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03-22-2003, 10:29 PM
I've decided to make 4 parts instead 3. This is a request by the lovely Anna (Smith) and Heather Smith, which I'm taking full throttle.
please tell me what you think.

A Blast With The Cast

Starring the cast of Buffy

Part 1: Michelle Trachtenberg's Ordeal

Michelle Trachenberg, Amber Benson, and Sarah Michelle Gellar were invited to the estate of Alyson Hannigan for a small party to
celebrate the completion of yet another season of their hit T.V. series, Buffy. They all brought their favorite dish to eat and were planning to play twister.
While the others were playing, she was making her knock out punch which she called it. Unknowingly, to the others she laced the punch with the
infamous date rape drug, but she had far more sinister thoughts on mind than rape, though it did sound appealing ,hence "knock out" punch.
She brought out here punch and said," I propose a toast to our future together." " Here, here!" laughed the four girls. After a few minutes,
the three guests were passed out on the couch. " Damn, you all sure do look cute sleeping there (giggles innocently)" teased Alyson, " Now it's time
to get ready for the grand party." She toted the sleeping beauties to her basement and stripped them naked. She sat them on the three matresses,
and tied their arms high over their heads. She chained their waists to the wall to reduce the bucking that they will do. Finally, she put their feet in
wooden stocks she had specially made for this glorious time, and tied tied each of their flawless toes to the stocks, rendering them completely
helpless. As a joke she had " I love being tickled! Please tickle my sexy tootsies!" carved on each of the stocks. "Let the games begin." she said
with a snicker as she brought out her smelling salt to wake the sexy beauties.
The girls awoke and realized their situation. " What the fuck are you doing?" demanded Sarah, " Get me out of this and give me back
my clothes this instant!" "Oooooh sassy little vixen aren't we?" replied Alyson and stroked her soles with a finger. Sarah released a burst of laughter,
being taken off guard by the tickling. " You see, I have a tickle fetish, and ever since the show started I have been dying to get my fingers on your
soles and armpits." commented Alyson," Well it looks like my wildest dreams come true this evening!" The three victim's eyes got as big as a full
moon as they contemplated their ticklish situation. Oh God! thought Michelle, I knew her so long, but I never thought she was like this! She instinctively
tried to curl her toes, but to no avail. Her toes were tied up, streched open like a new book about to be read by an eager reader. Tears ran down
her soft cheeks as she soaked in the information, for her toes and soles were hyper-sensitive beyond compare. I think we'll start with Michelle."
announced Alyson as she pulled out two long, stiff, white feathers. "You leave her alone, you two-timing bitch!" exploded Amber. Alyson stroked
Amber's right sole for a couple of seconds, while Amber launched out a loud giggle. "Now keep it up and you can take her tickle torture. Caprende'?"
said Alyson. She licked her lips like a lion stalking her prey as she stroked both feathers slowly on Michelle's high arches. Her soft, white soles
twitched as she let out a machine gun giggle loke a 50 cal. machine gun shooting a platoon of Charlies in Vietnam. " Oooh damn, her soles
look as delicious as baby back ribs." teased Alyson, " Which gives me an idea...." She stopped with the feathers and started licking her left sole
like a dog while wiggling her tongue between her toes. Wow! her feet taste almost as good as ribs too! thought Alyson. She continued this for ten
minutes switching between the feather and her agile tongue, and both feet.
HEHEEEEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" laughed Michelle sweetly. Her beautiful laughter blew TheSound Of Music out of the water! Alyson
stripped naked and climbed onto her waist to touch her soft skin. She used her feathers to tickle the hollow of her sexy pits deep enough to sink the titanic,
while sucking on her hard tasty nipples. Michelle whipped her head around in a blur to try to rid herself of the awful sinsation, but to no avail. She was here
for the duration of the tickling.
AHAHAHAHAHOHOHOHOHOHOHOOOOHHHHOOHEHEHEHEHEHEEEEE!" laughed Michelle. After ten minutes Alyson resorted to blowing
rasberries on Michelle's quivering, tight tummy, while tickling her ribs with her fingers for ten minutes.
"Now it's time for your reward." announced Alyson to the sweaty beauty. She pulled out a feather and slowly and gently stroked Michelle's
moaned Michelle, glad to have finally recieved her reward. After five minutes, she reluctantly passed out.
" Why in the fuck did........" started Sarah. " No, no, no, you remember the punishment for being naughty, don't you?" scolded Alyson
Sarah immediatly shut up, remembering not to fuck with Alyson who for the time being has the upper hand. " Now, who wants to be next?"
teased Alyson with an evil snicker.:firedevil

Anna Donnison
03-23-2003, 12:35 AM
You have surpassed Ovda!
Anna and Heather
P.S We will have a fight after this!