my cock and all I could do was laugh and wiggle as I tried uselessly to break free from the tight rope holding me defenseless. Once the Indian removed his foot from my face I could see that they were doing the same thing to Roy tickling him all over while they played with his cock except he was moving around a lot less and I could see him almost giving into the pleasure of their feet playing with his erect dick. I've never been touched there by anybody but a woman but the dozen Indians didn't seem to think anything of it as they continued tickling and arousing us with their feet and laughing about it themselves. This was embarrassing, a shame I don't think I'd ever live down but right now laughing my head off I didn't have time to think about how shameful this experience was but just how torturous it felt.

Finally the Indians stopped tickling us with their feet and kneel around us and start tickling us with their hands sticking their fingers everywhere. One of them even just grabs my cock and starts stroking it much to everybody's amusement as they continued tickling the other parts of my body. "Mmmmppstop! Mmmhhhhmmmm!" The damn gag won't even let me try to communicate how much I want them to stop but I shake my head no over and over even though my rock hard dick is sending a mixed message. I look over just in time to see Roy shoot his load in complete exhaustion from laughing and the way the Indians keeps wiggling they're fingers all over me as the one Indian work over my cock with both hands it's not long before my pecker flows out like a water well all over and I to feel the sweet release only women have given me in the past. The Indians stop and laugh and laugh at what they've managed to do to the both of us. Roy and me both lay there as helpless as could be and we can only hope they were done have their fun with us.

Unfortunately just like we were their playthings they roll us over back on our stomachs. Our hands and feet still securely tied together. I look back and see as several Indians put some red berries in their hands and start squeezing them together until thick juice comes out and then two of them start rubbing it over my feet and do the same thing to Roy's. "Mmmmmmmpppphhhmm" I mumble into my gag as I feel the strange syrup get in between my toes and I wonder what the hell they're doing. When they're done covering my feet in the stuff they walk over my horse Poker along with Roy's all black horse right over us and the Indians point to our feet. They say something and one of them even demonstrates putting his tongue over my foot instantly making me laugh and then they get my stupid horse to lick my bound feet and it feels like a big wet brush go over my entire foot and I nearly wet myself from laughing so hard and Roy experiences it as well. The Indians laugh their heads off as they watch the horses work us over and my horror doesn't stop there as they each start dropping their pants and I see maybe I wasn't as big as I thought I was

(To be continued)

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Another great one! The m/m foot stuff was great!

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Fiendish guys! They know just what to do to torment this guy's ticklish feet.