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Continuing the Andrea saga

- - -

Helen was astounded at discovering her favourite tickle victim’s involvement in a tickle show at the beach. The show itself was an amazing find, Helen loved to tickle women and would have been overjoyed at spending the opportunity to tickle their helpless soles until they begged her to stop. Helen knew Andrea was shy and didn’t want to push things to far so she decided to stop tickling her at work, although she had to resist the urge to put a file she knew the cute sandy blonde needed on a high shelf. Bedsides which her soles would be waiting for her next weekend at the beach, Helen far preferred foot tickling to upper body especially when stocks or other bondage was involved.

Helen could barely wait to tickle Andrea’s soles again, she even got up early on a Saturday, normally relishing her Saturday morning lie-in. She was one of the first regulars to arrive at the beach, being joined by Nicole; the petite ‘blonde’ whose roots were already beginning to show again through her central parting. The girls waited impatiently as the other regulars milled around awkwardly occasionally catching them ogling their bare and sandaled feet. Half an hour passed, normally the show had begun by now….

Meanwhile Andrea was laughing hysterically, her feet locked in the stocks at the world music festival. Two giggling hippy chicks ran their fingers up and down her soft soles taking delight in extracting giggles from the helpless blonde. Andrea thoroughly enjoyed the festival, the tickling was less sadistic, aside from that delivered by the return customers who would linger to take as many turns as they could afford.

Andrea also loved being able to visit the other stalls with one of the other girls. She had never had the confidence to go to events like this on her own and never had many friends, her few friends from school and college not being particularly outgoing. She loved Lilly’s company and the sense of belonging she had.

As Andrea walked to her desk the following Monday she hummed the tune from one of the bands she had watched at the event. She was in such a good mood she shot Helen a smile who was already sat at her desk.

“Good morning!” She beamed her shy demeanour banished

“…Morning!” Helen grumbled her bad mood lost on Andrea

“Have fun at the weekend?” Helen asked, her sarcasm going over the blonde’s head.

“Yeah went to a world music festival with some friends” Andrea beamed

“Well I’m glad you had fun!” Helen spat, the spite in her voice still passing unnoticed by Andrea.

The two women got on with their work. Andrea humming and occasionally glancing over to watch Helen wiggle her toes in her tan nylons. Towards the end of the day Andrea began to become frustrated; her work became difficult files kept being moved and she knew she would have to stay late in order to finish what she had to have complete by the end of the day. Helen also didn’t leave but Andrea was too busy trying to get her work finished. She eventually found that the paperwork she needed was in the stores for some reason. She went to investigate and found them at the back of the filing cabinet, as she began to stand up Helen pounced tackling her and digging into her sides to produce helpless giggles as Andrea struggled.

Eventually Helen had Andrea pinned down straddling her waist holding both her arms above her head.

“Helen! What the Hell!” Andrea demanded

“What they Hell Indeed! Three hours I spent waiting for you on Saturday!” Helen was enraged

“You were at the beach?” Andrea asked

“Of course I was! Why didn’t you tell me you were missing a week!”

“… but last week was the last one!” Andrea realised she had made a mistake the moment the words left her lips.

“What?! You mean to say there won’t be anymore?!” Helen demanded

“Well we aren’t sure yet…” Andrea struggled, the carpet cushioning her slightly but Helen’s relentless grip making her uncomfortable.

“Oh you will tell me!” Helen demanded shifting her grip on Andrea’s wrists to hold them both in one hand and reaching to grab a length of rope attached to the leg of a heavy old desk. Andrea struggled as Helen began to tie her wrists….

“Helen! What are you doing?!” Andrea asked as she struggled, desperately trying not to be tied down.

“I’m tying you down for your punishment!” Helen answered…

“You should have told me you wouldn’t be at the beach, now I’m going to make you pay!”

“No! Don’t tie me up! Helen stop!” Andrea protested.

Whenever she successfully started to wiggle free Helen would tickle her sides making her lose control eventually both her arms were tied straight above her head and she helplessly laughed as Helen tickled her sides, underarms and tummy, deftly unbuttoning her top to expose her smooth skin. As the torture continued Andrea’s struggles subsided, sensing she had started to break her victim in Helen slid from her waist to her knees and began to unbutton her tight boot-cut jeans….

“Helen!” No!” Andrea protested, starting to kick as her jeans loosened exposing her underwear.

“No kicking! The more you resist the more torture I will inflict!” Helen teased as she removed Andrea’s boots, hungrily pulling off her uppermost thick socks exposing the white middle socks that housed Andrea’s sensitive feet.
Soon Andrea was squirming in her underwear and unbuttoned blouse, two pairs of socks still protected her feet but she felt vulnerable and helpless as her heart raced. Helen began to tie her ankles, using other ropes she had surreptitiously hidden when setting up her tickle trap. Soon she had her victim tied tightly on the floor her legs spread at almost ninety degrees, she stood up to examine her prize….

“Not bad but it is missing something!” She teased reaching into her bag and producing a ball-gag

Andrea’s eyes widened…

“Helen look, let me go now and I won’t report this” Andrea tried to sound intimidating but her voice trembled.

“Oh you won’t report this! I was going to let you keep your little secret, but since you stood me up I think perhaps if you let people know how much I like tickling helpless women it will only be fair that everyone knows how much you love being helpless and tickled mercilessly!” Helen loved the terror in her victim’s eyes.

Andrea was trembling she couldn’t stand the thought of everyone knowing about her fetish, and hated the thought of her family finding out.

“Now open wide!” Helen purred approaching with the ball-gag.

Andrea tried to resist but Helen tickled her neck and as Andrea squealed she secured the gag in her victim’s mouth….

“Now that I have you gagged I think that these naughty feet deserve a good tickle!”

Helen padded over to Andrea’s soles loving the way they wiggled in anticipation. As she peeled off the white sports socks she gasped at the thin grey socks that were underneath…

“Three pairs of socks?! Why are you wearing three pairs Andrea?” Helen asked, genuinely confused.

“Hmmf, Hmm… Fmmhmmm!” Was all Andrea could get out…

“Oh right the ball-gag! Well you can tell me after your first session is over!” Helen stated this plainly, but the words caused panic and Andrea shook her feet from side to side as her grey socks were peeled off slowly. Helen briefly explored the socked feet with her nails before stripping her prize completely bare. She relished the prospect of torturing Andrea, there would be no three minute sessions, there would be no waiting in line, and there would be no mercy!

She began with her nails: driving her victim crazy, varying between scribbling her nails all over both arches and using one hand to hold the toes keeping the super soft skin of Andrea’s feet taut and helpless. After five minutes of torture Andrea was in hysterics praying that someone would rescue her, not caring that her ticklishness would be discovered. But there would be no rescue; Helen had made sure no one else was in the office, she had locked the door and even switched the lights off.

Helen briefly switched to using two electric toothbrushes to tickle Andrea’s toes, having wanting to continue this torture the weekend before. After struggling to keep them in Andrea’s worst spots for a few minutes she became frustrated and reached into her bag of tricks. She produced two leather devices and secured them round Andrea’s legs about half way round her calves, from these she attached the loops over the big toes of each of Andrea’s toes, toe-tying her to her own legs.

Andrea protested into her ball-gag, her eyes were full of tears and her hair was a mess. She wasn’t sure how Helen had toe-tied her, she wasn’t sure if this was a terrible nightmare. She was sure that this was torture, Helen was tickling one helpless sole with her fingertips and nails and exploring the toes of the other with a toothbrush. After a long tickling session at Andrea’s feet she sighed and decided it was time to interrogate her captive.

Helen stood up and pulled the ball-gag from Andrea’s mouth, wiping the saliva on her skirt and watching her victim sigh and try to catch her breath….

“Now then! Why are you wearing three pairs of socks Andrea?” Helen demanded

“Lil…Lilly!” Was all Andrea could manage, she was almost delirious

“Lilly! Who is Lilly?” Helen asked

“She makes me wear three pairs to make my feet more ticklish…” Andrea was unable to keep secrets the tickling acting like a truth drug, she was too exhausted to try and outwit or resist her captor

“Well that asks my first question, but who is Lilly!” Helen demanded

“My friend… The Geisha!”

“Ah the one who tickled me last week!” Helen remembered the tickling, she loved administering tickle torture but had mixed feelings about being on the receiving end.

“So when will you and your friend’s return to the beach?” Helen continued the interrogation, enjoying her victim’s exhausted respite.

“I don’t know” Andrea answered, she secretly hoped the beached show would continue and was too tired to give a different answer…

“Liar!” Helen declared tickling Andrea’s sides mercilessly

Andrea squealed being swiftly returned to tickle hell, the respite was just long enough to for her to catch her breath. Helen returned the ball-gag and tormented her upper body for a few minutes before going back to her victim’s feet. She decided to take the torture up a notch and produced a bottle of baby oil and two hairbrushes. She quickly oiled Andrea’s soles making sure not to stain the carpet and then began the brush torture. Andrea was hysterical, she had only received brush torture from Lilly who used them sparingly returning to finger tickling to keep her guessing what would happen next.

Helen used this trick, but only for short periods before switching back to brush torture. After what seemed like an eternity Helen went back to using the electric toothbrushes. Eventually settling on Andrea’s worst spots and marking them with a magic marker. Andrea didn’t know what significance the four points being marked had, enjoying the respite from tickle torture. She heard two toothbrushes being switched on and cowered at the evil whirr, then two more were switched on….

Andrea was confused, she heard another noise but could place it, as the first toothbrush was placed with its head positioned in between her toes right under the index and big toe it made sense and she screamed. Helen was taping the toothbrushes to her soles. A second one was secured in place its evil bristles finding the spot under her second smallest toe. Helen taped it in place, Andrea tried to free herself from the torturous sensations but her struggles only made the tickling worse. Soon two more toothbrushes were secured in place on her other foot. Andrea’s face was red, she was screaming into her ball-gag and saliva dribbled from each side of her mouth. Her messed up hair her was becoming soaked with sweat and only the towels Helen had discretely slid under her would hide the cruel trap she was caught in. The torture was unbearable, unlike her sessions with Lilly, Andrea didn’t feel precious or cared for. The torture was turning her on slightly but not enough to show….

“Well now I have shown you what tortures I am capable of inflicting perhaps you will are to answer my questions…” Helen teased, enjoying her victim’s continued torment as she stood to remove her ball-gag. Helen paused enjoying the way Andrea shook from side to side desperately trying to escape her bondage. Helen struggled to remove the ball-gag from the hysterical Andrea, eventually deciding to switch off the toothbrushes, not wanting Andrea’s screams to be heard, also she wasn’t sure if the gentle Andrea would bite her or not. She eased out Andrea’s ball-gag…

“Helen, please stop this!” Andrea begged

“Oh it can stop, just tell me when you are at the beach again!”

“We can’t use the beach anymore, we are planning somewhere new…” Andrea hoped Helen would buy her excuses…

“Where and when?” Helen demanded

“A castle, either this weekend or the next one!” Andrea wasn’t sure what had been decided and her mind was fuzzy

“A likely story!” Helen snapped

“It’s true!” Andrea insisted, she tried to resist as Helen re-applied the gag. The tickling started at her wrists, Helen slowly teased with the pads of her fingers moving down into the crooks of her elbows. Andrea giggled into her ball-gag the anticipation getting worse as Helen approached her exposed underarms. Soon her second worst spot was under attack and Helen lingered, experimentation proved that her nails were less effective than the pads of her fingers and she enjoyed Andrea’s obvious torment at this discovery.

Helen preferred foot tickling, but never got much of a chance to tickle Andrea’s underarms at the beach; plus she liked the way Andrea squirmed and loved seeing the look of desperation in her eyes. She decided to experiment and used some feathers to tickle Andrea’s silky soft underarms, strangely this seemed to inflict a worse torture than her fingers so after several minutes she tried soft make-up brushes and was delighted with the results. Andrea struggled but it was no use, her underarms were more vulnerable to soft gentle tickles than hard fingernail scribbles. Eventually Helen grew bored and explored her victim’s tummy, sides and thighs moving ever closer to her feet.

After tormenting the backs of Andrea’s knees Helen moved down to her favourite spot and Andrea’s worst nightmare. She tickled around the toothbrushes before switching them back on. Helen used the sharp quill end of a pair of feathers to tease the exposed parts of Andrea’s arches, a technique equally effective as tracing devilish designs over the tops of Andrea’s feet. Helen longed to truly torture her victim and decided that the make-up brushes in her underarms deserved another go. Helen tortured her victim to the point of insanity, the combination of toothbrushes and soft silky touches to her underarms and neck being unbearable. One of these alone would be enough to make her reveal any secret but the two together pushed her over the edge. Helen didn’t tickle like Lilly, who always achieved the perfect balance between pleasure, panic and pure torture. Helen just tortured, finding her worst spots and focusing on them before returning to them again and again. She was relentless and were Lilly would stop to verbally tease her Helen teased whilst she tickled, never stopping never easing up, only torturing.

Eventually she decided she wanted to break her victim, she straddled Andrea just below her waist and lowered her head towards her tummy. She swept the two make-up brushes in measured strokes over her victim’s underarms, she even tried to use her toes on the backs of Andrea’s knees. She wasn’t as flexible as Lilly or Betty and her attempts were clumsy in comparison but still added to her victim’s torment. All of this; the toes in her knees, the brushes in her underarms, the toothbrushes relentless buzzing between her toes was nothing in comparison to what Helen did next….

Andrea jumped, squealing into her ball-gag as Helen descended her tongue into her belly button. She began screaming as Helen wiggled her tongue around exploring her worst spot. Belly button tickling was hell for Andrea and she screamed, hopelessly struggling to escape her bonds. Helen sensed her torment but persisted in her torment, pausing only to drip a little honey into Andrea’s belly button to improve the taste. She had planned to lick the honey from her soles but was put off by the smell created of three pairs of socks in boots on a hot day. Perhaps she would scrub those soles another time before lickle torturing them. Helen fantasised about breaking the sandy blonde as her personal tickle-slave in this fashion as her tongue drove Andrea to insanity.

The torture continued for what felt like an eternity to Andrea. Eventually Helen stopped, switched off the toothbrushes and removed her ball-gag. Andrea was too tired to scream and just begged in a quiet voice…

“Please not the belly button! I will do anything! We are going to meet at the castle….”

“Okay sweetie!” Helen interjected believing Andrea as there was no way she could lie in this condition.

“I will get you there I promise just stop the belly button torture, I can’t stand it!”

“Okay, full directions, times and permission to tickle you for as long as I like!” Helen demanded.

“Anything!” Andrea was broken.

Helen packed away her torture instruments and released Andrea from her bonds. It was several minutes before Andrea could redress herself. Tidy her desk in preparation for the next day and walk to her car. As she did so she produced her phone and rang Lilly….

Helen had to pay! Lilly would not stand for this, she calmly told her everything that had happened and agreed to sort out revenge plans at game’s night the next day.

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Oh yes, this series gets better & better! I hope Helen gets hers!

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waaaaah great story yaaaaay

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thanks, I have the next part 90% finished as usual the preamble has turned into a story in its own right...

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Excellent! Love the saga!

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Very nice content of the story! I really love nylon-tickling and would seek a part with all-nyloned-soles for a longer time of the story!

Using copy-paste and deleting blank lines, to create a compact word-document from the story, I found many mistakes of-, or simple
not existing punctuation! Please improve your skills in that a little, because missing points or repeated "...." at the end of sentences,
are not a very nice way of writing and makes reading a little uncomfortable. You have nice fantasy for the content, so please don't
destroy the atmosphere by bad interpunction-skills! Thanks to internet- and mobile-chat, for stealing our kids the ability, how to build
complete and correct sentences anymore and how to use point, comma, question-marks or include direct-speech in a text!

I really hope for more of Andrea's adventures and some nyloned soles should be under torture for some hours, too! ;)

Best regards, Manuela

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Yeah noticed there are a few mistakes and was planning to sort them