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Josh was over at his girlfriend Ambers house one and they were lying on her bed playfully tickling each other. They are both very ticklish and love tickling the other person. Amber was so much fun to tickle, she was pretty hot, nice body, tanned, blonde hair. She was wearing tight yoga pants and a blue singlet. Josh was pretty happy with himself to get her as his girlfriend. This particular day Amber was feeling more frisky than normal. She just wouldn't stop prodding Josh's belly and sides and whenever they started making out she kept putting her hand up the front of his t shirt and running her fingernails down his belly. This would make Josh start laughing while they kissed and she would then just look at him with a cheeky grin on her face.

'Hello, anybody home' Ambers mum, Kim had just arrived home and they could hear her walking towards Ambers bedroom. 'Yes, we are here' yelled Amber. Seconds later Kim opened the door to see Josh and Amber lying on the bed together. Now Josh a crush on Kim. She was the sexiest older women he'd ever seen. Nice slim body, deep brown all over tanned skin with the kinkiest looking face and curly brown hair. She was wearing tiny little denim shorts and a white singlet top that showed off her flat tanned midriff. She also had a husky voice that really turned him on. 'Watchya doin?' asked Kim. 'just playing around' replied Amber as she prodded Josh's belly making him flinch. 'Your not……..ticklish are you Josh? asked Kim. The question made josh's blood boil. Kim just looked like a women who would be seriously good tickler. 'Yes, yes he is' yelled Amber with excitement. 'and theres nothing mum loves more than tickling ppl' 'bring it on' said Josh as he realised that tickle fighting this sexy mother/daughter combo would be a lot of fun. Josh was 19 and Amber was 18, Kim was in her early 40's but Josh decided that although she was in really fit looking shape she was a slim women so he believed he could wrestle the both of them pretty well. How wrong he was.

As Kim walked towards him, Amber says 'this might be a good time to tell you that mum is a 4th dan black belt in tai kwon do. But all Josh could see right now was that sexy tanned body and with wriggling fingers he went straight at Kim's exposed belly. without even knowing what happened he found himself pinned face down with Kim on top of him. Her knees on his arms , he couldn't move as he felt Amber peeling his socks off. 'tickle tickle' she began tickling his bare soles. 'hehehehhehehehahahaha noooo stop hahahaha' Amber was a good little tickler with her pointy nails. 'boy, he's so very ticklish' said Kim 'give me a go at those feet. In one swift action he felt how whole body twist and his left foot locked in some kind of hold. It felt completely helpless and for good reason…..he then felt Kim's long fingernails start drawing lines along the bottom of his sole 'shihihihiht OMG hahahahahhaha nooooooo. 'tickle, tickle, tickle' she was only teasing him atm, but boy was she in full control…just casually walking her fingers around his bare sole and tracing lines. Her nails felt so electric, it was driving him nuts and she was barely even tickling him.

things started to get a lot worse when Kim trapped both Josh's feet on the floor and sat on his calves. amber jumped onto his back and began to dig her fingers into his underarms and ribs. 'hehehhehehahahaha nooooo stop it hahahaha' now that was bad, but then Kim decided to up the ante on poor Josh's feet. Her sharp scurrying nails sending him into hysterics. 'hahahahahahahahahhahaha OMG holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiit that tickles hehehehehahahahahaha!' Boy was Kim an expert tickler, and she absolutely loved doing it. josh had been tickled by a few ppl before but Kim was the most evil, skilful, best tickler he had ever come across. 'Go get some bady oil' Kim told her daughter. 'hehe yes, this is so much fun' she replied.

As Amber left the room to go and get the baby oil. Kim decided to let Josh up to catch his breath. 'oh I'm sorry Josh, i just couldn't resist tickling you.' Feeling embarrassed Josh could only smile. 'you were squirming everywhere, you went absolutely hysterical when i tickled your feet' she was teasing him and enjoying every minute of it. Josh however as much as he felt humiliated, actually really enjoyed it. 'so tell me Josh, had you ever been tickled by a better tickler than me?' 'no, i havnt' replied Josh. 'that because there is no such person' bragged Kim, walking over and prodding his belly making him flinch and giggle. 'i tell you what, how about when Amber gets back in here i pretend I'm going to pin you down but at the last second i turn and pin her down…..then we tickle her until she can't take any more' Kim said with an evil grin on her face. ' Josh all of a sudden sprung to life. 'hell yes, lets get her good' Amber came back in tot he room…..'ok you are you ready for some more punishment Josh?


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Fine story! Part two will be most welcome. :D

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Great start! I can't wait to read about Amber getting it! :p

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Love this