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Lightning Tickled: Final Tickle Fantasy XIII

After days of searching, the bandits found Lightning on Yusnan. It wasn’t easy but with some brute strength, and overwhelming numbers, they were able to capture Lightning all for the sake of some tickling revenge for Fang. Was it worth it? Probably not, but Fang will get what she wants.

One of the bandits enter Fangs room. “We’ve got her.” He told Fang.

Fang smiled, “Bring her in. I’m ready for her.”

The bandit left. Ropes were hanging from her bed, ready to tie her up. A few seconds later, Lightning entered by force. Fang looked over Lightning’s outfit.

“You changed.” Lightning stated. “Good. That’ll be easier to tickle you in.”

“Seriously, Fang?” Lighting said, sounding a little annoyed. “You’re mad because I tickled you so you want to get some revenge?
Just get over it and move on.”

“No. Don’t pretend to be tough. We both know that you’re very ticklish.”

“How could you possibly know that…” Lighting stopped for a second, “I mean, no I’m not.”

“Bring her over to the bed, boys.” She told the bandits. They did so.

They sat her on the bed and helped Fang tie her up.

“I’m going to make you laugh so hard, Lightning.”

“This isn’t going to work. Serah was always the ticklish one in our family. You won’t get one laugh or even a giggle out of me.”

“Come on Lightning. If one family member is ticklish, often multiple family members are.” Fang said, starting to take off her boots.

“What are you doing down there?” Lighting said, sounding a little worried.
Fang removed Lightning’s boots. “This.” She started scribbling on Lightning’s feet with her fingers

Lightning’s feet started to wiggle. Lightning bit her lip, trying to act tough, knowing that tough act will soon fail as Fang kept moving her fingers around her bare feet and her toes. Suddenly a giggle slipped through her mouth.

“What was that?” Fang said, in a mocking tone. “Was that a giggle? I thought I wasn’t even going to make you giggle. You’re in trouble now. Giggles open flood gates to waves of laughter.” Fang teased while continuing to attack her feet.
Fang was right because soon after, waves of laughter came out of Lightning’s mouth.


“Oh, is someone ticklish? I thought Serah was the ticklish one! I hope Serah knew this and tickled you.” Fang’s fingers moved around Lightning’s toes. Fang grabbed a chocobo feather from by the bed and started moving it along Lightning’s soles.

“A chocobo feather?” Lightning said, nervously.

“Yes.” Fang replied.

Fang moved the chocobo feather between lightning’s toes.

“Hey! HehehHEheahehahea! Please! HeaheaheheHaehaehaheahahaaeh!”
Someone is clearly feather ticklish.

“Apparently! HeyehHeheaehaheaehaeh heaheHEHEHaheaheahehHEHAehahea!”
Fang moves up Lightning’s legs, moving the feather along the inside of her legs as she moved up, stopped at her knees. Fang started squeezing Lightning’s knees. Lightning started jerking her knees around, while laughing. She couldn’t escape Fang’s squeezing hands though.

“Hehehehehaheaheahaheahea! HeahaeheaHEHEAHeaheahahehaheah!”
Fang moved her fingers under Lightning’s legs and started scratching behind Lightning’s knees. Lightning tried to close up her knees but she couldn’t.


“Your legs are so ticklish for being so strong.”

“Stop! HahaheHEHEHE heaheaehahehahahea!”

Fang picks the feather back up and continues moving up her legs with the feather pressing up against her bare legs. As she gets closer to Lightning’s thighs, Lightning starts to move her legs around. Fang moves the feather up one inner thigh under lightning’s skirt, over, and then down the other inner thigh, and repeats this motion. Lightning tries to move her legs away from the feather.

“Now Fang… please! Watch where you put that feather!”

“I know exactly where it’s going.”

She continues to move the feather.

Lightning giggles each time the feather touches her inner thighs, as well as shake her legs. Fang puts the thighs down between her legs.

“I think your thighs need a little harder touch.” Fang says and immediately moves her hands under lightning’s skirt and starts squeezing the top of her thighs.

“Perv! HaheheahehehaheaHEHeaheaheahehaheahe!”

“Oh you know you like it Lightning.” Fang replied, smiling an evil smile.

“No, no, no!” Lightning responded while shaking her head repeatedly, while also moving her legs up and down.


Fang moves one arm under Lightning’s legs to prop them up so that Fang can move the other hand under Lightning’s legs and start tickling the back of Lightning’s thighs.

“Not there!” Lightning tries trapping Fang’s hands between her legs and the bed, but Fang continues to hold her legs up, giving Fang’s hands enough room to do some tickle damage. “HAHehehehHEEHAHEAHAEHAHEHAEAHAEHA!”
Fang’s hands moved up. She started pressing her fingers into the part of Lightning’s legs that connected to her butt. Lightning’s legs shot up as high as they could, still being tied up, that wasn’t far; but she tied to get away from those tickling fingers while laughing the whole time. Fang then moved her hands out of Lightning’s skirt and moved them up and started squeezing Lightning’s hips. Lightning tied to bend over, as is the normal reaction when your hips or sides are being tickled. She was able to go about half way with her arms being tied, she than laid back down.

Fang noticed Lightning’s shirt riding up a bit. Fang smiled and quickly stopped tickling Lightning and dove her face in towards her belly. Lightning’s eyes got big. Fang saw an opening right bellow Lightning’s belly button and started blowing raspberries on that spot. Lightning’s started beating the back of her head into the bed, while laughing. “HEHAEHAEHAEHEHEEHEHEAHEAH! NO! HEAHEAHEAEHHEHEHEAHEAHE!” Lightning started going crazy. Fang started moving her tongue around Lightning’s belly button.

“That feels so weird!” Lightning said while letting out giggles.
Fang drew her head back away from Lightning’s belly. “Oh you know you like it.” Fang said, then she started pressing into Lightning’s belly under her belly button with her fingers.

Fang’s fingers moved to Lightning’s sides and started tickling up and down them, from her hips to her armpits. Lightning kept laughing, while moving side to side. Fang started drawing circles in Lightning’s armpits.

“Hehehe!” Lightning giggled.

Fang grabbed the chocobo feather and started moving it along Lightning’s neck. She scrunched it up, letting out a few little giggles. Fang moved the feather down to Lightning’s armpits. She started moving it around one armpit. Lightning immediately tried to move her arm down, there was no use. She started laughing.

“Heheheaheaheaheha! HeaheaheahHEheahahhaehHEHEHEHAEHA HEAHEAeahaheaheHEHE!”
Fang looked over at Lightning. She went and untied Lightning’s arms. As Fang went over to Lightning’s feet she noticed a brush on the ground, She bent over and picked it up. Lightning just laid down panting, she didn’t notice. Fang untied Lightning’s feet but instead of leaving her there, she picked up her feet, sat on the bed, and put Lightning’s feet on her lap, together. She started to move the brush quickly over lightning’s feet.
Lightning started howling with laughter. She tried to sit up and grab Fang’s hands but she was too weak, she laid back down and just laughed. “HehaehaehaehHEHEHEEHEHEHAHEAE HEAEHAEHEHEHAEHAEAH! HEHAEahehaehHEHAEAHEAHEA!”

“Oh this is so much fun.” Fang said, as she continued to attack Lightning’s feet.
Lightning’s only response was laughter. She didn’t even hear Fang. Fang let go of the brush, throwing it down on the ground.

Lightning thought it was finally finished, she was wrong. Fang moved up with Lightning’s thighs now being on her lap. She started tickling other parts of Lightning’s body at random, rotating between the belly, sides, hips, and thighs; sometimes two different spots at the same time. All sorts of noises were coming out of Lightning’s mouth. She was giggling, laughing, squealing, depending on what body part was attacked without warning.
Eventually Fang stopped. She picked up Lightning’s feet so that she could get off the bed. She looked back at her. “I’m sorry about all that, it’s been fun. We should do it again sometime. If we ever get this nonsense stopped, maybe have one big tickle party with our friends. I’ll tell you Vanile’s worst spot if you tell me Serah’s. Bye sweetie.” Fang walks off.

“Oh yeah, sounds like a lot of fun. I have the end of the world to think about and she’s wanting tickle parties.”
One of the bandit enters. Lightning looks at him, a little worried.

“I’m not going to do anything to you. As fun as that sounded. I’m just here to help you out.”

“As fun as that sounded?”

“Well we could hear you from pretty far. These walls aren’t that thick.”

The bandit approaches Lightning and helps her to her feet. He helps her out of the room.

The end?