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Here's my spinoff of Maid a mistake. Hopefully it's satisfactory. As always, comments and thoughts are encouraged.


I had no fucking clue what I was getting into when I took a job as a maid for this psycho Hmong woman named Mae. Worst thing I expected was cleaning some nasty toilets. It was much worse than that.

Oh sure, the first few days were fine. I did my work and left, even got some some great meals from this gorgeous chef named Antonia. Then, to start the next week I found out my real job requirements. Being a tickle slave for that sadistic bitch Mae.

The only thing I hate more than cleaning toilets, it's being tickled helpless.

“Shit, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Amber,” I said cuffed to the walls of a cargo hold on a ship bound for the Middle East. I didn't think there was any need for politeness seeing as me and this other woman were both chained naked next to each other. “What's your name?”

“I'm Bianca,” she said with a hint of a Russian accent. “I'd say it was a pleasure to meet you, but I don't think our circumstances are the best for making new friends. You were saying?”
“Fuck, yeah as I was saying. One night Antonia must have put something in my drink during dinner because I was eating fettuccine alfredo one minute and the next I was laying in a dungeon with Mae standing over me,” I said explaining how I was initiated. “Over the course of a few hours I was tickle tortured beyond anything I'd ever experienced before until I promised to do whatever Mae ordered me to. I'd probably still be locked in her damn dungeon right now if I didn't make a gigantic mistake.”

“What was that,” Bianca said curiously, her black eyes almost piercing my soul matching perfectly her raven-colored hair.

“I got revenge against Antonia for drugging me,” I said.

“Mae sold you just for tickling Antonia,” Bianca said disbelievingly.

“Oh, I did more than tickle her,” I said. “I tortured the living shit out of her girlfriend.”

“When I had been cleaning I couldn't help notice she was particularly close with this fine ass blonde with tits as almost as big as mine,” I explained, as Bianca stared at my own ample EE's with what I didn't doubt was a tinge of lust. “Well one day I saw the blonde, Julia I believe, cleaning under a bed. Her feet were just sitting there begging to be tickled.”

I saw Bianca's eyes light up as I continued to detail what I did.

Wasting no time, I sat down on her legs and began to run my nails up and down her bare feet. Immediately she began cackling, demanding to know who was tickling her. There was no fucking chance I was going to tell her, not yet at least.

She desperately tried to free her legs, to no avail. I knew my feet were ticklish, but this blonde would give me a run for my money. I tickled her feet without a break for at least 15 minutes, long enough to tire her out so I could rummage through the dresser drawers looking for something to help me out. Within a few seconds I found what I wanted, a massager.

I returned to my spot on her legs, but this time sat facing her butt. Lifting her black skirt, I found out she wasn't wearing any panties which made my next phase much more effective. Placing the massager between her thighs, I turned it on high causing her hips to begin grinding.

“You're a little tickle slut aren't you,” I said, sensing she was getting close to climax. Not wanting to let her off easy, pardon the pun, I stopped pleasuring her and resumed my assault on her tootsies.

What I didn't know was that Mae had hidden camera's in every room in her mansion. While I thought I was getting away with murder, Mae was watching closely to see what I'd do next.

After 30 minutes of alternating ticklish torture and pleasure, Julia was right where I wanted her. She begged me to allow her to cum, and I agreed on one condition. She had to do exactly as I said, which was to crawl out from under the bed and lay down on top of it.

After agreeing to my demands, I watched with fascination as Julia wiggled herself out from under the bed. Her ass jiggled with each shimmy and shake, aided by a few slaps to her rump for good measure. She looked hot as hell in her French maid outfit, breasts nearly busting out.

When she was standing, I grabbed a pair of scissors laying on a dresser and cut circle in Julia's top so her breasts would now be exposed to my devilish ideas. It didn't take long for me to see her nipples the size of erasers.

I'd spent the last few weeks admiring this specimen and I wasn't about to skimp out, taking her breasts into my mouth one by one. As she moaned I wiggled my nails in her hollows sending her in a giggling fit.

“You had her right where you wanted her, didn't you,” Bianca said smiling.

“Yes, yes I did,” I replied with a wicked grin.

With the intervals of tickling mixed with the pleasure of my mouth and massager, her head was spinning not knowing what to feel. When I had Julia right at the point of climax, Antonia walked in and wasn't pleased.

“What the hell are you doing to her,” she screamed.

Before I could even respond Julia begged me not to stop, which shocked Antonia but she wasn't about to deny her lover a release she desperately craved. With one more POP of my mouth on her breasts she got the reward she wanted, her back arching as she was hit with a powerful orgasm.

Knowing I couldn't put up a fight, Antonia marched me to see Mae as Julia rested. The busty chef made her case as to why I should be punished. Mae's reaction wasn't what either of us expected.

“I saw it all on my monitors,” our mistress said to our disbelief. “Amber saw an opportunity and took advantage, just as I would have.”

Antonia's mouth almost hit the floor thinking I was getting off scott free, which I did think was happening. Damn it was I wrong.

“With the said,” Mae continued. “I can't have my two favorite slaves upset at a newcomer so Amber has to go. There's a black market for exceptional ticklers and ticklees in the Middle East. She leaves tomorrow.”

“So, here I am,” I told Bianca matter-of-factly. “Now I get to stay chained up in this ship awaiting my fate.”

When I had finished my story, two guards busted into the room speaking what I only could guess to be Russian directed at Bianca.

“Капитан, мы должны подняться у вас сейчас?,” one of the guards said.

To my amazement, Bianca responded in fluent Russian.

“Еще не, я женщина - думаю, я на ее стороне еще больше. Добавить комментарий,” she said looking worried.

Whatever she said to them, it didn't go over good as the guards started goosing her sides.

Poor Bianca tried to dodge their fingers but with 20 digits seeking her ticklish flesh there wasn't much she could do. They soon tired of just tickling her sides, with one moving on to her ribs while the other picked up a foot and danced her nails on Bianca's soles.

I wanted to somehow free myself, pulling at my restraints which proved a terrible idea. Even the appearance of trying to escape was enough to catch the attention of the guards. I had wanted to help my new found friend, and I'd inadvertently done so as one of her ticklers had moved on to me.

“щекотки ее резервуаров и Врановые,” Bianca yelled at them, in an attempt to get them to stop tickling me I can only imagine. Like my attempt earlier, her pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears.

Both guards soon abandoned Bianca, focusing on my underarms and EE's with skillful precision. I love dishing out the tickling, but I hate having to take it myself. There were 10 nails dancing along my hollows while another 10 were working over my tits.

“That's it, shake those big American titties for us,” one of the guards said in fragmented English. I wanted to stand perfectly still and not give her what she wanted but it was pointless, her nails were sending my breasts jiggling from side-to-side.

The guard tickling my underarms decided she wanted a little nibble, moving her mouth over my nipples. I now had 10 nails sending my massive breasts shaking while another 10 were in my hollows and a mouth sucking on my rock-hard nipples. While this was going on, I could see the lust in Bianca's eyes as her own nipples were stiffening.

I was beginning to lose my mind, thinking this is what Julia must have felt not knowing whether to beg for it to stop or pray it continued. For the first time I was feeling a tinge of remorse, yet knew if given the chance I'd do the same thing 100 times out of 100.

After about 20 minutes of my breasts and underarms being worked over, I was unchained and thrown to the floor. Any ideas I had of escaping were quickly wiped away as I was hogtied. Within seconds Bianca was untied and hogtied next to me, our eyes locking and displaying sheer panic.

My worst fears were realized when one of the guards began tickling my bare feet while the other placed a massager between my legs. Everytime I squeezed my legs to avoid a set of torturous nails, it pressed the massager closer to my privates causing my tickle-addled brain to spin.

Bianca received the same fate as me, her head roaring back in laughter with her toes being especially ticklish and of high priority. Having been neglected earlier, her C-cups were getting the occasional poke and prod. It was my turn to be aroused by my fellow captives suffering, wishing it was my nails on her breasts.

That daydream was rudely destroyed when I felt a stinging sensation of having my ass spanked. These crazy Russians were upping their game, slapping my ass repeatedly until it was the color of a cherry tomato. I'm embarrassed to say this only fueled the fire between my legs as each smack made my cleavage jiggle underneath my weight.

As was the case earlier, the guard tickling Bianca abandoned her post and moved her attentions to me. With her partner lost in ticklish glee torturing my soles after reddening my ass, she removed the massager and instead slipped two fingers inside my slit, stimulating it to levels I hadn't even imagined five minutes earlier.

If this wasn't enough, Bianca had wiggled over to me and was now hungerly devouring my breasts as the guard placed another set of fingers in my companions mound. It didn't take long for both sets of fingers to be covered in our excitement after we both climaxed simultaneously.

I'd never felt closer to another human being than I did with Bianca just then. We'd been thoroughly used like cheap toys yet loved every minute of it. Not long after our orgasms, the guards dragged Bianca out of the room. When they were just about to shut the door, the one who'd commented on my giant American tits said something that sent shivers down my spine.

“Rest now,” she said in her terrible English. “Tomorrow you go auction off.”


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I like the new series you should continue