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Okay so the prelude to my next story got too long so I have made it into a separate story....

And this is why the Andrea saga will go on forever!

- - -

Andrea awoke early the following Saturday morning and quickly got ready to leave for the show. She was so eager she arrived at the beach twenty minutes before Simon and Betty arrived with the van. She helped them pitch and set up the tent and got into costume. Eventually all the other girls arrived including Amy and Natalie who had respectively gotten time off work and been persuaded to participate through merciless tickle torture. Natalie donned her Roman governess costume from the night before whilst Amy’s Corset top and purple and black stripy stockings were sufficient as a costume.

The show began slowly with the occasional bemused dog walker. Andrea was surprised at the promptness of the little blonde from the week before. She had re-dyed her hair and her roots were no longer showing. She had a money clip of £5 notes specially prepared and tortured Andrea when it was her turn in the stocks. Her nails were just as ticklish as the Sunday before. This time Andrea was treated to a better view of her tormentor’s pale, beautiful feet; her black strappy sandals revealing her perfect toes with black nail polish. The blonde also took a few turns tormenting Natalie and Amy, not having tickled them the week before. She approved of both and enjoyed reducing Natalie to tears her sensitive feet being horribly ticklish. Amy also lost control, much preferring to tickle than to be tickled. As mid-morning approached a crowd began to gather.

The show managed to take more money as three girls were locked in the stocks rather than two, leaving five girls to take the money, keep an eye on the stocks and rest from the torture. As lunchtime approached Andrea was just starting a session in the stocks when she looked up to see Helen grinning at her from the front of queue. Andrea panicked, the schism between her new friends and the real world being totally shattered, she prayed that he feathery mask would protect her identity and wiggled her toes under Helen’s sadistic gaze. Emily took Helen’s money and Andrea watched as Helen slowly approached, she passed right by Natalie and Amy heading straight for her pale bare feet. Helen sat and gently ran her finger up and down Andrea’s helpless feet. Andrea giggled and wiggled her feet as much as the toe-ties would allow. Helen teased her…

“I didn’t know you were into this!” whispering so only Andrea could hear her.

Andrea could only giggle as Helen picked up the pace, scribbling her nails over Andrea’s stretched out soles, the sun cream Lilly had applied making the sensations unbearable…

“I thought you were so straight laced, but you’re just a tickle-pervert aren’t you?” Helen teased

Andrea was hysterical and thrashed in her bondage, the embarrassment of being discovered making the tickle torture worse…

“I thought you had just got a boyfriend… or maybe a girlfriend!...”

Andrea’s face was red from both the tickling and embarrassment…

“But I’m guessing you just had a party with your tickle friend’s last Wednesday”….

“Ple…ease! Sto-ho-op!” Was all Andrea could manage to get out through tortured laughter….

“Stop? Why would I stop? You love this!

Helen was a cruel tickler, discovering Andrea’s most ticklish spots and returning to them. Unaware of who she was, Lilly rewarded Helen’s skilful tickling with both feather and brushes. Helen returned to tickle Andrea again, the three stocks making queueing times shorter. She also took a turn with all the other girls, and skilfully reduced each of them to helpless giggles and pleas for mercy. After resting from the breath-taking torture Helen had inflicted on her, Andrea emerged from the back of the tent hoping to seek help from Lilly. Her Asian friend was taking the money as Helen queued with the petite blonde. Andrea didn’t notice the way the two women were talking, being too concerned with finding a way to prevent her secret getting out.

Betty, Cleo and Ingrid were taking their turn in the stocks and as Helen choose Betty as her victim Andrea took her turn to watch the stocks, so far no incidents like the boy with the matches the week before had occurred. Whilst Helen was tormenting Betty’s stockinged soles Andrea managed to lean in and whisper….

“Please don’t tell people at the office about this!” Andrea pleaded

Betty was too hysterical to overhear and Helen quietly replied

“Oh your secret is safe with me sweetie!” Helen’s sadistic grin didn’t console Andrea

The show continued profitably, Andrea noted the return of the show’s regulars and was thankful for her feather mask. She was less worried than before about the camera’s suspecting that the regular kept their photos and video to themselves. She was still worried about Helen, her rib tickles had continued unabated and she was considering telling Lilly about the energetic petite mousy blonde’s true identity. She didn’t want to risk giving Helen cause to break her promise however, and somehow telling Lilly seemed to be mixing this world and her everyday life. The show came to an end and Helen and the blonde left, at the very end. Andrea accompanied Simon and all the girls except Cleo to a bar once the tent was packed down. She kept trying to broach the subject of Helen with Lilly but couldn’t find the words. Lilly sensed something was wrong and asked Andrea if everything was okay. Andrea could only shyly shrug and said that she was sad tomorrow would be the last tickle show at the beach….

“Oh don’t worry we will have lots of tickling fun next weekend and even more at the castle not long after thanks to your brilliant idea!”

Andrea smiled, temporarily distracted by the prospect of the world music festival and the special event at the castle. The conversation drifted to tickle ideas and the booth was filled with each girl discussing ways to bring their own personal tickling fantasy to life. Andrea remained quiet, worried that the people in the next booth would overhear her and still slightly worried about facing Helen at work on Monday

The next day Helen returned to the beach earlier not wanting to miss any tickle fun. She tormented Andrea’s soles with a few items brought from home, first of all a pair of electric toothbrushes where put to good use. Andrea’s laughed hysterically as Helen explored her tickling toes and the ultra-sensitive spots between them and the balls of her feet with the evil spinning brushes. Andrea’s helpless laughter attracted the attention of Lilly who was curious to see who had decided to bring a tickle toy from home. Lilly watched Helen torment Andrea’s soles for a few seconds, enjoying the scene and Helen’s bare feet in the sand. Lilly recognised the slim mousy haired woman from the day before and decided that bringing toys from home was against the rules, this had never been established before but Helen’s soles were too tempting being exposed as she knelt on her heels.

Lilly stealthily positioned herself behind Helen who was lost in her work. Lilly raked her evil nails over Helen’s soles and the reaction was instantaneous. Helen squeaked like a mouse from the foot tickling and lost all control as Lilly followed her opening gambit by tickling Helen’s sides.

“Naughty return customer! Bringing tickle toys from home is forbidden!” Lilly teased, enjoying tickling a new victim but being careful to stop before Simon noticed not wanting to be disciplined like the girls the week before.

Helen’s hourglass had run out at the exact moment the tickling started so Helen didn’t lose any of her tickle time with Andrea. And after Lilly stopped tickling Helen she returned to the back of the queue. Andrea panted during her brief reprieve, the next ticklers not being as skilled. She noted how ticklish Helen was and decided Lilly’s services might be required if her co-worker kept tickling her, or decided to blackmail her.

Andrea was free from the stocks before Helen could reach the front of the queue. Upon returning from her break Andrea noted that Helen was missing but the blonde had returned wearing sundress and some lovely roman style sandals. She noticed how Betty couldn’t take her eyes off her and giggled knowing full well that the contortionist was enjoying anachronistic fantasies of watching her be tickled in an arena. Andrea had asked Betty about her Roman fantasies and could never understand why she always remained in her 1920s style clothing during them, rather than being dressed as a Roman woman herself; perhaps it was just part of how Betty thought of herself.

The blonde took a turn at Amy’s soles which had been denied their stripy stockings. Her nails reduced the Goth girl to silent laughter and Andrea shuddered knowing that she was one of the blonde’s top three favourite victims and would suffer immensely at the tips of those cruel nails.

Andrea was right and the blonde’s nails drove her crazy as did Helen’s, although the award had to go to Helen since she brought some secretarial page turners and the textured rubber finger toppers enhanced the torture, Helen had made holes for her nails to protrude and quickly learnt how them in combination to truly torment her victim. Lilly would have objected but was trapped next to Andrea in the stocks. Helen managed to get a turn at her soles and extracted a cruel revenge for the tickling Lilly had administered earlier, driving the Geisha insane. Cleo was watching the stocks and did not enforce Lilly’s ‘No tickle toys from home rule’ instead adding to Lilly’s torment by tickling her neck sides and underarms. The Egyptian Queen had definitely forgotten the lessons learnt in the tickle box and was building up to the stage of needing a tickle punishment again.

Again Helen disappeared when it wasn’t Andrea’s turn in the stocks, although Andrea noticed her in the distance a few times lurking and waiting for her chance to torment her again. In order to get to the front of the queue faster Helen teamed up with the blonde and even lent her a few of her page turners, twenty fingers drove Andrea insane: eight of them where tipped with the cruel textured rubber tips and it wasn’t until Lilly and Betty intervened that Andrea had a reprieve. Her rescuers managed to sneak up on her tormentors as her hourglass reached its final minute. Lilly trapped Helen’s feet between her legs and Betty did the same to the blonde. Betty had been persuaded by Lilly to risk her husband’s punishments, the blonde’s sandaled feet being irrespirable. The blonde was extremely ticklish and begged as her feet were tormented through the gaps in their straps. Helen’s feet were bare, her flip flops being stowed in her bag. Walking around on the sand all day had made Helen’s feet incredibly sensitive and neither girl was able to fight the ticklish onslaught….

“Naughty, Naughty! What did I tell you about using tickle-toys from home?” Lilly purred.

The punishment continued until Andrea’s hourglass had emptied. Releasing the girls the smaller minute kind was produced and the two women were instructed to tickle Andrea’s feet using the feathers provided. Instead the recovering ticklers pulled off the finger toppers and used their nails from the remaining minute, knowing full well that they inflicted a far more unbearable torture.

The rest of the day went by too quickly and all the girls were sad as they packed the tent away. Andrea was glad she had found her new friend’s before the show was cancelled, she worried about Helen but decided against telling Lilly about her fears. She didn’t sleep well that night and was yawning the next day at work when Helen winked at her, she managed to smile weakly. And giggled nervously when Helen whispered…

“Up late at the after party?”

Apart from that Helen left her alone and kept her promise. The only exception being on Friday when Helen again winked at Andrea saying…

“see you tomorrow!”

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This Andrea series is my fav! Loveing ever entry into it!