View Full Version : The Slave & The Tickle Temptress Chapter Three

03-27-2003, 09:29 AM
Each Step Leah took, as she lead James behind her down to her dungeon made her grin wider. James was a forinner in her country but she didn't care where he came from, all she knew was that he was hers finaly.

In the center of her dungeon now James stood erect like a statue.
"Well, Now my slave I must think of a name for you know, hmm what shall I call you?"

Thinking of a mythical name she ran the name SAMPSON Through her mind, a couple of times, and she liked it very much.

"I have it My Slave from now on you'll answer to the name of SAMPSON
Do You Understand?" Sampson Nodded his head, and then said. " Yes Mistress I hear, and will Obey"

Clapping her hands with great delight she leads her slave over to The Rack, after possitioning himself spread eagle Leah Starts to crank the chains tighter, and tighter.

Sampsons body streached tighter with each click of the crank until the only things that could move were his trimed toes.

Before begining her pleasureable work on him Leah places a leather hood with only the mouth exposed over her slaves head then whipers to him.

"I'm going to count to three, and then snap my fingers awakening you. You Will react for me in hysteria, as I lightly tickle your body, because starting now SAMPSON your body is ten times more ticklish than it was before Do You Understand? Sampsons head couldn't nod, so he replied "Yes Mistress, I hear, And Will Obey"

Snapping her fingers SAMPSON awaken to her fingers lightly circling his left arm pit. Her Slaves reaction was immediate hysteria.

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