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07-27-2015, 12:18 PM
Here's a salacious reminiscence by an unnamed alumnus of that hilariously kinky institution of higher learning, Unknown University. Not all the lessons learned at dear old U.U. are documented in official transcripts…

Untold Tales of Unknown University

Lessons Learned


T.T. Gore

When I tell people that I’m a graduate of Unknown University, people look at me rather strangely. I suppose that’s because of the stories about U.U. that have been swirling around for years now—whispered tales of odd goings-on, hushed-up scandals, secret government investigations even! Now of course any other alumnus would pooh-pooh such stories. I mean really, who could take those shocking rumors about a respected academic like Dean Margaret Stanley or a distinguished researcher like Dr. Priscilla Harper seriously? Who could possibly believe the slanderous claims that have been made about the illicit practices of an honorable secret society like Scarlet Skull? It’s all a bunch of baloney, they’ll tell you!

But I think that you can be trusted with the truth…

I often wonder what my life would have been like if I’d never attended Unknown University. Wife, two kids, pet collie late-model SUV, good job, nice house in the suburbs? Probably. But instead…well, here we are sweet cheeks…



“Come ON, cutie buns!” Michael commanded. “DANCE for me!”


I did my best to comply! Each time the flat of the hairbrush smacked my bare buttocks I went up on my toes and performed a frenetic little rumba to the accompaniment of Michael’s mocking laughter!

It was a dismal Friday afternoon in early November. Cozily ensconced behind the locked door and drawn drapes of an anonymous motel room, Michael and I were working on our clandestine relationship. We’d been…special friends…for about a month by then. This was our first weekend getaway and we were determined to make the most of it…

The whole thing was SO humiliating! There I was, stark naked, standing with my legs apart and my hands clasped behind my head, facing a full-length mirror. And there was Michael, also naked, wielding the hairbrush with practiced sadism! I’d been shocked enough to find myself sexually attracted to another guy—but to discover that I enjoyed being DOMINATED by him was simply outrageous!

“DIRTY fucking little boy!” Michael cried, cocking his arm to deliver another stroke. “Fantasizing about going NAKED with your ROOMIE and doing all KINDS of nasty things with him!”


“Oh MICHAEL!” I blubbered. Oh PLEASE—!”

“If you want to be my SEX poodle, cutie buns, you have to prove that you’re WORTHY!” he admonished me. “So how about it? Are you willing to SUFFER for the sake of LOVE?”

“Oh Michael, you KNOW I am—!” CRACK! “HIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!”

“Yes, he snickered, patting my fanny affectionately. “I can see that you are, cutie buns!”

Maybe there was something in the water at Unknown University! Before setting foot on campus I’d never entertained a single, solitary bi-curious sex fantasy! Then I met Michael. I drew him as my roommate in the dorm assignment lottery and for the first couple of weeks everything was fine. True, we didn’t have much in common. He was English major; I was a business major. He haunted the library; I played lacrosse. He was a slender, brown-eyed brunette with skin the color of old piano keys and slightly girlish good looks…

“Oh, my GOODNESS!” Michael sneered. “What would the guys on the lacrosse team say if they could see you NOW, cutie buns?”

But gradually, stealthily, strange new feeling and emotions infiltrated my heart and soul. It was a shock one night to realize that I was masturbating while visions of Michael danced in my head. I found myself casting come-hither looks in his direction, which he seemed not to notice at first but then began to return with a sly smile…

“They’d be surprised to see how SENSITIVE you are, wouldn’t they?”

Sensitive! The word gave me a chill!

“Perhaps that’s enough spanking for now,” Michael opined. “Your cute curvy behind is all PINK and GLOWING! So what shall we do next, hmmm?”

Of course we both KNEW what was coming next! I trembled with dread anticipation, waiting for him to speak again.

“I think I’ll TICKLE you, cutie buns!” Michael’s reflection favored me with a lewd smile. “How does THAT sound?”

Of course it sounded horrific, especially when my sadistic roomie explained the rules!

“I’m not going to put you in bondage,” he said. “Just stand there as you are with your hands behind your head. Now you can squirm and wiggle all you want as long as you keep your feet and hands where they are. But if you move them, cutie buns, you get a PUNISHMENT!”

“A p-p-punishment…?”

“Hmmm, let’s say…I’ll put you in bondage until tomorrow morning. You can spend the night on the floor. In the bathroom. Does that sound like a PLAN, cutie buns?”

I nodded mutely.

“Excellent!” He patted my ass. “Ready to LAUGH for me?”

And without waiting for permission Michael assaulted my exposed ARMPITS!

“GAAAAAA-HAA-HAA-AAAAH-HAA-HAA!!!” I howled, jerking my torso to and fro. “Oh Michael! It TICKLES—!”

“Poor BABY!” he commiserated, stroking my upper arms.

“EEEEEE-HEE-HEE-HEE!!!” I squealed, striving to maintain my position as ordered.

“I could always SPANK you instead!” Michael sneered. “Is THAT what you want?”

“No, Michael, NO!” I cried. “Please TICKLE me more!”

“All right,” he agreed. “But remember! If you move your feet you go into bondage for the rest of the night!”

And with that, my sadistic roomie stabbed his sharp-nailed fingers into my defenseless ribcage!

“OH GAAAAW-HAW-HAW-HAW-HAWD!!!” I bellowed, bending at the knees and gyrating my ass. “IT TICK-HICK-HICKLES MEEEEEE-HEE-HEEEEEE!!!”

“But you can take it, can’t you?” Michael observed as his fingers scampered up to my armpits. “A big strong handsome jock like YOU doesn’t need to be tied up for a little TICKLING, does he?”


I squirmed and shivered and wiggled my fanny as Michael tickled merrily away! A plague of goose bumps corrugated my skin! My asshole performed rapid spasms—my balls bounced and swayed between my thighs—and my JOYSTICK was standing TALL! Somehow I managed to keep my feet properly positioned—but how much longer could I hold OUT—?!

“Let’s try down here,” Michael whispered. “You sexy LEGS could use some attention!”

“HIIIIIIEEEEEE-HEE-HEE!!!” I shrieked in response to the discovery that they were unbearably TICKLISH! Michael’s fingers danced up and down, raising goose bumps that caused every hair on my legs to stiffen and quiver! I went up on my toes and for a moment it seemed that I’d lose it! But by a desperate effort of concentration I kept my feet where they belonged!

Posed before the full-length mirror, I had a fine view of my humiliating predicament. There I was, face contorted, pink cheeks stained with tears of laughter, hands clasped behind my head, legs apart, jerking and shivering and bouncing up and down on my toes as Michael tickled me—and tickled me—and TICKLED me—!

“Honestly, you’ve lasted longer that I thought you would,” he observed, stroking my still-stinging posterior with his well-honed nails. “But you’re going to break, cutie buns, aren’t you?”


“Mmmm, yes, you’re just about ready to have a HISSY fit!” he snickered. “I can tell from the way you’re wiggling your curvy DERRIERE for me!”


“And when that happens it’s into BONDAGE you go, cutie buns!” He teased the patch of ultra-sensitive skin just above the cleft of my buttocks. “Then we’ll REALLY have some fun, won’t we?”

“EEEEEE-HEE-HEE-HEEEEEEEEK!!!” I shrilled by way of reply. Michael’s attention to that particular spot produced an especially vicious thrill! Grunting, I squeezed out a tiny, clear drop of pre-cum. Noticing this, my sadistic roomie laughed scornfully.

“Dirty incontinent little POODLE boy!” Michael chided me. “I suppose you’d like to CUM, wouldn’t you?”


“Hmmm, I wonder if a horny stud like you can be TICKLED to orgasm?” He caressed my trembling thighs. “How about it, cutie buns? Suppose I tickle the family jewels? Would that make you SQUIRT?”

So saying, Michael snatched up the feather and swirled it over my blushing butt cheeks. This caused me to shiver and yelp. And then…and then…

“EEEEYAAAA-HAA-AAAAH-HAA-AAAAH-HAA-HAA!!!” I screamed as the tip of the feather stroked that most delicate portion of my masculine anatomy! I arched my back and danced on my toes in response to the indescribably, unbearably exquisite sensation that raced along my nervous system! Every muscle in my body tensed—every hair on my arms and legs stood up—every atom of my being cried out for release! I strained desperately to force myself over the edge, to attain the blessed release I so ardently craved—but I couldn’t DO it—!

“Getting CLOSE, cutie buns?” Michael inquired snidely. “No? This isn’t quite working for you?”


“But it’s working just fine for ME!” he chirruped. “Mmmm, yes, torturing my handsome roomie, making him squirm and dance and wiggle his ass and scream like a fucking SISSY—!”

And Michael was right! I DID sound like a complete and total fucking sissy! My girlish squeals of hilarity and sniveling pleas for mercy and release were utterly pathetic! The whole scenario was shameful and degrading beyond measure! And I fucking LOVED it! Yes, I loved standing before the mirror with Michael behind me, tickling the SHIT out of me, making me DISGRACE myself with a blatant display of my ungovernable LUST for him—!

“I have to admit, cutie buns—I’m impressed!” Michael suspended his intimate assault for a moment to give me a fond fanny pat. “I never thought you’d last as long as you have. I guess it really MUST be love!”

“Gaaaah…” I gasped. “Gaaaah…aaaah…aaaah…”

“Well,” he continued, “the night is young but I think you’ve proved your devotion. So I’m going to give you a TREAT, cutie buns! I’m going to tickle your BOY toy until you cum all OVER yourself! All right, down on the floor! On your back! Legs apart! Keep your hands clasped behind your head!”

I obeyed with servile alacrity! Michael knelt by my side. He flourished the feather in my face.

“Now let’s see just how sensitive you truly are, cutie buns,” he whispered. “Let’s see how you respond to a light, gentle touch…”

The feather descended to my torso. I giggled and shivered as Michael stroked my rigid nipples. It tickled…but in a different way…a way that affected me deep down inside…

“It’s horrid, isn’t it?” he whispered. “Lying there naked and helpless, totally at my mercy, wondering how long I’m going to tease you and torture you…”

I emitted a faint shriek as the feather trailed down to my tense belly, which convulsed as it was caressed. My legs trembled. I arched my back.

“Does it tickle?” Michael whispered, smiling sweetly.

“Oh YES!” I whined. “It tick-hick-HICKLES! It makes me feel all FUNNY—!”

“So you like it?”

“Oh GOD! I fucking LOVE it—!”

This ticklish interrogation went on for several minutes. I squirmed and giggled and offered ardent assurances of my undying devotion and love. Michael reciprocated with promises of loving discipline—promises that I received with emotions of joy and pain, conscious of the fact that something, somehow, had changed my life forever!

Now the feather was circling the base of my upright organ and a tense, tantalizing sensation was building in my balls. Michael put his free hand on my chest, gently tweaking a nipple. He swirled the feather over the head of my yearning penis…

“Oh!” I whined. “Oh SHIT! Oh FUCKING shit—that feels so NICE—!”

“Ready to cum for me, cutie buns…?”

“Mmmm…mmmm…mmmmph…” I moaned, arching my back, inviting the feather’s deliciously tormenting caress…

“Tickle, tickle, tickle…” Michael sighed. “Who likes to be tickled…?”

“Ugh—ugh—ugh—ugh—UUUUUUGH!” I grunted. Oh FUCK me—here it COMES—!”

One last flick of the feather put me over the edge! With a throaty growl I bounced my bare behind on the floor and launched my fucking LOAD—!

Michael laughed at my antics as I emptied my balls in a series of muscular spurts that covered me from neck to groin with my most precious bodily essence. I was utterly disgracing myself—and I didn’t fucking CARE! All that mattered was the absolutely GLORIOUS surge of ECSTASY that swept through me and over me. When it passed I lay there weeping with pleasure.

“Yuck, what a nasty MESS!” Michael snickered. ‘Well, did you enjoy your treat, cutie buns? From the stupid FACES you made as you emptied your balls I would say so!”

“Oh Michael!” I blubbered. “How can I ever THANK you—?!”

“Hmmm, let me think!” he replied, stroking his own tumid tool. “I think I’m ready for my French lesson! And no, you can clean yourself up later…”


No, there wasn’t something in the water! It turned out that Michael had used a drug on me: a nefarious compound of narcotics and aphrodisiacs supposedly developed by one other than Dean Margaret Stanley! And that was just my introduction to campus life at dear old U.U. In those four years I got involved in some pretty interesting situations, let me tell you! Ten years later I still haven’t gotten over it…

Hmmm? Why yes, as a matter of fact I did spike your drink with that drug, sweet cheeks! My old roomie Michael maintains certain campus connections and he’s always happy to do a favor for a fellow alumnus. And yes, I know you’re not REALLY that way. But I’ve never lost my taste for slender, good-looking twentysomething young men and you’re extremely cute! It only remains to find out just how TICKLISH you truly are!

Now what did I do with that duct tape…?