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Johnny lea
07-31-2015, 04:02 PM
Knowing Me (Part Two)

The sensation as always felt excruciating, so much so it took Scarlett an instant to realise she was biting down into her cherry glossed lip. There was no mistaking that now familiar agonising simmering she felt inside of her. Frantically her eyes darted from side to side the anticipation heightening her self-consciousness. The room had a few other people inside it making her senses suddenly in tune with their presence around her. It was the moment, however, she caught that glint of pleasure in usual innocent sky blue eyes she erupted. Scarlett felt the laughter leave her belly, strong with a clear rhythm to its hysteria.

“Tickles doesn’t it?” Her friend Lauren voiced mischievously between her own sweet giggles. Scarlett wished she could have made a retort, she really did but the laughter had grasped her firmly now to her embarrassment. Slowly she slid down the chair trying to hide away from prying eyes she had attracted.

Glancing up Lauren s******ed as she scrubbed the pumice stone against Scarlett’s creamy naked left sole. As her pedicurist she was well aware how lethally ticklish the map of her size five feet were. Taking a few more firm scrubs she eased up and decided to give her a moment.

“Okay and breath!” Lauren cheerfully stated ending her ordeal. Scarlett took a deep breath and used her hands to fan her warm face, the odd giggle still escaping.

“Oh god how many people are looking at me!” Scarlett asked feeling vulnerable that precise second.

“Don’t pay any attention to any of ’em, your fine chick.” Lauren dismissively reassured her whilst playing with her sandy blonde hair. Scarlett composed herself on that note and tried to get comfy again.

“Please, please be nice under my toes Lauren.” Scarlett almost pleaded as she picked up the stone again. There was that mischievous smile again. At that point Scarlett would have been lying if she admitted deep down she wasn’t enjoying this. Having her ticklishness on display for others was a different matter making the experience a mixed one.

“Ah yes the toes! How could I forget them!” Lauren teasingly answered knowing they were the hotspot. Scarlett let out a nervous laugh as she held her foot.

“Seriously though I’ll adjust it, promise It’ll feel better this time. Forget sometimes how crazy ticklish you are.” The professional was now in front of her the friendly playing between them now on the backburner.

She’d known Lauren since the beginning of high school, their paths not fully crossing till their last year to her honest surprise. Lauren had started out a studious, bookish sort with a keen spirit, far removed from who Scarlett was. School to her had always been about the social scene and the laugh of it all, Lauren’s then qualities didn’t appeal to her one bit. Then Lauren suddenly got interesting, pretty much reinventing herself with the older boyfriend and sudden personality transplant. They now clicked and mixed in the same circles and to her surprise she was actually an alright type of girl. Five years on and their bond had strengthened, Lauren was one of her good friends in life…not to mention personal pedicurist.

It suddenly occurred to her that whilst lost in thought there, Lauren had indeed began to scrub again and the tickly feeling was neutralised like she promised. Scarlett was unsure what to make of that.

“Better?” She asked soothingly. Scarlett nodded with a small smile her mind drifting again. Tommo entered her mind again along with the tickling issue, why did she have to feel this here, it should be him tickling her out of her mind. Vice versa when she got a hold of him. She suddenly snapped to at the question.

“How’s everything with you and Tommo then?” Lauren had asked normal conversation resumed.

“Great…Tommo’s well….you know Tommo.” She answered with a warm smile just thinking of him. Lauren merely gave her that look, she knew how head over heels she was with him.

“Don’t we all know that gorgeous.” Lauren chuckled taking in her beauty admiringly.

“Got it bad though haven’t ya?” Scarlett tried not to let on but she sensed how much her body was revealing. Lauren smiled again satisfied she didn’t have to add anything else.

“And how’s it going in the bedroom department?” Scarlett almost fell out of her chair but couldn’t help muster another small smile at the frankness.

“Well is he doing his bit or what? Come on tell me?” Lauren asked starting to rub her foot. Scarlett liked that.

“He’s more than doing his bit if you must know.” She awkwardly replied trying not to draw attention to herself again.

“Doesn’t sound too convincing.” Lauren said stopping a brief second. What!? Scarlett suddenly felt anxiety wash over her, did she just really betray herself like that.

“No honestly it’s fine between us Lauren.” She anxiously gushed trying to get the record straight. Oh god now she’d done it.

“What’s the matter he not satisfying that special kink of yours then?” It was meant as a joke, no one knew about her love for tickling, however it made her very jittery.

“It’s perfect…just perfect.” It’s all she could muster. Lauren finished off her foot then smiled. Scarlett prayed she’d not given too much away.

“How about we do that other foot then?” Lauren asked gesturing for it. Scarlett lifted it hesitantly her mind all over the place. Did she really feel this way? Before she could contemplate it further the sensation started again. Oh boy. Feeling her nails dig into the chair arms Scarlett let out a muffled giggle as the stone hit her right arch.

“Remind me to put you in this chair one day!” It was forced and quickly to the point before the hysterical laughter.

“Nah chick I’m way too ticklish for one of these. You love it though!” Lauren jokingly said. As Scarlett put her head back and squeezed her eyes shut in ticklish agony she knew how right Lauren was.


It was beginning to become decrepit in places, the carpet stained with patches, the colour of the walls much duller in complexion, whilst the furniture had that cheap tacky look. Mixed in with this was that stale aroma of beer that frequented the place constantly. No matter how shabby the place degenerated though it was all Tommo really knew.

The Oak Tree was a pub like other establishments that was hurting in the midst of the recession, all it had now was a small core of locals who kept it on a form of life support month by month. Once upon a time he had remembered it differently, you knew everyone who walked through the door, the bar two or three deep. The Oak Tree back then was the night out. Now three landlords later it was a shell of its former self, alcohol much dearer than four years ago when he first started drinking. No matter how tackier it got though it still possessed its working class roots; a place you came to after the grind and aired your grievances no matter how big or small. It was the comradeship he enjoyed most.

Today being a Saturday was a slightly different scenario than usual, although only a short lived one. Standing at the bar, hot and a little sweaty still, Tommo observed the rest of his football team huddled around a table the banter in full flow. It would only be for a swift few but it would animate the place for the next hour or so. Handing over this money to the short bar maid Tommo received his pint of beer and went to go join them.

It was his craving for a cigarette that set him off course. Placing his pint down he gestured at a couple of his team mates where he was going. Stepping outside he lit up and took his first drag, a wave of calmness touching him. His mind wondered to later tonight, Scarlett would be getting her pedicure right now no doubt. Hopefully she wouldn’t be too late getting back.

He took a long hard look around the near empty car park before him, a couple of people across the road walking by. Not much happening out here. The door behind him swung open making him give that trademark grin at the company. The teams goalkeeper Tank was not the smallest of fellows, in fact his nickname pretty much matched the description of his size. Tall and wide with the strength of an ox, he was indeed a big one.

“Alright lad.” Tank nodded as he stood alongside him. Tommo exhaled another drag and offered him one. Tank shook his head unimpressed to Tommo’s amusement, he could have called that a mile away.

“Proper result today mate,” Tommo stated before taking another drag. “I thought I was pretty awesome to be honest.”

“You were alright, at best.” Tank replied admiring his self-confidence.

“Behave, I was on it out there today proper. Should have had a hat-trick.” Tommo answered, no sign of losing any if it.

“Not quirt though. Slacking there Tom.” Tank jabbed back determined to get a rise out of him.

“Err excuse me Tank but whose had trails for two professional teams? Proper quality me.” Tommo replied responding to the bait. Tank chuckled loving how easy it was to wind him up.

“Yeah alright, we all know how ace you are. You out tonight then or what?” He asked moving away from the subject quickly.

“Too right I am.” Tommo answered with a firm nod and blowing out more smoke.

“Your good lady to then?” Tank queried.

“Yeah she’ll be there too, bet she’ll be moaning she feels drunk after only a few hours.” Tommo said raising his eyebrows.

“You’ll be home with her as soon as she says so, you watch." Tank chuckled knowing the score.

“Yeah right.” Tommo tried to be convincing in his defiance to that statement, however deep down he knew it was true.

“Proper in love with her ain’t ya.” Tank stated not neededing any answer.

Tommo infact didn’t answer but the smile he felt forming pretty much did for him. Tank chuckled again and shook his head.

“What?!” Tommo asked.

“Nothing mate, never thought I’d see you settled that’s all.” Tank replied amused. Feeling uncomfortable with such attention to his personal life, Tommo took another drag to calm himself before answering.

“She’s the one isn’t she.” He finally blurtted out trying to ignore his gaze.

A moment of silence passed until their eyes both met with a smirk automatically painting itself on Tommo’s lips.

“Shut up Tank!” He laughed prepared for the banter he knew was coming.

“Seriously though Tom, good stuff.” Tank sincerely replied finally. Tommo merely nodded his appreciation and flicked away his cigarette.

“Just gotta make sure that little problem down there doesn't get in the way.” There it was, the punch line Tommo had been waiting for.

“Pipe down lad. I’m a stud.” Tommo said that confidence in full front again and ready for the back and forth rapport. He kind of loved it in a way.

“Know how to satisfy your missus proper then yeah.” Tank responded pushing his luck again with a grin.

“Listen mate I know my girl yeah, I know how to satisfy her. Open to anything she wants to do anyway.” Tommo said self assured. Shaking his head in amusement Tank ushered him to follow back inside. Tommo did so…well he was fairly sure he knew how to satisfy her.