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okay fans, here is the next episode in this series. hope you enjoy it!! remember, characters from WOW can be found at www.wowe.com Hollywood at www.webkitten.com Lana Star at www.absolutelana.com and Sable at www.renamero.com

"THAT BITCH!!!!" Gorgeous George yelled out in the tWo locker room.

"What are you talking about?" Hollywood replied.

"Jungle Grrl!!!! she cost me my match against Terri Gold!!" George replied.

"that's right. i wonder what she wants? i mean, no one has seen her for a long time. but if she wants trouble, trouble will find her. it doesnt help her cause that she is already barefoot too.." Hollywood said.

"Queen of the jungle my ass!! i will get her for costing me my match. it is just a matter of time!!" George threatened.

"Lana, i'm worried." Patti Pizzazz said as she brushed the hair of the WOW champion Lana Star.

Lana rolled her eyes. "about what Patti?"

"i'm worried about your match against Riot. i mean she is one tough woman. she also likes to tickle and if she gets a hold of your feet...." Patti tried to say.

"SHUSH!!! my feet are not ticklish!!!" Lana yelled.

"But Hollywood made you bark like--" Patti tried to say.

"SHUSH!!! i am not ticklish Patti!! remember that! plus, Riot is very ticklish too. i am the World champion. i fear no one. tonight, Riot will go down, much like Terri Bronze and Hollyslut did. besides, who would want to see an ugly person like Riot as the champion, instead of this beautiful face?" Lana said arrogantly.

"I guess you're right Lana." Patti agreed.

"i am ALWAYS right!! now, continue brushing my hair...." Lana said smiling away as Patti brushed her long beautiful blond hair.


Lotus made her way to the ring, smiling and waving to the crowd. dressed in her yellow wrestling dress, with yellow boots, the Asian beauty made her way down the ramp. Lotus was trying to focus her career on tag team wrestling with her partner Jade, but wanted to get a few wins in a singles match. her record in singles was terrible. no one could remember if she even won a match before. the one thing that Lotus never lived down in her career was the fact that she was the very 1st tickling victim in WOW. Lana Star had tickled her into submission a long time ago and the tickling craze has been in WOW ever since. she stood in the ring and awaited her opponent.

the NWO music hit and Daffney, the resident psychopath of the tWo made her way down the aisle, alone. normally she was accompanied by Gorgeous George, but she figured that it was only Lotus she was facing. dressed in a black tWo t-shirt, with blue jeans and black hiking boots, the Goth style woman made her way into the ring and immediately snarled at Lotus. she rubbed her hands together and as soon as the bell sounded she charged after Lotus. she immediately punched at the Asian beauty, causing Lotus to stumble backwards into the corner. Daffney chopped away at Lotus' chest, causing the crowd to chant "WOOOOOOOOOOOO". she chopped her for a long time, then as Lotus staggered, Daffney grabbed her wrists and flung Lotus across the ring, and into the opposing turnbuckles. Lotus went chest first into the turnbuckles and fell backwards onto the canvas. she was in pain. Daffney then dropped a knee into her stomach, causing her legs to shoot up into the air. Daffney hooked the leg and went for the pin. the ref made the count. 1.........2......kickout.

Lotus had barely kicked out. Daffney only laughed. she wanted to torture Lotus. she picked her up by the hair and tossed her across the ring by the hair. Lotus hit the canvas with a thud and holding her scalp, making sure she still had hair. Daffney then walked up to her and using the tip of her boot, kicked Lotus in the ribs. Lotus cried out in pain and Daffney started laughing to herself. she was enjoying watching Lotus suffer. she then picked her up by the hair again and slammed her to the canvas. she then bounced off the ropes and did a legdrop. she went for the cover. 1.......2......PICKUP!! Daffney picked up Lotus' head. she wasnt through with her yet. she then picked up Lotus onto her feet then whipped her into the turnbuckles. she then charged forward, but then she was met by Lotus' boot, right into her face. Daffney staggered backwards, and Lotus, using all the strength she had left, charged forward and clotheslined Daffney. Daffney rolled in pain and Lotus tried to recover. they both stood up and when Daffney tried a roundhouse right, Lotus ducked, then retaliated by kicking Daffney into the chest. Daffney stumbled backwards and fell into the ropes, getting her arms tangled between the top and middle ropes. she realized she was trapped. Lotus saw this and couldnt believe her eyes. she walked over to a trapped Daffney, avoiding her kicking legs and stood next to her. a million things went through Lotus' mind. then it hit her.

she stared at Daffney and smiled. she then pulled up Daffney's t-shirt, exposing her pale skin on her belly. using her other hand, Lotus began to scribble her fingertips on Daffney's belly. Daffney's eyes grew wide. she tried not to giggle, but Lotus continued to tickle her belly. a giggle escaped her lips and Lotus then pulled the t-shirt over her head, exposing Daffney's chest. using both hands, she tickled Daffney's ribs. Daffney's legs began to flail, and she did everything she could to keep from laughing. then Lotus poked her finger deep into Daffney's belly butoton. that broke the dam holding back the laughter.


Lotus didnt stop tickling. she enjoyed watching Daffney squirm from her ticklish touch. she loved how the chest heaved up and down and the goosebumps that formed on the pale skin. Lotus felt a sense of control. she was always the ticklish victim, now she was the one in control. she tickled the ribs with a passion. she poked and prodded each one and Daffney would scream in laughter. the referee wouldnt ask Daffney if she wanted to quit because she was tied up in the ropes. Lotus had to break the hold. but she wanted to tickle Daffney more. she reached her fingertips into the exposed underarms and Daffney lost it. her laughter was ear piercing and she thrashed around like a fish out of water. her eyes were shut tight and tears began to form. the referee continued to try to free Daffney, while Lotus kept tickling Daffney's underarms, ribs and belly. finally the referee got Daffney lose and Daffney collapsed to the mat. Lotus waved to the crowd. she was feeling real good. she then stared at Daffney's foot. a shot of adrenaline surged through her body as she thought of tickling Daffney's feet. she grabbed and ankle and tried to unlace the boot. Daffney realized this and using her other boot, kicked Lotus in the side of the head. Lotus stumbled backwards and Daffney quickly got to her feet. Lotus tried coming forward, but Daffney kicked her in the midsection, and followed up with a DDT. Lotus' head bounced off the canvas, nearly knocking her out. Daffney was now in a rage. she picked up Lotus again and tried to whip her into the corner. the referee however was also in the corner and Lotus and the referee collided. the referee fell to the canvas and so did Lotus. Daffney let out a primal scream then flipped Lotus onto her belly. grabbing and ankle, she quickly untied Lotus' boot and pulled the yellow boot off. she then peeled the long, white cotton sock off and stared at Lotus' soft, tender pink sole. she didnt hesitate and quickly began to tickle Lotus' sole. Lotus came to life and immediately went into hysterical laughter. her feet was devastatingly ticklish. she felt Daffney fingers dance up and down her sole, tickling her badly. she screamed and pleaded, but Daffney kept on tickling. Daffney tickled the base of the toes and Lotus let the laughter pour like a fine wine. she began to tap on the mat, but the referee was still groggy. Daffney noticed this to, and it encouraged her becase now she could torture Lotus some more. she played with Lotus' toes, trying to find out which one was more ticklish. it was the baby toe that was most ticklish and she attacked that toe and the crevice with a passion. Lotus continued to tap her hand on the mat, but to no avail. she just laid her head on the mat and just laughed and laughed and laughed.

the capacity crowd began to stir. they saw a figure in the shadows at the top of the ramp. most figured it would be Jade, Lotus' tag team partner. but to their surprise and delight, it was Jungle Grrl!! Jungle Grrl ran down the ramp and got into the ring. standing behind Daffney, she tapped the Goth girl on the shoulder. Daffney turned around and Jungle Grrl slapped her. Daffney let go of Lotus' ankle and stood up. Jungle Grrl kicked her in the stomach and executed a DDT. she then dragged Daffney's body into position, then climbed to the top rope. with the crowd screaming in cheers, Jungle Grrl leapt off the top rope, nailing Daffney with a splash. the referee began to come to, but Jungle Grrl slipped out of the ring. Lotus, trying to recover, turned her head and saw Daffney laid out. using her last remaining ounce of strength, she crawled over to Daffney and made the cover. the referee made his count. 1........2.........3!!!!!! the bell rung and Lotus was declared the winner!! the crowd went nuts. Jungle Grrl made her way back up the ramp smiling, then disappeared. Lotus was stunned. her hand was being raised in victory? she smiled and the crowd cheered her on. she then left the ring excited. Daffney came to and realized what happened. she was pissed!!! she began to throw a tantrum in the ring. Jungle Grrl was going to pay!!!!

Julie Day stood by ready to interview the challenger, Riot. Julie was still nervous being around Riot. she remembered all the times that Riot used to tickle her. things got better, when the tWo was formed, but she always had that lingering fear.

"R-Riot, tonight you get a title match against the n-new world champion, Lana Star. are you ready?" Julie stammered.

"Julie, Julie, Julie. are you still scared of me?" Riot said with a loving look in her eye.

"Just a little...." Julie replied.

"GOOD!!!! i want you to be scared of me!!! i want EVERYONE to be scared!!! i am the most feared woman in WOW. and after tonight, not only will i be the most feared woman, but i will be the WOW champion." Riot shouted back.

"Lana says she's not ticklish..." Julie tried to say.

Riot wrapped her arm Julie's shoulders. "Julie, do you honestly believe that is true. Lana Star not ticklish? i think she is just as ticklish as you..." Riot then began to stroke her finger under Julie's chin. "ticklish Julie?"

"hehehehehe YES!!!!" Julie replied.

"i know you are. you know, i miss tickling your feet. they are so soft. sooo tender. soooooo ticklish......can i tickle your feet again Julie?" Riot said teasingly.

"p-please dont tickle my feet...." Julie said with fear.

Riot laughed and let go of Julie. "HAHAHAHAHA!!! ah Julie, you are so much fun!!! i wont tickle your feet. i will save that for later. tonight, not only am i going to break Lana into a billion pieces, but i am going to tickle every inch of that bimbo's body. no one can beat the RIOT!!!!" Riot exclaimed then walked off. Julie stood there wiping the sweat off her forehead.

RIOT vs LANA STAR (Women of Wrestling Champion)

the pyrotechnics went off and the heavy metal music "Enter the Sandman" by Metallica played over the loudspeakers. making her way to the top of the stage was Riot. swinging her trademark baseball bat over her head, she made her way to the ring. dressed in a tattered, graffiti covered t-shirt bearing her name, tight spandex shorts and her long black and red boots, Riot smiled and strutted to the ring. this was her big night to win the WOW championship. after her big win at the last pay per view against Chyna, Riot was extremely confident. she never did like Lana Star, even when they were teammates taking on the tWo. tonight, she wanted to punish Lana and take home the belt she felt was rightfully hers. she got into the ring, waving her bat, waiting for the champion.

the arena lights turned pink and the entrance music of Lana Star played. soon, the new WOW champion, Lana Star made her appearance at the top of the stage. accompanied by Patti Pizzazz, Lana waved to the booing crowd. dressed in her pink leather top, with pink leather shorts, pink boots and a pink and white feather boa, the champion made her way down the aisle. the WOW title belt, newly decorated with pink straps, fit snugly around her sleek waist and the gold plating glimmered. she walked with a cocky strut and made it to the ring. she stared at Riot who was just leaning back laughing at her. Lana took off her feather boa and pointed to her title belt. she took it off and the referee held the belt high up into the air. this was Lana's first title match as champion and she knew she was in trouble. she wanted her first title match against the likes of a Lotus or a Hammerin Heather Steele. she had to take on Riot who definitely didnt like her. she turned her back towards Riot to give Patti a high five on the outside of the ring and Riot attacked.

the bell rang and already Riot was punching and kicking Lana Star. she whipped Lana across the ropes and executed a huge clothesline that almost knocked Lana out of her pink boots. Lana hit the canvas with a thud. Riot then began to stomp on Lana's belly, causing the champion to yell out in pain. Riot had a smile on her face when she picked up Lana by the hair, scooped her up and slammed her hard onto the canvas. Lana moaned. Riot knelt down and slapped Lana.

"c'mon you bitch!!! show me what you got!! you're supposed to be champion? you're just a little girl!!!!" Riot taunted as she grabbed Lana's blond hair and hoisted her up to her feet. Riot then nailed her with a standing clothesline and Lana hit the canvas again. Riot then tried to bounce off the ropes, but Patti on the outside, grabbed her ankle, causing Riot to fall face first onto the canvas. Patti clapped to herself with excitement. Riot got up and slipped out the ring. as Patti stood there and clapped to herself, Riot walked up behind her. Riot then grabbed Patti's head from behind, then drove her head into the ringpost. Patti fell in a heap and the crowd went nuts. Riot then slipped back into the ring.

Lana was waiting for Riot and as Riot stood up, Lana kicked in the midsection and then delivered a DDT. Riot was groggy. Lana rolled Riot over onto her back and went for the pin. 1.....2..KICKOUT!! Lana slapped her hand onto the mat. she then grabbed Riot by the hair and hoisted her up. Lana then chopped Riot across the chest with a resounding slapping noise. Lana repeated it several more times, then whipped Riot off the ropes and nailed her in the face with a drop kick. Lana went for the cover again. 1........2........KICKOUT!! Riot kicked out with power. as Riot tried to stand up, Lana got a running start and speared Riot. Riot was hurting. she was alid out on the mat and Lana strutted around her fallen body. Lana then kicked Riot in the ribs. she rolled her eyes as Riot cried out in pain. grabbing an ankle, Lana dragged Riot out to the middle of the ring. spreading Riot's legs open and holding her ankles, Lana dropped a knee to Riot's groin. Riot howled in pain. Lana then straddled the heavy metal maniac and began to taunt her.

"not so tough now huh Riot?!! call me a little girl? i guess this little girl is going completely humiliate you!!!" Lana taunted, then slapped Riot. Lana then got up and picked up Riot once again. positioning her just right, Lana attempted a piledriver, but Riot resisted and using her own powerful strength, managed to do a back body drop to Lana. Riot saw Lana's body on the mat, then she tried to drop a leg. Lana rolled out of the way and Riot hit the canvas. Lana did a leg drop of her own. she went for the cover. 1........2.....KICKOUT. Lana was getting frustrated. then a smile formed on her face. "since i cant seem to hurt you, let me try another way......" Lana sang.

Lana then rammed Riot's head into the mat, stunning the much more powerful opponent. Lana then straddled Riot's back. Lana started to beam. she stared at Riot's motionless body and began to slide her fingers along Riot's sides, causing Riot's body to jerk. she then slipped her fingertips into Riot's underarms and Riot immediately began to laugh. Lana then dug deeper, causing Riot to roar hysterically. her body began to thrash about and Lana had a hard time trying to keep her position on Riot's back. Riot finally lurched Lana off of her and quickly rolled over onto her back. she saw Lana coming towards her stalkingly.

"you bitch!!! dont tickle me!!!!" Riot shouted.

Lana then planted a boot into Riot's midsection, causing Riot to lose her air. Lana then grabbed an ankle, then proceeded to put Riot into the figure four leglock. Riot screamed in pain, as Lana's legs squeezed onto Riot's. the referee asked Riot if she wanted to quit. she screamed negatively. Riot was trying to fight the pain. she looked into Lana's eyes and saw a evil smirk. Riot wanted to rip that smirk right off Lana's face, but then Lana would squeeze harder.

"now you ugly slut, let's take a look at these gunboats you call feet!" Lana taunted. to Riot's dismay, Lana began to unlace one of Riot's boots. the strings were coming undone and Riot yelled in pain. she knew what was coming. soon, Lana tugged at the boot and it slowly began to come off. the boot was finally removed and Lana tossed the boot out of the ring. she then grabbed the tip of the white cotton sock and pulled Riot's sock. the sock slipped off the heel, then the arch was exposed, then finally the toes. Lana pretended to smell Riot's sock, then tossed it out of the ring. Lana then turned her attention to the size 13 foot in front of her. Riot's sole was pale and quite slender. her long, but thick toes seemed to be of equal length, except her big toe was really fat. Lana then slid her nails along the surprisingly soft sole of Riot. Riot immediately roared out in laughter.


Lana continued to tickle the sole of Riot. she enjoyed watching Riot's toes clench open and close. she got a rush when she saw Riot's body twist and squirm, trying to avoid having her foot tickled. Patti on the outside was jumping up and down cheering, sensing that victory was close. Lana then began to play with the long, fat toes. she tickled each and every crease, but found a particulary ticklish spot on the base of the toes. she poked and tickled that spot and Riot roared in laughter. Lana began to taunt Riot.

"poooooooor baby!!!! are Riot's toes ticklish? yes they are!! Riot is a tickly tickly little slut isnt she? ISNT SHE?!!!!!" Lana yelled as she continued to tickle Riot's foot, listening to Riot laugh harder and louder.

Riot knew she had to get out of this predicament. she was getting weaker from the foot tickling and losing to Lana Star would be humiliating, especially in this manner. she began to fight towards the ropes, but Lana simply pressed the pain of the figure four on her. Riot then began to try to turn over, which would force the pain back onto Lana Star. Lana noticed this and tried tickling Riot's foot even harder. Riot laughed harder, but she didnt stop. finally she managed to turn the figure four over and now Lana was screaming in pain. Lana released the figure four and Riot was free. Lana got up and when she tried to approach Riot, Riot lunged forward and speared Lana. a new surge of adrenaline flowed through Riot. she grabbed Lana, scooped her up and slammed her. she did it again and again and again. Lana was in pain, and Riot then kick Lana in the ribs with her barefoot. Riot then smiled. she reached down and grabbed Lana's ankle and began to unlace the boot. Patti Pizazz then got onto the ring apron and Riot went over and nailed her in the face with her fist. Patti crashed to the arena floor. Riot had a possessed look in her eye. she wanted to now torture Lana into submission. she stared at her own barefoot and wiggled her toes. she stared back over at Lana's boot and immediately went after it. she unlaced the boot and pulled it off. she then hurled the pink boot into the crowd. she quickly pulled off the white sock of Lana and stared at the beautiful creamy sole. she began to pull at Lana's toes which caused Lana to stir. Riot began to have a huge twisted smile.

at the top of the ramp, a figure began to run to ringside. it was Chyna!!! she ran down the ramp, went to the announcer's table to grab Riot's baseball bat and got into the ring. the referee tried to stop her but she shoved him out of the way. Riot let go of Lana's ankle and got up. Chyna then nailed her on the top of the head with the baseball bat. Riot fell backwards on the mat, knocked out completely. Chyna then got out of the ring. the referee rang the bell. it was a disqualification result. Lana got up groggily and saw Riot's laid out body. she stared at her barefoot, then saw the referee raise Riot's hand. she heard the announcement and threw a fit. she looked back up the ramp and saw Chyna standing there with a smirk. Lana was still the champ, but she knew how close she was to losing the title. she knew this wasnt the last she would hear from the tWo..........

okay fans, how was this one? everything is shaping up nicely and there are a few more suprises coming. stay tuned!!! feedback is always welcomed!!!

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what is there to say. you still are doing a good job. i still like.

03-25-2003, 01:20 AM
Primetime, you da man! Thanks for including the two goth chicks in this one. One request though: Daffney needs a good tickling on her feet. I've seen a few rare pics of her soft pale soles, and they look perfect for some torture. :D Anyway, keep up the good work, and the story just gets better each time...