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Hello all. Been a while. Cosmo here to bring you the next addition to the Stocksvill series. It's been a long time since I've posted anything, and part of that is because I've been going through a lot of life changes. The other part is when I have had time I've been writing something else which may or may not eventually ended up as a Tickling fiction book. The final part is...I FUCKING HATE WRITING SAME DAY STUFF! I know it can be fun to read, and admittedly, I think it might be the first in the tickling literature community to have multiple story parts where the same day is looked at from different characters but it is a fucking whorish bitch of hell to write, and because of that, I am breaking one of my traditional rules of posting something that I have not finished writing. Now, don't get me wrong. I still have another...20 pages or so to post of this story, but I probably won't post the next part for a few weeks.

This first part, which focuses on Gloria, is in many ways just a mirror image (Except for being from Gloria's point of view) of the first bit of "Rod's Long Hard Day". The next few chapters will focus on Gloria and what she experienced when she went out to try and find Dawn, which will be completely new material for readers.

For the moment at any rate, enjoy, and know that I am still continuing this series, and will be for probably the next 5-10 years, so hooray!

Gloria's Day

Part 1

Gloria woke up with a slight yawn. Looking over to her side, she could see Rod asleep beside her. That wasn’t the only thing she saw, as she noticed how the blankets tented in the middle where Rod slept. Gloria looked at the tent and grinned.

Gloria knew about men. She didn’t know as much as she thought she knew, but she knew about men, and one thing she knew about men was that they were walking hard-on’s looking for a hole. Of course, that didn’t apply to all men. Father Stone, for example, was the living embodiment of a gentleman. Rod himself was pretty decent. Still, Rod, was a young, hung, male, and Gloria knew how to wake a man up, especially a man with a raging erection.

Gloria slipped below the covers, and quickly, gently, found what she was looking for. Gloria hadn’t taken out a clothing measuring tape yet, but she was pretty damn sure Rod’s Dick was a bit over nine inches, making it the biggest cock she had the pleasure of mounting. Or sucking, for that matter…and on the subject of sucking…Gloria grinned as she took the monster cock in her hand and lifted it up slightly so she could roll her tongue from the base of Rod’s cock to the helmet in one long lick, before swirling it around the top. Such a huge cock, and it was all hers.

Gloria could sense Rod moving, the sensations she was applying to his cock no doubt waking him up, though even after waking up, she knew it would take Rod a minute or so before he was really conscious. Rod was a fairly deep sleeper, but that was fine by Gloria. It just meant that by the time he woke up, he was ready to go, and so was she. Rod was ready before he was even ready, Gloria loved that. It was like putting in a microwave dinner before you hopped in the shower, and then getting out, all washed and dried and clean, and dinner was ready for you. You know, if she actually ate microwave dinners.

As she continued to suck on Rod’s cock, the blanket eventually pulled back, Rod looking down at her as she sucked eagerly. “You’re a machine, you know that?” Rod groaned, looking down at Gloria as looked up at him, her head still bobbing.

“Not my fault.” Gloria said coyly, popping Rod’s large cock out of her mouth. “I just woke up in my bed, same as normal, and there it was, all stiff and wanting attention. I can’t be held accountable for its actions, you know.” She looked up at Rod, her eyes all big and innocent. She then did something very much the opposite of innocent as she rolled her tongue around Rod’s large, cut knob and went back to sucking in his cock.

Rod groaned, but he didn’t stop her, which meant that Gloria was going to get laid, and that was fine with Gloria. Admittedly, Gloria liked being sexually dominant, and that meant being able to set and maintain the pace, along with being able to fuck her partner into submission. She had fucked Rod into submission more then a few times, thought to his credit, Rod had a lot of spirit.

“Alright, alright, we can have sex.” Rod gave in, and Gloria smiled inwardly, like he had a choice in the matter.

“You make it sound like a choir.” Gloria pouted. Of course, admittedly, it was a bit of a choir. Gloria liked sex, a lot, and she made no apologies for it. If she wanted her boyfriend to fuck her until she came, why should she feel guilty about it? She didn’t. Gloria did realize though that it could be a lot of work for a guy to keep her satisfied, but in her opinion, relationships were supposed to be work.

Granted, Rod had to work much more then he was used to. Gloria had to remind herself that Rod had been a virgin when she slept with him. Yes , they had sex multiple times with since then, but he was still learning, both how to pleasure a woman’s body, and hers. It wasn’t that Rod was bad at sex. That would be unfair to Rod. Rod was ok at sex, and he certainly tried his best to please Gloria, but he lacked the experience and imagination she was used to. To be more accurate, she was used to Tad, and Tad was very good in bed. Perhaps Gloria needed to broaden Rod’s horizons. An idea occurred to her. “Ok. I want to try something new though.”

“You want to try anal sex?” Rod asked her, raising an eyebrow.

Well, that was new, but not something Gloria was ready to jump into. A regular five to six in dick, she might be willing to try up the ass, but a dick as big as Rod’s, well, she didn’t need that level of discomfort. ”Fuck no. The last thing I want is to feel like a gutted turkey by taking that monster up the ass.” Gloria hadn’t even let Tad fuck her in the ass, and Rod was not going to be exploring that crevice, and he had a considerably larger cock then Tad. “I was thinking that I want to try tying you up for sex.”

“I don’t know…” Rod was hesitation and Gloria could understand a bit. He hadn’t exactly had a lot of pleasant experiences with being tied up, as the last few times involved him getting the hell tickled out of him. Still, Gloria wasn’t one to be denied.

“Aw, come on. Please?” Gloria gave him her big, doe eyes.

“But you don’t have any bondage equipement.” Rod pointed out. “You don’t want to try and tie me with some type of coarse rope, do you?

“Don’t worry, I have the gear. So, is that a yes?” Gloria dismissed Rod’s worries with a wave of her hand. She did have the gear, that was true enough. Granted, it wasn’t exactly her gear.

“Ok, ok, fine. I don’t want my ankles and wrists all chewed up though.” Rod commented.

Gloria hopped up from the bed, a jiggle in her tits and a sway in her ass as she made for her mother’s room. Her mother, though Gloria wasn’t sure why, had a surprising assortment of adult content under her bed. Gloria pulled out a large box and began to route through it. She understood some of it, like the eight inch dildo and lube Gloria was quick to push aside to one corner of the box (though she knew her mother seemed to prefer the Jackrabbit viberator in her underwear drawer), but she had a series of leather cuffs and spread bars, a ball gage, what looked like a rubber ring of some sort, and something else that looked like a tiny leather belt, but Gloria was pretty sure it didn’t go around your waist, and several other things Gloria wasn’t sure of. Gloria knew what she was looking for though, and quickly grabbed the spread bars with the padded cuffs attached to them. Yup these were them. With a grin, she headed back to the bedroom for her boyfriend/victim.

“Here we go Rod. Now spread’m.” Gloria grinned. She had never tied a guy up for sex before, and she had to admit, she was looking forward to having Rod bound under her. Granted, she always looked forward to having Rod under her.

“Where did you get that from?” The look of surprise on Rod’s face was priceless. He was not expecting this. He probably thought that she might have had a pair of cuffs or something, but not this.

“I found it under my mom’s bed years ago. I never had a chance to try it out, so I figure we might as well give it a whirl.” Gloria reached a hand down and whipped the comforter off Rod, leaving him naked on the bed. Mmmm, that was a lot of meat between those legs. A lot of meat, and it was all hers. She patted Rod’s ankle. “Now, hurry up and spread your legs so I can tie you down.”

“Fiiiiiiine!” Rod huffed and flopped his arms and legs apart.

“Aw, take it like a man, tiger.” Gloria gave Rod’s left foot a tickle, watching it jerk as he gave a laugh in surprise from the tickle. Such a sensitive boy. “You seemed pretty hard up when my mother had you tied down.” Gloria was referring to the incident that happened a little while ago when Rod had been bound up in the church basement and got worked over by her mother, Dawn. She had gotten a VERY impressive rise out of Rod that day. “You know, despite your protests, I definitely think you enjoy a tickling.” Gloria began binding Rod’s ankles in the cuffs, his legs now forced apart. She didn’t want him trying to get away now that she had said the “T word”. She used some small padlocks to lock the cuffs up securely. She didn’t want her boy toy getting away. Once his legs were cuffed, Gloria bound the bar to the metal bed frame. Yes, that was nice and secure.

“Let’s face it, stud; you’ve been getting boners for almost as long as you’ve been getting tickled.” Gloria straddled Rod. She took a hold of the base of Rod’s cock, lifting it up and the releasing it as it pressed against her bare ass, settling along her ass crack and small of her back. She could feel the way his cock was pressing against her ass, and loved every second of it. “Mm…yeah…like that, don’t you?” Gloria leaned back, rolling her hips, and in effect ass, causing Rod’s cock to move between her ass cheeks. Gloria then leaned forward, moving her breasts over Rod’s face, letting him get a mug full of tits. She could feel his cock twitch in excitement. Yeah, he definitely liked that.

“Maybe it’s just been the people tickling me?” Rod said when Gloria finally lifted her breasts from his face.

“Well, I do admit, you have been tickled by some very attractive women in your time.” Gloria counted on her hand. “There’s me, your girlfriend, who is the head cheerleader at your high school with a pair of awesome tits and a hot ass, and then there’s Alicia, who has the hottest ass in Stocksvill. Yeah, she tickled you pretty well all your life. Of course, she never missed a chance to tickle anybody. She certainly tickled me more than a few times when we had sleepovers. Both of us, barely in out underwear, the tickle fights breaking out. Of course, there was also my mother Dawn. She loved tickling you since you were a kid. Of course, she tickled all of us since we were kids, but as you got older, she seemed to focus on you a lot. Don’t even think I didn’t notice you getting a hard on as my large tittied mother pinned you down and tickled you.”

“I’m going to plead the fifth.” Rod said.

“Please, you’re Canadian. We don’t have a fifth.” Gloria wasn’t the sharpest tack in the box, she knew that, but she knew that much at least.

“Yes, well technically, but-Ahahahahahaha!” Rod burst into laughter as Gloria blew a raspberry on his stomach, having to angle her face to get around his massive cock. You couldn’t say she didn’t know more then one way to make a man smile by using her lips.

"let’s face it, stud. You’ve been tickled all your life by a bevy of hot babes. I don’t blame you for it or anything. Hell, you lucked out. I can imagine a few guys I know who would love to be in your place. The difference is, of course, that they aren’t, and you’re mine.” Gloria leaned forward, her hand wrapping around Rod’s cock and her tongue flicked out, rolling over the head. “Oh yes, you’re mine.”

“I don’t suppose I get a say in this?” Rod asked.

“You have a hard cock. You’ve already said if you’re interested.” Gloria purred, rolling her tongue from the base of Rod’s cock all the way to the tip. Moving the large phallic back a bit, Gloria grinned up at him. “I know what you want, even if you don’t.”

“You know, I think rapists have said the exact same thing.” Rod commented.

“Oh please. You know how many guys would pay for me to rape them?” Gloria teased, letting go of Rod’s manhood after one more long lick. She went to the dresser in her room and came back with a condom. “You better hope that they restock the magnum condoms in the general store. We have one more pack, not including this one, and then we’re out. I don’t think there are a lot guys in Stocksvill hung as well as you.” Gloria tore open the packet and pulled out the rubber contents, sliding it over Rod’s manhood. “Mmm…yeah. I definitely lucked out in the man-meat department.” That did seem to be one issue she was starting to have a problem with. She had plenty of condoms, but finding condoms in Rod’s size were a bit more difficult. She had tried to fit a regular one on him before, and it split. It was a problem Gloria was unused to, and she had no problem being vocal about it. If nobody in Stocksvill knew Rod had a big dick before they started dating, they sure as hell would know after they were dating.

“I’m glad my cock could make you so happy.” Rod smirked at Gloria slightly.

“Mmm…Here I cum, baby.” Gloria purred once more, straddling Rod’s hips and aligning his manhood with her moist pussy lips. She slowly worked him into her, taking her time to ease him inch by inch, rolling her hips around and around, up and down. “And once I cum, then so do you.” Fuck, it always felt so good to mount him. So long and thick, and all hers. It took a little while to work him in, but it was worth it.

“Oh, God…” Rod gasped as Gloria mounted the boy balls deep.

“And here I thought you weren’t in the mood.” Gloria teased, lifting herself up and down slowly but with building speed as her body got used to welcome invader. Up and down she moved, her momentum increasing until the sounds of springs crying out from under them could be heard. At this rate Gloria was going to need a new mattress soon, but God, what a way to wear out a bed!

“Oh Jesus, Gloria.” Rod was gasping, unable to do much more then let Gloria bounce up and down on him. “You have to slow down a bit.” He pleaded.

“Oh no, big boy. I have no intentions of slowing it down. You’re my prisoner, remember? To do with as I choose, and I choose to fuck my brains out on you.” Gloria grinned down at Rod. One thing Gloria loved, and that was being dominant in the bedroom. She loved the fact that she could take a man, hard and full of wanting, and make him cum his brains out, again and again if needed, until they couldn’t get it up anymore. It was empowering, as weird as that might sound, but being able to use her body in a way that would leave a man unable to preform anymore created a sense of sexual superiority for her. Even Tad, the walking hard-on that he was, needed to be reminded more than once who was the real ruler in the bedroom, and she had left him in a pathetic, exhausted, and flaccid state, with her grinning over him, and while not verbally taunting him, she knew how much it irked him when she outlasted and outperformed him in the bedroom. To his credit, Brad was the best Gloria ever had in the bedroom, and that included Rod and his giant penis. However, what Rod couldn’t match in Tad’s experience and prowess in the bedroom, he more then made up for in a variety of ways.

Gloria’s bouncing did stop, but it was only so she could change positions, changing from a cowgirl position to taking one knee and leaning back on her hands, thrusting her hips up and down again. Gloria moaned loudly, one of her hands reaching up to cup her left breast, playing with the mammary and gently pinching the nipple, rolling it as she moaned loudly in a husky voice. “So fucking good…”

“Come on Rod, put a little more hip action into it.” Gloria’s hand trailed down from her breast to begin rubbing her swollen clitoris. Gloria hadn’t really put much thought into the whole tying down idea, and she was finding that she was both missing Rod’s hands over her body as well as the fact that Rod seemed to be a little less…active than normal.

“It was your idea to tie me up so tightly.” Rod pointed out. “I can’t do a whole lot from this position.”

“Oh?” Gloria slowed, beads of sweat trickling down her face unto her breasts. Gloria switched back to the cowgirl position, a slight smirk coming to her face. “I guess I’ll have to give you a little incentive.” Oh, this could be fun now…

“Incentive? What are-ehehehehahahaha!” Rod burst into laughter as Gloria began to spider her fingers up and down Rod’s ribs. The bondage made Rod completely vulnerable with very little room to move. However, he still had enough room to buck around a bit.

“Oh yeah, that’s the way.” Gloria roared. “Kitchy kitchy koo, Rod. Laugh and buck for me, baby.” Take that, you lazy fucker, making me do all the work. Gloria grinned inwardly, hearing her mother’s clapping of approval of methods to motivate.

“Ahahahaha Gloria ahaha stop, stop!” Rod protested.

“No way! I should have started doing this when we started going out. Besides, I’ve barely started.” Gloria’s hands slipped further down to Rod’s sides, below his ribs. “tika tika tika tika. Come on Rod, beg me for mercy.” Gloria was nowhere near the tickler her mother was, but she couldn’t deny that she enjoyed tickling Rod. Much like the sex, it was something she could use to dominate him, and Gloria had decided very early in the relationship that she would use tickling as a method of…prodding Rod in the right direction, when needed.

“Ok ok ahahahahahahaha mercy, mercy!” Rod’s laughter increased, his body still bucking in his bondage and providing Gloria one hell of a ride.

“Oh no, you have to, oh fuck that’s good, you have to say “Please Gloria, stop tickling me.”” Gloria instructed. Her fingers continued to play over his sides without stop, her nails lightly scrapping against the tender flesh before turning into fists and using her knuckles to mercilessly knead Rod’s ribs. Before Gloria had been doing most of the work, but now that she was exploiting Rod’s ticklishness, well, wasn’t he just the proverbial workhorse? Hell, he even had the penis to match! That thought almost made Gloria laugh despite the pleasure she was feeling.

“AHAHAHAHAA NO PLEASE AHHAAAHAHA GLORIA!” Rod’s laughter and his thrashing went up several notches as Gloria changed tactics.

“Please what? Does this please you? It really pleases me, fuck yeah!” Gloria gave a shout, her tickling was more frantic now, loosing much of its finesse as her pleasure was overtaking her, becoming a much more clumsy kneading and grabbing. However considering how ticklish Rod was, even a clumsy tickler could get him going. He wasn’t the only one going, though.

“Oh…oh fuck…yeah…gonna cum….fuck!” Gloria’s tickling of Rod came to a slow stop, her hips picking up pace as she was drawing near the pinnacle of ecstasy, her breathing becoming heavy as she gasped in pleasure. Rod was gasping as well, though it was more due to the need to get some air into his lungs then in pleasure, though the increased up and down action of Gloria’s wasn’t exactly ignored or unnoticed

“THAT’S IT, THAT’S AAAAAAH!” Gloria threw her head back, screaming as she orgasmed, her hips bucking wildly as she did. She eventually fell forward, gasping as the waves of pleasure finished rolling over her, all the while her hips continued to weakly gyrate. Gloria knew her hips were on autopilot at the moment, pumping up and down on Rod’s cock as she enjoyed the pleasures of her orgasm.

“Oh…oh…God…that…ah…” Rod was moaning too, the sensation of Gloria’s spasming pussy adding a whole new level of pleasure to his experience.

“Oh…that was a good one.” Gloria snuggled into Rod, her hips still moving. Oh fuck…that was a good orgasm. It was true that Rod wasn’t the most skilled lover that Gloria had enjoyed, but he tried, and he had a big dick, which Gloria could use to get herself off with. The rest would eventually fall into place. And Rod loved her, that was important too. “Time for me to return the favor.” Gloria purred, lifting herself off Rod and turning her body around so she was in the reverse cowgirl position. Gloria had to admit, the boy had a skill for cumming last. She adjusted herself so that instead of being on her knee’s, she was on her feet, squatting instead of kneeling. Gloria grabbed a hold of Rod’s thick cock and slowly slid it into her pussy. Fuck, that felt good. Once she had remounted Rod’s cock, she began to bounce up and down, her hips rotating in a clockwise manner.

This was a new position for Gloria to take, but it wasn’t a new position for her. Gloria knew many sexual positions, and prided herself on the various positions she knew. Gloria had never read the Kama Sutra, but she was pretty sure she knew about 90% of it from different sources. Certainly she had never had any complaints in the bedroom.

“Gloria…I’m…gonna cum.” Rod was gasping under her, a sound she loved to hear, only rivaled by the next sound.

“Yeah baby, cum for me.” Gloria dismounted Rod’s massive dick and tore the condom off his cock. She wasn’t afraid of getting a little messy, especially if that meant that her boyfriend came extra hard. Her hand wrapped around Rod’s shaft, pumping it fiercely. Her other hand found Rod’s large balls (he had a big dick AND large balls, much to Gloria’s delight) and placed them in her mouth, sucking on them in a way that no man had ever been able to resist.

“AAAAAAH!” Rod cried out loud as he came, and Gloria didn’t stop pumping his shaft for a second. She could feel his cock spasming in her hand, a delightful feeling. Then only thing Gloria loved more than feeling herself cumming, was feeling another person cumming. No, that wasn’t right. She loved cumming more than somebody else cumming, but she still loved it, and she loved Rod cumming. Gloria grabbed a few tissues from her nightstand and clean Rod up as he gasped, tossing the soiled tissues in the waste basket once she was done. She cuddled up to Rod afterwards, enjoying his closeness as she nuzzled up. As much as Gloria loved sex (and she fucking LOVED sex) she loved snuggling as well.

“Oh…that was fucking hot and then some.” Gloria grinned at Rod who was still panting from their sexual activities. She leaned up and planted a kiss on his lips. “I definitely want to do that again.”

“Well…we’ll talk about it…” Rod commented after a few seconds.

“I have ways of making you agree.” Gloria said in a sing-song voice, giving Rod’s side a few tickles.

“Ahaha ok ok. Time to untie me.”

“Oh fine.” Gloria sat up. She then gave his penis a little squeeze, still hard after the sex. “Though I definitely like you this way. Still, I’ll go get the keys and unlock you.” Gloria got to her feet and slipped out of the room.

Gloria hummed to herself in a contented voice, hands behind her back as she skipped to her mother’s room. “Nothing better than a late-morning pussy pounding, especially with a cock like a runner’s baton.” Gloria grinned, enjoying that after-sex glow. Still humming, she entered her mother’s room, to get the keys. “Time to unleash the horsy.” Gloria scooped up the keys from Dawn’s nightstand drawer.
A minute later she was back with a small key ring that had several keys on it. “Ok, lets get these off you.” She kneeled by Rod’s ankle and began to get to work. Running her fingers over the different keys, she picked one that looked about the right size for the lock and tried to place it in. Well, no go there, on to the next one. Gloria picked up the next key which looked like the right size, and tried to fit it in. Hmm…that wasn’t working either. Well, at first if you don’t succeed, try, try…try…try…oh shit….

“Um…” Gloria wasn’t sure really how to say the next part.


Gloria took a deep breath. This was not going to go over well. “Ok. Don’t freak out or anything, but these keys aren’t, you know…fitting.”

“Say what now?” Gloria could feel Rod’s eyes narrowing on her.

“I tried every key, like twice, and none of them fit.” Gloria explained.

“You mean, you didn’t see if you had the keys to these locks before you locked me in them?” Rod’s voice rose a notch or two.

“Hey, how would I know that my mom would keep this stuff and not have the keys for them?” Gloria replied defensively. It was a weak excuse and she knew that much, at least.

“Don’t put this on Dawn. It wasn’t her idea to lock me in this stuff.” Rod snapped back. He then let out a long sigh. “Ok, ok, let’s just be cool. This isn’t a catastrophe, just an inconvenience. If anybody knows where the keys are, it would be your mother. Why don’t you try giving her cell a call. She should be at the church, right?”

“Right, right.” Gloria nodded her head quickly, and then ran off to use the phone. No worries, just one phone call and things would be fine. Gloria picked up the house phone and quickly dialed in her mother’s number. She could have just hit one of the speed dial buttons, but she was agitated and decided to take it out on the phone by hitting it’s number particularly hard. And then she waited as the ring tone droned on. Once…twice…seven times…shit! Gloria slammed the phone down and walked back to the room, trying to look as sorry as she could. “No response. She must have it turned off.”

Rod let out a breath as he closed his eyes. “Ok. You’re going to have to drive down to the church and talk to her then.”

“Ok, I’ll do that.” Gloria nodded her head. “I’m just going to take a real quick shower and then I’ll get going.”

“Fine. Just please hurry. And place the blanket over me when you leave.”

“Ok.” Gloria nodded her head, and indeed she had a “guilty puppy” look on her face as she placed the blanket over Rod before gathering up her clothing and heading to the shower. Gloria definitely planned to make it a quick shower, but it ended up being longer then she had planned because, well, she needed a few moments to get over mentally kicking herself for being an idiot. It was stuff like this, not thinking ahead, that made people think she was a bimbo. She wasn’t though! She wasn’t smart like Mandy, or Rod, or Alicia…but she wasn’t stupid. She just didn’t always think things through sometimes. She’d work on that later though. Right now, it was time to go talk with her mother.

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HOT! Thank you.

08-05-2015, 02:44 AM
Why do I get the feeling Gloria is going to end up thinking she should have bought some bolt cutters or something after having to go tell her mom?

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Good stuff! Welcome back

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Clever and steamy--and did I say funny? All vital to tickle fic, I say! Thanks for this treat, and welcome back. As painful as it may be for you, the delicious results are well worth your effort.

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HOT! Thank you.

Your welcome! Glad you enjoyed it.

Why do I get the feeling Gloria is going to end up thinking she should have bought some bolt cutters or something after having to go tell her mom?

Lol, you have no idea. Wouldn't make for as entertaining a story though, would it? ;)

Good stuff! Welcome back

Thanks! Good to be back, really. I just hope that I can pick up the pace and get out chapters quicker.

Clever and steamy--and did I say funny? All vital to tickle fic, I say! Thanks for this treat, and welcome back. As painful as it may be for you, the delicious results are well worth your effort.

Glad you found it so many things, TeeHee. I am glad to hear that people are enjoying it, but hopefully they'll enjoy it just as much when I start doing other things with the timeframes of the story. Hopefully I'll get the next part out, in a few weeks from now. I'm going to be getting busy soon at least for a week or two, so I'll have to cut back on writing time at least a bit, but I can at least promise that the next installment is ready to go.

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Wish after that escapade she went down to tickle his feet for a while

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Sorry it took so long to respond. Don't worry, Rod gets plenty of attention to his feet later in his own chapters. ;) Incidentally, I plan on posting another installment to this series very soon. It's already been edited, I just need to get around to posting it.

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Looking forward to it.