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Amber placed the baby oil on the bedside table. Both her and her mother crept towards Josh, who was now sitting on the bed. 'you know Amber, while you were gone Josh tried to convince me to team up and turn on you'….'how bad do you wanna tickle him now? 'lots and lots' replied Amber. And as quick as that Amber and her mother launched into Josh's ticklish sides, stomach, ribs and underarms…..'hehehehehehahahahaha' they turned him onto his stomach and Kim relentlessly tickled his upper body as Amber went to work on his feet. 'ahahahhaah i thought you…..you hahahahaha were gonna help me tick…..tickleeeeeahahahahaha Amberhahahahahaha' 'no Josh. you begged me to and i said maybe…..you are telling lies now and you deserve to be punished' you get a smack on your bottom for that' as she said that she turned her body and gave Josh a slap across his ***…..boy did that turn him on….the way he said too, boy this women was evil. Hey Amber, i think its time we pulled out the handcuffs and tied him up…what you think?'

'Handcuffs????' asked Josh, gasping for air. 'yes, we don't want you going anywhere while we rub baby oil on your feet and tickle them until you cry' replied Kim. 'hehe….with pleasure' replied Amber. Kim spun Josh over and pinned his arms above his head. As he struggled he realised this women was a lot stronger than she looked. And she was an expert i using her body weight to great effect…she had her knees on his elbows and has wrist pinned to the top of the bed, all her weight coming down on them. Josh could not get her to budge. She appeared so untouchable the way she confidently manoeuvred Josh around as she pleased. And this was an amazing sight for Josh. Kim's tiny shorts had ridden right up so he could see all of her sexy tanned legs and her boobs were hanging out right over his face. Amber pulled a pair of handcuffs out from under her bed. At that moment it occurred to Josh that these evil women had planned this the whole time. Without any problems she cuffed his wrists and then cuffed both his hands to the rail at the top of the bed. He was in all sorts of trouble now.

'Are you ready to have your feet tortured like never before Josh' asked Kim in her teasing husky voice. 'do your worst' said Josh defiantly. 'i can handle it' 'a tremble in his voice. 'oh really Josh, lets just see about that, i think you are way to ticklish to handle our little fingernails on your bare little tootsies. Kim was so commanding and in control with her words, she spoke in such a teasing way. amber sat down on josh's ankles so that he couldn't move his feet as Kim stating softly and gently rubbing baby oil on Josh's bare feet. Even that ticked, Kim just had such a way in which she touched ppl that tickled and she had the most tickly and electric hands ever…..however this was nothing compared to her fingertips and deadly sharp nails as she began to lightly but ever skilfully trace lines around josh's soles. 'tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle. 'hehehahaha noooo stop that tickles so much hahahaha. ' but I'm barely even tickling you….you can't even handle the lightest little touch of my little fingernails?' 'i thought you were a tough boy Josh, but it seems you can't even handle my light tickles' Kim and Amber were enjoying this so much, they both knew that despite the tickle only being light such was Kim's skill that it would send most ppl in to hysterics…..still she loved to tease as well. 'so tell me more about how you can handle it Josh'. Josh could do nothing but giggle and squirm. Things then got a little worse for poor Josh as Amber moved herself up to his upper body.

As Amber dug her nails into Josh's ribs and armpits. Kim started relentlessly tickling his bare, ticklish, oiled up soles……….hehehehehahahahah noooooo stop holy **** thats toooooo murrrrrrrrrch hahahahahahahahahahaha. Josh was now squirming and laughing uncontrollably and for good reason as he had 2 very good ticklers tickling him without mercy. However as good as Amber was, she was not nearly as good as Kim. Kim had tickling down to an exact science….her little fingernails were just so fast, so nimble, so electric and so confident….she moved around his bare soles tickling every part alternating between slow and fast and sometimes spider like speed. 'whats wrong josh? this too much for ya?' asked Amber cheekily as she looked into his eyes. Josh could only laugh in hysterics. Straight after Amber asked that question all of a sudden she started squirming and laughing and she stopped tickling Josh 'hehehehehehe stohohohop'….cheeky as ever Kim had seen Ambers feet poking out from underneath her bum and couldn't resist tickling them. Despite having socks on Amber flinched and giggled. 'stop it mum' 'hehe gotcha' 'never let your guard down around me' bragged Kim 'i will tickle everyone and anyone if they present me the chance.

The girls continued to tickle Josh for about 10 minutes. Kim mostly focusing on his soles, getting in between his toes, slowly drawing a line from the bottom of his soles to the top. Then with sharp scurrying nails she would scamper down from his toes to his heel. Nether tickling the same spot for too long. Always keeping his soles slippery with baby oil, her nails sliding along Josh's ticklish soles with ease and confidence. She had ordered Amber to sit on Josh's legs to keep them still for her, Amber would always do as her mother told her. On several occasion Kim would cheekily tickle Amber on her feet. When Amber moved her feet to in front of her Kim would tickle Amber's sides or underarms, whichever one presented itself. She was loving it. Amber was unbelievably ticklish under her mothers fingertips. She would squeal like crazy, so much more than when Josh tickled her. 'i think we should let him go now said Kim. 'haha ok, i think he's suffered enough' replied Amber. Amber began releasing the handcuffs on Josh and no sooner had she finished Kim pulled Ambers legs out from under her and pinned her face down with her arms outstretched. 'what did i say about not letting your guard down?' 'mum nooooooo please, please, please I'm begging you DONT' 'SO Josh, do you like revenge? Kim asked, biting her bottom lip with the cheekiest grin on her face' 'hell yes' replied Josh, his blood boiling. 'well cuff her to the rail and il show you the true meaning of the word TICKLISH' 'no no no PLEASEEEEEEEE' yelled Amber trying as hard as she could to break free. But she had no chance. Kim was too strong, too powerful. Josh cuffed her to the rail of the bed. 'So Amber where would you like to be tickled first?' josh could not believe how evil this women was. But he was exited to get revenge on Amber…the whole situation was turning him on like crazy…this was going o be so much fun.


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Wonderful continuation! Looking forward to part three. :D