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03-23-2003, 09:04 PM
OOps! Sorry, I meant for this to be posted with the tickling experiences. Not the stories. I'm new to these forums.
I'll be more careful next time.

I grew up the youngest in my family. I had three older brothers and believe it or not I only can recall one time that one of my brothers tickled me. Hard to believe? I'm not lying. I did however have a cousin that would tickle me, but I only saw him three of four times a year. So every time I heard he was coming, I would make sure I was tickled by him before he left. One of my stories with him is posted as a reply in this section. My first experience with a true tummy tickling was with my friends sister. We were about 11 at the time and her sister was 18 I think. My friend Melanie and I were at her house watching T.V. I remember she made fun of my hair and I slapped her in the arm. She said "don't slap me" So I did it again. She then pushed me over and sat on me and started tickling me under my arms. I laughed hyterically and begged her to stop. She did just that. She said "Wow, you're ticklish" I said "yeh, arn't you?" she would not admit it even though I learned later that she was. I on the other hand told her that I liked being tickled. She said "then why did you tell me to stop?" I told her I didn't know and she began to tickle me again. She stayed under my armpits which was her most ticklish spot. I began screaming. At this point her sister came running down the stairs to see what was wrong. When she entered the room she saw Melanie straddling me and tickling me. She said "Whats going on?" Melanie told her that I liked to be tickled and that we were just having fun. With that her sister decided to have some fun of her own. She straddled my legs and started to lightly tickle my tummy. I immedietly grabbed her hands. (reflex you know) She then told Melanie to sit on my arms. She did as she was told. There I was totally unable to move. Her sister then took one finger and slowly circled my belly-button. I giggled uncontrollably until she added the other hand which created my best belly laughter. Hearing my laughter caused them to giggle as well. She moved all over my belly searching for the most ticklish spot. She found it right below my belly-button. She tormented me there until my laughter fell silent. At that point she stopped to let me catch my breath. She asked me if I was okay, to which I responded "I love it" She continued again lightly, slowly tickling my belly producing giggles and again stopping at that spot which produced the laughter she was searching for. Of course she stayed there tickling with both hands, those nails lightly scratching that area until tears came to my eyes. I loved every second of it though. When she finally let me up, I asked her if she would help me tickle Melanie. She sat on her arms while I straddled her. I of course started to tickle her the way she tickled me because I knew she was most ticklish under her arms. But of course I had to do a little exploring of my own. Her bottom rib on her left side was definetly a hot spot to torture. It was so much fun.

03-24-2003, 04:01 PM
cool experience!!!! any more??

03-24-2003, 06:10 PM
My God I loved that story. I would like to here more of your tickling stories.

03-25-2003, 02:57 PM
jenny6969 If you read this please do think about posting more true tickling storys that you have to share because i speak for all of us that repyled to this topic. Wow:wow: what a nice story!! i tried to pm you this but it said you don't allow pm's so i'll just post it here i hope that you see my reply and post back or something.

thanks Later jenny

03-25-2003, 06:19 PM
:yowzer: Wow. That was an awesome story. I loved it. Please keep up the great work.