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Kaitlyn walked through the faintly lit back stage area of the Abracadabra theater where she was the assistant to the theaters main star, the Fabulous Fernando.
Kaitlyn knew that some new props had come in to replace the aging ones that Fernando had been using for years. They were worn and looked way to cheesy with the distinctly 1960s patterns on them. They had been handed down from his father.

Kaitlyn found the props in a corner near the emergency exit at the back of the theater. She looked around at the new tools of the trade. Fernando's new hat was there, the one to pull all kind's of things out of; a couple decks of cards; a small cage that was supposed to collapse, supposedly with doves still inside and several lager boxes. One was obviously meant for the sword trick. She would sit in the box and it would appear that the box, and she, were being run through with several razor sharp swords. Of course she would emerge magically unscathed.

There were two other boxes; variations of the same trick. The Zig Zag box. Spit into three pieces and the classic saw in half box.
Kaitlyn decided to try these on for size. She first got into the Zig Zag box. She slipped her shoes off and got in. She partly closed the door and put her right hand through the hole at the top and her left out of the one near her hip. Part of her right foot stuck out at the bottom.

This was defiantly an improvement. The old one didn't smell too good. Too many people had been in it over the decades and it had been in too many smoke filled theaters.
Next she decided to try the “Saw in half” box. There was no one there to lean on to get in but she didn't really need it. She half heatedly practiced her presentation as she climbed into the box. She laid down with her head sticking out of one end and feet out of the other. She gently lowered the lid.

Not too bad. This was almost as comfortable as a bed. She could stay in here as long as the show required.
She was a little lost in thought when she heard a click...Oh no. She thought. It might be hard to get out of this thing.

Fortunately for Kaitlyn there was an overnight security guard there, one who had become a friend of her's actually. Hopefully he would hear her and help her get out.

“ED!” She called to her friend. “Can you hear me...Ed, help! I'm in the back of the theater.”

The guard did hear. The acoustics in the theater were such that, when it was empty you could hear every sound it the building. He followed the sound, worried about what might be wrong with Kaitlyn.

When he got to her his concern was replaced by amusement.

“Now what are you doing in there?”

She was a little embarrassed about her predicament. “I was getting a look at some of the new props. I guess I got a little too curious.”

Seeing that she was okay, and knowing how they would kid each other, the guard looked at his friends current situation and a mischievous grin came to his face.

“Looks like it....You know I've always been fascinated by magic. Oh I know it's all illusion and misdirection but how they do it is interesting.”

“Ah, yeah. I guess it is.” She said nervously.

“Now let's see. This piece,” he picked up a slat that went with the box she was in, “Keeps your feet in place. He placed it is it's position locking her feet in. “and this one” he picked up the other slat. “goes on the other end” He put it in place.

“Ha ha. Yes it does. Um Ed, I can't get out.”

“We'll take care of that in a minute .” he said. She was beginning to think it might be more than a minute.

“So how do they make it look so much like you really have been split in two? They go out of the way to show that it really is you. That's what the little side doors are for and they have you wiggle your feet to prove it's really you. And of course they tickle your feet.”

She knew where this was going. They had joked about it so much before.

“I wonder if that's a job requirement for an assistant...must be ticklish.”

“Well,” she said, “They never said so. Uh, Ed you wouldn't...”

He interrupted her. “Should we find out how well qualified you are?” He moved to her feet and ran a finger from her heel to her toe.

“Ahhh, I'm very well qualified okay.”

“I'll be the judge of that miss Morris.” He said as he started making figure eights on her right sole.”

“Eehhhed, That tickles.”

“That's the idea. I have to prove that's really you in there.” He pulled up a stool at her feet. “Now lets find the best spot.” he started lightly scratching with one finger at different points on her foot. He started at the instep.

“NOOO hohohohooo”

he then moved to a spot just under the ball of her foot.

“Hahahahahahah! Please I'm ticklish”

“So you told me, but I had to find out for myself. How about here.” he moved to the center of her arch. “Tickle tickle tickle”

“AHHH hahahahahahahah. Stop. EEEEEEEEE pleeeeeaseee.”

“Oh I like that.” He told her.

“Now lets meet the piggies.”

“NO, no let's not meet the piggies.”

“Now as I understand it, This little piggy went to market...He wiggled her toe making sure to get his finger under the toe.


He finally got to the last piggy “and this little piggy cried...Tickle the other foot.” and with that he attacked her other foot with spider tickles.


Ed stopped for a second to make sure she was okay and give her a breather.

Still laughing a little she said. “Okay, have you had your fun?”

“Have you?” he answered.

Before she could respond he said. “let's make it a double” He held one hand over each foot, turned to her and said “KITCHY KITCHY KOO.” As he attacked her soles mercilessly.


Then in his best Darth Vader impression he said “Now princess, we will discuss the location of the rebel base.” and her renewed his attack on both feet.

Ed slowed his assault to a slow stroke with one finger. “You wouldn't make a very good spy would you?”

Out of breath she said, “No..I guess no. So now you have the information and I've doomed the galaxy will you let me out.”

That same mischievous smile came to his face. “You're far to trusting princess.” Then with renewed vigor he attacked her feet.


He taunted her “Who's a ticklish girl?”


“Yes you are. Tickle tickle tickle”


He stopped. She was sounding out of breath and she was really starting to sound like it was too much. He didn't want play to turn into torture.

“Okay, he said. I guess you've had enough...He then faked a reach for her feet again and said “Are you sure you don't want more?”


“Okay. Lets get you out of there.” he undid the latch and helped her out of the box. She sat on the stool her friend had been on while playing with her and put her shoes on.”

“Want some help getting those on?” he asked. He got a quick response. “NO. you've had your fun for one night.”

He chucked a little. “Okay, let me walk you to your car.”

She smiled at him and said. “Okay. I need some rest after that.”

Kaitlyn really did enjoy the banter between her and the guard. The little game they had just played was torturous but at the same time fun.

When they got to the car she turned to him and said,

“You're evil, you know that?”

“Ha, sometime.”

Then she made a decision. She looked at him with a smile and asked “How do those handcuffs work?”

He returned the smile..”I'll show you one of these nights.”

She chuckled, got in her car and drove home, a smile still on her face.

07-26-2015, 07:18 AM
Fine story. :D

07-26-2015, 01:51 PM
Good story but been if you had a bit more detail. Was she barefoot? Did she have socks on & he took them off? One can only assume & what did her feet look like nail polish color (If she was wearing any) Just a little constructive criticism not being a dick. I'm just a detailing loving guy that's all.

07-26-2015, 06:07 PM
Good story but been if you had a bit more detail. Was she barefoot? Did she have socks on & he took them off? One can only assume & what did her feet look like nail polish color (If she was wearing any) Just a little constructive criticism not being a dick. I'm just a detailing loving guy that's all.

That's alright. Positive comments are good motivates but Constructive criticism helps me improve. Thanks.

07-27-2015, 09:44 PM
'Loved the simple set-up and playful tickling. There's something to be said for short and sweet. <br> Thanks for this divertissement!