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04-22-2001, 10:17 AM
First off, this is not my story.....it was written by an author known as Anime Onslaught.....Im not takin any credit for this.

The Fatal Fetish

It all started with two obessed Britney Spears fans who have dreamt of them having their way with her. Sure thats a very common thing in America, but there is one thing different about this, they get the pleasure of helping develop videos for her. Also, of course theyed love to have sex with her, but thats not exactly what they had in mind. They one day wanted to give her the worst torture imaginable, Tickle Torture! They were also going to video record it to give millions of fans what they sought for most, an hour of sweaty torture! They had the equipment, they just needed the moment and time. Who would of thought theyed get what they asked for? A miracle which consisted of two co-developres by the names of Matt, n Steve!
It starts on a sunday, Britney wants to tempt more guys(in her video) by supposibly being tied down, and being tickled while wearing very tight, reveiling leather and high heels. The problem was though that in the moment of tension, she breaks out of the shackles and runs away while singing, because she new she was a very ticklish girl! Steve and Matt though, saw their moment in the sun as their boss handed the whole project over to them.Ounce the video starts, Britney is singing unaware of what these two heartless feins have planned.Like planned, at the moment of tension and suffering, Britney tries to leap out of sweaty tempted hands, but instead the shackles wont give! Out of fear and anger she yells "cut, cut, you guys, you made these shackles too damn tight!I cant even move an inch. Turn off the camera!" And from the shadows come two mercyless demons of torture, Matt and Steve saying,"your temptation days are over! Were here to see that the media get what they deserve, even if it costs our jobs!" After this harsh statement, Britney said in a very fearful tone of voice "aahh, guys, what exactly do you have in mind? Goddamit, Im a good innocent girl!" Then Matt came out with a "your not as innocent as you look!
Without further adoo, Matt "shushed" her and started to slide off her leather, high heeled shoes.While he continued, Britney tried to loosen the straps, finding no release. While strapped down completely, Matt slowly, and gracefully slid off her tiny, small sock.At this piont she asked "what are you doing, you duranged phsychopath?" This "beefed" Matt up as he started to stroke her beautiful foot softly. As he continued, Steve was very entertained at the delight of video recording Britney gasping for air and laughing histerically at Matt's soft graceful touch. To steve, this was a miracle in disquise, but Matt had the best seat in the house.Matt continued rolling his fingers down her soft gentle skin making her almost unable to speak. After about seven minutes of enjoyment Matt noticed tears forming around her eyes and a good amount of sweat, so he gave her a short breather. When finally able to speak she cried "please, if you release me from this unconditional torture, I'll give you anything! Please , I'll raise your pay, what is your motivation on doing this? Then Matt commented "I do what I like, and youve been tempting me for years!" Then Britney spoke out with a "let me go bastard", this causing Matt to give her the worst imaginable! Grabbing her high heel, and slowly pulling it off, Britany yells"Im just playing," but this did not change Matt at all now slowly removing her sock. Next, came the lubricant, which he squirted a bit on her right foot making her suicidal to the touch. Next, Matt thought to himself"You only live ounce," as he slowly strocked his finger between her toes and around. Britany let out a "hahahhaahhhaaahahhaaha!" At this point, she couldnt control her laughter at all. Then he started slowly on her side and around, thrusting his fingers against her soft beautiful skin, and half naked as well. Seeing as this almost made her faint, he moved to her knees which he softly stabbed his fingers relentlessly around her knee causing her near hyperventilation.He continued this action until she finally got up enough energy to plead with him saying,"I dont know what is driving you to do this insane act, but I swear if you release me I wont press charges!" Following this came shrieks of laughter and hard breathing. She yelled "please stop," soon after a few minutes of mercyless nonstop tickling, as he moved his attention and fingers to her beautiful lushes neck and underarms. She giggled in undiecency as he rolled his fingers around her near red neck and poked lightly and gently at her underarm. At this, she went wild laughing and uncontrolably sweating as Matt had no mercy towards her peachy soft skin. As this was happening, steve gogged at her surprisingly ticklish body, and got the shivers of seeing himself in her posission. After Matt found and used every spot to his advantage, he moved back to her feet as he, also sweating stroked her soft skin causing her to tearup.
Matt thought about losing his job, so he started going frantic toward her feet causing the very thing she cherished, her voice to go out slowly because of the torture. Minutes after, Matt stopped and steve grabbed the tape and released Britney, who was so tired, she fell asleep immediately after, saying to herself that she would never (in her videos) caress her lips with her tounge again.The next morning Matt and Steve woke up to find that they have been promoted to "personal" trainer with Britney.So when they scoward off to work in amazement, to very large men grabbed them and used a special kind of drug to knock them out.When they woke up, they were appalled to find them tied down, and standing in the doorway, Britany, with a duster arched towards her mouth she said in a sweet tone of voice"hi guys, now its my turn!!!"