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07-25-2015, 01:16 AM
This is one of the biggest random stories that was viewed on dA. I ended up combining all three of the entries together. I ended up making a new title for all three since I did not want to make such a big ass title having "The Princess and The Commoner, The Diary and Tatsayu's Resolve, and The Queen and The Knight. A bit too much for a title so I based it around the theme. Love. Lovey dovey blah gah me go flip table stuff.

Anyways enjoy.


There was awkward silence as the dark hair male sat near the window staring into the clouds. The sky was cleared with a few clouds noticing a couple of birds flying across the endless blue. The sun was out, a normal day of high school. The teacher was reviewing over some sort of Geometry problem using the Pythagorean theorem. This male could care less about math than his drawing capability. He glance at the board noticing the a squared plus b squared equals to c squared crap. He sighs and stares around the room, scratching his pencil against the blank paper on his desk.

This male bears a casual wear. He has a dark button up t-shirt with some white thin stripes running up and down. He wears some dark Adidas shoes and some Levi jeans, not tight, but average. His shirt wasn't tucked into the pants as it covers his waist though. His height could be around 5'8. His dark long hair halting at the neck gleam some reflection as his dark eyes peers around room once more.

He eyes at the clock above the doorway. It was one fifty. He needs a good five minutes till they are dismiss. Chatter was heard on his right glancing at some jocks muttering something. They were spreading some sort of gossip about girls and who they might fuck with. They usually talk about girls and what they would do afterwards once they receive some 'fun'. He only cares about himself... Although, he feels a bit lonely.

He dawns on himself. He didn't want any friends, nor did he care. He only wanted to get the hell out of here and get on with his life. High School was an obstacle and a requirement for his goal. He lacks the potential to do homework since it's just a way to check with your knowledge... Or it's just work. He would WORK if it's his type of FUN, but doing the usually core subjects and not drawing anything annoys him. He loathes the idea of work unless it's his.

Oh yes... He blushes at the slight thought of it. He usually draws his fetish. He doesn't talk about it much to anyone around his school... Because... Well, you can understand, right? He stops and notices his random scribbling. He drew a strange doodle thingy. He couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"Tatsayu!" the old male teacher yell having a bald spot on the very top of his head and wearing some medium size spectacles. He was obese bearing some wrinkles across his face. His attention was towards, his face wrinkled up even more as he eyes at Tatsayu as. He was squinting, acting as if he couldn't see even with those glasses on.

"What is the answer to C?!" he exclaims again slapping his yard stick against the board. Some of the students giggle. Gossiping peeps...

"13." Tatsayu said proudly, giving no care if it's right or wrong, and not showing any fear if he will get mocked because of it.

"Correct." the teacher turns around writing on the board to why it's correct. One of the football jocks toss a piece of paper to Tatsayu's head whispering.

"Nerd." He wasn't a nerd, yet ignorance is bliss. Tatsayu glances around the room again staring at the females in particular. They were huddled beside their boyfriends, or by the jocks... It was a bit awkward for him to stare since he never actually stared at a girl's body for a good minute. Even if there was an internet, he was anti-social for some reason. Shy? Could be, but he doubts it. He can easily talk to a girl online, maybe through the XBOX LIVE channel, and perhaps through web cams (although he covers the screen when he talks to them), he never confronted a girl face to face.

Most of the girls at the school were taken or out of his reach (they are extremely popular to get with). Tatsayu heard the bell chime through the room as he sighs. Another casual day. He picks up his backpack watching some of the seniors get out first. They always leave in such a hurry. Tatsayu doesn't ride the bus. He walks. He's a senior, denying the need to leave in such haste. He likes to be the last one behind... and alone in quiet.

"Ouch." Tatsayu found himself knocking someone over when he was picturing his quiet day. He opens his eyes to reveal a young blonde hair girl on the floor. Shit!

"I'm sorry!" Tatsayu said in such a high pitch tone, surprising the girl. She giggles as she stood back up with Tatsayu's help. Tatsayu pulls her up.

"Thank you, and no bigg..." she had a very fluent and surprisingly amazing British accent. Tatsayu was speechless as she walks past him. She begins to talk to the teacher. Tatsayu walked past the doorway halting beside the wall. He is stunned. Is she new? He recalls every face in this school, and he knows for sure... She is new. Her voice was just the beginning. When Tatsayu peeked into the classroom, he stared at her body now (staring at a girl longer than most of the girls present in this school). She bears a very white outfit, more of a nobility sort of look, but it's like the Alice in Wonderland outfit... With some... changes here and there. She bears lace gloves around her hand to her elbow as her boots reach to her knee with some white socks. Wait... her skirt was a bit above the knees, maybe if- OH GOD! No, he shouldn't-

"Hey nerd!" Tatsayu found one of the jocks slamming his back. Tatsayu lost balance falling onto the floor. The jock laughs - halting to stare at the new girl.

"HEY! You're new around here huh!?" the male begins to walk towards her, "Damn... You look like a princess!" The girl turns her face at the jock. Her calm nature she had before changed in mere seconds. Her eyes pierce at the jock bearing a very aggressive and firm glare. Wow, her cheeks weren't that chubby... They had a look of an anime chick with a very sharp chin, but not that sharp. Her body was around... maybe 5'11 bearing a very slim and noble frame body.

"You idiot," the teacher exclaim, "Apologize to the princess!" Wait... Holy shit- she isn't lying about this?!

"A-ah sorry-"

"Out of my way." she exclaims walking towards Tatsayu, "We are taking our leave." She grabs his left arm and locks her right arm around it. Tatsayu IS red. He gazes at the jock staring in utter stupidity as they stride off... Tatsayu didn't say anything... They were walking for a good minute. She glances around sighing and letting go of him. A bit of hair moved in front of her face. For a noble, her hair on the left covered a bit of her face and the corner of her blue eyes. Her hair reaches midway against her back along with some strands on top of her breasts. Her pale skin seemed to reflect such light in the correct angle as her eyes seem to entrance Tatsayu. You can see the outline of her boobies-

"Um... Please... Stop staring. You are...scaring me." her voice snapped Tatsayu out of the trance. He blush bowing in a very pathetic manner. He got on his knees saying, "I have no clue that a princess came to the school! I'm sorry about bumping into you milady!" The girl seems to be surprise helping Tatsayu up, even if he didn't need it.

"Please! Don't bow to me like that!" Tatsayu raised an eyebrow, "Besides... I hate such formalities..."

"You are the princess, aren't you?"

"I am!" she turns around almost giving him that deadly glare. He corrected himself, "I-I mean, the beautiful princess you are of course!"

"P-please... K-keep it down." She commands. She glances around the school like she was in some sort of danger.

"May I ask why-"

"HEY NERD!" the familiar voice from before came towards us with a couple more guys, "Hand us the princess... We want to MARRY her!" The sudden declaration seemed to boil the princess' nerve. She yells a vicious scream that echoed in the halls. The jock was utterly confused at this.

"My god... Woman you are-"

"Don't address her as 'woman'!" an armored British trooper came into view gutting the male in the balls. Tatsayu grabbed for his, feeling the sudden pain. The princess eyes at Tatsayu, feeling a tad sorry about the action he witness. There were more guards coming onto the second floor- was she hiding from them?

"Let's go..." she takes Tatsayu by the arm heading down the stairs.

"Milady! After her!" exclaim a guard.

"Not so fast you tin cans!" yell one of the jocks.

Tatsayu regained himself as the two checked around the corridors. Why would they want to run around in the hallways, it would be too obvious- Oh wait!

"Follow me." Tatsayu grabs the princess' right hand, running down the corridor with her and into a room. Tatsayu locked the door. He breathes a sigh of relief and notice the princess glancing at something.

"Where are we?" she asks noticing the artwork around the walls and ceiling.

"The art room." Tatsayu answers, staring at the princess's hair. He didn't notice some strands that were dyed black or a bit of pink. She giggles at some random picture. Tatsayu couldn't help but take his backpack off and walk to the back door. He glance at one of the pictures he drew sighing at how hard it was to come up with something... other than his love to draw 'that'. When he exits the room, he notices the princess holding a folder. Her eyes were wide open... Wait... Which folder- OH GOD! He rushes towards the princess. He reaches out for the folder.

"Nope." she said playfully moving out of the way.

"G-give it back!" Tatsayu yells trying to get at her. The princess was being stubborn, turning to the next picture in the folder. Tatsayu tried more attempts. The two were dancing across the place...

"Wow... You can draw, I can tell you that." she stops. Tatsayu fell from his previous attempt. He glares at her in a chibi like manner, lunging into the air. The princess stomped on him with her boot still looking. Tatsayu didn't felt the pressure getting added to his down body. He eyed at her lace boots though...

"Say... What is this... Particularly the name of such works...?" the princess asks.

The princess lifts her foot up- What happened to her boot! She blushes madly, dropping the folder onto the table. Tatsayu undid her laces on her boot! He was red, you could see his face and how he seems to be...hesitating?

"B-b-bad!" Tatsayu was acting all strange and really, really stiff. He thought no one, NO ONE would look into his folder. He finds his hands moving from her wrists to her stomach. A giggle escape her mouth as she blush. Tatsayu stopped, glancing at her stomach. He begins to unleash his nails against her cloth area.

"Nohahahhehhehhehehahheha!" she screams trying to get Tatsayu off.

"Oh no you don't!" Tatsayu pull kicked a nearby table to have a canister roll off. There was some thread, but not big enough to tie her with. Luckily... there was tape. He grabs the tape with one hand and tickled her stomach with his other. The princess was weak, or she wasn't trying to halt Tatsayu's plans. The male place the tape around her arms and legs... He stopped glancing at her curled up feet... He...

"You like what you see, you naughty boy." the princess tease as Tatsayu's face lit red.

"W-what?!" Tatsayu glance at the table, "Oh..."

"Come on now..." the princess coo, "Entertain me..."

"W-why..." Tatsayu felt a bit surprise, but feel like she was only teasing him. He doesn't understand girls fully, or know what they would want or dislike (because females are always confusing and hard to decipher).

"Because..." she glance away trying to hide something, "W-well... I actually... I think I fell in love at first sight." Tatsayu chuckle hoarsely. He doubted such a statement. He was pathetic, useless, and maybe unattractive. He stands up and folds his arms having his back against the princess, "I'm not."

"Man, you're stubborn." she said bluntly adding a strange mellow voice. It hit Tatsayu as he glance at her. Her face was literally red like his and her body seems to squirm under the tape...

"What, aren't you suppose to be engage to some high noble to ensure stability in your money or the mere status of a noble like a princess." Tatsayu said without any doubt in his knowledge he has... but refuse to show in school.

"You are right," the princess said, "Doesn't mean I can rebel against such obligations."

"You were running away from your dad huh? That will explain the guard’s massive numbers..."

"Please..." the words that came out of her mouth seem to hit Tatsayu hard across the head, "Just tickle me and help me hide..." those words made Tatsayu's face brighten up. He couldn't stray away from such a requests. He did stop himself before doing anything for a good five times. He looks at her, then at the possibilities in his mind. For one, he could tickle her and be a very lucky man to tickle and please a princess… ON THE OTHER HAND, he could be sent to jail or worse for tickling a princess. After making his mind up, he picks the princess up off the floor and plots her onto a normal blue chair. He secures her body against the chair as he place her legs onto the desk. He made sure her legs were stretch out and her body was comfortable having her legs plotted on the desk. He taped her ankles down on the table as she couldn't squirm her feet wildly or side to side. She bites the lower part of her lip, but her eyes were filled with anxiety. She seems like...

"H-have you ever been..." Tatsayu stopped to swallow his own saliva due to such nervous tensions, "Tickled?"

"No, but this will be the first time..." she gives a warm smile to Tatsayu as his face exploded. He couldn't help but turn his back to cover a bloody nose. He heard some clattering, silencing the princess.

"Did you see them here?"

"No!" yell one of the guards showing a shadowy image near the window. "Keep searching!" they left the very window, the two breathing a sigh of relief.

"Oh..." Tatsayu lowers his voice as he takes out a hanker chief from his pocket. The princess raises an eyebrow staring at Tatsayu.

"I need to place this on if you want to continue... I need to... Gag you." she blushes, snickering a bit, "Fine." Before Tatsayu even place the cloth in her mouth, he stops halfway. He stares into girl's eyes for a moment asking, "What is your name?"


"Well... I'm Tatsayu." Before she could say his name, he places the hanker chief as he taped a small strand around her mouth. He made sure to move her hair out of the way so it would not hurt her when he tears the tape off later. Her eyes were surprised, squirming lightly against the tape. She couldn't move a whole lot, wiggling certain part of her area. She tries to scream, or mutter something, deafened by the gag.

"Alright..." Tatsayu seem to like this... In an art room full of tickling equipment! He didn't think his day changed from boring to exciting in such moments! He glance at her other boot on her right foot. He undid the lace watching some struggling motions. Tatsayu curse to himself undoing the tape a bit to get the boot off. While he was at it, he lowered the socks down to her ankles, making sure it wouldn't get stick to the duct tap as he secure the area. He didn't say anything, and she couldn't say anything as well. He had to keep quiet, just in case the guard was around the area. He begins to stroke her sock soles- surprisingly he could guess the size of her feet. They were nine. Such a princess bearing some moderately above the average feet... He couldn't help but snicker... He felt something in his pants getting up just touching her. She flinch, trying to pull her feet away. She shakes her head slowly trying to move her feet away from Tatsayu's taunting finger. He only had one finger on her left sole. Tatsayu, blushing a bit openly now, but focusing on his methods. He was staring at her white sock foot trying to move away from his finger. He motions his finger from the heel to toe, getting at the middle, the insteps, and the arches. He even tickled the side of the foot watching them flex in the opposite direction.

Her eyes were shut. Her breathing was being stiff and quiet, trying to hold her own giggles, or some other sound deep inside her throat. Tatsayu stops to drag his backpack over and gather things around the room. He place them down surprising the princess with a mix of massive amount of objects. Tatsayu, not even on any intentions, had baby oil. The princess raise her right eyebrow at him.

"Oh, you'll see... But first." Tatsayu continue his slow tickling method. The princess was fighting quite hard. She wasn't ticklish as much with her socks on. She needs to worry when her socks were off, but the methods Tatsayu was using seems to get her jumping and making her feel a bit filled up in. OH GOD! She bites hard on the cloth in her mouth shaking her head. Tatsayu uses his other hand to torment and analyze her right sock sole. His finger would loop around the arch, itch the very insteps to where the toes met as his other hand uses his index finger to itch at her heel and twirl circles around the middle of her foot. When his finger tickled the toes and her heels, her body jerks violently. Tatsayu takes note of the sudden motions of what makes Alice jumps and where he was tickling.

Alice moves her left sole over the right trying to get some breathing space or interrupt Tatsayu's tactic. It didn't work as his finger taunt both of them. Alice tried pulling her feet away noticing her strength failing to pull her ticklish nine soles away, cursing at the duct tape and position she was place in.

"Wow, such ticklish feet..." Tatsayu mutters having his blush fade. He was getting a bit overwhelmed and a tad serious about doing this. This is bad for Alice, Tatsayu would show such methods that will make her wet... Even if she didn't want to. Her mouth couldn't protest as he would enjoy the very methods he will unleash.

He grips both her big socked toes prying them back. Her other toes took a defensive measure to curl up. Tatsayu held them tightly leaving no way for either one of them to move, or wiggle about. Tatsayu was using all five fingers from his right hand clawing up and down the sock soles. The method was straightforward but a bit exaggerated. He did it harshly sending Alice into a role over, hearing the giggles suppress in her mouth. Her eyes shut tightly to open back up when his hand went back up towards the insteps. He didn't even touch her toes. He was tormenting her in various degrees. Halfway through his viciously up and down motion, he slowed down dragging the nail against the sock. This tickled Alice. She slams against the chair giggling madly.

"Yes, laugh it up." Tatsayu comment taking the chance to halt his hand. Alice took a quick breather feeling a pointy brush stroke her sock. Her eyes burst open noticing Tatsayu's sudden attack on her sock toes. They quiver in their defensive state as he shove the brush in between the toes. He spins the brush around the spot hearing a sudden suppress laughter erupting from her gag mouth.

"Aw, tickle, tickle." Tatsayu was enjoying this. He will definitely make this the best time. Even if she doesn't want it like that. Alice was finding some sweat beading her forehead as her face was red from such a touch! Tatsayu lets go of her toes and lets her take a breather. She eyes at Tatsayu who was looking into the back room. She couldn't turn around much due to her bound state.

Tatsayu grabbed a hair dyer and sat in front of Alice's feet. He didn't take any savoring moment to take off her socks. He toss them to the side watching Alice's surprise reaction trying to defend her bare feet now. They cross over each other. She painted her toenails teal, showing a cute and rather eye catching stare. Her toes weren't long, but they weren't too short. They were alright as they curled and wiggled in front of Tatsayu (which is a bad idea). He always envied the girls wearing flip-flops because he really wants to tickle them in such a harsh manner. He looks at the princess unwrinkled feet noticing such pamper and care. They were a sight to stare at... He will change that.

"MMPHH!" Alice exclaims trying to protest the nice thing she did not expect. Tatsayu was rubbing the baby oil around his hands. Alice ended up moaning into the gag than laughing. Slight giggles, but they were overpowered by moans as Tatsayu rubs her soles so carefully and slowly. He was applying the oil everywhere. Even if she was ticklish, this was making her drool. She couldn't help but lay back and enjoy this. She even felt a good massage out of him. He was pressing down on all the points that arched her so. The toes, the balls of her feet, the middle of her foot, the massage was so heavenly. It tickles slightly, but the right amount of pressure he was doing, and the way he as being so careful not to make it tickle made the princess enjoy his touch. She tries to hug herself, moving the chair at some points. Tatsayu watch the suddenly happy princess laughing to himself.

"Someone's enjoying this?" Alice was awfully confuse at the feeling of hair dryers blowing at her feet. She felt the warm feeling all over her soles. This was making her a bit...uneasy, although the massage and oil smooth her doubts as she took the time to enjoy this. Tatsayu didn't want to spoil her parade in her unlaughing mood. He was doing this for a reason. If she cannot figure it out soon, it might lead to her unexpected doom.

Her soles are extremely ticklish. The temperature in the room is perfect, already moderately warm. By tampering with the oil and the hair dryers blowing at her feet, this will create a sense of more acknowledge sensitivity. Alice felt something around her toes. The oil was in it though. She close her eyes giggling a bit to the sensation. Tatsayu was sly, once again. He cloaked the thread he was using with baby oil to fool her sense of judgement. He was tying her toes with the thread. He notice some eye screws to the side of the table. He would use the end of these threads to secure her toes in place. She will definitely know what true ticklish torment is...

Alice was given a good ten minutes of the arousing, nice massage, and oiling. She was blushing madly and enjoyed it. She was glad she stopped by this school.

"Now..." Tatsayu got in front of her upper body blocking her view of his next plan. He had to distract her though. He tied the thread to the screws at the side of the table as she felt the sudden motion. She moans a bit feeling the baby oil. Silly girl.

"Let's try these double Ds." Tatsayu groped her breasts rubbing them side to side. She moans as he slides his hands under and above her outfit hearing some moans and tugs to at least move. Tatsayu glance at Alice struggling to get his hands off of her.

"Aw... that's cute. How about this?!" Tatsayu surprise Alice by scratching madly at her nipples. Her body jerked violently at the feeling as her body tries to move about. Her toes felt the thread, or the thing around her toes, tickling her madly. She begins to scream. Luckily there were no guards. Tatsayu stop tickling her breasts heading back to her feet. She notices the threads glaring at Tatsayu. She figured out what Tatsayu did and she felt stupid about it. He was using the baby oil to get at her sensitivity and wrapped it up with the warm heat to increase it... Hell, he topped it up by tying her toes back to the point she can't squirm much. This was going to get harsh real fast.

Tatsayu test the string as he turns off the hair blowers/dryers. He notice some motion as he adjust the strains. This was a bit wild and exciting for Alice since she enjoys this, but tying her up in such measures will make her explode and she didn't like these toe ties much. She can't protest though, she asked for this. Her toes were now tied and still. Her feet are secured by more duct tape around the side of her heel. She couldn't move her feet anymore, not even a flinch can be seen. Tatsayu test this with both fingers stroking at the easily tied feet. Her eyes burst open laughing madly. OH GOD! The feeling of the baby oil and how it seems to effort her sensitivity is killing Alice. Not only that, it seems like every inch of her feet were awake to any touch she receives. The fact that Tatsayu’s nail just touch her made her jump madly and start to release beautiful streams of lughter. Her feet were quivering in the bounds unable to move. She bangs her body against the chair screaming delightful laughter into the gag. Tatsayu was upset, he couldn't hear the beauty of her true laughter due to the pesky gag.

"I'll just test these bare soles now..." From Tatsayu’s observations from before with her socks on, her bare feet reaction are utterly different from before. Maybe he shouldn't place so much baby oil and warmed her soles to an extent. Oh well, more fun for him. Every inch of her feet were twice as ticklish than before. Her two spots she doesn't want tickled at the same time, made her scream a laughing pitch that went pass the cloth. Wow. Her body was jerking against the chair trying to get her soles away from Tatsayu's nails. She was in tears, sweating a bit more as her hair flash across her face.

Tatsayu check every spot. Her arches were alright to get at, hearing some melodic natural laughter as Tatsayu scratch at the middle and heel. Her laughter exploded in a critical agony as Tatsayu tickled her toes. She seems to shut her mouth shut when her toes were tickled. Tatsayu raise an eyebrow staring at the girl. He scratch the place even harder, watching Alice struggle in all defiance. Some laughter erupt, but she was forcing herself to keep it in... He stopped. He doesn't want her to pass out because she wouldn't laugh.

He let her breathe glancing at the window. No guards still. He will make sure she will cherish this moment- eh... what is he saying?! He didn't want to force the girl into submission. Then again, he wanted to push her to fulfill his wonders. Are girls turn on if they are submitted to heavy tickle torture?

He walked towards her tickling her pussy. The sudden motion of his hand going under her skirt shocks her. She burst out laughing though, feeling his fingers tickle her sensitive pussy. Her eyes thrust open trying to place a 'don't you dare' glare. She couldn't, she loves this stranger.

"How about this...?" he attached a vibrator, a very fuzzy padded one against her clothed pussy turning it on. Alice was laughing notoriously shaking side to side, shaking her head.

"Aw, look at that." comment Tatsayu walking towards her immobilized soles, "Let's get back to this section..." Tatsayu holds two paint brushes, dipping water onto them and trailing them back up and down her soles. He hears the princess erupting into a loud muffled laughter taking the chance to apply more tickling torment on her soles.

Alice hates tickling to some degree. Being tied and immobilized against her will was one of them. Even though she hates it, she was turned on by mere submission of intense torture. She LOVES it yet she HATES it. Alice didn't mind Tatsayu though, he seems... to be the guy she wants to force her on that line. She blush at the thought of it, shaking her head in her fidgeting and ticklish state. Her body was sweating a bit more than usually under such torment. Her eyes were leaking a lot more tears, her face getting sticky as her hair stick to her closed mouth. Her eyes try to pry away from Tatsayu's foreplay, but she couldn't. She watch him brush the top of her tied toes. They were screaming to move! She wanted to, dying in any attempt to move! Her feet, that is. Her body was shaking the chair as her legs struggle to pull her feet off the table. Whatever duct tape Tatsayu use, it was sturdy and tough. She wish she could beg and plea in her humble, well right now, adorable voice to get out, but she can't... She doesn't want to get caught while she's getting such a wonderful time.

"I should paint these feet... Or maybe us the pens?" Her eyes burst open! H-he wouldn't! She shakes her head looking awfully desperately cute to say no to. Tatsayu did, teasing her with the un click pen. Her body thrust into the chair screaming. It was cold! A bit too cold to be using against her warm soles!

"I'll just write some words, don't worry... Maybe draw a picture of you as well!" her eyes burst open. No! She tries to scream that through the gag hearing the click pen. Too late. Her body exploded as she screams in a wild manner.

"What was that!?" Shit! Tatsayu notice the knights hurrying through the hallways. He had to stop. He took out a knife from the cupboard of the teacher's desk rushing to Alice. He cut away the tape and rope quickly, tossing it to the side. He didn't have time to clean up. He packed his equipment in his backpack placing it on his back (he took some other tools from his foreplay as well... by accident). He grabs Alice's footwear staring at the tired girl. He overdid it.

He carried her bridal style through the back room, closing the door to the back. He locked it, kicking the door open to head out into the forest and head towards his house.


The guards burst in noticing no one in the room. They said nothing scanning the room. One of them notice the tape motioning one of the armored troopers to stare at it.

"Someone was here-"

"Door is locked." announce a guard pointing to the backdoor. One of them kick it open breaking the lock. He notice the back door a tad open as he sigh.

"Someone helped the princess escape."

"We will search this town for her. Even if it-"

"Do not be an idiot. The media doesn't know, nor the people. It's between us. We'll look, but don't be an asshole to reveal about her appearance. Take those teenagers and lock them up til they agree NOT to mention the princess. IF they see her, they will report to us."

"Yes commander." the armored red knight exclaim bowing.

"We need her before something bad happens."


"We're home." Tatsayu said opening the door.

"A bit late to stay after-" her mother stops when she was descending down the stairs. She notice the blonde hair girl in Tatsayu's arms. "What the hell are you doing!?"

"U-uh.. S-she was..."

"S-sorry about the nuisance Tatsayu," Alice started, "I think I would be fine on the couch. You are his mother right- I sprained my foot on the sidewalk nearby and your son helped me. Excuse my presence-"

"It's okay." Tatsayu's mother started allowing the two to enter the room, "Set her on the couch. I'll call your parents-"

"DON'T." Alice and Tatsayu respond in unison. Her mother raise an eyebrow and giggle. She was awfully young to be a mother from Alice's observation. She was in her late 20s or early 30s.

"Well, I'll get some ice..." Tatsayu laid her on the sofa as the two seemed to be out of breathe. They held their breaths. Well, Tatsayu did. Alice did for some apparent reason. Maybe because she felt bad- HAHA! She notice a cat licking at her soles making a sudden laugh that caught Tatsayu's ear. His ears melt at the sound of her voice.

"Oh my, what was that?" Tatsayu's mother walked in bearing some ice. She notice the cat fooling around with Alice's left foot. It wouldn't leave her alone- or her foot, to be more precise. She curl her toes trying to ease the cat's tickling tongue. Alice was stun to see the cat pry at her toes with it's paw licking madly at her insteps. Her body held against herself, trying to contain herself.

"Bad Jeeves!" Tatsayu's mother picked her cat and found the cat pawing at her breasts. Tatsayu slaps his head shaking in pity.

The cat seemed to be adjusted to some... fetish as well- tickling or worship. It must have watched the videos or liked the moment Tatsayu's mother spilled milk over her soles once. Jeez, the cat resembled much of Tatsayu even if they had dark hair.

"I-it's alright." Alice lied trying to ease the tickling sensation she experienced from before.

"You two were lying... Well, I think your friend here doesn't have a sprained ankle." Alice blinks. She was going to pursue her lie until Tatsayu mom’s hand lunge at Alice's side. Tatsayu was dumbfounded as the cat leap onto the sofa licking at Alice's feet, getting at the toes mostly.

"Oh come, I know WHO you are. Alice D. May, the princess of one of the nobility line of England!" How did Tatsayu's mom- no... Never mind. Tatsayu was in awe though. Alice was getting tickled by his gorgeous and pretty mom. The cat was enjoying the tickling session on her feet- the bastardy fiend.

Alice was red. Her sides weren't exactly ticklish. Her mother seemed to be crafted in tickling someone. She wasn't aiming at that spot- seems like it. Her index fingers were running side to side right underneath her double Ds. This shouldn't tickle much, but it did! Maybe because of her nails... And she's a girl... The feeling, however, overwhelmed Alice as the cat begins to lick at her big toe, placing it in it's mouth at one point!

"ENOUAHAHAHGHHGOGHAHAHAHAHHA!" Alice yells as the two stopped- well, his mom. The cat refuse to until another woman entered. She was dress in some dark noble clothing... Yeah... She's my other........ mom. Tatsayu has lesbian parents fostering him. They adopted him at a very young teenager age having the money to provide everything he needs. I think the woman holding the cat was a noble as the mother with dark hair before me had 'sources' and 'ways' to get money.

His other mother (holding the cat) was called Alena. She had nobility in her line from. I don’t know really. She has brunette hair and a small, not very thick British accent. She bears the age of 29 years old, holding a very posture like stance before Alice.

"You're the princess from England- well, one of the many I suppose..." she glance at the other mom saying, "And you're doing it again." There was some chuckle from the dark hair mom. Her name was Celine. French, of course. She has an accent, but she can turn it on and off when she wants to... Surprisingly, the two seem to be open. Usually, they would keep quiet around him, but they still love Tatsayu. Maybe they influence Tatsayu in some way.

"Please," Celine started, "You would LOVE to get at her-"

"That will be unpleasant and it will be called 'rape.'"

"She loves it, can't you tell." Her face blush red thinking of the time with Tatsayu. "SEE!" Alena glance at Alice, then at Tatsayu. She chuckles. It wasn't a creepy one, a more reassuring and a 'good job Tatsayu' one.

"You couldn't do squat. You would end up begging to get out."

"Oh, you want to do it right now!?" Celine was... He thinks as the father, but she was blunt half the time. Alena was also strong. She doesn't display anything bluntly, more in a noble way. Either way, they were both Tatsayu's mothers... And very hardcore at each other in some part of their lives.

"Please, not right now. I'll send Jeeves on your soles if you don't shush for a moment."

"Well I'll get Tatsayu to get at you for doing that..."

"Please." Alena roll her eyes placing the cat down. She glared at Jeeves to stay put, not to attack and lick Alice's bare feet again.

"Do tell me, what are you doing here? I doubt a princess of your status should not be in the area. I'm presuming one, or a couple, of the reason why you ran away..."

"I-I did not run away!" Alice protest trying to act formal and civil in front of an elderly noble.

"Yes you did." this time Alena place a stern security to her statement freezing Alice, "You ran away from your father because he wanted you to continue your family nobility status and keep up with his wealth..." Alena was on the dot. Alice didn't deny any of it. Celine had her arms folded, hearing some laughter coming out of Alena.

"Oh! Such times! Huh Celine!" Tatsayu and Alice glance at each other than at his mothers.

"Please..." Celine blush looking away from Alena, "You're bringing back memory lane."

"How I ran away and MARRIED you. Then we took Tatsayu in. My father was furious, but my mother approved. Ha, ha... Such times- I can see the same with you and Tatsayu." The two blush and stood up in objection.


The two stopped and glance at each other blushing red. The cat didn't stop when Alice jumped up. It leaped onto Alice's right foot licking the space between her toes. Alice lost her balance falling onto the ground. Celine picks Jeeves up and carried him away quickly... He needs milk.

"Please," Alena snicker, helping Alice up, "Walking in here with no shoes or socks, wearing such an outfit, and LETTING TATSAYU CARRY YOU... You love him. Am I correct or am I wrong?" Tatsayu was having a fast beating heart. He never...

"No," Tatsayu spoke up breaking the moment, "Even if you love me Alice... I can't accept the fact we could be together. I'm just a guy who wants to..." Tatsayu couldn't finish. He never thought about having a girlfriend... Or maybe he did, but he didn't want to let her down. If he didn't have a girlfriend, he won't make her sad in the later future. He stood there quiet, rushing to his room.

"Tatsayu!" Alice almost chase after him. Alena stopped him.

"Let him be." she said, "It's been a while since he moved from his past. I'll tell you about it... In due time. Now, let's get you changed- you seem a tad sweaty..." Alice notice who wet her outfit was... Blushing madly. When Alena stood up, she notice something at the heel of her foot. A pen mark- oh... So Tatsayu did- ha, ha... Well... He could not hide the artwork he did from his parents now as well. Alena lead Alice to a different room to give her a change of clothe...


Day 1: Wow... I mean... Finally, I got to tickle a girl. I'm just utterly stun. And this girl is a princess from England- well, one of the many other princesses! I am so happy... and sad. I didn't mention how I hated this. She loves me. For who I am? Possibly, maybe looks- nah! I'm ugly- well... maybe a loner.

I can't fall in love though. I hurt a girl in the past... I shut myself because of it. I... I won't let her get to me. I have to...

I will turn her in! That's it! I just need to find those armored guards...

But... won't I just be giving another individual pain-

AHHAHHAHAHAH! SCREW THIS! I'm going to sleep. Maybe I'll wake up and think this will be a dream.

-Tatsayu. 5/13/2008

Day 2,
Alice was able to get on a disguise that allowed her to go to the same school I was in. Wearing a very con-vincible wig and giving her clothes from my mothers, she was able to learn how people interacted and the environment that she never knew about from outside the city. She seems really energetic. No, she seems full of light. Her presence, her posture, her attitude, everything she does seem to be really… enlightening. If one could say that just by being near her. She gives off a presence as if she was an angel to show kindness. Alice is very social. She can talk to a lot of other people with such ease. I am sort of jealous that she has many admirers and lovers now. I do want to be the one for her, but I do not know if I can. After what I did, I doubt I can keep myself from doing that again. Well, whoever she really loves, I will respect her wishes.

Tatsayu 5/14/2008

Day 6,
The guards are at the school now. I am slightly confused to why they are. It seems as if they are worried about something. They obviously know that Alice is still in the area, but why would they place so many guards at the school. Alice was acting more casual than her usually self. Just watching her tone down herself, like stop talking to carefree, troubled me. Not only that, Alice was placing on a mask. It was obvious that she can fool the others, but not me. I can tell the difference on her face between the real one and her fake one. I tried to ask her, but it seems like she is so distant from me, and I was more cautious to avoid the watchful eyes on me. The guards KNOW that I am the one who took her, but they did not seem to trouble me much during school or even out of school.

Tatsayu 5/17/2008

Day 9,
WHY IS SHE HERE?! I thought I made her go away due to what I did. No from what I confess. Seeing her in the school only brings up terrible memories. Why?! I…

My ex-girlfriend and I were together during our freshman year. She and I were old elementary school buddies and she became very attractive. I had my fetish because of my parents. When I was a child, I would see them tickling one another here and there. One time, during middle school, I peeked into their room as they start to get a bit more extreme in their bedroom. After I watch their little game, I ended up having a tickling fetish. And what was worse was the lust and urge to tickle any pretty girl I saw. Well, not only that, I also had to control my erections and thoughts from going over the edge. My urges were bad back then. I really wanted to tickle someone. I read stories, looked up videos, and now I can draw it as well. These urges got the best of me. When my ex and I were dating, I did tell her about my fetish. She was not weirded out by it, but she did not want to be tickled. She admits she is very ticklish. One time, we ended up in her living room to watch a movie. Her parents were out and she fell asleep on the couch. I could control my urge to not tickle her in her sleep, but the fact that I also had a feet fetish did not help me during that situation. She had really small smooth looking soles. Not only that, she had some fruity fragrance on her feet. For thirty minutes, I struggled not to tickle her while she lies on the couch. It was honestly a struggle. She has her feet flex time to time, covering each other up since they were away from her blanket. Her toes would curl down slightly, thenf fully, flexing them back out, wrinkles forming on her feet as if a pebble was dropped in a pond. She would flash her teal painted toenails at me in her sleep.

When her foot touched my leg, I was losing it. My body struggled to not attack them so violently. I regret developing this fetish. I decide to take her soles and give them a good tickle. My penis was really hard, my body losing itself to just grasp that foot and give it a good handful of strokes and scratches. I did not even start off lightly. I was driven by my lust to just get every spot on her feet. I did an armlock around her ankles to make sure she did not even escape this torment. When I went full out, she woke from her sleep, jumping up from the couch to laugh wildly at the sudden sensations taking over her. I went on with the tickling for fifteen minutes, my ex-girlfriend crying her eyes out and laughing at the top of her lungs. When I was done, I quickly apologizing, saying I have no control over my lust. She gave me such a look, telling me to get out. The fact she was crying a bit stabbed me in the heart. I hurt a girl and ruined a good relationship.

Thinking about it, I did the same to the princess. I should not be loved by any girl because of this. Maybe it is fine, but for some reason, I just cannot allow myself to just tickle Alice because of her ignorance. Tickling is a crime if it is applied wrong. What I did to her in the art room was sort of a ‘forced’ feeling that I gave to her. I should not have stayed late that day. I should have been a normal student.

Tatsayu 5/18/2008

Day 10,
So my ex-girlfriend is… a total self-sadistic prideful abusive fucking slut. It is odd. Her personality is way different from before. She seems to be more open and very exotic about herself. She even dresses in a very open manner. She wears clothes that reveal much of her skin and even reveals too much cleavage of her breasts. Something was wrong. The ex-girlfriend I know was more subtle and well-dressed. She hates using her body as a tool to gain attention. She was quite popular without using her body. She was modest and considerate to everyone. This was really strange. What is worse, she threatens me to go with her or she will tell me secret out loud one day in the class. She is blackmailing me. What she does when she takes me away from peering eyes, she takes me to the gym. She would then tell me to stand still and ties my arms behind a pole. She would then take off her shoes, sits on a chair, and undo my pants. Of course, I could not do anything against her. Even the words I say were silenced once she orders me around. She told me to say, ‘Tell me you like this’, or ‘Call me mistress.’ She forces me to say things that I did not want to say. She did not take off my boxes for today, thank god, but she uses her feet to play with my penis. She watched me struggle in agony. I did not want to experience such lustful sensations. Sadly, I was just having an internal and external struggle right in front of her. What scared me the most was how she called me pitiful and pathetic for not falling for my urges. Her toes would grasp my slowly growing erect penis till it was standing upright. She then has her feet slowly grasp my dick up and down with those toes and have her other foot slowly slide down my thighs. She would stop to personally use her hands to touch my dick, taunting me with ideas of tying her up to get revenge and torture her with tickling nonstop.

She only did this for thirty minutes. I was glad she let me go after I felt my penis having the urge to ejaculate. I was panting and sweaty, my legs gave in, shaking from the immense amount of teasing pleasure she unleashed on me. She just walks away from me, saying she’ll see me again tomorrow. And I am not to even tell anyone about this, not even the guards.

I just want to die now. I feel like my past just crept up on me for revenge.

Tatsayu 5/19/2008

Day 11,

The same thing happened to me again. But this time, it seems like there were two other girls with my ex. They were from different schools, not seeing them ever in the school I was in. These three girls decide to gang up on me. They did not tie me down, but my ex commanded me to not resist. She ordered me to strip naked this time. I did so, leaving myself utterly defenseless. The girls seem to like what they saw, but they continue on with their schemes. They then told me to stay still. I did so as my ex starts to kiss me on the lips. Her lips kept on kissing on my lips, repeating that smooching feeling over and over again. One of the other girls, a dark red hair girl starts to chew on my ears and slowly nibble and lick at my neck. Her hands would then travel up my sides to slowly stroke around my nipples. This troubled me so, my entire body wanting to move, but the command was to keep still. My ex opens her eyes to stare at my struggle. I was being overwhelmed by these sensations of arousal and lusts, the girl behind me whispering all sorts of tickling ideas to do to all three of them. They even told me where they were ticklish at, making things even worse. The third girl was rubbing her hands with a lot of lotion, lubricating lotion to my penis. This sensation surprised me, my body jumping. My ex finally stops kissing me to give a new command, “Tickle my sides as I kiss you.” There was no need to even deny anything. My words would only anger her. I nod my head, reluctantly as my hands were slowly tickling her. She quickly got irritated at the fact it was not making her laugh, stopping her kissing to just punch me in the gut. That quickly changed my arousal into pain, getting on my knees after that punch. She told me to stand up, doing so quickly. She told me to try again, just doing it harder this time. She begins to laugh while we kiss, her hands starting to jerk at my lubricated dick. My body quickly starts to tremble violently once again. This time, I feel like I was slowly going to cum in a few moments. My nipples were hard and I was slowly finding myself thinking about the pleasures to just fuck and tickle all of these girls right now.

I resisted this for twenty good minutes; my dick struggled to ejaculate because I kept telling myself not to. The three girls seem to be offended by this. My ex seems really disappointed in the fact I did not cum. The other two did not seem to be entertained at all. I know they were going to punish me for this, tell me to do something else, but it seems like it was almost time for class. She left me alone as I sat there trying to regain my thoughts and myself.

Alice noticed how trouble I was. I lied to her about the problems I was having with my ex. I feel bad for lying to Alice. She ignores me after I said that. When we went home though, I feel a sudden feeling that I was being watched by a familiar presence. Both my moms seem to be doing fine. I am just going to do my best to not let this ex of mine push me around in her own game.

Tatsayu 5/20/2008

Day 12,

I ended up being up being shoved into a box. This box covered my entire body except my hands, head, and my manhood. They told me to place my dick through the hole in the middle. They made sure to lock my penis in place. I was slightly troubled by this. Why would they want my hands out? Hell, I can still move around in this box still. What surprised me were the four girls. This time, my ex smiles at me with very devious plans. These three random girls were part of our school. It seems like they were kidnapped. They were stripped of all their clothing. They were also strapped down in these modified chairs. My ex brought more accomplices into this. What I notice was that iron braces seem to be around the girls ankles that force the legs up a bit from their seated position. No, the chair was normal. It had extensions though. There are a couple of poles that extend from the iron braces that held the girls’ ankles that moves up to where the girls’ knees are. There was another pole attached to the top of the pole running vertically up the girls’ legs. A smaller pole finally goes back down and then back to where the pole and iron braces are. It makes a scalene triangle formed within that huge gap of travel from the ankle up to the knee to the top of their feet and back to the ankles. The reason why they did this was to have something secure the girls’ toes. No, not only that. I could see some small string also wrapped around the middle of their feet and slightly around the heel. Each of their toes was pulled back by fuzzy cuffed metal shackles though. I could see how much they squirm, the girls clueless to what was going on. The girls were heavily tied down against the chair, unable to move any part of their bodies. Their arms were strapped to the arms of the chair but their fingers were also tied down to the arm of the chair. They were blindfolded, gagged, and had headphones on. Headphones meant to silence them, I hope. The girls were trembling in their immobilized predicament. Each girl had like two of my ex’s accomplices beside them.

“What are you doing?!” I asked my ex. She unleashes a strange aura around her to transform into a… Succubus? She has pale skin now with dark hair with very revealing outfit. I was dumbfounded. Why was she a succubus? I could see wings and her tail showing themselves behind her. Even the horns look real. The fact that my ex is a succubus troubled me. I asked her why she was a succubus? And what does that even mean? She explains herself saying that she has decided to work for a dark God against the good Gods. I found myself scoffing, saying why she was chasing after me then doing her mission. She told me she wants me. She loved the feeling I gave her when she woke up, she wanted more. She wanted me to succumb to my lust so she can allow me to do whatever I want with her. Before I even asked anymore, she gave the command for me to tickle the three girls. They position each of the captive girls near my hands and one at my head. I suddenly got tired of this, not giving a fuck about my secret anymore. I questioned her why she took this dark power? I felt really bad for letting her go this far. I should have fought against her. I started to say how she was a kind girl. A very nice girl like before. I was trying to persuade her to stop doing this, and just live a normal life. She glares at me, doing something to me. Her eyes were glowing as she gave me the command to stay quiet. My mouth was quickly silenced, she leans on top of the box to stare right at me, saying, “Tickle these girls feet and love it.” My body was moving on its own. I started to tickle all three of the girls. My hand starts to move their fingers at random paces as my tongue licks and nibbles at the feet right in my face. I can see, at the corner and bottom of my eyes, I can witness the other accomplices of my ex fondling and rubbing against the victim’s nibbles, breasts, and vagina. I could not say anything. My ex decides to use her feet to give me a footjob. I know I was going to break soon. The fact that I was tickling, licking, and having my dick aroused, I was going to explode. Ten minutes past as I hear the girls all moaning and cumming, the henchmen laughing at this. My dick was starting to squirt out cum. I know I was going to release soon.

Thank god the guards came in and saved me. I just watch my ex die though, the other accomplices quickly ran away, avoiding the guards. I can see tears run down her face before she died. She looks at me with a pitiful smile, saying, “I am sorry for being foolish in the end. I just missed you so much.” After that, I was freed along with the three girls, the guard that saved me knew I took the princess, but did not say anything. He gave me some clothes to cover myself. My ex girlfriend’s body turned into ashes. I just frowned. If I could not be strong enough to save her, how can I do the same for Alice? I need to be strong…

Tatsayu 5/25/2008

Day 17,

I start to do a usually workout routine. If I am to repay the debt that Alice has given me after that day, I will have to protect her. After she explains this war to me that is starting, I have chosen to help Alice no matter what. Even though I am moderate in my exercise, I want to be strong enough to physically protect Alice.

And my god, this will take a while. I really do need to step up my game. I am utterly weak, even against my mother.

Day 24,

I ended up helping the guards handle one of the soldiers to one of the Dark Gods. I am surprise that I was able to resist the enemies’ powers. Strangely enough, I think Alice graced me with something that enables a shield against any sort of Dark God powers. The guards decide to give me a position to help them in their fight. I agree to become a guard, using some special armor. Surprisingly enough, they gave me a very slim full body armor that enables to strengthen most of my physical powers and allows me to use some supernatural powers like teleporting short distances or firing these strange wave slashes of red aura.

When I walked home with Alice, she told me congratulations. I feel as if we are slowly drifting apart though. She seems to be troubled by something. After the incident that took place two weeks ago, she has been awfully quiet to me. It feels as if she does not want to be around me anymore. Maybe she was troubled at the fact that I had to kill my ex-girlfriend. Maybe that was it. I did cry for her death. She did not need to die for being a human. Everyone has lusts and urges. It is only natural, yet she fell into darkness and personified her wants to that damn devil.

I guess this will make sure Alice will not love me. I cannot afford to feel this same pain again, but at the very least, I will protect Alice till she leaves my sight. I will die for her. This shall be my new resolution.

Day 31,

The school got under attack by a lot more of those dark followers. They came by the number. Remembering some of their faces since my ex brought some to the school, they personally had a vendetta against me. I know that killing is wrong, and I know the fact that they are still some innocence in them, but once they sold their soul to the devil, there was no way to turn them back to normal. I ended up killing them with my barehands. It was a fight for survival. Many students died that die along with the guards. Alice was safe at the least. Is this war really being waged between Gods? And why do we have to be involved in it? What is the point of this all?

From here on out, I ended up talking to the same captain who knew I took Alice. He told me to work for them till I am dead. They basically told me this; I can keep the princess with me as long as I work for them. They already knew that the princess was in a disguise and was the girl who always walked with me. They know why she ran away, they know all the reasons. But orders were given to them, and they will execute it, however, they need powerful allies to fight against these Gods. And if they want my strength, they will pretend they are still searching for Alice and let me actually keep her with me. It sounds very wrong to not even tell Alice this. No, it is wrong to just fight for these guards just to keep Alice, but something in my heart told me to do this.

Day 42,

Because of the fact I was being used much, my education was hastened, I ended up studying and doing a lot more homework in a matter of days. I graduated from my high school and was placed in Alice’s secret Anti-Evil Regiment. They are basically talented individuals who were assigned to take care of any of the Dark God’s servants and accomplices. Be human or immortal, succubus, dragon, etc, we were tasked to eliminate them if they become a threat. I ended up staying in the palace for a bit to get to know more about these things. I was told about the powers they gave their humanly servants and how they became servants to the various Dark Gods. What shocked me the most was once a servant successfully kills another servant, the victor can be able to summon the God into this world. I could not accept this though. Why would the Gods come into this world to help us? After all these years, they just appear now physically to help us in this fight? I did not question anything; doing so might make me a heretic or a nonbeliever.

I was upgraded time and time again as I prove myself on the field. Only a few can at least best me or come close to the same fighting level I was at. The ones who defeated me in sparring are those who had a God or mythical being attached to them. To be honest, I did not want to ally myself with any God even if it granted me power. It seems like… we were relying heavily on their power to win against these Dark Gods. It brings a flaw that troubled me. We, humans, have done so much on our own; do we really need the help of the Gods?

Day 69,

The base with all the anti-Evil personal was getting attacked by a Satan follower. What surprised me was the utter destruction that was happening. When I arrived at a later time to try and assist my allies, the Satan follower was wearing a dark version armor of mine, but he personally killed one of the female servants to a God. What came next was sheer horror. If a warrior was able to slay someone that can call out a God, they can summon a personification of the God they serve. Most of the Dark Gods were not dangerous alone. Most of the warriors of light wanted to avoid anyone dying to someone who has Satan as their God. Sadly, right before our eyes, a champion for Satan has successfully killed one of our warriors. With no hesitation whatsoever, all the warriors in the base have summoned out their Gods. A shield was placed around the base, several Gods appearing to attack the summoned Dark Being of all of Hell.

Satan. His entire figured seem to be covered in dark bandages as if he was a mummy. Dark bleeding blood drips from his red horns stick out of his dark hair. He was creeping over, his body hunched over instead of standing upstraight. He has his body leaned forward as if something was going to burst through his back. Skeleton wings burst out of his back as black blood spills all over him. He raises his dark sharp talon claws, the bandages around his mouth transform into scary sharp teeth that unleash a deadly screech that terrified the very air. Energy exploded from him, covering the air in a very dark mist that blinded any light within the perimeter. I recall that he tackles me out of the way, rushing right at something. I tried to follow, but a strong gust was pushing me around the place. When the mists finally went away, I can see Satan holding a very large energy ball above his head. The shape of this ball was like the size of the moon. The Gods have placed a shield around them that enable Satan to make a large blast. What troubled me the most was the way to avoid any of this. There was none.When he slammed his ball into the ground, darkness engulf my entire sight.

I woke up, grunting at the extreme heat I felt coming off my armor. Luckily I had this on me. Satan stands alive with blood soaking all over him. He stares at me, my body quickly getting up ready to fight. He teleports right in front of me, blasting me from a shot that fired between his horns. I took the shot only to feel myself getting hammered by several slashes from his claws. My body skips across the decimated ground to watch him appear above me. I use the momentum to roll with the direction of force I was in, jumping into the air. I watch him slam the ground with his armored foot now, energy quickly swirled around him. He, himself, was a projectile coming towards me. He flies right towards me, coating himself with dark energy in a sphere, spikes appearing all over him. I was able to empower my arm to punch him away from me. What I did not notice was the chance he took to fly at me after I deflected his attack. I grasp the tips of the spikes with all my might, trying my best to hold the ball at bay. My feet collided against the ground as I paved against the Earth, rocks flying in the air.

Satan makes the ball around him to disappear, revealing his open mouth, a giant orb appearing right in front of my face. He unleashes a deadly beam that engulfed me. I was able to teleport in time, but the shot was a tad faster than my ability to teleport. My right arm felt the extreme heat from that laser, staring at Satan’s figure. Why his appearance seem so terrifying even though he is nothing more than a man in some bandages and armor. His shape seems to be more humanoid than a monster. The shield was not up. That means either the Gods were killed or knocked out. Either way, I was fighting against the Lord of Hell. Satan took no time to give me any rest, hammering me down with all of his moves. I know that I cannot win. I was not even a true warrior under a God nor do I have any of the benefits to win against him. Satan just continues to toss many attacks that seem impossible for me to predict or dodge. Five minutes in, I was a wreck, my stamina and energy to go against this beast was slowly disappearing.

Satan looked bored. He did not even seem to be showing his true fighting pose. He was standing upright, just teleporting and whacking me with his moves. He was not even trying to end this quickly or finish me off that quickly. He seemed to be confused at me. I was going to charge at him, a voice asking. “Why do you fight for a side that abandoned you?” His voice was not terrifying. It was reasonable and calm, no demonic tone or evil presented. I was utterly confused at this, looking right at Satan. Satan has summoned a throne from the ground. He sits in it, placing his arm against the armrest of the chair while his hand holds his head. He was obviously bored of the fight yet curious to my reason to fight.

“Do I have to respond to you?” I ask, “You should know? You are Satan.”

“I could ask the other Gods about what they can read off of your mind, but I, myself, am not a God. I can think of several reasons to why you do not want to help us. One of them would be one of your ex who died because of this power? But it was more on human’s desires and sins. I just gave power, power leads to your own demise. If you look at it this way, I gave power to those who need it. Whoever holds this power can do whatever they want.”

“But you toy with them,” I respond, “You tell them to go against the warriors of light, to kill, and to summon out your allies. Do you not have any shame for starting this fight!?” Satan turns his head, shaking his head.

“Are you sure we started this fight?” Satan asks, getting up from his throne. “What proofs do you? You humans are oh so ignorant to everything. This is why people can never understand each other,” Satan teleports behind me, his wings slamming me away from him. I flew right into the throne, destroying it. I skipped against the ground with my body, Satan turning around to face me, “It is a shame that we had to start this war. It will only lead to utter destruction for you fools. This is why pain and misery are to my likings. The sheer stupidity of you humans.”

“It does not mean you have the right to judge us Satan!” A female voice booms out. Satan evades a female warrior dawned in golden armor. I look towards the entrance of the destroyed base, Alice and some other warriors of light standing there. My eyes burst open with fear. She was not supposed to be here. Damn that bodyguard- he lied to me!

“More nuisances,” Satan said, grabbing the spear of the golden warrior, tossing her across the field. “Athena…” He then blocks an incoming move from Ares, the male warrior covered in gold armor as well. He quickly releases a blazing aura of flames all over him. Athena has rush back to attack Satan. Trying to go for a back stab, Satan’s wings counters against Athena’s swords. Satan unleashes a deadly aura to make the two back away from him. A dark hair girl wearing a raven bird hat and dark wings from behind volleys the area with dark magic. Thousand of dark energy projectiles flew towards Satan. The Lord of Hell was up in the sky, facing the Goddess Morrigan, who just smiles at him. Satan blocks an incoming attack coming from another armored unit. This time, this individual was Michael, the archangel. He dawns a white armor that illuminates the very light away. Satan was on the ground, an energy sphere has protected him from his impact. He motions his right hand to his mouth, pretending as if he was smoking. Smoke comes out of his mouth staring at the four enemies he have before him. No, there were coming out from the rubble, Ra, and some other minor Gods appearing.

“Are you okay Tatsayu?” Alice asks, her Goddess, Aphrodite behind her. She only has a white robe over her body along with brown strap sandals covering her feet. Tatsayu glance at Alice who has some protective armor covering her just like him. It was of a white color compared to his. The soldiers were getting ready to aim at Satan, a lot of guns aimed at him. The Lord of Hell just glance at the numbers against him, laughing.

“Even if we have this many people against him,” Aphrodite started, “There is no way for us to succeed against him. Compared to us, this is equivalent to the real Satan. The champion has sacrificed his body to ensure that this was the real deal. Satan has found a likely candidate to succeed in giving himself to this Devil. We need someone to do the same…” Before Aphrodite finishes her sentence, a deadly aura came through the air. A lot of reinforcements were coming to assist Satan. Several armored males and females appeared out of portals beside Satan. Next came some huge mythical creatures like a hydra or a giant dragon. The Gods waste no time in their engagement, Satan talking to a white hair Goddess beside him. He motions her away. His eyes avert their gaze towards Alice, Aphrodite, and me. He did not even give a chance for us to react. I jump in the way of Alice, not knowing why I did so. A sudden slash came across my chest, my body feeling the intense pain of the attack. Alice and Aphrodite back away for a bit. Satan has appeared before them, his gaze staring right at me.

“Next reflexes, I might as well finish you. I was hoping you would be a valuable asset to me, but I am wrong. If you try to defend a warrior of light, then you are useless to my cause.”

“I do not give a damn!” I exclaim, showing some retaliation. He just shifts his body to the side, the energy wave moving past him. He teleports away from my sight once again. I charge behind Alice, tackling the visible Satan. Satan eyes at me who was holding his body, pushing him away from her. He materialized his sword, hacking me right in the chest again. This time, the attack has pierced through my armor. Alice screamed out my name very loudly. Satan just watches me fall, the being still strong and confident as ever. I could feel Alice holding my head. I was surely a mess. That attack was very fatal, blood oozing from the broken armor and open wound he made. Satan was aiming for Alice once again. I just took action, using my own body to shield Alice. I could feel Satan’s fingers piercing my left eye. The vision of his hand disappearing after I moved my head surprised me. He took his hand quickly, scoffing at my stubbornness to protect her. What he did not notice was Aphrodite who fired a strong beam of light to him. Satan flies towards a hill of rubble, not moving for a bit. I did scream at that attack, my right hand motioning at my bleeding left empty eye socket. Everything was failing. My body wants to shut everything down. This feeling was scary.

I am on the verge of life and death. I know this consciously, yet at the same time the feeling is numb. My body is reacting to the pain and not at the same time. Everything was utterly new and scary to me, the feeling of the Grim Reaper hovering right behind me, wanting for me to close my eye. I struggled to breathe, my body bleeding a lot from the wound Satan gave me. Alice was screaming my name. I think she was crying as well. I could not focus much, my brain unable to do much except breathe and try to live.

No, my mind was cycling through so much stuff that I should not be thinking about. It was not regret nor glancing at my life. I was questioning these damn Gods. I was hating the fact that we, humans, have no power to decide our own outcome or have the power to protect this world we love. We have to use these Gods who never helped us till now? Not only that, truth is obscured. Everything can be lies or truth. Then again, how can we dictate such things fro each other? Facts? Physical proof? Spiritual? All I wanted was to help Alice. I should accept this death…

But I have not fulfilled it to the fullest. Not until I kill Satan. Satan will kill Alice, and I do not want that. I do not want help from the Gods. I do not want to lose Alice or myself to these damn Gods who just showed up just to ruin our lives. I feel a surprisingly aura overcoming the numbness and pain from my body. What was this?

I was standing up, my left eye was healed? No, something gave me back my version. I feel the armor covering me again. The wound was healed. The armor quickly changes into a gray color, my body feeling an immense surge of energy powering me up. Everything that made me feel inferior to Satan was gone. I had a strange feeling of confidence to stand against him.

“I will grant you this wish,” said a very eerie voice appearing behind me, “I am the Grim Reaper. I am no God, but I shall accept your resolve. If you can risk your fate to me, either you or Satan will die. I shall give you the power to weaken him.” Alice was quiet. Her face was mixed with happiness and doubt. She did not want me to fight. Maybe she never wanted me to fight in the first place. I did not say anything, a tad ashamed to let Alice feel the guilt. The guilt of having me defending her with every ounce of this useless body. Satan gets up from the rubble, cracking his neck. He leans forward, his body charging right at me. I stood my ground, holding Satan’s charge. The Devil has revealed his mouth, a ball forming right in front of his face. I was not thinking, my own mouth opening behind the helmet. A sudden ball formed in front of me as well, the two of us unleashing our beams at each other in close quarters. Heavy grey smoke engulfed the area. I could see Satan clearly through the thick clouds. He could see me too, the two of us exchanging heavy swordplay. We were not even swinging swords like normal humans would. We were attacking with such haste. Each millisecond was us clashing our blades trying to hit one another. He has materialized another sword, using two against me. I back away from him. My blade turns into a scythe. When Satan slams his blade against my weapon, the scythe blade flies right at Satan, slashing one of his horns. It was able to manipulate its true form, the scythe turning double-sided. I start to twirl it around me, materializing another scythe into my other hand, Satan changing his weapons to a shield, his wings trying to attack me. I use both the scythes to hold his wings back, Satan redirected his wings into the ground. I jump high into the air, bony spikes coming out from the ground trying to impale me. I allow them to, slashing them with the scythes. Satan was right behind me, a giant ball forming over his head. I toss my scythes aside, grabbing the huge energy ball with both hands.

“Raise a shield around us Aphrodite!” I exclaim. I know Satan will try to use the advantage to hit me on the side. By the time I finish that sentence, he was right beside me, preparing to fire another strong blast from his mouth. A shield was around the two of us. I motion the huge ball of energy in between us, the attack lighting up the shield around us. When Aphrodite lowers the shield, she quickly falls next to Alice, panting lightly. It took a good amount of her energy to make sure the shield did not break. Satan and I still stand, the two of us staring at each other. Satan has lost his wings and his horn, the Dark Lord was bleeding. I was in the same state, the fact that my body was reopening its wound. “Do the move now,” the Grim Reaper said behind me, “If you do, we can end this.” I eyed at Satan, stomping the ground for both scythes to stand beside me. I then kneel down as the two scythes start to circle around me, closing my eyes. Satan knows what was going on. He needed to interrupt this move or else he will die. He quickly charges toward me. There was no way for me to defend myself in this position. Aphrodite got in the way, taking the blades into her stomach. She coughs out blood, Alice screaming out her name.

“You better hope that you can win this wager,” Aphrodite said, “Or I would have sacrificed myself for nothing.”

“Since you helped Alice,” I said, “I will make sure this will work. I will place another precise object of mine on the line.” Both of them glance at him, “To make sure that this will work 100%, I will give my life up. I will sacrifice my heart.”

“Tatsayu!” Alice cried out. I just glance at her, knowing for sure I had a bunch of regret. I really did love her. And I would have loved to marry such a gal like her. I said nothing, muttering the word Death in an unknown language I never spoken. A huge blast erupts all over us, and I died.


Month later,
Tatsayu was alive. It took months just to make sure he did not die after sacrificing so much to kill Satan. Despite the fact that I lost my Goddess, I only wanted Tatsayu to live no matter what. The armor he has still had energy from the Grim Reaper himself. Not only that, the armor was made from some mythical ore or blessed by some significant figure. Either way, the armor has saved his life, forming his heart and left eye. His wounds have been healed, but he did not wake up ever since the incident. This diary he has, it transformed after he met me. It was able to record most of the significant events that Tatsayu had in his head. From what I noticed, the diary can record anything that it feels like recorded. After reading much of his entries, I feel quite relieved and sadden. I did not know that Tatsayu was doing this all for me.

He wanted me to live a normal life, to not be troubled by such family matters or this war. He did everything for my sake. I was a tad confused to why I was relieved off duty from my battles against the Dark Gods, but I can see what happened. I mean, seeing him on the battlefield and his promotion to do this all, I could have guessed it was personal gains. But it was all for me. I want to stay by his side when he wakes up. I want to see him smile and be relieved he did not die. I was only able to stay with him for some months. My parents want me to come back since I am useless on the field now. They want me to get married. I do not want to, but my resistance will be silenced.

I will be dragged from this hospital to go right back to England. I will be confined in that stupid palace of mine. I will then marry someone I really could care less about since this is all for nobility and political means. Tatsayu, if you ever wake up from this slumber…

I love you.

Just move on and forget about me. I am not worth saving. Your life will be endangered if you try to save me.

Despite all of this, I really want to see you again.

But this is my farewell to you.

I love you, Alice.

Tatsayu was staring at the diary of his. He has remembered what has happened months ago. How this all started with Alice coming into his life. He and his moms were starting to pack up. They were going to go to Germany. His life here did not mean anything. He stops himself to stare at Alice’s entry in the journal. He could not stop reading it. He continues to read it over and over again.

Alena and Celine were packing up the stuff in the truck. They notice how Tatsayu was lost in his diary. He has not moved from that spot. Hell, he was silent ever since he left the hospital. He was questioning where Alice was. When he was told by his mothers about the fact that she was taken away back to homeland to get marry, Tatsayu went quiet. Not only that, after he read his diary, he was stuck re-reading the pages. He was not even helping his moms move out. Tatsayu had a strange grey eye patch over his left eye. It had a strange design representing an eye. Tatsayu could see through his eye patch, his vision recovered. The middle of his chest has a small grey circle. Going past that, inside his chest, his heart is made out of the armor that saved his life. Celine sighs, looking at Alena. His moms know that Tatsayu was thinking about Alice. There was no way that these two moms could not overlook the love Tatsayu had for Alice, and the love Alice has for Tatsayu. Celine walks up to her adopted son, placing an arm around his head.

“Tatsayu,” Celine started, “You know that I can tell what exactly you are thinking. It is obvious that you want to go to her.” Tatsayu glance at her mom, smiling weakly.

“I bet they will be prepared for my arrival. I might become an enemy to all.” Tatsayu said. Celine eyes at Alena once more. The two snap this fingers, their clothes transforming into the same armor Tatsayu has worn. A sudden figure emerge from behind them, two strange looking armored shadow ghosts with teal eyes burning in a fiery gaze. Tatsayu was dumbfounded at this, Celine saying to Tatsayu, “If you really want to stop this wedding and confess your love to Alice, we will assist you.” Tatsayu found a sudden confidence coming to him. No, it was not confidence. He has an urge to do this. He does not want to live in anymore regret. Even his ex would not want him to walk away from his true feelings now. He did everything for Alice. He is still alive and he still wants Alice. He loves her deeply. Ever since that day, he only ignored his feelings to be with her. This was not what he wanted to do. Alice, as well, wanted to be loved by him. Tatsayu quickly transform into his own suit, his body armor resembles that of the Grim Reaper, blades revealing all over his body.

“We should get going then. If I am to stop any sort of wedding or marriage arrangements, we should do it ASAP.” Before Tatsayu rushes out the door, Alena stops him. “This is why we already prepared for our quick transport to that palace.” She pulls out a strange device. Tatsayu tilts his head. In mere seconds, they were not in the house. They were in some grand hallway. Tatsayu looks around. He stops, his gaze falling upon Alice. Alice was wearing a wedding gown. No wait, they were in the middle of a ball. A bunch of nobles were in this grand hall, music and lights blazing the entire room. Well, it stopped when the three of them appeared out of nowhere. Alice knew who it was. Her eyes were lit with joy but regret. She was going to scream out his name. Three guards quickly got in front of her, the Captain from before screams out, “TATSAYU!!” Tatsayu rushes right to him, their blades clashing against each other. Celine and Alena unleash a strong atmosphere that knocked out everyone that was not involved in this war. A bunch of armored guards rushes into the room, firing at Tatsayu’s moms. They both summoned up a barrier, their spirit guardian rushing at them. They quickly slash at all of them, two young adults entering the room. They quickly reveal their Gods, Athena and Ares appear before them.

“Tatsayu!?” they exclaim. They were shocked to see him. The captain was hammering his sword against Tatsayu, the two of them engaged in heavy combat. The captain was trying his best to aim for a kill against him. Tatasyu watch Alice being dragged up the stairs. “Why did you reveal yourself? Have you ignore the request the princess placed in your diary!?”

“I do not give a damn!” Tatsayu exclaims, slamming his bladed arms against his sword, “I am nothing without her! I have given my all for her! I should not look a blind eye and just leave her. My feelings will kill me if I do not say what I need to say!” He forces the captain aside for a while, the armored Grim Reaper screaming to her, “I LOVE YOU ALICE!” The princess was overjoyed by this. Her face was smiling, tears streaming down her face. She screams back at Tatsayu, “I LOVE YOU TATSAYU!”

“JUST DIE!” the captain tries to hack him while his back was turned. Tatsayu evaded the attack, slashing him across the chest. The captain grabs his chest, chuckling a bit. He said nothing, saying, “If you want to be that selfish then,” he got back into a fighting position, “Then be prepared to be her shield and sword. Promise me, you will save her.” Tatsayu wanted to stop his fight against him, but if he did, he might die to him. Tatsayu nod his head, staring where Alice was at. He charges at the captain. The two were ready to send their final attack. They rush past each other, the captain falling to the ground after the exchange of attacks. Tatsayu turns to eye at the dead captain, grinding his teeth against each other. He was wondering what he meant by save Alice. Tatsayu did not notice the sudden figure that slash across his chest, blood spurting out violently. Tatsayu glance at an armored figure just like him. Well, his face was not covered up. His face was that of a middle-aged man. No, a little older than that, like in his forties. He has long hair that covers his eyes and reaches down to his neck. He has a very dull expression, no, a dead expression. A lifeless aura was coming out of him.

“Dad!?” screamed out Celine, “What have you…” What was going on? Tatsayu glance at his mom. The man just glance at Celine, his sword was aimed at her.

“Oh Celine,” said a female voice coming into the scene, “Thought you were… gone for good.” A dark hair woman stands in a fancy bright red dress, amused at the intruders who came into the ball. Celine was awfully confused at something. Alena was as well, the two of them stop their engagement with the warriors of light. Tatsayu noticed something odd about this. Wasn’t Celine’s mom and dad dead? Or should be dead? Celine made several spikes engulf the dark hair woman. “Who are you!?”

“I am your mom of course,” she said, appearing behind her, slapping her across the face, “The Queen of England.”

“Do not lie to us!” Alena was interrupted by the two warriors of light. Something was really off. Tatsayu glance at the man. He was not old. The fact that Celine’s mom and dad were alive still and young really seems off. From what Celine told him, they were ready to die when she was gone. This aura was familiar. It was like if… one of them was a Dark Goddess. Tatsayu rushes to his mother, but the King of England punches Tatsayu across the room. Tatsayu flies into the air, but he uses the momentum to have both his legs slam into the wall. He jumps right back at the King, slamming his head right into his stomach. The two of them flies into the other wall, a crater forming right behind the armored man. If this is his great grandfather, he should be dead for sure. He was capable of fighting and had an immense amount of power. Tatsayu evades his punch that tore the ground apart, cracks forming all around. Tatsayu knows what he was facing against. It was like a mindless puppet. He would have reacted to the strong attack Tatsayu did, yet there was none. The person just took the attack without any sign of pain. Not only that, he was not even making any sound. His movements also gave away that they were just simple mindless attacks as well. If that is the case... “CELINE!” Tatsayu’s thoughts were interrupted when he turns to watch his mom get stabbed by the Queen.

“You are not even my mom.” Celine said, struggling to say much with the arm that pierced her. Alena charges past the two warriors, her spirit unleashing a bunch of beams at the Queen. The Queen just raised a shield that deflected it all. Alena was charging in blindly, trying to save Celine. Tatsayu was heartbroken. No, he knows what will happen next. He did not want it to happen. He rushes towards the Queen. The King teleports right in front of him. Tatsayu knew that this guy will try to stop him. Tatsayu teleports behind him, the warrior grips around Tatsayu’s right arm. Tatsayu does not have time to fight this guy. He slashes his own right arm off, charging to where his mom was at. The King was confused at this, unable to respond effectively to this. The Queen has unleashed a deadly blast that destroyed Alena’s spirit. Alena found herself right before the Queen. Alena found a hole in her chest, the Queen firing a very thin beam to pierce through her armor. What the Queen did not expect was Tatsayu who was right behind her.

“Act 42: Judgement of Lies!” A sudden blast of light hit the back of the Queen. The Queen teleports away from the three of them, standing near the thrones. The Queen’s figure was disappearing. No, the Queen’s image was just a disguise. Standing between the thrones was a woman with short black hair with pale skin. Half of her body was human, the other half was a skeleton. The person glances at her own skeleton like hand. She laughs violently into the air, applauding Tatsayu. “Bravo~”

“HEL!?” Athena and Ares exclaim.

“I am surprise you dumb warriors of light did not notice who you were truly working for. I am just surprised that you just nod your heads to a dead King and Queen. I was able to extend the life of the Queen in exchange for her life. Not only that, I made her husband a puppet who was quite useful in fights and other things. The only problem to this plan of taking over this throne was his run away daughter. I eliminated the rest of the family through ‘natural unforeseen accidents.’” He eyes at Alena and Celine, both grasping for their dear lives, “I was successful, but it seems like I did not expect their son to easily foil my plan. None the less, I have other important matters to attend to. Just glad that I am done with this country… For now.” Hel disappeared from their sight. Athena and Ares rushing over to Alena, Celine, and Tatsayu. The armor Tatsayu had quickly made his right arm he tore off. It looks like this armor can regenerate missing limbs. Ignoring this for now, Tatsayu was glancing at his two moms, both of them, holding hands and staring at the ceiling.

“We will quickly heal you.” Athena states. They were stopped when a spirit pushed them back. Tatsayu notice that these spirits were not aligned to any Gods. They were the Grim Reapers’ spirits. Tatsayu was going to ask why they had these spirits. He did not know they were warriors.

“Just like you,” Alena started, “We made a deal with the Grim Reaper.”

“We have fought Hel before. We were successful, but we wagered our own ability to give birth to our own child. We did not want to tell you this because it’s sort of embarrassing. We wanted to raise a child who was abandoned. We kept this hidden from you because we did not want you to do this…Or fall into something like we are going through.”

“That fact that you almost died to save the world,” Celine started, “Moved us. Our final actions, our wishes, our wants, will be for you to have a happy life Tatsayu.” The two of them start to cough violently, blood running down their mouth. The two of them glance at one another, smiling. Tatsayu was on his knees, tears streaming down his face. “You two…”

“You’re crying for us?” Celine joked, her face slowly growing pale, “We should be crying for you… Being so strong and courageous…” Her eyes were tearing up as well, “I am glad we loved you and showed you so much.”

“Our child has grown up,” Alena said, “He does not need us to push him around anymore.” Her face was growing pale too. Tatsayu bows his head, grinding his teeth together. “Thank you mom! I love you two!” The two look at their child one last time. Alena use the rest of her energy to move closer to Celine, giving her a final kiss and embrace. The two of them die afterwards. Athena and Ares glance at each other. Tatsayu stops his crying, knowing that someone was waiting for him. He gets up, wiping his eyes. They all turn around to stare at the King. He was not under Hel’s control anymore. Surprisingly, he was crying. He has moved closer to Celine’s body, falling onto his knees to weep for her.

“DAMN IT!” he cries. He slams his fist into the ground, frustrated at the fact he has killed his own daughter. “I have watched myself kill my family so easily. But the fact I was saved by my daughter while she dies is unforgivable!” Tatsayu was going to leave him, a blade slash across his back. The King has summon a gust that push Athena and Ares away, a shield surrounding both Tatsayu and himself.

“What are you doing?! Are you still under Hel’s control?!” Tatsayu questioned. The King shook his head, getting into a fighting position.

“I have sinned and I should die. But if I am to leave my grandchild to you, I want to make sure you are qualified to protect her no matter what. I killed the true parents to Alice and took the responsibility to take care of her because of Hel. If I cannot protect her, I would rather be killed by my successor.” Tatsayu shakes his head, raising his bladed arms. “Why… WHY MUST I KILL JUST TO LOVE?!”

“This world is cruel. This world is nothing but misery and unseen evil,” the King responded, “But even if there is utter darkness, people can still show kindness and light despite the dark mist that clouds this world. Be that light Tatsayu…” The two of them charge at one another, their blades clashing, the two exchanging many attacks against each other... This was a fight to the death.

Alice waits in the room she was placed in. She bits her lower lip, waiting for Tatsayu. She was worried. There was a lot of noise below her. Alice clasps her hands together, praying that Tatsayu would be unharmed. The door opens up. Alice quickly gets up, praying that it was him.

And it was. Although he was covered in blood, Tatsayu stands there, breathing heavily. He kneels to Alice, saying, “I am sorry that I was late.” Alice runs to him, hugging him tightly. Tatsayu looks at her, smiling with tears in his eyes. Alice did not say anymore, locking her lips onto Tatsayu. The two of them did not pull away. Their arms wrap around each other. When Alice pulls away, Tatsayu says, “Lets head back home…” He pulls out the device Alena had to teleport them into the palace. In mere seconds they were in the house. Alice noticed something strange.

“Where are your moms?” Tatsayu just smiles weakly, saying, “Why don’t we go on a walk?”

Tatsayu has explained what happened during her departure from the grand room. Alice gave her sympathies to Tatsayu. They were both quiet. They have lost both their family members due to these damn Gods. Alice glance at Tatsayu, the dark hair male returns his gaze back at her.

“I am just troubled at the fact that I made you into this state.” Tatsayu glance at himself, laughing a bit. Alice was confused at his sudden burst of laughter. “If I did not have this armor, I would not have been able to defend you or at least achieved what I have done.”

Alice raises her eyebrow at that statement, eyeing at Tatsayu’s new look. Although his left eye is covered by a silver eye patch with the strange black and red diamond design, the armor has formed itself as a silver covered armored right arm. Tatsayu looks very mature. His posture, his gestures, everything about him seems to be different compared to his shy form from before. Alice sort of misses that personality about Tatsayu. He killed his own shyness with confidence and determination. To be honest, the shy Tatsayu was really fun to tease. Despite this, Alice can see that Tatsayu has changed drastically due to all of these sudden events. Surprisingly, the two have walked near their school they both went to. They stopped, Alice turning to Tatsayu.

“Why don’t we hang out in here for a while?” Tatsayu was going to say no. But for some reason, he wanted to actually spend some time back at his school he left. He nods his head, chuckling a bit. Alice glance at Tatsayu, feeling as if he was scheming something against her.

“Hey,” she started, “Are you planning to do something to me?” Alice puffs her cheeks, Tatsayu glancing at her. She has not changed much. Well, she seems to be more beautiful then before, growing in a lot of places. Tatsayu just leads the way, Alice hitting the back of him. “W-what are you scheming!? Tell me?”

“Ouch,” Tatsayu jokes around, “You might make me go into a long statsis again.”

“That was too far of a joke, I would die if you were knocked out for years.” She commented. She folds her arms, acting very childish. This surprised Tatsayu, confusing why she was making such expressions. She was more refined and aware of her expressions. As the two walk down the dark empty corridor, Alice stops at a certain hallway. Tatsayu eyes down that corridor, saying ‘awe’ when he notices why she stopped. This was where Alice and him bumped into each other. Tatsayu was a tad confused at the slight image of himself coming out of the door and slamming into Alice. Such nostalgia.

“I was surprised that I bumped into such a rude commoner,” Alice jokes, once again, chuckling behind her white gloves. Tatsayu realizes that Alice was wearing the same outfit that she wore when they both met. Tatsayu blushes slightly, turning his head. His heart was pounding. Why was it? Oh wait, he knows why. He was starting to think about the things he wants to do with Alice. He was deprived of any sort of fantasies or lust. He was being serious when he was working for the captain. Since there is some peace between him and Alice, these feelings he locked away are coming out. He slaps his face against his hand, Alice questioning what Tatsayu was doing. No, she gives a slight smile, being very smug about it. She could guess what Tatsayu was conflicted with. She drags him to the next location she wanted him to remember. Tatsayu was acting quite shy once again. He was refusing the thoughts that reminded him of the first time he met Alice. That incident. Tatsayu has been able to control that fetish of his ever since that incident with his ex.

“Hold on!” He stops her, blushing madly, stopping Alice’s aggressive pull. Alice tries to drag the stubborn male to their next destination, grunting to pull him. She uses both her hands to grasp Tatsayu’s right arm. Tatsayu blinks several times, watching how Alice was struggling to drag him to their next area. One minute has passed, Alice gives up, folding her arms and staring violently at Tatsayu. Alice was acting really really weird. Tatsayu has never seen Alice like this. Tatsayu gives the same response, folding his arm, staring down at her. The two did not back away. Breaking the silence, Tatsayu asks, “Why are you acting so strange?”

“Me? Strange?” Alice said, acting a bit offended by such a commit. There was a huge blush flushing over her cheeks, “I am not!” Tatsayu says, “Oh? Why are you blushing?” Alice was stuttering. Her composure was broken, her arms swaying beside her, words trying to get out of her mouth, but nothing came out. Tatsayu snickered at this, Alice was blushing even more.

“I should just walk away then,” Tatsayu stated. Before he left her, Alice embraced him. She has a tone of disappointment that troubled Tatsayu. He listened to Alice. “You were distant… All those times, you did things on your own. I am happy about it, but you scared me. You were drifting away from me. You know how scary it is to know that the guy you loved barely talked to you. You know how scary it was for me to watch you fight for me and even use your own body to fend off Satan?! I was terrified, speechless, weak…” I turn to her, tears stream down her face. I frowned at this. I did not expect this to happen, hugging Alice close to me. “I did everything for you. I wanted you to be happy…”

“I am happy you are with me, truly, but you know how painful it was to see you almost die! I don’t care if you do stuff for me, but I cannot live without you!” She cries harder against his chest, “I felt like I was being left behind as you matured, as you became stronger, as you moved onto this quest of yours. I felt abandoned and worthless…” Tatsayu did not say anything. “I read your diary. I know about what happened with your girlfriend. I know that you do not want the same thing to happen to me. I can assure you it won’t make me run away! Even if you have faults, your tickle fetish, foot fetish, I loved that about you! The shy nature, the weak you, I did not mind seeing that in you!” Tatsayu was speechless. This was the first time he saw Alice cry in agony, say what she really had in mind, show a side that made Tatsayu feels like a jerk. He apologizes, hugging her, the two not saying a word. He was obsess with protecting Alice, but never asked her or told her much about the things he would do. Tatsayu told Alice, “Of course I am being selfish and spoiling you, but without you in my world, even I cannot live.” The two were quiet. Of course they could not combat against what they said just now. Both of them do not want the other to die stupidly. Tatsayu tears up a bit, shocking Alice, laughing as well.

“What are you crying about?!” Alice feels Tatsyau pulls her into another passionate kiss, her doubts and words silenced by the warm contact. Tatsayu looks into her eyes saying, “I am stupid, you are right. The first time we met, those were your genuine feelings. I was too caught up with my own problems, my own regrets, and my own stubbornness to believe you. I am no man, despite what I am now. I am still Tatsayu, Alice. I will always be weak for you. I will always do everything for you… But I am utterly glad that you love me. You loved me ever since back then and now.” Alice slaps him lightly across the face, wiping away her tears and walking off to the room that they both know and love, “You big dummy.” Tatsayu happily follows along. They entered the art room. The two were staring at some ghostly figure of them running into the room and recalling everything that happened the first time they started their session. Tatsayu walks in the room to stare at all his nontickling artwork, noticing how his last picture was of Alice. He notice how detailed it was and it looked like a masterpiece. Alice remembers that picture when the teacher told them to draw someone in the class. Tatsayu decides to draw Alice and Alice did one for Tatsayu. Although where was her picture of him? When Alice found her picture, she shyly shoves it behind her. Tatsayu grabs it, staring at the okay artwork… It was bad actually. Tatsayu looked like some cartoon off of a kid show. The male could not help but laugh bluntly into the air, Alice snatching her piece away from him. “I know that it’s bad! N-now give it to me. You damn showoff…” Tatsayu said nothing as both of them stare at the very front. They were both replaying what happened in the art room, Alice blushing madly at the memory.

“I don’t know how badly you hate your fetish,” she started, “But I loved every aspect of it. I usually hate tickling and being tied up, but if it’s you, I don’t give a damn.” She has her hands on her cheeks, Tatsayu scratching his nose finding it funny that he can recall everything Alice said back then. So everything she said, every expression she made, it was true. Tatsayu feels so dumb. The male made such a frustrated sigh, slapping his face with his right hand. “I am so dumb. If I knew you were okay with me being who I was, I would have tickled you so many times.” Alice blushes madly at that statement, telling him, “I-I don’t think I can handle your daily routine of torturing me! I mean, I could barely handle your torture that you did with me in here!” Tatsayu moves close to Alice, his hands quickly moving up and down her sides. Alice laughs a bit, jumping at his touch. Tatsayu lowers himself down to lick the back of her ear, making sure the licking motion tickles. Alice was surprised Tatsayu was this good! Even if he did not tickle anyone, how come he was doing so well to make her laugh even more!? His hands slide between the top of her shirt and slither down down the skirt to wiggle his finger near the groin region (inguinal region). This quickly made Alice feel warm and she giggles uncontrollably. She takes his hand out, pushing him away playfully. “Oh my god, why are you so good at this!?” Tatsayu tilts his head, wondering what she meant. Was she asking about how come he was still a good tickler, or how come he was good at arousing her? Tatsayu just shows a sly smile saying, “It’s not like I forget all the stuff I read, watch, and seen from back then. I just haven’t tried it on anyone for so long.” Alice just puffs her cheeks and hops onto an empty table. She lays ontop of it, posing for a moment. Tatsayu knows it’s the same outfit she wore since they met and her features were slightly the same. Her hair has grown out a bit, her posture has matured. Her eyes seem to shine a beautiful or powerful gaze now.

“Like what you see?” she taunts, moving her hand down her stretched out legs, running her other hand down the middle of her body. Hell it seems like her breasts grew a bit too. Tatsayu just laughs, moving closer to her. They kiss again as Tatsayu thought about something. He wanted to go all out on Alice and torture her properly. Even though this room gives him memories, he wanted to show how badly he wanted to torture her. Without saying a word, Tatsayu picks her up bridal style, hearing the princess saying “oofph”. Tatsayu exits the same way they did when they were being chased, walking back to his house. When they arrive, Tatsayu opens the door and looked at all the packed boxes. Jeeves was there but he notices something was wrong when it was just them. He paws at Tatsayu’s leg, wanting to know what happened to his mothers. Tatsayu just gives a slight frown, and the cat understood the message. He goes to Alice, rubbing his head against her foot. Alice picks up the cat, snuggling him between her breasts. Tatsayu was a tad jealous, but he’ll get those soon. Alice was confused though. Why did he want to go back to his place? They should have stayed in the first place. Alice was hoping to get it on in the art room, wanting to do the same thing they did back then. Tatsayu opens up the door right in front of the entrance leading downstairs. Tatsayu leads the way as Alice follows suit. When they reach another door, Tatsayu opens it and turns on the light. Alice enters through the door only to gasp and tremble slightly at what she saw. A bunch of bondage devices and a ton of tools scattered all over the shelves on this dungeon. Stocks, chairs, tables, stretches, rope, chains, shackles, it was like an old dungeon with all sorts of tools. Alice lets the cat jump out of her hands, Alice chuckling nervously, her one arm across her stomach, the other one covering her mouth. She was dumbfounded at how intense her mothers were in the tickling fetish. Tatsayu was planning to go all out on her.

“I feel like I should regret the request of letting you go all out.” She comments. Tatsayu laughs looking for what to get Alice with. Well, there were doors in the dungeon leading to modified rooms that her moms made. He took the door on the left, opening it to smile. They entered the room. It was actually… nice. It was not scary at all. It seems like a mockery to all the usually dungeon themes. It was very fuzzy, pink fuzzy fur everywhere. There was a special contraption in the middle of the room that was covered in the fuzzy pink fur. Pink fluffy fuzzy tools or just pink tools were hanging on the pink shelves at the side of the room. Ropes, chains, almost everything in the room was pink and made Alice a bit more laxed. What puzzled and troubled Alice the most was the contraption in the middle. It seemed like a regular table, but there was a button panel near the side of it for the tickler to use most likely. It was a huge table and Alice can see the cracks and attachment it allows. Tatsayu knows what this device does, smirking so evilly. Alice closes the door, saying, “This seems like a very special room.” Tatsayu was glancing through the shelvs to make sure everything he needed was here.

“This room was where both my moms had their first time after they decided to get married,” Tatsayu explains, taking out some jars and looking at the labels, he then moves around the shelves to stare at some very funny looking needles with labels on it. There is paper, pink paper, telling him what each one of these does. Alice decides to take her shoes off, regretting that choice. Her body jumps at the fuzzy carpet, quickly putting her boots on. “This room has a lot of things that are forbidden to use actually because it tampers with most of the logic.” Alice tilts her head. Tatsayu approach Alice, injecting a needle into her arm. It did not sting. Alice was going to ask what he did, the male showing what was read on the label. “Consciousness?” She knows what the word means, but why was it labeled on the needle. Tatsayu continues to explain, “This shot makes sure you won’t pass out when we do our session. There are also several other shots that can increase your sensitivity and stillness.” Alice’s face grows a bit pale, biting her lower lip. “Oh my god, Tatsayu, is you like a Devil?!” Tatsayu raise an eyebrow, chuckling a bit. “Are you getting scared now? What I did back then was nothing. I always wanted to do what my moms would do.” Alice wants to hear more about this room and what his moms did. “Can you tell me more?”

“I think they knew I was interested in the tickling fetish, sort of peeking through my stuff. So they showed me this room. You can say that I can tickle you so well because of my moms. They literally taught me a lot of stuff about the woman’s body and told me what to do. They were naked time to time in their demonstration, showing me erogenous zones located on the female body. They also showed me which contraption did what, although I think we could use those for a later time.” He questions why Alice was puffing her cheeks once again. She says, “You’re cheating! You got professional help!” Tatsayu laughs, the girl punching him lightly in the chest, “You want to tickle me?” She backs away thinking about something else. Hell, her face was fuming red. She shyly covers her mouth saying, “I know that your ex played with your dick… To be frank, I want to play with yours. I might want to try and tickle it as well…” Tatsayu burst out laughing, Alice embarrassed about what she said. “Is that bad?!” Tatsayu wipes the single droplet from the corner of his eye, shaking his head no. “To be honest, it surprised me. Hearing a princess ask for a commoner’s cock? Isn’t that weird?” The princess said nothing, turning around. Tatsayu walks up to her and nuzzles against her back, “You’re my precious thing. I will do anything for you. Alice wraps her hands around him from behind, turning around to kiss him on the cheeks. “Tell me more about your experience.” Tatsayu nods, walking away from her to pick out most of the things he plans to use.

“Both my moms were utterly ticklish all around. Breasts, pussy, back, neck, hell, I bet they were ticklish everywhere because of the intense foreplay they had on each other. They showed me how to spread lotion all over the body, they showed me how to torture certain areas. Depending on the reaction the girl shows, you have to adjust the method you use. Sometimes people are not ticklish from your nails so you have to use tools. To be effective, you have to pay attention to your victim. Find what areas get them to laugh, apply all techniques on the area you are targeting at the moment. You can also arouse them to enjoy the tickling more or you can just make it pure hell, depends on what the tickler wants to do… The two of them would even demonstrate it in front of me. They taught me tricks on how to torture the feet especially since they knew I was into that area a lot. Hell, I can recall them teasing me with their feet sometimes. What I did to you when we first met was the fruition of what they taught me. Hehe, I used the warming and lotion technique to see how strong it was.” Alice recalls that moment, her body getting really warm for bringing that up. “That method was super strong. If I did not have that gag on me, I would be alerting the guards to where we were.” Tatsayu just stops talking about his moms for a bit, sad that he did not spend anymore time with them other than sparring with them and growing stronger. He never had the chance to thank them before they died. He wanted to thank them for so much. Alice decides to take her gown out, dumping it to the side of the room as Tatsayu was silent. She did not take off her bra, panties, and laced stockings. She giggles slightly at how the fur tickled her when she lies on the table. It was very comfortable. She could sleep on this, her body enjoying the soothing feeling of the fur against her skin. Alice decides to grab Tatsayu’s attention by coughing very loudly. Tatsayu turns around staring at Alice. He chokes on his own saliva. He gazes at the beautiful princess. His eyes would have exploded out of their sockets, not ready to see her already stripped to her undergarments. He tries to close his mouth, pushing his jaw up only to fall back down. He could see how curvy her body is. Her skin seems flawless, shining in the light. Her hands seem to travel along her body, showing not that much fat on her legs and curves. She was moving her hands as if she was to demonstrate how slim she was. She was not so slim that some bones would show, she had that right amount of fat on her that would be that of an average person and a model. Her body seems like every inch of her skin was pampered. There are no marks on her, or it was not noticeable, but she was just lying there as her hands motion all across her body, teasing Tatsayu as if she was a succubus from Hell to make him lustful. Well, she is a princess after all. Her looks matter when it comes to getting someone some rich noble or something. Although Tatsayu is just a regular guy that got lucky to hook himself up with a princess. Wait, isn’t she a queen now?

Alice starts to cuff her ankles in the fuzzy straps, strapping her own left hand. She then motions him to get her other wrists. Tatsayu just scoffs and says, “Are you that desperate to get tickled?” I cuff her right hand beside her head, the princess stretched on the fuzzy table. Alice gives a sly smile saying, “Hey, I asked for this, might regret it, but I don’t care as long as you do it to me.” The two kiss before Tatsayu starts to trace his finger down her sides, feeling the shape of Alice’s body. The princess was not ticklish here, Tatsayu knows that. He starts to tickle her with all ten fingers, knowing this will get her to giggle. There are ways to get a girl laughing though. Remember what his mom said was to warm her up before doing anything. If he just slaps the oil on her, it would just ruin the progression of the torment. Hell, a person could spray lotion on and just get it over with, but he wants to make Alice love it even more. Alice is in love though, despite the fact it was starting. Her feelings from before are gone. The discomfort, the doubt, the fear, all of it was gone. She was surprised that even though Tatsayu never did it to her much, she started to have a lust for it. Well she told Aphrodite about it. She is the Goddess of love after all. Maybe the Goddess decided to give her a parting gift and some luck or something to help her get ready for this. Thinking about that Goddess, she should be able to watch over her right now and do things to make her body utterly aroused. Oh god, that might be bad if she does help Tatsayu out later on. Alice could feel Tatsayu’s fingers trailing up and down her sides, moving in a very fast pace. What throws her off are the cold metal fingers that made up his right hand. They are sharp as well, acting as those metal talons people can attach to amplify the ticklish sensations. What Tatsayu decided to do was stick his index finger into her bellybutton, twisting it in a circular motion to get her screaming. She should have kept an eye on him! She laughs beautifully into the air for the while, her laughter turning back to giggles. Tatsayu was taking note of every action and pitch Alice was making. She was struggling of course, body reflexes, the male vibrate his hands hastily to attack her sides. The princess jumps at the feeling, her hair coming over her face. Her smile, her giggles, it was so nice to hear them again. Tatsayu notice that the struggling was not helping Alice at all. Alice notices how the fur was tickling her with her wiggling self. Her bare skin can feel the fuzzy tips of the fur slowly tickling her as all she needed to do was move herself against it.

“Thisheheheh charirhrharirhahehehehh ishhsehehehaheh eveilleehheehaheheh!” Tatsayu never knew that his moms were so smart and devilish and had so much stamina. If Tatsayu recalls, they showed him the different needles but never used them on themselves. Maybe they did it so much they could do tickling sessions for weeks, even a month. Tatsayu shook his head out of his thoughts, concentrating on Alice once again. Of course he was blushing, but apparently the shy self he had before was gone. He was utterly confident and merciless. It was like his moms sort of dawn everything they were to him. Devilish ticklers. As he starts to trail all over her belly, teasing that cute bellybutton of hers, Tatsayu probes, pokes, strokes along the girl’s rib area. Of course they were not showing, not being that skinny, but the Alice tries to shift her body to the right to avoid the tickling. She finds that the fur against her back is tickling her greatly, the moderate giggles increasing a bit. She told herself not to move, struggling to even do that. Her body’s reflexes were spanning at the commands she was giving. She has to say, Tatsayu’s moms were geniuses to make this device. The fur was tickling the rest of her body. Even though it’s not like a main tickle spot , like the armpits, the feet, the stomach, the neck, etc., the fact that every inch of her body can get tickled dawns on her. Tatsayu trails his hands to Alice’s smooth hairless pits, motioning his hands all the way up and down. He was mixing up everything again. He was slowly stroking up and down those pits, Alice cracking up again. Her giggles were consistent now. She was not able to shut her mouth. She could not hold her giggles in. It was like she did not want to. Tatsayu made her laugh, streams of laughs fill the room, Tatsayu scratching madly into her armpits. He taunts her, close to her ears now. Saying how vulnerable she is, but not only did he taunt her, he compliments her, how gorgeous her skin is, her looks, her hair, how smooth it is to tickle her. Alice savors every moment of this. She loves it! She could not help but giggle in response. No words form from her mouth. Tatsayu starts to kiss Alice, the man still tickling her as they kiss. Her laughs pass their interlocking lips, laughs into him, she did not care. She was enjoying herself. Tatsayu was enjoying it to… His left hand stays at her armpit as the other hand starts to grope her right breast, making sure to grope it very lightly. He motion his hand around the shape of it, twirling his hand outwards as his index finger starts to stroke around her nipple underneath her laced bra. Alice moans and giggles, the mix melting Tatsayu’s ears. It was like he was having sex with a Goddess- well in his eyes, he was. He starts to grasp the nipple with his thumb and index finger, pitching it and twirling it around. Alice jumps, her tongue slyly wrapping around Tatsayu, the two doing another passionate kiss. Tatsayu did not stop his actions though, hearing Alice’s voice. It was time to tease the rest of her body. When Tatsasyu pulls away from Alice, drool formed between the two. They stopped thinking for a bit, Tatsayu wiping it off of him and Alice’s mouth.

“Your moms were clever to make this fuzzy room.” Alice said, watching Tatsayu approach the edge of the table. She was not given any response, the tickling on her stocking feet started. Oh god! She thought that her stockings might help her deafen the true tickles on her soles, but that metal hand of Tatsayu was too much! It somehow made the tickling on her right stocking foot really sensitive! It might be because Tatsayu’s hand is so sharp. She could feel that the material of her stockings only added a very pointy fluffy scratch that agonized her feet to wriggle around so much. No, not just her feet. Her entire body trembles and struggles greatly in vain to ease off the feeling. Her mind tries to calm herself down, to limit her increased struggles, but it was overrides by the unbearable feeling. Alice was ushering laughter melodically, surprising Tatsayu. He takes great note of this, but was confused to why. He did not take account to how dreadful his new right hand was. Tatsayu notes that Alice never pleaded for the sensations to stop, or begged for it to stop. She is enjoying this to the fullest. Tatsayu continues his tickling, just watching how violently her feet were wiggling. Alice knows her entire body was becoming one ticklish entity. She was rubbing every body part against the fur. Even if her butt was covered in her panties, it still tickled a bit. She was waking every nerve in her body to the tickling feeling. Her legs, the back of her knee, her arms, elbow, her back, her ass, even the back of her hands. It tickles! This fur seems to be like a bunch of feathers or something. It was maddening. Hell, Alice was aroused by it all! She could not believe that she was already aroused! Sweat was forming, her eyes leak slight tears down her cheeks, and her vagina was getting a tad wet. She was drooling as well, unable to contain how wonderful it felt to get tickled on her soles again. Well, she was drooling also because she did not expect that new sensation to overpower her. Tatsayu walks up to Alice, giving her a break. They both know for sure she would have been knocked out if she wasn’t given that injection. Alice was panting, breathing heavily. She tries to move the hair out of her sticky face. Tatsayu did it for her. She was surely a mess now, a bit sweaty and wet.

“Well… Time for me to push you on the edge a bit further then,” Tatsayu stated, uncuffing her for a bit and taking off the rest of her clothing. Now she was naked. Tatsayu was utterly red now. He had a nosebleed, not ready to see Alice entirely naked. Tatsayu could not describe what he saw, trying hard to control his virgin ignorance side. By that, he was clueless to what to do and he also froze up when he saw her naked. When Tatsayu turns to her, he seems like his old self, shy, confused, and doubtful. Alice mocks him, laughing childishly at him for making such a stupid scene “How about you take off your clothes too mister!” Tatsayu was starting to say gibberish, blabbering like an idiot. With whatever strength Alice has left, she got up from the table. She laughs madly as her soles touch the fur carpet. Tatsayu was lost, his mind exploded apparently. He did not realize Alice was stripping him. Luckily Tatsayu wore a button shirt underneath his armor, easily discarding that aside as she stared at his grey center and shiny grey right region of his body. Despite the fact that the armor materialized itself to be Tatsayu’s body, Tatsayu has a toned muscular body. His abs can be seen along with his pecs. Alice was surprise to see Tatsayu with this body. She recalls what he looked like when her guards saved him, but it was not that muscular. She tries her best to contain her shock. She starts to undo his armor guards covering his legs. As she pulls down his pants, her own face explodes. Her eyes could not stare away from his huge penis. She can see it utterly erect. Without saying anything, Tatsayu glance down, letting out a scream. He falls down onto the ground, staring at Alice between his leg and his erect manhood. He closes his eyes trying to think of something to say, utterly embarrassed that he himself was naked now. Before he said anything, Alice’s hands grips around his erect penis. Her touch made his cock jump, the girl slowly wraps her hands around it. She leans close to him, sliding between his legs to lay herself down onto him. She was mesmerizing. The way she was close to him right now, her touch, everything was so warm. Tatsayu just throws his head back laughing a bit, wrapping his arms around Alice. Alice squeals at this motion, feeling her body against his muscular fame. The sudden grasp made her tightly grip her hands around Tatsayu, the man releasing a slight moan. “You’re clueless to what to do as well, huh?” Alice blushes violently and bites her lower lip. Of course she knows what to do! Aphrodite taught her what to do.

“We both went to sex ed class,” she stated cutely, trying hard not to confess her innocence, “N-not only that, I had Aphrodite taught me what to do. I-I can make you cum so easily you know…” Tatsayu gives a smirk, pushing Alice to do it. “Make me moan like a baby.” Alice starts to motion her hands up and down, the man not budging a bit. Alice was staring down at the crack between her breasts to eye at Tatsayu’s cock. She has both her hands around it motioning it up and down. This was obviously a handjob, but it seems like it wasn’t working on Tatsayu. Alice quickly stops herself from being embarrassed. If she was going to marry this guy, she has to show some dominance and make this guy melt when she wants him to. Tatsayu looks away, trying hard not to see Alice struggle in her way to pleasure Tatsayu, but the man quivers at the light touches he was feeling. Alice was teasing him greatly. In mere seconds, Alice turned to a very alluring and seductive woman. She was slowly moving her one hand up and down the shaft region of his cock. It was not a whole grip though. She has her left hand make an okay sign as it goes from the glans all the way down to where it connects to his balls. She does this for another five minutes watching Tatsayu was weak apparently. This was such a tease. Alice was not saying anything as her cute shy self was gone. She was being fierce, decisive, and merciless. Alice knows even if she was not using any lotion to make this cock erect or easy to torment and render Tatsayu to utter moans, she knows her foreplay. She decides to user her other hand trapped between them to play with the glans, the very crown of his penis. She strokes around its shape, stroking very softly and gently as the dick quivers against her left hand’s grip and this new teasing action from her right hand. Alice was surprise to hear such manly moans coming out of Tatsayu. The man lies against the fur carpet in extreme pleasure of this experience. Alice was going to go a bit further till Alice’s composure she made stopped. It brightens up really fast when she can feel something all over her hands. She did not look down. Tatsayu was utterly embarrassed that the girl of his dreams made him cum in sheer moments. He did not have any tolerance to this. Hell, masturbation is supposed to help strengthen it, but he never had any time to do that after the incident with his ex girlfriend. How was he suppose to be prepare himself when he knows the love of his life decided to do this him. He never expected it to go this far. Tatsayu breaks the silence by saying, “It’s embarrassing. You shouldn’t be embarrassed that I ejaculated that fast.” There are some beads of sweat that was slowly tinkering down his forehead. His cheeks were red. The two smile at each other, their gaze locking onto each other again.

Tatsayu was glad he is in arm’s reach for the towel at the lower shelf next to them. He was going to wipe off his own cum till he notice Alice’s head was not on his chest. He eyes at his lower regions to find her licking his cum off of his glans and the meatus. The opening of his penis and the pink flesh of his crown was where she was tormenting now. Tatsayu jumps at the slippery feeling wrapping itself around his crown and licking so softly against him. He tries his best to calm his arousal. Easier said then down as his cock motions itself up and down. Alice licked most of the semen off of him, moving to clean the rest of it lying around his groin area. Alice eyes at his penis… or the area around his penis. There was no hair, the man obviously trimmed and neatly shaved it off as it felt really smooth. Alice playfully nuzzles and purrs against his sack before Tatsayu picks her up. The man was using his second sort of energy supply to move despite the orgasm he just received. He pushes a button that made the table transform into some ungodly machine. Alice was shocked in fear and awe to get into the contraption. Fur still coats itself all around the body of the device but the device she was staring at before her is evil. It has a bunch of fuzzy straps but a whole lot of vibrators. It was like one of those typical Italian Renaissance Faire Stocks meant to hold the arms to the side, have the ticklee sit upright, legs out, and feet trapped in stocks. What Alice was staring at was an extreme version of tickling and bondage wrapped in pink. She can see a gag, earmuffs, and a blindfold near the head area along with some straps. But what troubled her is the fuzzy vibrators that will be close to her neck and ears if she was to sit in that machine. To the side, two long arm rests were raised higher and at a 45 degree angle that would expose her armpits. Other than that, the rest was just a usually seat in a Renfaire stock. Alice glances at Tatsayu saying, “Y-you’re going to tickle me right?” Tatsayu lowers Alice into the seat letting a devilish smirk creep upon his face. “For making me feel such a surprise… I’ll assure you I won’t tickle you… I didn’t say anything about this machine.”

Alice was cumming violently. It has been a good half hour when the session started. Now it was just becoming something Alice loves no matter how bad she reacted. She was being tortured by Tatsayu’s foreplay on her vagina as she was tickled mercilessly. In the beginning, Tatsayu strapped her down and gave her a taste of what it felt like to be in the device. Tatsayu placed vibrators all around her, but that wasn’t what this device did to tickle her. This machine was able to read the ticklee. Figure out what makes them tick, moves, restrains the movement, and be utterly random. The machine gave Alice a few of the usually stuff. The princess doubted the true compatibility of the device. Saying this, the machine decided to spread lotion all over her. It suddenly made vibrations against her skin. Her entire body felt the vibrating chair except her breasts and vagina. Tatsayu, however, decided to licked and fingered her. He also fondled and groped her breasts madly. The girl never realized how bad it was to be a virgin. Her pussy was quite tight, Tatsayu sticking his finger into her to test her out. Laughter and heavy moans filled the air at the 10 minute marker. Tatsayu was toying with her clitoris. He would use his thumb to rub against it as his other fingers trail around her pussy before sticking itself slowly into her. Before he did that though, he was going to apply some lubricants until he stopped himself. She was already wet, so using her own fluids against her would make it a lot worse. And boy, it did. Tatsayu easily slipped his finger in to feel her tight pussy engulfing around his fingers. He starts to finger her ever so slowly, thrusting it in and out before the minutes went by and he slowly increased it. Alice could not control anything at the moment. Her thoughts, her logic, her body, all of these things are betraying her in the sake of love and pleasure at the moment. She was drooling, crying, ringing out with hysterical laughter and heightened moans, her body violently withering in their bonds. She can not wiggle any part of her body, Tatsayu strapping her securely so she can feel the full intensity of moment. Alice, despite the state she was in, looked beautiful still. Although one could debate against him cause of the tears and drool trailing off of the girl’s mouth, Alice was a sight to see. Tatsayu was getting wet from seeing her in this state. Alice was releasing, the girl letting herself cum a good five times or so. For the last push, he decided to thrust his tongue in her to see if he could stimulate her even more. Alice went off in a high pitch before it slowly trailed off into a weak cry then nothing.This was the sixth time she released, halting after this one. Alice was looking quite weary and tired. She eventually faints. The effects of the injection wore off.

The machine was smart enough to know that the session ended halting every device that was tickling her. If someone walked in and saw the session before them, they’ll faint. The mechanical arms hovering with many feathers, brushes, electric brushes, flossers, and other instruments would make them faint. Every inch of her body was covered with devices. The area that was tortured the most was her feet because there are so many nerves pulsing all over. The areas of the feet were divided between a lot of the tickling instruments, the machine doing whatever it wanted to get the best results. Either way, Alice was in sort of waking up or moving, Tatsayu picking up his princess from the chair to their bed. He teleports the two of them back to Alice’s palace. The place was now empty and fixed. The other warriors must have taken care of the mess and most likely they’ll bother him about what to do with his mom, asking for a burial somewhere. He says nothing as he takes her to the grand bedroom. Entering the place, he was amazed at all the fancy nice silk and fabric of the bed. Tatsayu just eyed at it blankly hating the look of it. He place Alice aside as he renovated the bed. He took off the fancy stuff and made it into just the mattress, sheets, and pillows. He did not want the fancy covering and the huge wooden pillars of sort at the four corners of the bed. It just irritated him when he stared at it. He picks Alice from the ground and opens the sheets, covering the princess up. She was naked still. Tatsayu was in his armor again as he opens the window balcony. He closes it behind him as he stares up at the night sky. He takes something out from his armor. One was that diary. The second was a small black rectangular box. He gives off a pleasant smile, opening the diary to the last page. He takes out a pen and starts to write this out. While he was writing, he started to talk as well.

“Today,” he started, “I will make my dream come true. I will marry Alice. I will marry the princess that stepped into my life and transformed me. I will marry her and protect her until my dying breath.” He opens the box to stare at a ring that his moms bought him. When his moms noticed Alice come into his life, they bought him this ring. The same ring he will use to propose to her. He just shakes off the feeling, saying, “Thank you.” Tears streams down his face as he repeated the word again, “Thank you.”