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Johnny lea
07-26-2015, 02:05 PM
The invitation to fantasise often occurs during the vast uncertainties of life; wishing things were a certain way, one is prone to become lost in their own thoughts and burning desires. Scarlett Mitchell was no different to any other person. Cross legged on the middle of her bed, a lock of jet black dyed hair twisted around her fingers, the sudden distance in her usual sparkling emerald green eyes made it apparent she was once more absorbed in her imagination.

Before her as usual was her subject, who always starred in the painted fragments carefully pieced together in her mind, his latest imprisonment concocted at her will. Leaning out of the bedroom window, cigarette in hand, her boyfriend Tommo absorbed the stillness of the night outside, blissfully unaware of what tension Scarlet was subjecting her body too.

One’s fears will often paint how they see the world before them, the way it overwhelms them with risk and danger, all the more comfortable to fall into our fantasies and not face reality. Scarlett had battled for months to find her voice, to express her one burning desire she wanted to introduce into the bedroom, her thoughts constantly constructed around it daily.

Before she knew it Tommo had exhaled the last drag of his cigarette, she watched as the cigarette was gently removed from his lips, smoke released into the night air. Tonight could be the time to tell him, to face that risk and finally address this urge inside of her. Her stomach churned at the thought, a shudder suddenly shooting down her spine. She quickly composed herself, hoping he didn’t notice and played with her hair some more.

Taking enough of the fresh night air in, Tommo flicked his cigarette down into the dark night abyss below the third floor flat. Shutting the window and pulling the curtains too he turned to her, that same cocky grin plastered on him that continually melted her heart. Just like that first night they met. Slowly her gaze turned back into life, the crystallization of her eyes now returned as her energy tuned into his. He stood their somewhat slouched in posture, his shaven head bringing out the darkness of his brown eyes she forever was absorbed in. He had that rugged look that turned her head on sight, although there was somewhat of a cheekiness attached to him as well. She loved him very much, she never wanted to let him go.

As she became aware of the fluster in her heart beat, Tommo crawled up beside her, his hand gently starting to stroke her forearm, making her smile warmly at him.

“What times yer sister getting back for?” He asked not so innocently at all.

“Don’t know,” Scarlett shrugged. “Whenever she’s had to much to drink and her feet start to hurt I suppose.”

“Yeah? Sounds alright that.” He replied, that grin touching his lips once more to her amusement.

“What’s going on it that little head of yours then?” She teasingly sang almost, her smile revealing the ruby coloured stone on one of her white pearl front teeth.

“ Little? Listen to ya like.” Tommo jokingly laughed as he pulled her closer, their foreheads touching lovingly. Quickly he kissed her neck making her cringe in pleasure with a little giggle, then went back to looking at her beauty. Scarlet was indeed a very attractive girl, he reminded himself constantly how high he’d scored over his head when they’d met a year ago.

“Come ‘ere I’ll show ya what I’ve got on my mind.” he said interlocking his fingers with hers and pulling her onto him gently. Passionately their lips met and they embraced, time seemingly standing still that very moment. Scarlett straddled his waist, their held hands moving in rhythm as they swayed back and too. Finally she pinned them onto the bed and gently released her kiss, her bottom lip carefully becoming unstuck from his to her pleasure.

As they looked into each others eyes Scarlett suddenly felt a wave of embarrassment and anxiety all in one wash over her. So caught up in the moment this was it, the time to tell him whilst her emotions clouded and got the better of her. Unfortunately it didn’t stop her nervously dropping her gaze away from him, her mind now racing.

“What’s wrong?” Tommo asked, a hint of amusement in his voice. Something about her stature made her, well cute.

“It’s nothing, really.” She quickly answered, losing her nerve as the churning in her stomach started again.

“Nah, come on tell me Scar.” He said placing his hands on her lower back and rubbing soothingly. She looked him directly in the eyes, conscience of her awkwardness that was now gripping her. Somehow she managed to build herself up.

“I was wondering…well maybe we could play a little with each other first tonight?” She almost cringed at how skittish and forgiving that sounded. Tommo merely looked at her a curious look on his face. Gripped by nerves, she took a deep breath and slowly lifted his top, revealing his flat torso underneath. A nervous smile twitched on Tommo’s lips, he seemed eager to find out where this was going.

“Can you lift your arms up a little?” She asked nervously. His eyes darting back and too, she couldn’t tell if this was curiosity still or now suspicion, he lifted them. His pits were now there for her to attack. Rubbing her sweaty manicured hands together, she mentally went to push the fear barrier away and begin.

It was almost like a bullet had gone off. The crashing sound and commotion that surround the noise almost echoing all around the room and ringing in their ears. Wide eyed Scarlett snapped to attention and jumped off the bed, heading straight to the window with Tommo following. Adrenaline pumping, Scarlett had no fear to pull the curtain too and look at the hooded figures below. She watched as one kicked a car light as hard as possible, whilst another danced in near euphoria at the petty act that had been committed. What seemed like thousands of glass pieces covered the road, the aftermath of the brick that gone through the passengers window. The car alarm suddenly screamed to life as vulgar language polluted the air in accompany. The truth of that matter was acts like this no longer phased her at all, life on the estate had been like this for so long you became immune to it.

“I wanna go down there and knock ‘em all out.” Scarlett hissed in the anger that was suddenly brewing in her. Tommo peered out and watched the three figures disappear into the blackness of night.

“That’s not exactly fair though babe, not with those knuckle dusters.” he jokingly said nodding at the rings along her fingers.

“Keep you in line don’t they.” She answered trying to join in the wit with a soft jab to his arm. Stuff like this made her long to move far away, her dreams once again coming to the forefront of the harsh reality around her.

“I’m serious though, hate the lot of em.” She stated moving away and back to the bed. Tommo let the curtain drop into place.

“Their nothing babe, don’t worry about it like.” He said taking his top off and sitting next to her to stroke her neck.

“You think Kayleigh will be alright getting back?” She asked her mind now shifting into more of an anxious field about her sister.

“She’ll be alright, I’d proper sort anyone out if anything ever happened. You know that yeah?” He swore reassuringly to her, it made her for that second feel more assured about their environment. She felt safe with him always.

She lovingly kissed him again, her hand stroking the back of his shaven head, his hair feeling almost feathery as it began to grow back again.

“Where were we?” He said flashing a smile. It was the perfect opening to take it from there again, to pursue her urge and tickle him senseless so he’d tickle her back like she’d wanted for so long. However her nerve was gone, all the doubts had surfaced once more, with the fear of rejection gripping her. Trying not to show it she kissed him again.

“Just do your worst yeah.” She replied with a teasing smile. They passionately made out once more falling back onto the bed, the night still so young.


Tommo snapped to with a jolt, the loud thud that echoed disturbing him from his peaceful slumber. Looking around dazed for a beat, his instincts pulled him towards the window making his eyes squint somewhat painfully when the initial sunlight came through the window. As fast as the event had occurred last night, the tidy up and removal of said vehicle had been just as fast. All that remained was the griminess of the concrete jungle below, imposing her will on her inhabitants till the next occurrence.

Drowsily Tommo turned picking up on the other empty space in the bed, quickly revealing the source of his disturbance just now. Scarlett was far from the quietest of people when it came to her everyday routine. Like a magnet the warm, comfortable surroundings of the bed pulled Tommo back into it, the ability to make mundane chores of the day seem distant again. Letting out a big yawn, he glanced at his mobile for the time momentarily illuminating the small chaotic squat of a bedroom in the flat. Seven fifteen already. Somehow he’d have to make himself move again. Stretching out Tommo heard his toes click as he scrunched them and then rubbed his eyes wearily. Looking up at the ceiling his mind played like a projector as he mentally envisioned the tasks of the day. It made his eyes heavy once more, the tiredness become overwhelming until he drifted once more….then jerked up sharply again, the boisterous entrance having his full attention.

“You up then babe?” Scarlett asked, dressed in a thigh high, silk red robe. She was barefoot with her hair wrapped in a towel and far to energetic for Tommo’s liking.

“Am now ain’t I.” Tommo answered turning his head and pulling the quilt tighter around him. Moisturising her hands Scarlett stood smirking, she knew how much he hated mornings.

“Aw don’t worry Tom, I’ll make you some breakfast once I’m done here. What time you in work?” She took a quick look in a mirror then somehow located a hairdryer in the middle of the floors mess.

“Ten past eight or something like that.” Tommo replied shutting his eyes again.

“Err don’t be going asleep again then,” Scarlett said with a hint of firmness. “Not having that Terry mate of yours honking his horn and making a commotion to get you out again.”

“Not sleeping babe, just resting my eyes.” He answered tiredly. Scarlett of course knew better. Unwrapping her hair she ran her hands through it before sitting down on the bed and plugging the dryer in, hopefully this would shift him. She had work herself nine o’clock.

As she dried her hair she detected Tommo over her shoulder fidgeting, however he seemed to be developing a stubborn resistance to it, the quilt being pulled tighter, this time hiding his head. Ten minutes past, Scarlett finished up brushing her hair and giving herself a once over in the mirror again then turned to see him not moving still. Seven thirty five the clock now read. Standing hands on hips Scarlett shook her head.
“Oi Tommo, rise and shine! I have ways of making you move.” She said warningly. A spark hit her mind, this was a perfect chance to test the waters, maybe this would give her an indication or hope to try have the talk again. She tried to hide the sly grin on her face, this was innocent and completely playful, no trying to explain or justify. Quietly she approached the bed and ever so gently slipped her hands under the quilt, looking for his feet. There they were. Tommo shot up once more letting out a gasp.

“God your nails!” He looked at her now fully awake and composing himself. She always knew how ticklish he was and through innocent playing found most of his spots. If only she could introduce how much she liked it without fearing he’d not understand it. Sitting up he rubbed his face and grabbed his lighter and cigs on the side. Scarlet looked at him the feeling of nerves and embarrassment coming over her. She said it anyway.

“One of these days I might really have to tickle you Tom, see what your made of then won’t we.” Her heart pounded, did she just really say that? She awaited his response trying to hide her nerves.

“Never going to happen babe.” He simply replied putting a cig in his mouth and getting up tiredly. What did that mean? Was that meant to be a playful remark? A challenge? Or did he literally mean it, he won’t let it happen. Walking across the room he grabbed some trousers and put them on, Scarlett turned away awkwardly still trying to decipher what that had meant.

“Bacon sandwiches yeah Scar?” Tommo’s last words were before leaving the room. Scarlett stood there in silence, feeling more confused about all this than ever. Shaking it off quick she tried to forget it and got ready for her day, although that was easier said than done.


“Look what the cat dragged in!” Tommo announced amused after swallowing part of his breakfast.

Scarlett sat doing her make up in the small kitchen as her sister Kayleigh walked in, looking like death warmed over. Trying to hide her own amusement Scarlett stood and gave her a loving hug.

“Aw babe you look proper under the weather.” She said soothingly. Of course both of them had heard her come in at the usual time of four in the morning. The part where Kayleigh dove on their bed to wake them in drunken hysterics was probably the highlight. Standing up Tommo smirked and ushered his food her way.

“Ere we are Kay, have some of my sandwich’s there proper lovely and greasy.” The look of sickness on her face was enough for Tommo to score that point. Laughing he exchanged a look with Scarlett and sat back down.

“Get lost Jay!” Kayleigh replied unimpressed. Tommo’s face dropped at the mention of his first name, this time it was Scarlet amused, he really didn’t like being known as that, he was Tommo after all. Releasing her Kayleigh made her way to the kettle and hovered trying to find her bearings.

“Cheers for the wake up call anyway Kay.” Tommo said looking at his watch and standing again. Embarrassment flashed on her face and then she simply went to the next room exchanging a sorry look with Scarlett. Waving it off Scarlett went back to her make up as Tommo kissed her head.

“I’m off to work then. I got football at three, I’ll go back to my mum and dad’s for dinner and then come here before going out tonight yeah?” He stated putting his dish in the sink. It was another Saturday already, the social highlight of their week.

“Yeah alright. I’m in work till four then I got a pedicure booked, give us a ring in case.” Scarlett replied finishing up the last touches. Perfect.

“You and your feet huh? Obsessed with those things aren’t ya.” He answered walking to the door. Scarlett felt that churning in her stomach again, that desire to tell him how she actually loved her feet played with and especially tickled. This was a something that wasn’t going away.

“See you later.” That was all she managed to get out. He blew her a kiss and left. Taking a deep breath her fantasies started swimming in her head again.

“I always think your feet look nice Scarlett!” Kayleigh shouted curled up on the sofa. “Nicer than mine anyway.” Scarlett gave a small smile and got up.

“See you later, enjoy your day off won’t ya.” Scarlett shouted back a hint of sarcasm in it. She headed for the door her head hurting a little, why couldn’t things in life be much simpler.

07-28-2015, 01:01 PM
This is really good. Hope you post more! (And I don't just mean part 2 lol. I mean more stories generally.) :)

Johnny lea
07-29-2015, 12:17 AM
Thanks for the kind feedback vanillaphant! Whilst I don't expect it to be to everyone's taste I kind of wanna try something different and build up who these people are as well as the tickling and give some purpose to it :) Whilst I'm not a strong writer your feedback will motivate to keep trying. Thanks again.