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Enjoy the show!

“Now,” Mark began in a tone that was both academic and animal, both matter-of-fact and desperate himself, “that you know what I want to do, the ball’s in your court, Love. You’ll be in heaven as soon as you say it.”

His hands moved from her shoulders down to caress her soft breasts again. Her head softly thrashed as his grip intensified. Perfect little handfuls.

Sarah turned to Jessica, “This is fucking sexy as hell.” A sheepish, earnest nod was her response. Jessica couldn’t pull her eyes off of Mark and Amy.

Still touching her, he moved in front of his captive as he spoke, his grip firm as need yet soft as a feather pillow, filled with the certainty of what was coming.

“It!” Amy breathed the word out in earnest.

She felt his hands move from her chest with a final tug on her nipples down to her hips and she shot him a desperate, pleading glance. Please. I need you, it said.

“You know the rules. Are you our tiny tickle toy forever?”

Breathing ever more heavily, she averted her gaze and tugged again at her bonds as if it would help once again. Mark’s hands stroked up her sides, his palms brushing her steely nipples with each pass.

“Sarah,” he said, letting Jessica galk, “tickle her feet and don’t hold back. Time to show her what we can do.” After an unreturned sidelong glance at Jessica, she skipped over and knelt down eagerly.

Amy shook her head vigorously, but her eyes were defiant. She wanted it on her terms. She still thought she had a chance.

“No more Mr. Nice guy,” Mark said as he dove his eager fingers onto her flesh. The result was immediate.


He couldn’t believe she hadn’t said it yet.

“I WAIT-WAIIIIT ahahahahaholyshitahahahahahahahWAITAHAhahahaahahao kokokokayayahahahaahhah CAN’TBREAHEHEHEHHEH EHEHAHAH AHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHMARKAHAHAHA JUSTSTOP AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA STOPSTOPSTOP PLEASEEEEEEE AHAHAHAHAHAHAH~ Her face was flushing furiously and soon, tears began streaming down her cheeks as she shrieked. She couldn’t think straight. She couldn’t think at all. This was driving her insane. Taking complete control of her body. All she could do was beg and buck.

“What was that, Love?” Mark dug his fingers into rib after rib, up and down her torso, lavishing his way down to her hips. He firmly kneaded her hips, jumping quickly back to her ribs and back again.


“Once more, now.”


Mark gave her the rest she needed and Sarah followed suit.

He stroked her sweet, sweaty, glistening body up towards her soft, perk nipples. He leaned in and took the first bite of her nipple. He rolled it between his teeth, with the tiniest pressure.

She inhaled sharply, “Ohhhhh…ahhhhhhhhhh” she exhaled with a moan, and a tiny grimace.

Mark stroked her legs as he kissed and nibbled at her breasts. She was panting heavily, thrashing her head back and forth.

“OHMyyAhaahhhhhahahAHHH” she cried as he flicked and caressed her perks, still giggling slightly from the tickly sensation erupting in unison with this building of pressure and intensity. Amy ground her hips in the air, reaching just barely off the chair toward Mark.

It was so fucking sexy.

Jessica was enthralled by Amy’s frantic gyrations. She blushed furiously, but couldn’t stop staring. Her face was beginning to hurt from smiling so damn much. Imagine what Amy must feel like, she thought to herself. She wanted to play with Amy too, now that Mark was intensely working on her by himself. But more than that, she wanted someone to manipulate her into ecstasy, as she writhed and laughed and fought. She wanted no choice but to succumb.

Mark looked really, really handsome right now. He was always an attractive guy, with a strong jaw, bright eyes, and big, powerful hands. But right now, she felt herself burning to know what it felt like to have them wrapped around her flesh. She wanted to know how he would feel in her hands.. in her mouth.. thrust inside her body.

As she started towards him, he turned his head and looked at her, his hands still stroking Amy’s thighs, teasing her hotness. It was like he had never seen her before. She had a determined, fiercely playful look on her face, and bore down on him like a tigress stalking her prey. Her gaze lingered on the bulge in Mark’s pants as she silently knelt down next to him. His hands paused, straddling Amy’s panties.

“Tickle her,” she ordered.

Amy let out a desperate plea of a sigh as Mark began kneading at Amy’s soft ribs.


Jessica’s fingertips traced the outline of the bulge in his pants, and began lightly teasing it, her fingertips tracing up and down. She pulled her hair back behind her ears, knelt down between them, and brought her mouth to his crotch, taking a nibble of his cock through his jeans.

Mark almost popped out of his jeans, as the tickling slowed again.

Holy shit.

“I said tickle her,” she said, never tearing her eyes off his jeans.

He dug in harder, jumping his hands around her flailing torso, and as she bucked and begged in earnest again, Jessica traced her fingers up and down again and again.
“PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEAS~EEEHEHEHehehehWHYYYAHAHAH AJESSICAHAHAHAHAHAHAH” Amy trailed off in a fit of laughter as Jessica’s touch hardened from the tease it was. She began rubbing harder and faster.

With his left hand, he continued assailing Amy’s body, prodding from warm neck to supple knee and with his right, he put his arm around Jessica, stroked down through her silky hair, and slid his arm down her back, feeling her gentle texture while pressing her sweet body closer to his. He always liked her. Was too nice to her. Couldn’t help it. She was always the boss.

“What do you want?” She looked up into his eyes.

“Fuck - I want you.” Mark said without hesitation, enthralled with the sweet brunette beauty.

Jessica smiled then lowered her eyes back down to his throbbing lust. She unzipped his jeans, pulled him out, and put as much of him in her mouth as she could. He was even bigger than she hoped he would be. She never tried to take so much in her mouth before. She licked around his glistening head, and trailed her fingertips around and around and then down the underside of his shaft. Her tongue swept up along the vein while her fingertips danced around the head.

Mark’s hips churned with pleasure. She was fucking good.

“Ahhh fuck… Baby. Yeah. Do it.” He exhaled sharply and squeezed her body tightly into his, showing her his growing need for release and just how amazing her touch was.

Sarah couldn’t believe her eyes. Right there, in front of her, one of her classmates was bound to a chair, topless, horny, and giggling, being tickled mercilessly by her teacher, while her friend Jessica was playing with his dick… she found her hand moving up and down her own body, and noticing it, she decided to join in the fun herself, and knelt down on the floor behind Amy. Mark stopped tickling, and rested his hand on Amy’s trembling thigh. She gasped for breath, and sagged in her chair.

“W-w-wait. Please. I… just… can't....” She looked earnestly at Mark, begging with her eyes and then strained her neck to watch Sarah. She looked so adorably concerned. Confused.

“You can stop. It’s OK.” She nodded her head instinctively as if to make consent easier as she negotiated.

“Tickle her” he instructed Sarah as Jessica continued to stroke and tease his cock. “Show me how much you can make her scream.”

Sarah giggled and got to work. “Ok!”

Amy panicked and yanked at her bonds. She struggled a glance over her shoulder to look at her hands and feet, as if seeing what’s coming would help protect her vulnerable, sensitive feet somehow.

Sarah immediately dove her fingers onto Amy’s soft soles.

The result was electric. Amy almost flew out of her chair.

“SAAHAHAHRAHAHAH!! WAAAAHAHAHAiT AHAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAH! NONONOAHHAHAHAHAH~~” Mark stroked up her thighs teasing her warmth more and more as Sarah scratched her soles. She never tickled much in her life before, but she had the idea. Quick, deep contact. Today, she was really getting into it. She never thought it could be this much fun.

As if his reward for the renewed pitch of the screeches in the air, Jessica took Mark into her mouth again and sucked on his head while she stroked the shaft up and down and up and down.

“Ungh.. YEAH~” Mark eagerly moaned as she worked him. He reached up to Amy’s nipple with his left hand while his right hand worked on keeping Jessica close.

Through her fits of laughter, he saw how much she responded to his rubbing. Her body was on fire, too. She too wanted to explode. His fingers had finally slipped under her panties and were stroking right on her sex. Her deeply reddened face was plastered to the side, her mouth was open in a ceaseless moan her and eyes were clenched tightly, focusing inward more than ever on this building sensation inside of her.

Jessica sucked and stroked, and moaned onto his cock. He was getting close already. She felt so fucking good.

“MMmmmm….Mmmmmm…Mmmmmmm…..Mmmmmmmmmm” Amy cooed, as she rubbed her hotness against Mark. Sarah softly rubbed her legs, letting her get into it. His left hand finally landed on Amy’s crotch with intent, and was rubbing, rubbing, rubbing, as Amy bucked and bucked with earnest. Sarah slowed her tickling down to a soft trace, entranced as she was by the sight before her.

Strained with desire, Mark and Amy were getting off together. Her teacher, Professor Hammond, looked so fucking hot, thrusting himself into Jessica’s mouth, while Amy bucked and moaned at his continued rub. Sarah couldn't believe her eyes.

Mark’s need to finish was building quickly. He had never been so ferociously aroused in his life.

“Play with her nipples, Sarah. She’d love that right now.” Mark looked from Sarah to Amy.

“You, Love, keep going.” He cooed.

Jessica smiled and dove back on his throbbing member with hand and mouth and tongue. Sarah gently pinched and rolled her fingers around, exploring Amy’s breasts. She arched her back intensely, pressing now with her crotch, rolling on Mark’s palm, and her chest, heaving into Sarah’s fingers.

“She likes it!” Sarah said with a big grin.

“AHH~I~AHHHHHMmmmMmmmmm – AH – AHHH~~” the pressure built up in Amy, filling her from head to toe with sensations exploding inside of her in a cacophony of bliss. She thrashed her head back and forth, yelling now with pleasure.

“OHHH~~~OHHHHHH~~AHHAAHHH-FUHHHHKKK-OHHHH!~” her face was contorted in bliss, and her body shook in Mark’s stroking palm. He too almost there, and pressed his hand into Jessica’s head.

“Yeah.. YEah…. YEAH…UNGHHHH” Mark breathed heavily, arching his back and squeezing every muscle in his body into this moment. He desperately thrust his hips into her warm, sucking mouth.

He exploded, crying out in unison with Amy, who was rubbing herself harder than ever into Mark’s hand. He shot his steamy self into her mouth, as Amy was crying out loudly with lusty release. Jessica lovingly licked and sucked every drop from Mark, as Amy shuddered and slowly began settling down, slumping in her chair. Mark made all this happen, Sarah and Jessica both found themselves thinking.

He deserves a lot more than this.

The girls were going to give it to him.

They all wondered how ticklish he was...

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