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Hi so as I have said this was the preamble to the next part of the Helen Office tickling story. I have added a bit more than 10 to the 90% I mentioned before.

- - -

Lilly became increasingly angry as Andrea told her over the phone about her torture session with Helen. Andrea was tired and wanted to sleep, so Lilly agreed to postpone the revenge plans until games night at Simon’s and Betty’s.

The next day at work Helen behaved herself only grinning at Andrea when she caught her stealing glances at her nylon clad feet. This had become a ritual and Helen would wiggle her toes when sitting on one leg or swing one high heeled shoe from her toes as she typed. Andrea imagined those feet at her mercy, suffering as her soft soles had suffered, she fantasised about taking revenge on Helen by stretching her out on Simon’s rack the way she had tortured Amy at the first games night. Her mind wandered to locking Helen in Lilly’s torture box, then burying her in the sand the way she had been during her initiation after discovering her new friends. Eventually the day came to an end and Andrea excitedly finished her work, looking forwards to games night and seeing Lilly.

The usual games were paused as Andrea described her tickle torture the previous night to the group, all the girls were there except Cleo of course. Everyone listened to Andrea as she recounted Helen’s relentless tickling. Amy squirmed her toes in their nylons which were sheer with red skulls on them, she tried to hide her arousal at Andrea’s story but couldn’t resist asking a few questions when she sensed Andrea had abridged some of the more horrific details. Lilly shot her a glance, silencing her. Eventually Andrea’s story came to an end, she told the group she had given Helen the location of the castle in an effort to end her torture.

Simon bristled: the location of the castle was not a secret, there was even a website for the tours he organised to help pay for its upkeep. Never the less with the tickle show looming this was disturbing, and had the potential to stop the event he had worked so hard to organise. He began to twitch and only Betty stroking his leg stopped one of his outbursts that had made school so hard.

“I think we should bait the trap for this woman at the castle” Betty said, breaking the silence.

There was a murmur of agreement from everyone except Emily and Andrea…..

“Normally I would be against that, but I think after what this woman did to Andrea she has it coming” Simon managed to say without stuttering, his left eye twitching slightly.

“Any ideas how we can restrain her for torture?” Ingrid asked

“Hmmm if only we knew an enormous ginger amazon woman!” Lilly teased winking at Ingrid

Plans were made as each of the girls offered their advice on how to apprehend Helen quickly and effectively. Most of the girls made further efforts to crowbar in their own fantasies about how to tickle torture Helen. Eventually Lilly declared that Andrea should have final say in her co-workers torture….

“I would like to tickle her the way we tickled Natalie last week, or in a pair of stocks. I don’t mind provided she gets tickled!”

With that game’s night resumed. A game of tickle twister started the evening, ending in a stalemate between Betty and Lilly which was resolved by the other girls tickling them until they both rolled on the mat helplessly laughing. A new game was played by the imaginative title of ‘What are we tickling you with’. Natalie was blindfolded and tied loosely to the sofa, a selection of brushes and other implements were used to tease her soft feet, if she could guess what they were the tickling stopped, if she couldn’t guess after a minute or guessed wrong she got tickled for three minutes with the weapon of choice. After she couldn’t distinguish between pencils and the pointy end of feather Lilly played a cruel trick, producing a different pack of pencils…

“Pen-encils!” Natalie giggled

“Yes but what kind?” Lilly teased…. “I will give you a clue the last ones were HB”

“Tw-two H!” Natalie guessed, the sharp sensations being more prickly than before…

“Oh so Close!” Lilly beamed…. “They are Four H!”

Natalie was a favourite at this game, but Lilly took a turn followed by Amy. Afterwards the party went downstairs where the long stocks were set up to receive six pairs of soles. An additional pair of stock were placed at the front of the row by a small table on which were fresh packets of sheer nylons….

“I bought these in a sale” Betty proudly declared removing her own stockings and replacing them with the cheap but still sheer black ones. She wiggled her toes in the open stocks, the new nylons didn’t have the central seam she liked but still enhanced her sensitivity sufficiently as a quick trial with her husband that afternoon had proven. Simon had decided to extensively confirm the findings of this ‘quick trial’ and Betty had laughed helplessly for 15 minutes and regretted allowing the methodology to include Simon tying her to the bed. Her regrets dissolved as the torture gave way to the usual arousal that being tickled in nylons gave her after the initial torture phase naturally came to an end. She relished the memory as Simon closed the stocks.

“Now if each of you would like to put on a pair of the stockings my bargain hunting wife has kindly provided, we have a little game in mind”. Simon declared, tickling his wife’s feet gently and enjoying the way she smiled at him.

The girls obliged, Andrea took a while to remove her triple socks and Amy asked if she could keep her own nylons on….

“Probably not a good idea Hun! They won’t survive this game!” Betty declared.

Amy obliged as Simon prepared the long stocks. Ingrid was amazed that Betty had found a pair the right size for her, her enormous feet so often being a barrier to bargains such as these. After the stocks were closed over each of the seven women’s ankles Simon began tying the nylons back to the tops of the stocks explaining the rules as he did so.

“Betty came up with the idea for this game and I modified the toe ties late this afternoon”….

As he spoke Simon secured, Lilly’s, Andrea’s and Emily’s nylons, it wasn’t fully clear how the toe-ties had been modified but the nylons keep their feet upright and a small piece of string was tied around each ankle to stop the nylons coming off instead of ripping.

“Now each of you will be tickled in turn until your feet break out of the nylons, Amy you will now understand why we suggested you change out of your own”…. As he spoke Simon finished tying Natalie’s nylons back and gave Amy a quick tickle before starting on hers.

“I will time how long each of you last and whoever can resist the longest will escape forfeit free, everyone else will be tickled on their bare feet for as long as they lasted plus the combined amount of time each contestant who outlasted her”….

Simon finished Amy’s feet and admired his Handiwork the seven pairs of trapped soles being stretched tight, some in dark nylons, some tan, all begging to be tickled.

“Now since this was my wife’s idea I think it is only fair she goes first!” Simon grinned, making his way back to the extra pair of stocks, which were tilted so the other six girls could see, before starting Simon untwisted two metal clasps and placed two short pieces of metal against the tight nylons just above his wife’s toes…

“You see the modifications I made, these will make it even easier to rip your nylons as the result of the slightest movement”. Each girl inhaled sharply anticipating the game.

Simon began by gently tickling his wife’s feet. Her giggles gave way to guffaws as he increased the speed at which he scrambled his nails over her soles, occasionally exploring the sides and tops of her feet to make the tickling unpredictable. Eventually her involuntarily twitches became more frequent and all the girls could see the nylons beginning to tear. Eventually Betty couldn’t stand it anymore and flapped her feet tearing both nylons in an attempt to bat her husband’s tickling fingers from her soles. Betty was red in the face and sighing. It was a miracle she lasted as long as she did Simon picked up the stop watch….

“Um sweetie!”

“Yes Hun!” Replied Betty

“I might have forgotten to start the stop watch!”

“You’re kidding!” Betty declared her valiant resistance for nothing.

“Yeah would you mind slipping on another pair of nylons and going again at the end…”

“Oh alright!” But I get to help you tickle the other girls!” Betty declared, deciding to get something out of her husband’s forgetfulness

Betty slipped on another pair of nylons and her black pumps whilst Simon adjusted the toe-ties to place Lilly’s soles in the terrible predicament. Andrea could hear Lilly’s breath quicken as she anticipated the torture to come, she could even feel her pulse quicken as the girls where side by side in the stocks. Betty finished protecting the sheer nylons with her pumps and picked up the stopwatch, chiding Simon not to forget it again.

Simon and Betty began with slow gentle teasing tickles and Lilly giggled focusing on not moving her feet. As her tormentors quickened their pace she began to thrash about, moving her upper body instead of her feet. After only a minute she broke and ripped both nylons simultaneously cackling with helpless laughter as four hands tormented her now bare feet. Simon grabbed the thrashing soles as Betty stopped the clock….

“Hmm…. one minute and four seconds!... I know I lasted longer than that Lil!” Betty teased, and began tying back Lilly’s toes trapping her bare feet, their dark red nail polish now exposed and the tattered remains of her nylons brushing against her feet as the married couple continued her torment.

“Onto the lovely Andrea!” Betty exclaimed…. “Now these feet seem to be getting more sensitive every time I see them!”

Andrea’s face reddened as Betty subtly hinted at knowing the effects of Lilly’s cruel trick of making her wear extra socks. Andrea giggled as Simon and Betty began gently teasing her feet through their tan nylons. They seemed to keep the tickling gentle for longer than they had for the other girls. Andrea ¬¬¬¬managed to resist when they slowly increased the tickling to the faster fingernail scribbles that spelt doom for any resistance. Eventually she succumbed and ripped the right nylon, twenty finger nails instantly focused on her left foot and seconds later she ripped her other nylon lost to helpless laughter as bare tickles mixed with those on the portions of her soft feet still covered by the nylons…

“One minute and thirty five seconds!” Betty exclaimed…. “Your new slave has outlasted you Lilly!”

Neither girl had the energy to respond to Betty’s revelation that she knew of their arrangement. And their former tormentors moved down to Emily’s feet.

“Now we know we usually stick to feather tickles Emily….” Betty began

“Which your forfeit will consist of…” Simon chimed in….

“It’s okay” Emily smiled, wiggling her toes as much as the white nylons would allow.

Simon and Betty stuck to the gentle tickles that had initiated each previous session, the gentle tickling being torturous enough to Emily whose soft giggles entranced Andrea. Eventually Emily ripped her nylons not as the result of a sudden twitch but the combination of the small movements she was unable to resist making throughout her session. Simon and Betty focused on the exposed area by her toes, making the holes larger until her feet were completely exposed and at their mercy.

“One minute and fifteen seconds” Simon declared as Betty tied back her toes.

The pair couldn’t resist giving her trapped bare feet a quick tickle before moving on to Ingrid. Simon had specially designed the toe-tie contraption specifically to deal with her enormous feet and the outstretched arches and toes seemed to go on forever. Simon started the stop watch and joined his wife in examining their prize by running one finger of each hand up and down the length of her arches Ingrid was hysterical and the banter between Simon and Betty only made her torment worse…

“Now I can never remember sweetie! Bigger feet means a bigger tickle area, but smaller feet are often more sensitive!” Betty asked her husband

“Well in some cases yes, but in Ingrid’s case rather than being spread out her sensitivity is the same as that of a petite woman like yourself and we are simply given more foot to tickle!”

“Stop it! Stop it!” Ingrid begged, the verbal banter making her ticklishness worse.

“Okay we will stop the gentle tickles and move onto the next phase” Betty beamed

“Noooo!” Ingrid screamed going crazy as her feet were tormented in their tan nylons. After twenty seconds of valiantly resisting the rapid tickle torture she cracked and ripped the nylons in a frantic flapping of her feet, revealing the pale sensitive skin only ginger women possess. Her toe nails were unpainted but still admired as Betty tried to tie them back.

“Fifty seven seconds!” Looks like you will be suffering for a long time Ingrid, Simon teased holding back her toes for Betty to tie them. Her strong feet required three hands to hold and a fourth to slip the loops of string over each toe.

“Now onto the lovely Natalie!” Betty beamed relishing Natalie’s Roman governess costume and not caring about the anachronistic black nylons.

“I don’t think you will be able to rest us long Natalie” Betty teased as Simon started the stopwatch.

“In fact I think you will break the moment we move from the gentle tickles to phase 2!”….

“Please don’t” Natalie giggled her sensitive feet barely able to keep still under fours exploring hands.

“Actually I don’t think phase two will be necessary at all! All I need to do is tickle this spot right here” Betty teased tickling the area between Natalie’s toes and the ball of her left foot.

Natalie instinctively curled her toes ripping her nylons….

“Well I’m going to get in some phase 2 even so” Simon declared scribbled his nails over the helpless arches of Natalie’s right foot. Within second both of Natalie’s feet were bare and being tied back. Natalie was certain she had lost the game and as Betty read out the time on the stop watch her heart sank.

“Forty five seconds!...” Oh Natalie you are in for a treat!

Natalie giggled as her tormentors tickled her trapped bare feet her soft olive arches and long sensitive toes being helplessly trapped. She began to panic, even if Amy broke before her she would be tickled for longer than she could stand.

Simon had to encourage his wife away from Natalie’s trapped soles and onto the last pair awaiting torture. Amy’s black toenail polish was just visible through her black nylons. She squirmed as Simon started the stopwatch. Betty had reluctantly left Natalie’s soles alone and the pair began with gentle tickles enjoying Amy’s reactions. The Goth girl liked to dish out tickle torture but hated being on the receiving end. She managed to keep her feet still throughout the gentle tickles and kept her upper body more or less still too, putting herself into lock down.

As the intensity of the tickles increased during phase two her laughter became desperate, occasionally she would thrash her arms around as much as her bonds would allow, just barely managing to keep her feet still. Eventually Betty decided she didn’t want to risk being beaten and explored the areas under Amy’s toes whilst Simon scribbled at both arches. Amy broke instantly curling her toes and trying to bat the evil fingers away from her now bare soles. The soft pale skin of her now bare feet was tormented as Simon read out her time…

“Two minutes and fifteen seconds… Very good we have a winner for my accomplice in re-testing my lovely wife!”

Betty looked up from trying to tie Amy’s toes and started to protest but Simon had already freed Amy’s ankles. Amy exchanged her ripped nylons for her own and placed her punished feet in her big spiky boots enjoying the protection they gave.

Simon had returned his wife to the stocks and was finishing the task of pinning back the nylons with the sharp clasps when Amy approached relishing the chance for revenge. Whilst Simon started with gentle tickles Amy began half way to phase two making good use of her long nails, Betty went insane and protested at the lack of a warm up period. Amy was persistent and soon Simon joined her in the more intense tickles. Betty bit her lip and tried her best to resist, she couldn’t lose and suffer at the fingers of those she had tormented. Betty regretted suggesting the extra pair of stocks and wished she had insisted upon only six participants. She put up a brave defence but all too soon Amy decided to take revenge for the toe tickles and found the spot under Betty’s toes, exploring along the tops of the balls of her feet and torturing the soft skin than never came into contact with the ground.

Betty was hysterical and it took all her resolve to keep her feet still, she twitched each time Amy changed her focus to torment a different part of the band along this most sensitive region, and with each twitch the nylons ripped a little more. Eventually Betty could stand it no more and teared the nylons in a desperate attempt to free herself from the unbearable sensations. Amy continued to torment her arches as Simon read out her time….

“Ladies and Gentlemen we have a tie, Two minutes and and fifteen seconds also, congratulations to both of these Lovely Ladies!”

Amy didn’t stop tickling Betty’s feet until Simon released her. Betty looked up at her as she pulled her bare feet up to her chest….

“After we finish the forfeits I am going to make you pay for that!” She grinned at the Goth girl knowing her worst spots and knowing she would get a chance to exploit them…

“Now! Now! There will be time for a grudge match latter” Simon interjected writing the scores up on the blackboard for all to see, the board read:

Betty: 2:15 - - - No Forfeit
Lilly: 1:04 - - - - - Forfeit = 8:24
Andrea: 1:35 - - - - Forfeit = 6:05
Emily: 1:15 - - - - Forfeit = 7:20
Ingrid: 0:57 - - - - Forfeit = 9:21
Natalie: 0:45 - - - - Forfeit = 10:06
Amy: 2:15 - - - -No Forfeit

The girls looked at the scores and gulped, each was helplessly tied with their arms over their head and feet stretched out and exposed. From experience each girl knew that their feet would receive the most attention but their underarms, sides and the backs of their knees would also receive a great deal of attention from the third tickler….

“So should we start with the winner or poor little Natalie?” Amy chimed, skittering her cruel nails across each of girls trapped feet as she moved down the line towards Natalie.

“I think we should start with the winner and work down towards the loser, that way after taking their punishment they can join us in punishing those who couldn’t keep still as long as them” Betty exclaiming sitting down at Andrea’s feet.

“Excellent Idea Sweetie!” Simon exclaimed circling round to get behind Andrea, who squirmed in expectation of the torture her underarms were about to receive.

Amy was slightly put out but joined Betty at Andrea’s feet, saving the prospect of torturing her friend until later.

The tickling was gentle at first, feathers being used to tickle both Andrea’s feet and underarms, these were exchanged for soft make-up brushes which reminded Andrea of the torment Helen had inflicted on her the previous night. Their effectiveness was noted by Simon who retained them as the girls utilised an electric toothbrush to torment her trapped toes and their cruel nails to scribble at her taut helpless arches, their quarrel quite forgotten. Andrea laughed hysterically until the stopwatch signalled the end of her torment, it’s alternate countdown function saving her from insanity as Betty had begun to explore the backs of her knees with her toes whilst continuing the torture of her feet.

Andrea was red in the face and breathless as she was released. She sipped at a bottle of water for the first few minutes of Emily’s forfeit, eventually joining Simon at the Blonde’s underarms whilst the two girls used feathers to a devastating effect. Andrea had forgotten how feather sensitive Emily was and Betty beckoned to her to swap places, wanting to tickle Emily’s upper body at her husband’s side. Andrea obliged and grinned as she ran a stiff goose feather between the helpless toes whilst cruelly flickering a make-up brush over Emily’s arches. Andrea was surprised when the stop watch indicated Emily’s time was up, time always seemed to go much faster when she was the one dishing out the torture rather than being tickled.

Next up was Lilly. Andrea positioned herself at her mistress’s feet having wanted to tickle them all night long. Emily took a short break leaving Lilly to the tender mercies of the four cruel torturers who drove Lilly mad. Simon and Betty tormented her upper body having long since identified her worst spots and returned to them like favourite picnic spots, varying their targets to make Lilly’s torment unpredictable. At Lilly’s feet Amy and Andrea where being utterly merciless, each used one electric toothbrush to explore her toes and varied between their fingers and a hair brush to torment her arches. Lilly was beside herself and began to plead with her tormentors…

“Pl-ea-eease! Stop! Not the hairbrushes!

At this Andrea ceased using hair nails and picked up the other hairbrush

“Nooo!” Lilly screamed, her hair a mess, her face red her soles reddening to match her cheeks…

“Ple-ease! Sto-o-op! I will do anything!” Lilly begged

“…Anything?!” Andrea asked cocking one eyebrow

“Yes! Just please stop!” Lilly begged

“Okay Lilly, we will put the hairbrushes down for the rest of your forfeit if you agree to join me in this sock sensitivity scheme” Andrea purred.

“Okay please just stop!” Lilly wailed

Lilly’s torment was not much reduced by the lack of the hairbrushes as Emily returned from the bathroom to take Betty’s place at her underarms, freeing Betty up to tickle Lilly’s knees. Lilly remained hysterical until the end of her session which was signalled about a minute after she had agreed to raise the sensitivity of her soles alongside her slave. Andrea beamed at managing to secure this deal, she knew that Lilly would be true to her word; and also that after she had taken revenge on Helen, Lilly would turn her sadistic attention on her again, but Andrea didn’t care: she had won a victory and was ecstatic as Lilly was freed from the stocks to circle around Ingrid.

Before the stop watch could be started Ingrid pleaded…

“Girls I need the bathroom! Can you let me go before my forfeit?”

“Oh okay! We don’t want to have to clean up after you!” Betty conceded

“But we are rounding up your forfeit to a full ten minutes!” Amy chimed in

“And I want you on the rack not in the stocks!” Lilly purred, needing to reassert her dominance after the hairbrush torture had broken her.

After a few minutes Ingrid returned and submissively lay back on the rack. Andrea marvelled at Ingrid’s magnificent strong body as it was stretched to its limit, her bum being supported by a cushion under the sheepskin. Her toes were tied back to the stocks at the foot of the rack and the picture was completed by Lilly who gagged Ingrid with a large red apple she forced into her mouth instructing her to bit down.

As usual the tickling began gently with feathers and soft make up brushes. The Five sadistic women being directed to Ingrid’s worst spots by Simon. When Lilly and Amy started to use their nails on the soles of her feet Ingrid went from gentle giggles muffled by her apple gag to screams and gurgles as she bit down on it, juice dripping down her cheeks. The four tormentors of her upper body also picked up the pace using the pads of their fingers to squeeze and prod her worst spots, Andrea gently traced horrible patterns up and down the backs of her knees whilst Emily continued the soft torment of her neck with two feathers. Betty and Simon worked her underarms and sides, knowing the worst spots from years of tickle-fun. By the time the stopwatch sounded Ingrid was close to passing out from exhaustion. Lilly took the apple gag from her mouth and watched Ingrid just sigh, pant and moan. Lilly knew Ingrid was tormented in other ways by the tickling and decided against drawing attention to Ingrid’s return to the bathroom shortly after her release.

The other girls were too distracted by the prospect of Natalie’s torture to notice Ingrid departure….

“Okay Natalie! We have saved the best till last!... Ten minutes and six seconds!” Amy purred

“I wonder just how much torture we can pack into those extra six seconds…” Lilly mused

“No please! Be nice!” Natalie begged, curling her long toes as much as the restraints would allow, as the pack of vixens approached each with a sadistic gleam in their eyes Natalie couldn’t help but whimper and look from one to the other for mercy. The nearest she found was Emily who was running a soft feather across one hand with the other. The six torturers took their positions. Simon and Betty to each side ready to tickle her underarms and sides, Emily stood to her left ready to tickle her neck. Lilly and Amy had claimed her feet whilst Andrea was across from Emily preparing to tickle Natalie legs. Before the torture started all six torturers wiggled their fingers just above their targets whilst Emily brandished her feather. This teasing was too much and Natalie broke down into helpless nervous laughter without even needing to be touched. They had played this game with her before and it always worked. She knew that the anticipation would only make things worse but she was helpless to stop it. Eventually the girls had prolonged her torment enough and the stop watch was started.

Under careful instructions from Simon and Lilly the girls kept a perfect balance. It would be easy to torture Natalie given how ticklish she was but that wasn’t what the girls wanted. They enjoyed keeping a victim in the perfect balance between pleasure, panic and torture, knowing that if the last outweighed the first their victim would not return for more. After three or four minutes Ingrid returned, earning a subtle wink from Lilly as she took her position behind Natalie to tickle her exposed underarms. Betty and Simon shifted focus to Natalie’s sides. The torture continued to what felt like an eternity to Natalie but which flew by all too soon for her tormentors. For Andrea particularly it was the highlight of the evening. Not just because of the helpless way Natalie’s legs wiggled under her soft spidery touches but the sensation of unity she felt with her fellow ticklers as she drove Natalie crazy. After eight minutes Natalie couldn’t stand it anymore and began to beg for a break….

“Okay but it will cost you!” Lilly teased

“Ple-ease! An-he-he-thing!” Natalie begged

“We will give you a ten minute break, but double your remaining time and Andrea gets to choose how we restrain you!” Lilly offered, knowing that Natalie would agree to any terms.

Lilly slowed the tickling of Natalie’s feet to a slow, cruel nail exploration she knew Natalie couldn’t stand. This alone would be enough to persuade Natalie to increase the total length of torture in exchange for break, the six other torturers also slowing to a lazy torturous exploration of her worst spots made any resistance impossible.

“Okay! Stop give me the break!” Natalie begged, she continued to giggle after the torture stopped.

Andrea wanted to keep tickling the helpless Natalie but knew she would get the chance again soon, she considered her options, the rack was tempting but her curiosity was piqued by some of the devices covered in white sheets.

“Okay, so you lasted about seven minutes leaving three minutes which will now become six” Lilly teased adjusting the timer for Natalie’s return to tickle hell.

Natalie squirmed in the stocks anticipating the torture her friends would inflict upon her. She asked to go to the bathroom and was guided by Ingrid who was charged with not letting her escape. Natalie wouldn’t run, but the guard routine increased her anxiety and would make her more ticklish.

Meanwhile Andrea’s interest in the devices covered by white tarps had been noticed. Simon, Betty and Lilly grinned: knowing what fun could result from her curiosity.

“Now some of those aren’t quite finished sweetie but you are welcome to have a look”. Lilly offered.

Andrea smiled and began to peek under a sheet covering something involving several bars and poles.

“Here let us help you with that” Betty offered.

Her three friends pulled the sheet down revealing a stool with several straps backed by a central pole splitting into a Y shaped with several straps for the victim’s arms. Andrea was puzzled by something between the leg straps on the stool. Sensing her curiosity Lilly revealed…

“When it is finished we will put a feather wheel like the one from the torture box there”.

Andrea’s eyes widened remembering the torture that resulted from the cruel feather covered wheel and imagined being tortured by it out in the open where its evil touches were visible to her tormentors. She involuntary squirmed her toes in her socks which she had obediently put back on. She imagined tickling Natalie in this cruel device which she noticed involved toe ties. Her fantasies began to include the absent feather wheel. Impatiently the device’s creators directed Andrea to the next device which wasn’t covered by a sheet but hidden away in an alcove. Andrea was confused at first but soon realised the device consisted of a set of toe ties attached to a board which was screwed to the floor. A pull up bar could be positioned in the corridor like alcove and used to tension the victim’s body through the use of gloves and some heavy duty tape…

“We are keen to try this one but probably won’t be all able to fit around Natalie” Lilly conceded.

Andrea was impressed but had to admit Lilly had a point. Still she knew that the corridor by the bookcase and that cupboard in her flat would be perfect for a discrete device like this and she imagined stretching out that little blonde from the beach and tormenting her helpless body making her plead into a ball-gag for mercy.

The cruelty of the device wasn’t just the way it tensioned the entire body but also kept the victim stood on their tip-toes exposing the soles of the feet. In addition to the toe ties there were other aspects Andrea couldn’t quite understand to the board, following her eyes and guessing her curiosity Lilly explained…

“The bits by the toes can accommodate devices like the ones we put between your toes when we initiated you, we are also planning to add some brushes or wheels to tickle the arches but haven’t quite got it all figured out yet…” Andrea was impressed by Lilly’s ingenuity, then Simon reminded her of his contribution…

“Also by the heels we have designed a pressure sensor which can be raised and lowered” Simon produced the additions, each of which consisted of a button on a cylinder than clipped into the board….

“These can be used to activate the toe ticklers and potentially other devices… If we set up the bondage just right the victim has to focus on staying up on their tip-toes to avoid pressing them”

Andrea imagined the fun games this device could be used to play. In addition to activating the torture devices the buttons could extend the victim’s torment adding minutes to the time they had to endure, her revelry was interrupted by Natalie’s return under Ingrid’s ‘protection’. Natalie joined the explanation of the new devices and the tour took on an element of ‘the showing of the instruments’. The party enjoyed Natalie’s reactions to each of the many devices cruel purposes.

Finally all the contraptions were explained and the party turned its attention to Andrea who got to choose how Natalie would suffer for six minutes….

“I think the first one!” She quietly mumbled aware of Natalie’s pleading gaze but wanting to expose as much of the brunettes soft skin.

“Okay!” Lilly beamed, approving of Andrea’s choice.

Natalie begged as she was encouraged into the device. The straps were applied to her ankles and calves and as Ingrid held her arms above her head Natalie began to panic. Resistance was useless and the ginger Amazon held her arms high above her head as the other girls strapped her arms to the Y-Pole tightening the straps around her wrists, forearms and just above her elbows. She continued to squirm as Lilly and Amy removed her pumps revealing her soft feet, Natalie giggled not even being able to stand the tickly sensations of her toes being tied back as Betty applied a blindfold to increase her torment…

“Now before we get started we have a little surprise for you!” Lilly purred with an evil grin…

“We just realised you have never suffered at the tongues of my cats”….

“Nooo!” Natalie wailed, interrupting Lilly.

“Now you can’t have feet this ticklish without expecting them to suffer every possible ticklish torment we can inflict!” Betty teased enjoying the panic of her favourite tickle victim.

Lilly and Amy began to apply a thick oily substance to Natalie soles. After they were suitably coated Simon and Ingrid returned from upstairs with the baskets Andrea recognised from her first evening of delicious torture. Natalie struggled as Betty teased her neck and underarms with a soft pair of long feathers.

In their cages Lilly’s cats purred, their attention focused on the sweet treat they knew would be presented to them. A couple of planks were arranged to bring their cages to the correct height and Natalie screamed as their tongues made contact with her soft arches. Aside from Betty the other girls just watched Natalie’s torment. Her struggled were delightful as Betty explored her upper body with the feathers and the cats licked her soles clean. Her position in the device caused the thick oil to collect in between her long sensitive toes and after about a minute this became the focus of each cat’s tongue. Natalie’s torment was unbearable as her toes were the most sensitive part of her feet, closely followed by the area underneath which was also receiving a thorough licking.

Andrea watched transfixed as the hot soapy water was prepared for stage 2. Eventually the cat torture had to stop as Lilly noticed the pinkness that indicated their rough tongues had taken her soles to the maximum point of sensitivity. Natalie was given a short break as the baskets were removed to be taken back upstairs. Lilly was glad she had brought her cats, Natalie’s soft feet promising a sensitivity unparalleled except perhaps by those of Emily who was persuading Betty to give Natalie a break from the feather torment. Betty handed Emily her feathers…

“Okay you take over whilst I help scrub our victim’s soles”.

The foot scrubbing began the hot water removing the remaining oil from Natalie’s reddening soles. Each arches was scrubbed briskly with a stiff brush whilst multiple electric toothbrushes explored her toes. Natalie was going insane the cruel torture pushing her to the limits of her endurance. Lilly would occasionally test each sole with the pad of her index finger, eventually deciding the scrubbing phase was done.

Four hairdryers were then produced, Betty returned to join Emily’s feather tickle of Natalie’s upper body. Amy produced some baby oil to prevent the hairdryers from burning Natalie’s soles. Again Lilly tested the soles with a cautious finger tips, declaring the soles ready for torture…

“Okay Simon start the clock!”

“Oh my God you mean to say we haven’t started yet!” Natalie wailed

“Of course not we have to get these feet to the peak of their sensitivity before beginning their punishment!” Lilly purred.

The girls dug in, Lilly and Amy scribbled their nails over Natalie’s helpless soles their sensitivity raised to make the sensations unbearable. Meanwhile Andrea and Simon danced feathers between her ultra-ticklish toes. The foot torture alone would have been enough to drive Natalie insane but she was pushed over the edge by the upper body torture delivered by Ingrid and the two feather wielding maidens. Ingrid squeezed and prodded Natalie’s sides, occasionally exploring the backs of her knees which were kept bent at 90 degrees, the knee tickling added to her torture: providing an element of unpredictability but it was not as bad as if they were stretched out straight. Ingrid discussed this with Emily and Betty who had taken their feather tickling to the next level using soft brushes to torment Natalie’s underarms and neck.

Andrea listened to the tickle talk and enjoyed the way the girls carried on their conversation over Natalie’s pleas for mercy. She continued dancing feathers between Natalie’s soles and imagining stretching her out between the toe board and the push-up bar; that would make the backs of her knees ticklish!

The girls changed position every couples of minutes and Andrea took a turn at Natalie’s upper body, enjoying her reactions but missing her feet, glancing back she noticed that Lilly and Amy had abandoned the feathers to finish what that cats had started licking and nibbling her long trapped toes whilst also using their hands to tickle the tops of Natalie’s feet which were just exposed beyond the square padded stool on which she knelt. Andrea cringed not liking the idea of delivering or receiving such torture, Lilly noticed her disdainful glances and winked at her before returning to feast on Natalie’s sensitive toes.

Natalie was incoherent from the torture until Betty gagged her before joining her husband at her soles with a hairbrush. The new sensations delivered by the hairbrushes produced muffled squeals from the helpless Natalie, whose previous exhaustion gave way to helpless thrashing. Her upper body remained trapped and suffered under Andrea’s fingertips and the continued torture from Ingrid and Emily who remained in their previous positions. Natalie’s torture continue until Simon declared…

“All change!”

Lilly and Amy abandoned their lickle torture to return Andrea to Natalie’s feet accompanied by Ingrid. Emily remained where she was, a serene looks on her face as she tormented Natalie’s neck with a soft brush and feather. Lilly removed Natalie’s gag as Amy began using her fingers to tickle her underarms.

Andrea decided to use two of the electric toothbrushes to clean Natalie’s toes, Betty joined her approving of the idea. Natalie was going insane as her soft toes were tortured Simon scribbled his fingers over her helpless soles. As the final minute approach Natalie was too tired to thrash in her bonds and sagged exhausted from her ordeal scarcely able to beg, the occasional incoherent plea for mercy escape her lips.

Lilly seized an opportunity as a coherent… “No more!” was uttered by the broken Natalie.

“Okay we will stop if you agree to wear as many socks as I decide”.

Natalie thought she had gone insane and as the torture slowed and stopped she asked…


“Yes three pairs over feet softened with special cream twice per day”

Natalie agreed surprised at the easy terms

“Thanks sweetie!” Lilly grinned removing Natalie’s blindfold and brandishing the clock which buzzed revealing Lilly’s cruel trick.

Natalie had agreed to Lilly’s terms seconds before her torture was due to end.

Natalie was let out of her bonds and carried upstairs by Ingrid, everyone else enjoyed a glass of wine as their former victim enjoyed a short nap exhausted by her ordeal. The conversation returned to the plans for revenge on Helen and the final arrangements were made. The arrangements for the tickling event at the castle were also discussed and Lilly produced her laptop to compare notes with Simon and keep the rest of the girls in the loop.

As plans were made Lilly’s cats were freed from their baskets, one nuzzled the corners of the laptop as Lilly typed and the other nuzzled and licked her bare toes as she splayed them out enjoying the familiar feel of it’s rough tongue.

Andrea had another glass of wine and revelled in the company of her friends. She would have to face Helen at work the next day but knowing what was in store for her the next weekend made this prospect bearable.

08-02-2015, 02:12 PM
Fantastic "intermission" Loved ever minute of it. The nylon ripping game was real clever