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03-22-2003, 12:19 AM
There's this bar I frequent, that has several very attractive women as waitresses and bartenders. I've gotten to know them pretty well, and one night four of them were hanging out with me after their shift. We were drinking, flirting and having fun when Ann grabbed my ribs with one hand and squeezed them several times. I almost fell off my barstool as I tried to pull away, letting out a loud screech. All the girls laughed and commented on how ticklish I was. A little foreshadowing that I didn't pick up on at the time.
After we were all good and buzzed, they suggested we go back to Rachel's place. Of course, I agreed. We got back to her place and continued partying. I should describe the setting. The girls that were there were Ann, who looks Hawaiian, beautiful with long black hair and very curvaceous. Rachel is tall and thin, straight brown hair falling past her shoulders and a very pretty face. Michelle is petite, and absolutely adorable, long brown hair and an incredible figure. And Rachel's roommate was home. Heather looks like a Bay Watch girl with long, silky, blonde hair to her butt and a huge chest. I was in heaven.
We were all drinking and sitting on the floor when Ann reminded everybody how ticklish I was while grabbing at my sides. In a flash, all four girls were on top of me, tickling me all over. I was overwhelmed by the tickling sensations and barely had the strength to move away. I struggled to get up, but they pulled me back down. Rachel and Heather each grabbed an arm and held them over my head. Ann straddled my waist, pinning me down and Michelle sat on my legs with my ankles pushed together. I couldn't get loose. Panic sat in as I was completely helpless, but at the same time I was completely aroused. The girls taunted me by telling me how they were going to tickle me senseless. Then they started. Rachel and Heather sat on my arms so their hands were free to tickle my underarms and up and down my ribs. Ann feverishly moved her fingers from my hips, up my sides then back down again, occasionally reaching behind her and grabbing at my thighs. Heather, meanwhile, tickled both feet at the same time mixed with some knee tickling. I was lost in sensory overload, completely entranced by the total and relentless tickling that consumed my entire body. The girls were really enjoying themselves, laughing as much as I was. I was so distracted, I didn't notice Rachel securing my wrists with handcuffs that had already been tied to a post at the bottom of the stairs.. Now she and Heather were free to move around my body at will. These four girls were merciless in their tickle torture. They took great pride in finding a good tickle spot and exploiting it. They even had a contest to see who was the best tickler. They each took three minutes and did their best to reduce me to a helpless, blubbering state, and I was supposed to judge who was the best tickler. But the winner got to tickle me for five minutes, while the losers got to team up on me for not picking them. Just when I thought I would pass out, they stopped. They pulled off my shorts and underwear and unbuttoned my shirt. My thought that things were looking up came to an end when they tied my ankles spread apart to two legs of the couch. Then Heather knelt down beside, lowering her head, her hair fell in my face. Crawling towards my feet, she dragged her hair down my body. When her hair ends left my face, they were replaced by Michelle's hair. The girls formed a train that moved from head to toe, so I was completely covered in hair, which had a tickling sensation of its own. Then the girls armed themselves with feathers and retraced the steps of their hair. They paid particular attention to my underarms, inner thighs, balls, under my knees and my feet, especially sliding a feather between my toes. I was so turned on. I wanted to cum so bad. Ann gave me a brief hope as she licked up and down my cock and briefly engulfed it with her mouth, before pulling away. She then crawled on top of me and straddled my face. Lowering herself on me, she told me I would have to make her cum to get the other girls to stop tickling me. With that, Rachel, Michelle and Heather dug in with their fingers, tickling my ribs, underarms, thighs, knees and feet. With Ann sitting on my face and the constant laughter, I had trouble catching my breath. Ann kept commenting on how good stifling my laughter felt as my tongue desperately tried to bring her to orgasm as quickly as possible. I can't explain how intense this entire situation was. Totally helpless, four beautiful women tickling me mercilessly. I needed to cum so bad it hurt. Finally, Ann screamed out in orgasm and the girls finally slowed their pace. Again, any hope of relief I had ended as Heather replaced Ann on my face. I soon realized I was going to have to get all the girls off before I could. I was kept tied up and teased for two hours before finally Rachel took my cock in her mouth. She used her nails to tickle my balls at the same time while Heather tickled my underarms, Michelle my ribs and Ann tickled my feet. It didn't take long before I came long and hard. I was so completely exhausted, I think I even passed out temporarily. When i finally regained my strength, I got another surprise when Rachel volunteered to go next. It was a great night!

03-22-2003, 07:36 PM
Thanks for the repost, Jerry. Fine story:D; I just wish it were longer.