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07-25-2015, 01:25 AM
This will be on dA and it will also go on TT. Anyways, a simple fan fiction of the anime I loved and raged at the ending of the anime as the manga is still going on.

Enjoy. Oh, link to pic is below.


The armored white knight sprints down the valley way, avoiding most of the soldiers. This was supposed to be a simple recon mission on Esdeath. With a white helmet and glowing yellow eyes, the warrior evades several arrows aimed at him. The knight dashes towards the archers, punching them in the face. He moves onto the next one, avoiding the incoming arrows and attacks from the regular military militia. He needs to hurry and help Mein before something happens. He would not forgive himself if she was to be killed by Esdeath

The pink hair gunner aims her long barrel gun at the blue hair girl. The ice colored hair girl swings her rapier against the gunner’s blast. The pink hair girl slides against the powerful blasts from her gun, grinding her teeth against each other. The pink hair girl dawns a pink outfit with a skirt and a small pink poncho over her shoulders and stopping halfway to her back. Pink light ribbons are around her twin tails, the girl’s eyes locking onto Esdeath. She unleashes another blast, her pink shoes sliding against the rocks underneath her. More pink laces are wrapped around her dark stockings. Her opponent was close to swinging her rapier right into the girl’s chest. The pink hair girl pulls the trigger, a large blast fires like a sword swinging at an opponent with a horizontal attack. The icy blue hair woman jumps into the air, surprised at the overwhelming firepower her gun was able to create. She stares behind her, the nearby rocky wall crumbles.

“Oh,” she says, “Interesting. Does that gun show more firepower if I push you closer to death?” the woman asks, Standing tall with a very pleased tone, she wears a white outfit revealing her cleavage. Her Teigu, the power she has is drawn below her collarbone and above the cleavage and near her breasts. Her blue eyes glimmers with excitement, her pupils locking right onto Mein, the girl with the PumpkinTeigu. With her military outfit of white, her black high-heeled boots slams against the ground. Mein was taken back by the distance Esdeath cover. The general has taken the initiative force from that stomp to dash right at the pink hair. The gunner blasts at the ground, forcing Esdeath to change her course. The general was able to stop her charge only to jump into the air. Mein redirects her aim quickly to Esdeath. The icy hair girl was close to stabbing Pumpkin.

“No!” The armored knight rams against Esdeath, the girl flips in the air to land softly on her feet, one hand sliding against the ground. She did not think that Bulat would come to Mein’s aid so quickly. Esdeath sighs, planning to go away. The fight she had was quite exciting, but if she prolongs it any further, more reinforcements might gang up on her. Knowing that her fellow soldiers were killed by Bulat, there will be no need to wait for anymore survivors. Esdeath glance at the two. Listening a bit to their conversation, she decides to amuse herself before withdrawing.

“Are you alright Mein?” the fully armored grey knight asks, his helmet’s front revealing his white colored helmet. Mein seems very happy, face flourished in a blush, nodding. Although she quickly says, “Y-you did not need to do that though. I had it all under control!”

“Idiot,” he said, turning to her, looking away from Esdeath for a bit, “Even one screw up, you will only frighten me a whole lot more!” Esdeath was greatly annoyed at the fact that this voice was very familiar. She had only one person that came to mind. Even when she stares at this armored figure, her wants to fight this being was not present. It was quite the opposite. She did not want to fight against this person? Was it even possible? When did she show any mercy to any of her opponents? The two continue their conversation, ignoring Esdeath. Hell, it seemed like they just got into a quarrel with one another. Esdeath folds her arms, staring at the armor. It was a Tengu known as Incursio. Being informed by her late subordinate General Liver, the armor and person is supposed to be taller and a bit wider. The fact the armor change to a smaller size makes it puzzling for a former ex military of the Empire to be this small. After Esdeath fought against Susanoo, the fact that this armored figure sounded like Tatsumi also got on her nerves. She bits her lower lip; her mind is unable to push Tatsumi out of her head. She wants to see him now. She just wants some time with her before she goes against some other rebellions elsewhere.

“Are you Tatsumi?” Esdeath query, Esdeath showing a very puzzled face. The two stopped their bickering, the armored Incursio says to Esdeath, “I am not…”

“Why do you sound like him then?” Esdeath asks, “Please, Tatsumi, tell me the truth.”

“You should go now before our allies come!” Mein said, aiming her gun right at the general. The icy hair girl grunts at this motion, looking at the ground. She stares at the two, saying, “Mahapadma.” The two were frozen; her ice froze time for the while. She hastily walks up to the armored Incursio, gripping around the helmet. She should kill them, but something in her mind keeps telling her this was Tatsumi. She takes the helmet off slowly, knowing that she cannot ponder any longer. Mahapadma can only be used once a day, she has to make it count. When she takes off the helmet, her eyes lit up in joy.

The medium length brown hair man she fell in love from the arena and from Mt. Fake stands before her. Esdeath could not believe that it was Tatsumi! She wanted to take him away right now. Sadly, Mahapadma ended. The icy color Esdeath could see slowly vanished as the world came back to its regular color. Mein and Tatsumi were able to move again. What surprised the two was the helmet in Esdeath’s hands. What’s worse is that his identity was discovered! “Esdeath!” Mein quickly points the gun at her. Snapping back to reality, Esdeath toss Tatsumi’s helmet up in the air. Tatsumi catches it quickly to place it on, trying to leap right at Esdeath. The general has captured Mein, her rapier against the girl’s neck. “ESDEATH!” He screams out, “Don’t you...!”

“Oh Tatsumi,” Esdeath said, “I want us to have fun for this one night. If you try to escape or leave, I would not mind killing this comrade of yours.” Mein stares violently at Esdeath. She exclaims at the top of her lungs, “Tatsumi, just leave me! I do not want you to do anything with her anymore!” Esdeath raise her eyebrow at this statement. “What do you mean? How do you know that I did something with Tatsumi?” Esdeath glance at the pink hair girl, Tatsumi tries to strike. Esdeath places an icy wall between them, Tatsumi punch the wall, screaming at Esdeath.

“I am dating Tatsumi!” Esdeath’s eyes gave a deadly glare at Mein. Despite all urges to kill her right there and then, it would only piss Tatsumi further and not make him follow them. Oh, she could do all that fun that might take care of her boredom as well.

“Tatsumi, meet me at the top of Mt. Fake, the same area we met the second time.” She blows a kiss at him, a dragon appears behind them. Esdeath makes frozen ice cuffs around Mein’s ankles and wrists. The two of them got on the dragon and hea into the sky. Tatsumi can hear his name ringing through the air, a cry of help from his beloved. Tatsumi grinds his teeth together, punching the wall continuously. He cannot let another one of his comrade die before him. He needs to go save her! He rams the wall with his head, breaking it. He shakes off the feeling, some blood dripping at the side of his face from inside. “ESDEATH!” he yells.

The blue hair general was amazed at how powerful her lover has become, destroying the barrier she placed up. She has her doubts about if the two of them would be able to get to her special place in time. Mein just says this to Esdeath, “When Tatsumi comes and rescues me, I am going to kick your ass.” Esdeath chuckles at this. She stares at the pink hair girl, patting her on the head. “Cute.” The general said. Mein tries to kick the general; the teal hair girl decides to stroke the girl’s small breasts. This made her jump, almost falling off the dragon. Esdeath catches her, saying, “I cannot let you just get off and do something dumb now. Do not worry, I do not plan to kill you just yet. Or even torture you that badly like all the rumors you hear.”

“I cannot let you do whatever you want with Tatsumi,” Mein said, looking away from her, “Trying to do such vulgar things to my beloved!”

“Vulgar?!” Esdeath laughs, “I am still trying to figure out how to sway Tatsumi’s heart. To be honest, I am rather shocked he decided to chase after you though. Such a frail, small framed person over…”

“S-size does not matter!” Mein exclaims, blushing slightly. It fades away quickly, “W-wait what are you planning to do with Tatsumi!? Are you trying to…?” Esdeath has several question marks above her head. Mein was thinking about something else, blushing heavily at the thought a bit. However, it did not concede her passionate rage if Esdeath was planning to do THAT.

“I just want to snuggle and cuddle him in bed again.” Esdeath replies, thinking about it made her smile. Mein was shocked by the smile. She was staring at a completely new person, utterly stunned at this side of Esdeath. Esdeath folds her arms though. She is jealous that Tatsumi actually chased after this girl. Killing her might be a bad idea. Personally, she should not kill her. Maybe someone else could. Esdeath hears a sigh coming out of the pink girl’s mouth. She was going to lash at the reins of the dragons, halting herself. Esdeath stares at the girl once again, noticing she has a very childish like look. Not even that, her voice sounds a bit spoiled and bratty. Well, that was just a sterotype judgement. Any child would be like that. This girl can kill people. She cannot be that young, despite her body frame and her looks. Glancing around, Esdeath notice that they were almost to their destination. She will personally give these two her personal dungeon. What Esdeath did not expect was Tatsumi charging right at them.

“Esdeath!” yells Tatsumi, punching the dragon mount. Esdeath snatched Mein off of the dragon, flying in the air. The dragon lets out a painful sound, flying right to the ground. Tatsumi is very bewildered. This side of him utterly surprised Esdeath. Is it because of the love he has for Mein?

“Stop fooling around with me Esdeath!” Tatsumi yells, landing onto a nearby cliff to jump right at the flying Esdeath, “If you want to screw around with us, just fight me!” Esdeath makes an ice shield appear in front of her. No, she made it surround the two, the punch Tatsumi developed made the two fly towards the top of Mt. Fake. The general and Mein were sliding against the ground on top of the mountain. Esdeath lets the ice disappear around them, glancing at the dark metal door beneath her boots. Tatsumi did not ease up on his frenzy. He was right before Esdeath, a punch slowly approaching her. Esdeath made ice form on her stomach, the punch forcing Esdeath to slide back a bit. She still holds Mein tightly in her grasp.

“Tatsumi, just leave me!” Mein said.

“I rather deny both choices! I will not let you do whatever you want with me Esdeath, but I will not leave Mein to her fate!” Esdeath smiles a bit, getting quite excited about this fighting spirit Tatsumi had. Hell, she knows Tatsumi is the only one capable to be her only true lover and equal. She wants to personally test Tatsumi, fighting him in this sort of aura over and over again. Her Teigu told her to do it. Fulfill her lust to fight, enjoy, and repeat, but she eyes at the door. Her smile turns into a frown. She sighs, holding Mein close to her. The gunner girl tries to struggle still, wiggling against the general’s body.

“Such a pity that I cannot excite myself in such a glorious rage Tatsumi,” the general said, snapping her fingers as an ice form of herself appeared beside her, “But I think I will have to let you fight with her until I am ready for you.

Tatsumi charges again, but the identical ice figure of Esdeath halt him, slamming the sharp blade against his gauntlet. Esdeath took the chance to open the hatch, taking Mein and herself down the dark steps.

“MEIN!” Tatsumi blindedly tries to chase after them, the ice figure, ramming Tatsumi across Mein’s field of vision. As they descend down the stairs, Mein could not see her lover anymore. She was being dragged to whatever Esdeath was planning to do with her. Mein just follows the general without saying anything. Being used to hassle Tatsumi, she is irritated by this method. If she did not engage against Esdeath, this could have all been avoided. Maybe Mein engaged Esdeath due to the fact that she took Tatsumi’s first kiss. She shifts in her bonds, trying to not feel guilty about the fact that Tatsumi is trying to save her again. She still owes him that first save. If it was not for him, she would have died. Esdeath eyes over her shoulder, noticing the fidgeting prisoner. She knows that look. She has seen many expressions when she drags her prisoners to the torture chambers. The prisoner is revealing a face of guilt and regret. Esdeath knows that entertaining herself and killing for the hell of it is her calling, but for the moment, she does have some sympathy for her.

“I am quite thankful that you decided to do this Mein.” Esdeath says, breaking the silence, “If you were not so reckless, I could have not met Tatsumi. It has been a while since I even seen him. My heart is throbbing. So I thank you. With that said, I definitely won’t kill you for giving me this moment.”

“Even though I should be a bit relieved,” Mein started, her voice showing no change in defiance or presenting a weak discourage tone, confident as ever, “I seriously do not want you to be around my boyfriend anymore. I am trying to make sure Tatsumi does nothing with you! Anything you plan to do to him, I will do better.” Esdeath blinks several times, stopping in her tracks. Mein bumps into her back. Esdeath itch her head a bit, remembering that she read about this situation somewhere.

“Is this what you call ‘rivals in love?’” Esdeath turns a bit to hear Mein’s response.

“Yes.” Mein said. Esdeath lowers her head to stare at eye level with Mein. The two did not say anything. Mein did not even change her expression, showing utmost confidence with her intensified glare. The two were staring deep at each other eyes, both girls not changing their expression. “You look like a child. I am quite confused to how Tatsumi and you fell in love with each other? Who was the first to ask the other if they wanted to start a relationship?” Mein blushes slightly, looking away now.

“I-it is none of your business.” Shit. Just thinking about that moment, Mein blushes slightly and her body just wanted to look away from her.

“Oh? You are that stubborn?” The blue hair girl walks up to Mein, her hands slowly approaching the girl’s sides. The next few moments, a very irritating sensation erupts all of Mein’s thoughts. She quickly pushes both of Esdeath’s hands away. Mein also backs away, her face showing her blush. No, her expression changed completely. She was on the defensive. Her expression told Esdeath everything. After many years of tormenting people, Esdeath knows all the reaction people can give off even from the slightest of things. Mein knows that she is in front of one of the experienced tormenters throughout the entire world. Showing this side of her told Esdeath everything she needed to know.

“Not only are you ticklish, I bet you hate this feeling, right?” Esdeath gave a triumphant smile. She slowly closes onto Mein. Mein tries her best to avoid Esdeath, but the general knows all the possible tricks that Mein was trying to do. No matter what she tries to do, the general was able to stroke her sides. Mein clamps her lips tightly together. Her body is super sensitive. No matter what she tries to do, she is being tickled. No matter how much she struggles, it does not change how her body is giving these goofy reactions to the general’s touch. No matter the strokes, no matter the soft feelings of it, it will tickle her crazy. Her nerves will react fiendishly to these sensations. She will go crazy. Esdeath can read Mein like a book. She tries to move her hands away, Esdeath moves with her action. She follows her back, staying close to her, poking and giving subtle strokes. She has seen her men giving some tickling pleasure while raping some females. She has seen a lot of things her men do with their reward. The fact that Mein’s arms are tied in front of her limits her. She cannot protect her sides that much. Her arms can, but it will only cover a portion of her sides. The bonds around her ankles also take away the large movements Mein could do to get away from Esdeath. Being iced together, there is no way for Mein to escape. She could not. The poking probing teasing fingers would not ease off of her sides. Every second, Mein could feel her laughter build up, her eyes already tearing up as she finding herself showing a very weak side to Esdeath.

“Stopheheheheheh!” Mein said, her voice showing a very shattered discourage tone, shaking her head side to side, “Pleahsehhsehhhehheahsee!” Esdeath pushes Mein against the wall. Mein was not paying attention; all her wiggling protests and random motions to ease off the tingling feeling forced her into this predicament. She could feel Esdeath pressing up against her, the general has her cornered. She could not even get herself off the wall, her body against the wall. She could feel Esdeath nails scratching a bit harder against her sides. The pink hair girl tries to cover her sides, but Esdeath was getting the area that she could not protect. If she could lower her arms down in front of her, she would. Esdeath has purposely has the two of them against the wall to immobilize all movement Mein could do, immobilizing her arms as they are crutched between her body and the adult, unable to move anywhere. They were stuck in an upright position, close to her breasts and face. Esdeath would not mind teasing a girl, it would ease her a bit with her boredom…

“Goddamn it!” Tatsumi said, panting heavily. Even though Esdeath has left this clone to fight against him, he was still no match against it. Tatsumi needed a plan to get past this figure to rescue Mein. If Mein were to die because of him, he would be grieving heavily. A roar comes behind him, the dragon Tatsumi punched was berserked. The clone of Esdeath quickly charges at Tatsumi. The dragon begins to take a large breathe, preparing to do something. Using his wits, Tatsumi jumps off the ground. At the same time he lunged into the air, he turns invisible. The dragon was unable to halt his attack, blowing at the ground where Tatsumi once stood. The fire the dragon unleashes engulfs the ice general copy. Tatsumi was about to sneak his way to the door until he feels something weighing down on him. He reveals himself, getting up. The dragon was killed, lying dead beside him. Tatsumi glance through the eye piece of his helmet, the one arm Esdeath who was slightly melted during that blast. The clone must have killed the dragon for its stupidity. It has lost its left arm, but it has its right arm still intact. Tatsumi curse at this. “Mein… please be safe.” Tatsumi charges right at the ice, noticing that his punch shattered the blade. Surprised at this, the clone was unable to defend herself against Tatsumi’s following punch. His punch slams hard into the stomach of the clone, shattering into shiny bits. “Mein, wait for me!” Tatsumi glance at the dead body, using most of his strength to toss it aside. He could feel his stamina being depleted from him. He needs to hurry. Tatsumi was going to head towards the entrance to Esdeath’s domain; a sudden icy feeling shoves him across the ground. He slides violently against the rocky ground, dust rising from the dirt below from the friction that his body created. Tatsumi uses both his arms to get up, his mouth releasing some heavy pants from the sudden attack. The clone was not dead. The icy Esdeath reassembled itself, cracks all over its body, yet it still continues to deny and engage Tatsumi.

“Goddamn it!” Tatsumi yells, his eyes showing intense rage. He shuts his teeth against each other, biting hard on the lower set of his teeth. He releases a deadly aura, his fists tightening to the point that they could make his hand bleed. Due to his armor, this does not happen, but he is getting angered by the fact that he is being stalled by a mere clone.

“I will save Mein even if it kills me!”

“HEHAHAHAHHAHA!” Mein was shoved into a room. The gray empty dungeon is where Esdeath and Mein were in. Well, the metal door was behind Esdeath. And the light above them was present as well, but that does not matter. Esdeath has agreed to let Mein go, if she was to get past her. Mein had no weapons. She knows that the margin gap in close combat between the two is large. Mein dashes right at Esdeath, surprising the general. The general gets ready for the charge. “A daring attack from the front, are you trying to get caught?”

“Nope!” Mein slides right under the general. The general did not see this coming. The blue hair girl dashes after the girl. Mein was going to make it. She was glad that she persuaded Esdeath to let her go if she was able to beat her in this. It seems to be too easy, but dashing for the exit with no care in the world. Mein was close to the door, almost grabbing the handle. She fell onto the ground, chest first. She looks behind her. Esdeath was able to catch her leg, jumping onto the ground to reach for her ankle. Mein was going to kick her, but she has to focus on getting to the handle. She wants to get out. She starts to crawl, dragging Esdeath with her as well. What Mein was not paying attention to was Esdeath taking off her shoes. Mein was close to the handle, few inches away from the door. She starts to feel a stroke on her dark left stocking sole. Her eyes grew wide, her mouth ushering laughter out instantly. She blushes heavily, her body trembling greatly at the feeling. She was hoping that Esdeath would not do this! She tries to kick her this time, Esdeath dodging the kick to lock both her legs in her elbow lock. “Shit!”

Esdeath giggles at the frantic motion Mein was doing. Trying to squeeze her ankles through her grip, wiggle them out, or something. Esdeath starts to tease Mein. “Such ticklish feet, it’s a pity that you lost this round though.”

“I-I HAVENAHHAHAH NOTAHAHAH LOSTHSHHAHAH YETEHEHAAHHA!” She renews her struggle, still fighting against Esdeath, reaching for the handle. Esdeath glance over her shoulder, showing a disatisfied expression. It changed instantly, thinking that it will be fun to break her at least. She starts to stroke her finger up across the arches, scratching with her mere index finger at the middle of her sole. No matter what area Esdeath tickled, the laughter was constant and loud. Surprisingly loud. Mein was a mess. She was already in tears, trying hard not to droll from her excessive laughter. Her body wants to give up, her nerves forcing her body to do so many things she did not want to. Esdeath was amazed at how stubborn this girl was. Most of the time, they would just give up. Esdeath was in the upperhand. She was only gazing the soles with her one index finger. This is nothing yet.

Esdeath starts to claw two of her fingers from her right hand against both the soles, Mein curling her toes tightly. Her soles flexed inwards and out, her size five feet starts to kick around madly. “PLEASHSEHHSHEHAHHAHA THISHHSHAHAH ISNTHTHAHAH FAIRHHAHHA!”

“And life is not fair.” Esdeath reply, her tickling continues to add one finger against these soles. They continue to wiggle around frantically; Mein was not unable to reach out towards the handle of the door anymore. Her arms seemed drained of any power to resist. With a few minutes that passed them, the fact that her soles were getting relentlessly clawed at by four mere fingers was only the start of her personal torment from this icy general. “Oh, come on now~” Esdeath teases, her four fingers skillfully tracing letters that spell out Tatsumi’s name. “You are close to that door. Just need to push yourself to the limits, just curious to how that will be like though.”

“I DONTHAHAHHA NEEDHAHHA YOUTHHAHAHHAHHA TOOHTHAHAH TELLELEHAHAH MeHEHEHAH TGAHAHAHHAHTAHHA!” Esdeath was surprise at the sudden force that made her move. Mein was using her arms to crawl closer to the handle. Esdeath shows a face of shock. This turns into a very sinister smile of evil. Mein was going to slowly push herself to exshaustion, knowing that if she fails, she will be doomed. Her small progress will lead to her escape. Mein’s body was tingling greatly from the sensations overwhelming all her body’s orders. Every movement she wants to do is overrided by the sensations that weakens and distracts her goal to flee. She needs to win. She does not want to be saved by Tatsumi again. She pulls herself against the ground, dragging the icy general with her. What Mein did not heed was the change of attitude Esdeath has. The icy general was getting a crazed gaze. No, her entire body wants to do extreme punishments to Mein. Her thoughts were getting the best of her. The fact that this girl is Tatsumi’s girlfriend agitates her. It is pathetic. How can she be inferior to such a puny little girl!? If she was tortured, she would not be pathetic. ONLY ONE person can make her do these things, but he has to prove it. He has the potential to do so though. Every ounce of his soul, energy, everything about Tatsumi had great potential that can only be on par with her. Only Tatsumi can make her such a mess. She wants him to only see her.

Mein could feel Esdeath’s nails claw violently at her feet now. This clawing motion was different from before. Her hands were piercing through her black socks. No, her nails were not even tearing to the socks; they were just clawing her feet viciously. The fact that her socks could not dampen the intense tickling means Esdeath was taking it up a notch. It was becoming worse. The general was not slowing down and her movements were fast. She moves her fingers frantically between her two soles. There was no way of predicting where she was aiming at. The intense tickling overpowered everything in Mein’s body to utter submission to laugh and just get her feet out of the arm lock. Her arms fail to move anymore, unable to gather the strength to move on to grab the handle. Mein feels her nails crawling to one of her troubled spots if it was touched by anyone. Mein felt fear engulf her. Esdeath was not paying much head heed to Mein’s panicked state, knowing that her harsh clawing would make anyone go this high in laughter. What the general did not expect was a very very high pitch laughter that literally shook the air. Esdeath’s mind was broken from her envious state, the general glancing or feeling where her fingers trailed off to on the pink hair’s girl feet. Of course it will be the toes. Even though they are the primary tactile sensors and help you feel around as you walk. This girl’s reaction to her clawing motion ended up in a huge surprise. Esdeath knows that none of the people she watched getting tickled or that she personally tickled reach such octaves. Esdeath could feel the slight shift in her arm lock, the feet turned upwards, the general seeing Mein’s foot turned upright. The general peers over her shoulder to eye at the girl. She was a mess. Hair sticking on her face, drool slightly running down the left side of her mouth, her cheeks and eyes watery from all that. Hell, even her clothes were sticking to her. Mein has got herself in an upright position, her arms barely supporting her. Esdeath just smiles at Mein, asking her, “Do you concede?” Mein yelps, laughter exploding as her body falls right onto the floor. Esdeath has scratched the stem of her toes, the small digits under her stockings curled up quickly.

“N-Nohahahhahah….Plesehaheehahhahshehhhehehahah not th-thehehehehhhahehah toehshhshahahhehahaha…”

“You cannot even stop your own laughter. I have not even touched you. Do you like this?”

“NOHEHE!” Mein quickly jumped back up to stare at the general, “I HATE IT!”

“I bet if Tatsumi did it to you, you would not mind it!” Mein opened her mouth to reject it, but her body was filled with strange warmth. No, it was a desire or something else. Maybe she would not mind if Tatsumi was the one torturing her right now. Her face flourished so easily in red. Esdeath laughs, snapping her prisoner out of her imagination. “No offense, it is cute and all,” the general said, “But I hate the thought of having someone else having Tatsumi all to themselves.” Mein was going to say something, but Esdeath’s fingers start to torment her toes. This time, it was bad. Mein was wiggling on the ground, trying her best to reach out to stop Esdeath. Her body would not obey her. The feeling was too much for the pink hair girl. She has her arms flying all around, her hands grasping her head then hugging herself, trying to contain these tingling sensations. Esdeath was just humming to herself, not minding how insanely crazed the girl behind her was in. No matter what Mein could do, curling her toes seems to piss Esdeath off. She would scratch viciously at the pads of her toes. Not using her index finger, she uses all her five fingers of one hand to pry one toe back and just…


Mein found her back jumping off the ground, her hands balling into a fist. She slams her fists onto the hard ground, unable to take this anymore. Esdeath has changed her position to where she sat on Mein’s ankle. What made Mein go insane was Esdeath’s mouth. Esdeath decided to nibble onto those soft toes of Mein’s that hid underneath her stockings. Even though it is not tasty to actually taste, Esdeath wants to hear this girl concede so badly. She does not mind tasting the fabric of these stockings to hear renewed uproars of laughter pleaing and begging the general to stop. Oh, this fun is sort of making her even excited to do more to this poor victim. Esdeath could not decide on how to torment her toes exactly, but used almost most of the methods she thought about. She licked all of them, she singled one out to nibble violently on the pads of the toe and move on, she would lightly let her saliva coat the top of her socks so her nails can scratch a bit harder against the fabric to tear them apart. The wet feeling was getting on Mein’s nerves. It was too much for her. Her mind was broken now, her body was out of control, and her fluids were just coating her entire body. Mein has accidentally pulled on her hair ribbons as her hair starts to straighten out. A sudden feeling exploded her. “IHAHAHHAHHHAHHHHHA OCNCNHAHAHHHAHAHHAHHHH HAHAHH SOTPSTPSTOSPAAHAHAH! I CONECEDHAHHHEHEHAHHEHEAHAHA DON’T TICKLE MY BAREOHAHHAHHAHT TOEHEHAHHAHHA!” Esdeath was satisfied now. She just glance at the top of the left sole, all five of her unpainted toes covered in her saliva. There was no way Mein has any strength left to even fight back. The general got off of Mein, chuckling lightly to her. “You know what that means…” The general takes her rapier from the corner of the room, “Even though I am not into you, I would not mind doing this again. Heh.” She approaches Mein with that fiendish smile across her face.

Tatsumi could not feel his own body as he continues to fight against this half broken clone. There was no way he could win against such a beast. No, he has to save Mein! Rain starts to pour down on them, Tatsumi trying to figure out a way through this. He knows that his invisibility useless now. The rain pouring down would easily coat his entire body and help reveal where he was at. What Tatsumi notice was how the ice clone barely moved, the water making it harder for the copy to stand. Tatsumi kept this in mind. When the clone lost its footing, sliding greatly on the floor, Tatsumi rushes forward, pulling his arm back to prepare a strong powerful punch against this clone. The clone quickly regains herself, standing upright to stop the attack. Tatsumi uses his driving force to force his knee up, ramming into the clone’s stomach. He also shoves his head forward to headbutt the clone. Before the general could react, Tatsumi pulls out his long ax and shattered the general into bits. He watch the remains explode all over the wet covered ground. This time, the pieces could not reassemble themselves, the rain quickly liquefies it to water. Tatsumi stutters after his victory, kneeling onto the ground. His body was shaking. He forces whatever energy he has left to go into the mysterious underground dungeon, sliding against the wall once he reached the last step. He takes off his helmet to look around. Barely lit lights lines down the corridor filled with metal doors left and right of the wall. He closes his eyes, trying his best to regain his energy quickly. “Wait for me Mein… I do not want to rush in there with the state I am now…”

“Perfect.” Esdeath said folding her arm. She licks her lips, eyeing the girl from head to toe. Mein has been reduced to tattered clothes. She wears a light blue ice gag in her mouth, but that was not all. Esdeath decides to have fun with her somewhat struggling prey. She did not stab the girl in the process of stripping her, but it was quite hard. Mein has her panties and bra still intact, but her dress was barely present. Only a bit of her torn outfit is still on here. Remains of her outfit were on her legs, her upperbody, and her arms. It was not much though. Two icy hands hold Mein’s arms above her head. What Esdeath decides to do with the pink laces around her legs is used to restrain Mein’s fingers. Esdeath used some ice to make sure the ribbons stay in place, wrapped around Mein’s fingers. Esdeath was trying to figure out if she wanted to do something about her toes. She made sure the stocks she confined Mein’s ankles were comfortable. Esdeath places some of Mein’s ripped clothes around the pink girl’s ankles. The twin tail girl wiggles slightly, trying to get out of her predicament. There was no way for the girl to beg or plea against this general now. She blushes heavily. Mein loathes the feeling of defeat against this general. She felt like she should not even be near Tatsumi because of it now. She wants to turn her head away from her torturer. Esdeath leans in and grabs the girl’s chin, pulling her face towards her. “So wonderful to have you fall back into your mind and regret your defeat against me.” Mein pulls her face away from Esdeath’s grip. Mein’s eyes avert away from the general. “I know what most people think when I have them shamelessly admit defeat to me. You have too much pride.”

Before Mein could give anymore stares or glares, several icy hands appeared from the ground. Esdeath has sealed the chamber with ice. Well, not entirely. The walls have ice waved around the walls and ceiling, and a bit around the metal door into the room the two were in. Making the icy hands from the frozen ground, Esdeath has the hands tickle her upper body. Mein’s eyes widened at the sudden feeling of cold freezing fingers wondering all over her sides and stomach. Not only that, a hand starts to scratch viciously in her armpits. Mein tries her best to avoid all of these hands, wiggling pathetically in her confines. The icy sensations overwhelming her seem to push the sensations to a very strange tickling feeling. The cold touches from the icy hands seem to toss her into a hectic frenzy. Compared to what Esdeath was doing earlier, this was a whole new torture. Her screams and laughs were going up and down. Mein could not comprehend what to actually scream about. The tickling sensations were obviously stronger, but the icy sensations that were being added to this torture is unbearable. Her body was jumping constantly due to the freezing touches. It was nerve wrecking, irritating, Mein’s body tries to avoid those stupid hands. The pink hair girl kicks her feet around violently, her toes curling madly. She wants to ease the feeling. Her fingers were immobilized. Her arms could barely shake around due to how tired they were already. Her upper body and legs could barely move, the stretched out position she was in made it a bit uncomfortable to move around. Esdeath was smirking at Mein’s torture. The general stops in her thoughts though thinking about Tatsumi. She hopes that her clone did not kill him. Shit, did she make sure her clone was ordered to not kill him? She was preoocupied with her thoughts, forgetting about Mein. Mein was a bit glad that the hands were being quite predicatable. She was able to recognize where they will tickle her. Mein was irritated at the cold feeling though. Her laughter was slowing dying, the tickling feeling was present, but it was not that unbearable. Pulling on the threads around her finger, she could try to escape if the torture does not get any worse. Mein’s voice went up again. The hand wondering around her tummy suddenly pokes and tickles her bellybutton. Esdeath did not pay attention to this; thank god she did not though. Mein could feel the two hands near her armpits grab a batch of Mein’s hair, using it to tickle the girl’s pits. This threw Mein into frenzy. She did not expect this to happen. The new sudden sensation that she was use, the sharp and fluffy soft feeling utterly shattered her light tickling. Well, it was uneasy due to the fact those icy hands are cold. Esdeath snapped back to reality staring at Mein.

She was blinking several times before glancing at Mein’s feet. She knows how Mein was easing of all of those sensations by wiggling her feet around, the general eyeing at the pink hair girl struggling to keep those hands off of her. Esdeath decides to use her hands and tickle Mein’s feet, getting her attention. Mein jumps in her seat, her laughter increases. She eyes towards Esdeath, trying to say something. Esdeath made sure the tickling was unpredictable. Esdeath knows the icy hands were moving around in a pattern. She made sure that Mein was always constant in bewildered laughter. Esdeath’s nails scratch around her toes. That was Mein’s ticklish areas. Esdeath made sure to tickle the rest of her feet too. Her hands trail to her toes, always, but she made sure that the other areas she tormented, tickled like her toes. She increases the speed of her scratching on her heels, the general made sure her hand viciously dig into the middle of her soles, the light teases against the balls of her feet, everything was switched around and was ever changing. The general did not ease up on anything as her mind was still on Tatsumi. She wonders if he would do something to this to her? She wouldn’t mind being the one on the receiving end. She blushes at the thought, thinking that it will be cute for him to do this to her. Mein notice the blush on the general’s face, knowing that she was thinking of something dirty. Esdeath stops her blush, her nails gazing Mein’s skin violently. It felt like she was going to tear the skin off her feet. That feeling though pushed Mein into a hysterical loud laughter. She bucks violently in her restrains. Mein closes her eyes, tears leak out of the bottom of her eyes. Water starts to run down her cheeks. The general notice how Mein was thrashing violently with her feet. She could feel Mein’s feet kicking the general’s hands away. Even if her feet were roaming around freely, Esdeath had no problem following the wiggling targets, although it was not enough to actually torture this pink hair girl.

“You know,” the general started, “A bad girl like you should not give me a hard time.” Mein quickly feels some cold straps wrap around each toe. Mein knows what this does, but she hated- she loathes the cold feeling that wrapped around the stems of her toes. She even jumped at the feeling. Esdeath smirked at this. She wondered how bad it will be to torture Mein using some more of those icy hands. The general made two more appear from below Mein’s left foot. The general decides to tease Mein’s taunt right foot. This was to throw Mein off guard. The pink hair girl did not see the two icy hands being made in front of her left foot. The general uses two fingers to shift up and down the foot she was torturing. When Mein feels the sudden feeling of icy fingers stroking on her left foot, one itching the round heel, and the other tickling along the arch, the pink hair girl ushers a cry that could be heard past the gag. The general grins at the move, watching Mein burst into more tears. Esdeath positioned herself to face the door. She knows that Tatsumi will be coming soon. There was no way that her clone could have won against someone who is furiously desperate to save their damsel in distress. The general chuckles to herself, Mein’s being overwhelmed by the tickling once more.

Running down a dark corridor, Tatsumi runs tiredlessly all around the place. He needs to find her quickly, hoping Esdeath did not do anything bad to Mein. If she did, he would lose it and go all out. He might even die in the process, but if he can rescue Mein, he would not care about his life. He is ready to give it his all for her. He literally had his heart ready and set for her, the girl making him fall in love with her and only her. He tries to hear anything fishy, dashing left and right through endless corridors of lined up metal doors. He runs all around, turning corners. He was already tired fighting against his enemies that stalled him. The fact that he was using up all his energy to find Mein, running around endlessly will make him weaker to his actually duel with the clone Esdeath.

"Where are you Mein!?" Tatsumi screams, his voice echoing through the hallways. He scoffs at the empty response. He was going to start dashing, hearing a strange muffled noise nearby. He stops himself, slowly eyeing left and right. That noise was not to far off. It was to his left. Moving ever so quietly, he tip toes against each door, staring at the little peep hole at the top. He peers into the rooms, noticing how empty they were. He does this for the next five doors. He stops at the fifth door, eyeing at a light coming from the next door he was going to approach. He slowly walks to the peep hole. He froze in his tracks, sweat beading down his head as well as a blush engulfing his cheeks. Esdeath was staring right at him, the general giving a blush as well, smiling a devious grin. She has stripped to her black bra and panties, her black arm covers still on her. She has her hat on as well, her left hand (from Tatsumi's perspective) clawing violently down his girlfriend's feet.

"Oh Tatsumi~" Esdeath started, "Do you want to join in? Or will you concede to my demands? Your girlfriend has been giving me such a wonderful time..." Tatsumi eyes at her girlfriend. Mein was a wreck. Her clothes were torn up. Patches of her skin reflect in the light, her bra covering her left breasts. Mein's hands were tied above her head, her fingers tied by the pink laces that would usually go around her legs. Her legs could not be seen through the ice like stocks with icy straps around each of her small toes. Her small feet are enclosed in these stocks, icy hands running down her sides and left foot. An icy gag was inserted into Mein's mouth, the girl drooling from the intense ticklish torment. Two more icy hands were at her armpit, but they were not tickling her. They were using the ends of her hair to do so, the pink hair girl wiggling as best as she could, her eyes opening up to stare at Tatsumi.

Her face was horrified, no, ashamed. She did not want Tatsumi to stare at this scene before him. She had a very painful look on her, tears streaming down her face. Her body wants to escape, twitching madly in her confinements, but nothing could be done. Her feet were in the most trouble out of the rest of her body. The fact that she cannot even move was killing her.

"ESDEATH!" Tatsumi yells, ramming the door to find it jammed. No, it would not budge. Icy walls were around this room, enclosing around the two of them.

"You can either concede to me, join in, or just watch me torment your pretty girlfriend of yours," Esdeath states, lowering her body closer to Mein's sole she is personally tormenting, "Either way, you'll be having a lot more fun now." Before Esdeath decide to push the torment a bit, hoping to get a lick of Mein’s sole again, Tatsumi violently rams against the icy door. Esdeath was amazed at this. She was right. Tatsumi was furiously fueled to save Mein from her. The general picks up her rapier, spinning it around. Tatsumi tries to punch Esdeath, the general quickly developed an icy wall in front of her. She tosses the icy wall onto Tatsumi, forcing the armored boy to the ground. Tatsumi quickly toss the block of ice aside. Tatsumi breaks the icy restrains around Mein. Before either of the two could do anything, Esdeath punch them both in the gut, knocking the wind out of both of them. Tatsumi was standing though, struggling to stay awake. He grabs his chest. He tries his best to pick up Mein to escape, but Esdeath just appears in front of him, punching him again in the gut. Tatsumi coughed, falling to the ground. Two knocked out bodies. Tatsumi got out of the armor, revealing his regular outfit. Esdeath just place his head on her lap, smiling slightly. She could care less about doing anything bad to Mein at the moment. All she wanted to do was have Tatsumi lie on her lap and just enjoy the moment of being with her. She did not care about the fact that Mein was his current girlfriend. She just wanted to snuggle, cuddle, and just love the moment that she spends time with Tatsumi. Even if it was just this and brief, the general did not care. Esdeath was tired, knowing that it was nighttime. She just positioned herself against the wall and closed her eyes, patting Tatsumi’s head.

Esdeath woke up, dressing herself and planning to keep her promise. She took the two knocked out bodies, the general tearing the “remains” of Mein’s clothing off of her to leave her in her bra and panties. She decides to go to the area where they fought. Esdeath wraps Mein in a spare blanket, placing Tatsumi’s body next to her. She decides to place Mein’s Teigu next to her as well, shrugging off how lame it was to just sleep with Tatsumi. But oh well. She walks off back to the empire. She decides to get rid of this memory, using her icy powers to forget (or technically freeze) the memories of what took place… Except the part where she snuggled with Tatsumi, she made sure it was like a dream memory though.

Tatsumi woke up first, glancing around him. Was that a dream? He rubs his head, noticing Mein besides him. He shows a huge smile, relieved that it was just a dream. He rubs his chin, making sure everything was on him. His Teigu was on him still, there were no wounds. He just breathes a sigh of relief. He pats Mein’s head glad that she was alright. He stops to eye at what she was wearing. She was wrapped in a blanket… Did something happen? He did not want to touch her, afraid he might be slapped or something. Mein woke up, panting heavily as if she had a nightmare. The blanket that was wrapped around her slid down her. She blinks at Tatsumi, glad that it was just a nightmare. “Mein… You… You… Eh…”

Mein glance at herself, staring at her bra. She quickly screams, wrapping the blanket around her. She wants to ask what happened to her clothes, knowing for sure that nightmare’s of hers couldn’t have happen. Esdeath would never capture her and do such things… Did she? A dark hair girl was screaming out the couple’s name, both of them glad to see their fellow allies arriving on the scene.

Esdeath arrives back at the headquarters, sighing at her bored she was. She felt like she did not entertain herself much last night. Although the troopers she took with her were missing still. Esdeath could barely remember what happened to them, shrugging it off and saying that they were most likely killed due to her intense training. The soldiers laugh at this, knowing that Esdeath was the strongest of the empire. Well, she was on par with Budo. She pauses for a bit as she stares at Mein’s picture. She stabs her rapier in poster, staring blankly to why she did that. She, again, shrugs it off. When she starts pushing her army in the other areas, maybe she can entertain herself by torturing the hell out of some poor victim. Then maybe, maybe, she can try to find and stay with Tatsumi forever. She blush at the thought of having him next to her again, just hugging and kissing.

Mein knows that it was not a nightmare. She did not want to ask Tatsumi if it really happened since he did not seem troubled by it. Hell, she was the one who put him through all that trouble anyways! She waltz in her own room, frustrated at the fact Esdeath did all of that to her. She wanted to scream bloody murder or something. She will get back at Esdeath for this! She jumps onto her bed, kicking and punching the mattress. Tatsumi was a tad worried about his girlfriend, waiting outside of her room to talk about his strange dream. He knows that it could be real. When they got back, Tatsumi said he forget something. He rushed back to that mountain to see if he can spot the dents and damages. Everything lined up though. There was a dungeon in those mountains. He did not want to wonder into the dungeon though. All he had to do was find the dead dragon corpse that he fought. He found it off of the mountain. He did all of this to confirm if that dream was really a dream. It seems like Esdeath let them go? Why? If this was some silly game, it made Tatsumi utterly confuse. He heard a slight scream coming from Mein’s room. Without a second to lose, he barges in, asking, “What’s wrong!?”

Mein was in tears. She was sitting upright, frustrated at the “nightmare”. She stopped, turning her face away, saying, “Why did you barge in, you idiot!?” She tries to put up a poker face, trying to hide the tears, but Tatsumi approach her. He hugs her saying, “I am just fine that you’re okay.”

“Please,” she started, feeling a bit ashamed at herself, “I placed you in great danger again…”

“Danger?” Tatsumi asked, chuckling slightly, “I do not know what to call THAT…”

“Wait- it wasn’t a nightmare?!” Mein asks, turning her head to Tatsumi. Tatsumi sighs and says, “The dragon I fought yesterday was still in the area and there was a dungeon located in those mountains. I wouldn’t say it’s a dream since it lines up to why you were only in your undergarments.”

“I mean, you had to chase after me.” Mein said, “You could have been captured, even killed, if things went wrong.” Tatsumi was wondering why Esdeath did not kill his girlfriend, bringing that up. “Despite Esdeath’s objective to have time with me, why didn’t she kill you? And hell, what sort of deal did you two make?” Mein blushes heavily at the thought of it. She puffs her cheeks out, Tatsumi waiting patiently for a response. Mein gave in, the silence annoying her. “She would not kill me, knowing that you would go on a full rampage. Or she did not kill me to ensure you follow me. She promised to not kill me if you followed. You followed most of the time. She just wanted to spend some time with you. Apparently though… She ended up doing some stuff to me.”

“Tickling you?” Mein blushes madly, her eyes showing signs of dizziness and uneasiness.

“Y-yes… She t-t-t-tickled me…” Tatsumi would ask how long she was tickled, but the way Mein was fidgeting just made Tatsumi quiet. He hugs Mein, hearing a slight yelp from her lips. Her mind seems to be paralyzed at the feelings she recall. Although the fact that Tatsumi was hugging her ended all of that. A warm feeling runs through her, the pink twin tail girl relaxing in Tatsumi’s arms.

“I am glad you are not hurt though,” Tatsumi started, “I do not think I would be able to forgive myself if I found you dead. I mean… We started to date each other and I do not want to lose you. I promise to protect you. And I will do so, even if it means my life.” Mein could not help but laugh, nuzzling her head against his chest.

“I know you will.” Tatsumi accidentally move his hands over her stomach, Mein jumping at the feeling. She giggles very cutely, Tatsumi blushing at what he heard. He moves his hands away from her quickly, apologizing. “Sorry about that, my hands slipped…” Before he moves them away, Mein stops him. She stares at the door. She closes it before approaching Tatsumi. Tatsumi was rather confused. He tilt his head, asking her, “What are you planning to do?”

“I-I still can’t shake off the tickling sensations that general did to me. I-I… I want you to tickle me.” Tatsumi had three dots above his head. Did he hear that correctly? He gave blank stare at Mein, clueless for a bit. He wants to make sure she heard her correctly. “Excuse me?” Mein’s face was bright red. She has her right arm cross over her body, gripping her left arm. She says it again, her voice stuttering and shy. “Y-you can t-tickle me…” Tatsumi blushed at those words a bit.

“T-tickling? I-I don’t even know how to do that.” Mein hop onto her own bed, leaning close to him. “What?! You don’t- Haven’t you seen anyone in your past that got tickled!? I mean, you have seen it right?” Tatsumi only recalled the scene he saw before he barged into that room. He only saw Esdeath using her icy powers to tickle Mein all over her body. Was it just wiggling his fingers all over her to make her laugh? What was the objective of tickling!? Was it something most boyfriends and girlfriends do? Tatsumi’s head sort of exploded, Mein feeling a bit embarrassed that she wants her own boyfriend to tickle her… Wait, why did she want him to tickle her? Maybe it was to get even with Esdeath since she stole Tatsumi’s first kiss. Mein takes a deep sigh and explains to me.

“Tickling is when you lightly touch a sensitive part of my body that makes me laugh.” Mein stated. Her face utterly beat red. She was awfully cute at the moment. Tatsumi could not help but laugh. Mein asked, “What is so funny!?”

“I swear, I think you and Esdeath did some bonding more than anything else! Or maybe she taught you something to deepen your love for me or something.” Mein found that statement to be outrageous, but she stopped. Tatsumi was not there to see most of the torture and the embarrassment she went through. Hell, Esdeath wanted him to tickle her or do something instead. Although Tatsumi did point out something intriguing, Esdeath did help Mein find Tatsumi another cute way to… eh, deepen their relationship? Or give them something else to do… Either way, Mein should look at this in a positive outlook. She was still sour that she admitted defeat to her and became a submissive ticklee… But if Tatsumi could tickle her… maybe, it’ll be something special compared to what Esdeath has done with Tatsumi. Tatsumi just stopped his chuckles, apologizing. “All I have to do it tickle your sensitive spots? That would be like your stomach and armpits?” Mein want to say yes, but she stopped. If she wanted to get the best feeling out of this, Tatsumi should tickle the one spot that would drive her mad. She clutches one of her pillows before telling Tatsumi where she wanted to be tickled at. She has the pillow in front of her, hugging it.

“Y-you…” She was very shy about this. Her feet were really small and she did not find them cute at all. She shyly tightened her grip around the pillow, her heart beating a bit faster. Tatsumi was clueless, once again, watching his girlfriend being too cute in front of him. Adorable, like the things that he never saw Mein as before when they bickered back then. Mein starts to shuffle in her seat as well. She repositioned herself to where her feet were in front of her and Tatsumi. They were bare at the moment; her toes curling, one foot over the other, the toes of her foot seem to curl around the top of her other foot. Tatsumi did not have a foot fetish, but watching how Mein was fidgeting around with her soles, her body even giving it away, he found himself falling into a trance. Mein mouth was like a squiggling line. She gathered the courage to say it.

“Y-you can tickle my feet!” There was silence. Tatsumi blinks several times. He raises an eyebrow, questioning why does he have to tickle her feet? He was going to ask why does he have to tickle her feet, but Mein read his mind answering his question before it was asked. “Just tickle my feet! I won’t be satisfied if it was some other area. Please, tickle me.” Tatsumi was utterly puzzled. He did not question any further though, nodding his head. He grabs Mein’s left ankle and slowly drag his bare finger up and down the sole. Her mouth turns into a wide grin, her upper lip biting down on her lower lip, shaking her head side to side. Obviously, she was trying her best not to laugh. She takes the pillow she has in her hands and wraps it around her head, laughing into the pillow. Tatsumi watch Mein struggle and flex her feet and toes as he continues to tickle her. Even though he was not into tickling, the sight of his girlfriend quivering and making so many cute expressions was dawning on him. He continues to tickle Mein, adoring her lovely expressions. Mein was being overwhelmed by a new sensation pulsing through her body. Unlike the tickles she went through with the General, she found this moment rather soothing and comforting. She was going to cherish this moment, her mind going all lovey dovey. Tatsumi chuckles a bit, he watches Mein lower the pillow, laughing in front of him. Her eyes were closed shut, her cheeks were in a red blush, her smile seems to warm Tatsumi. Just staring at his girlfriend show this side made him secured and find her utterly attractive. He won’t be falling in love Esdeath or siding with her. He was enjoying the moment that they were spending together. Tatsumi showed a smile, blushing a bit as well. Mein opens her eyes to see this, her mind exploding a bit. The sensations she was feeling seems to heightened, her heart racing, her face flooding in beat red. Her body was getting extremely hot. The tickling sensations seem to be a bit overboard, Mein screaming very loudly. Tatsumi stops tickling her. Hearing the high pitch scream, the other members start to rush up the steps just to see Tatsumi fly out of the room. Mein closes the door saying something. The others just laugh with each other, walking away.

“Mein, I will make sure to be the best man I can be…”

If only things were like that. Tatsumi will win this war. He hopes… everything will be okay. He just lost his loved one. He will not show mercy anymore.