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Poor Richard! After being busted for cheating on his wife Kate he was handed over to Kate's new best friend: that sadistic MILF, Maggie Marko! She and her minion Justin put Richard through a month of hell, but now liberation day is at hand! But first he has to get through an exit interview with Maggie...


The Adventure of the Submissive Stud


T.T. Gore


“Another cup of coffee!” Maggie Marko commanded. The comely, voluptuous, fortysomething brunette was lounging on the living room sofa, clad in her favorite silk robe: dark blue embroidered with golden dragons. The robe was so arranged as to display a considerable expanse of cleavage and leg. Open-toed, high-heeled tart trotters, also blue in color, adorned her elegant feet.

Richard Brewster scurried through the kitchen door, bearing the required cup of coffee. Maggie smiled at the sight of the naked stud. His body hair had grown back quite nicely after being shaved off a month ago. He really was a handsome devil, she reflected, and it was SUCH a pity that he’d soon be leaving!

Richard handed over the coffee then stood at attention as required, awaiting further orders. His guts churned with humiliation and rage but after a month of servitude he knew better than to betray his true feelings. This bitch had him by the balls and if he misbehaved…

“Come sit next to me, cupcake!” Maggie chirruped, patting the sofa cushion. “I’ve kept you so BUSY today, haven’t I? Have you finished cleaning the bathroom?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Richard replied in the servile voice he’d learned to employ when addressing this sadistic trollop. He sat as directed.

“Excellent!” she replied, laying a hand on his bare thigh. Despite himself, Richard trembled with pleasure at her touch. Maggie left her hand in place, affecting not to notice that the naked stud was becoming aroused…

“I see that you need another shave!” Maggie chortled. She ran her fingers through his dark chest hair. “Not to worry! We’ll have Justin tidy you up before I send you on your way.”

The prospect of being body shaved—again!—by his fellow house slave made Richard cringe. Was there NO humiliation he’d be spared? In the course of his captivity he’d been required to remain naked at all times. By day he fetched, carried, cleaned and performed menial personal services at Maggie’s imperious behest—and woe betide him if he displayed the slightest sign of discontent or insubordination! By night he was compelled to share a bed with Justin, whose penchant for kinky same-sex antics kept them both up late! And he was defenseless against their abuse!

It turned out that Maggie Marko’s house was well equipped with hidden video surveillance cameras. Not only his initial body shaving and abuse at Justin’s hands but his entire tenure as Maggie’s naked house slave and Justin’s equally naked sex slave had been recorded! He shuddered to think of the highlight reel that could be compiled and posted on line. He’d be ruined!

“Wasn’t it nice of Kate to let me keep you for a whole month, cupcake?” Maggie gave him a fond pat on the cheek. “But all good things must come to an end, I’m afraid. After this weekend I’ll have to let you go. Ah, but the memories you’ll have!”

The mention of his soon-to-be-ex-wife’s name sent a jolt of rage through Richard’s body. Oh, he’d settle HER hash for her! Some day, somehow, he’d get back at ALL of them—Kate, Maggie and Justin!

“By the way,” Maggie said, “how’s the job search coming along? I’d hate to have to kick you out on the street with no place to go!”

“I have one interview arranged for next week, Ma’am.”

“Well!” she exclaimed. “That’s good! And in the meantime we still have one last weekend ahead of us! Mmmm, and since dear Justin’s away until Sunday afternoon it’s just you and me! How SHALL we while away the time, cupcake?”

She replaced her hand on his thigh—higher this time—and Richard bit his tongue to suppress a moan of pleasure. Though he loathed them both for what they’d done a part of him was going to miss both Maggie’s punishments and Justin’s demanding embraces. He was a changed man, Richard reflected, his life would never be quite the same…

“Shall we adjourn to the basement?” Maggie purred, stroking the naked stud’s thigh with a teasing smile. “Really, cupcake, we should make the most of the time remaining to us…”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Richard answered obediently.


“There now!” Maggie exclaimed. “Are you quite COMFORTABLE, cupcake?”

“AAAAAARRRGH!!!” Richard screamed as the voluptuous brunette swatted his bare buttocks with the wooden spoon she held in her right hand. “That HURTS—!”

“But you LIKE a little pain!” Maggie replied as she cocked her arm again. “We both know THAT, cupcake, don’t we?”


“You sound just like a GIRL, cupcake!”


“Now don’t be a SISSY!”


“DANCE for me, cupcake!”


“Poor THING!” Maggie sneered, laying the wooden spoon aside after a dozen stinging strokes. She surveyed her handiwork with approval. Richard was strung up by his thumbs, having been hoisted just high enough to lift his heels from the floor. His big toes were securely bound together with a length of string. Balanced precariously on the balls of his feet, he shivered with dread anticipation of the hilarious tortures that lay in store for him at Maggie’s practiced hands. The wooden spoon, he knew, was just her way of tuning him up…

“Where SHALL we begin?” she mused, circling him with an appraising expression. “Here, perhaps?”

“YAAAAAA-HAA-HAA-HAA!!!” Richard squealed as the voluptuous brunette’s index finger proved his BELLY button! He went up on his toes in a frantic, futile attempt to squirm away from Maggie’s touch.

“Tickle, tickle, tickle, TICKLE!” she sang as her fingers scampered over his torso. Richard’s utter helplessness seems to intensify his vulnerability to this ticklish assault. It was unbearable when she paid attention to his rigid nipples! THAT made him want to crawl out of his fucking SKIN—!

“Let’s try it from back here!” Maggie chuckled, moving around to stand behind him.

“EEEEEE-HEE-HEE-EEEEEE-HEE-HEE!!!” Richard shrieked. The fucking bitch was scratching his fucking ARMPITS! He arched his back and gyrated his hips! His belly convulsed—his asshole puckered—his balls quivered!

“THAT’S right, cupcake!” Maggie cried merrily. “LAUGH for me! Laugh your handsome HEAD off for me! Laugh your sexy ASS off for me!”

And as her fingers danced up and down his sides, from armpits to hips, Richard did his level best to comply! He laughed like a fucking LOONY bird, dancing on his toes and wiggling his buttocks! And the worst of it wasn’t the abominable ache that that clenched his belly, nor the sweat that trickled down his torso, nor the tears that stained his pink cheeks. No! The worst of it was the fact that he LOVED what Maggie Marko was doing to him! Oh, how he ADORED being tickled and tickled and fucking TICKLED by this beautiful, voluptuous, cruel and sadistic GODDESS—!

Maggie went on tickling Richard’s armpits and his ribs and his chest and his belly until the naked stud’s muscles gave out and he sagged, gasping desperately for air. Arms akimbo, she watched with amusement as he struggled to draw precious oxygen into his lungs.

“Poor ticklish little boy!” she chided him, running her fingers through his damp chest hair. “Ugh, you’re sweating like a PIGLET!”

“Ugh…” Richard grunted. “Ugh…ugh…ugh…”

“It’s SUCH a pity that I can’t keep you!” the voluptuous brunette opined. “But of course Kate wants you gone. Fortunately, though, you’re not the only stallion in my stable! Cupcake? Are you paying attention?”

“EEEEEEEEK!!!” Richard squealed as his nipple was smartly tweaked.

“THAT’S better!” she snickered. “Now where were we? Oh, yes, you want me to tickle you SILLY!”

“Please…” Richard gasped. “No more… I beg you…”

“Now don’t CRY, cupcake!” Maggie gave him a rueful look. “We’re just getting STARTED! But I suppose I COULD administer some stress relief! You poor balls must be brimming over!”

So saying, Maggie allowed her hand to trail down Richard’s chest and belly…toward his upright organ…

“I think I know where you REALLY want to be tickled…” she whispered.

“MMMM-MMMM-MMMM-MMMM-MMMMMMMMPH!!!” Richard moaned. His legs quivered and his belly tensed as Maggie’s fingertip teased the swollen head of his yearning member!

“Does it TICKLE?” the voluptuous brunette cooed. “Tell me, cupcake, does it make your SKIN crawl?”

“HIIIIEEEE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEEEEEEK!!!” Richard squealed as sharp nails stroked his tense balls.

“Ah!” Maggie sighed. “My handsome sensitive stud! My adorable ticklish sex poodle!”

She shrugged the robe from her shoulders and pressed against Richard, stabbing her sharp-nailed fingers into his exposed armpits. The naked stud emitted a yowl of anguished hilarity, dancing on his toes and writhing with manic energy! Yet at the same time he was lustfully conscious of Maggie’s magnificent boobs, in intimate contact with his hirsute chest…and his rigid rod, in teasing contact with her scarlet silk panties…


“Will you MISS me, cupcake?” Maggie inquired, stepping back and digging her nails into his ribs. “Will you miss my tickles?”

“OH-HO-HO-OH-NO-OH-HO-HO-HO-HO!!!” Richard howled, jerking his torso to and fro. “OH PLEEEEEE-HEE-EEEEEE-HEE-HEEEEEESE!!! NO MOOOORE-HOR-HOR-OOOOR-HOOOORE!!!”

“No more? Now I know that you couldn’t POSSIBLY mean that!” Maggie protested. “You absolutely LOVE to be tickled, cupcake! That’s why your precious PENIS is all EXCITED!”

And despite the horrific sensations of ticklish agony that were convulsing his body, Richard couldn’t deny it! She was driving him BUGFUCK—he was covered with goose bumps and sweat—he could barely catch his BREATH—but he’d never, EVER, felt SO fucking HORNY—!

“Mmmm,” Maggie nodded, “and I suppose you’d really, REALLY like to CUM for me, wouldn’t you? Honestly, cupcake, you’re such an INCONTINENT little piglet! But not just yet!”


“Don’t be so ARGUMENTATIVE, cupcake!” the voluptuous brunette snapped, giving his nipple another vigorous tweak, whereat Richard squealed and danced. “We have the whole WEEKEND ahead of us, remember? We simply CANNOT risk premature ejaculation!”


“And I just LOVE to make you LAUGH for me, cupcake!” Maggie exclaimed, digging her nails into his ribs with a sadistic, leering smile. “It’s music to my EARS!”

And Richard laughed for her! He shrieked and bellowed and howled, dancing on his toes and writhing like a weasel in heat as hot beards of sweat trickled down his torso and legs to patter on the concrete floor and a plague of goose bumps stiffened his freshly regrown body hair!

And Maggie was merciless! She tickled him relentlessly, viciously, without a second’s pause, until finally Richard’s legs gave out and he sagged, dangling by his thumbs and wheezing feebly. Only then did the cruel, beautiful, bare-breasted, voluptuous brunette relent.

“Perhaps you’ve hand enough for the present,” she remarked, turning the crank to lower him to his knees. Richard gasped with relief as the strain on his thumbs eased. “But look at you! You’re still all EXCITED, cupcake!”

So he was! Despite everything Richard’s joystick was still standing tall and its swollen head was well lubricated with pre-cum.

“Hmmm,” Maggie mused. “Should I permit you to deposit your worship offering on the floor for me, cupcake? Would you like to masturbate to me…?”

Another humiliation! But Richard nodded.

So Maggie released his thumbs and seated herself in a folding chair while he knelt before her and disgraced himself by making a nasty mess! Which of course her was required to clean up…


Two days later, bright and early Monday morning, Richard Brewster drove out of town, bound for his new life. Under his clothes he was freshly shaved—his goodbye present from sweet, slender Justin. The memory of that final tryst produced a shudder and he didn’t really feel safe until he was on the interstate.

Richard promised himself again that some day, somehow, he’d have his revenge on them all—Kate, Maggie, Justin. But he realized also that the hellish month he’d spent in thrall to Maggie Marko and her switch-hitting minion has changed him forever. But he’d sort all that out later. Now was the time to look ahead! Tomorrow he had an interview for a new job: Assistant Director of Admissions at Unknown University. Richard was feeling good about his chances. God, but it would be a relief to rebuild a normal life in a normal job, free of the kinky servitude to which he’d been subjected…

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Fine story. :D
Looking forward to the sequel(s) in which Richard indeed get revenge.

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Indeed, Maggie Marko & Co. will ride again!