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03-29-2003, 02:40 PM
It was about nine in the evening and once again I was sitting in front of a flickering computer screen trying to wrap my head around programming in Ada. More specifically I was trying to work out why the university were making second year computer science students study a language that had precisely no new projects outside of the defence industry and was about twenty years out of date.

My almost trance-like concentration was broken by a knock at the door and, grateful for the distraction I got up to open it to reveal the rather bleary-eyed form of one of my housemates. The house itself was an old Victorian style townhouse about halfway between the town centre and the university and was absolutely huge compared to most of the student housing that was available. Split into four main floors it was home to seven of us, three of whom where doing the same computer science course, the rest were maths students who’d met the three of us in a bar a few weeks into the first year and who seemed to actually enjoy our company.

This was surprising to us for a couple of reasons. First, the fact that anyone would choose to hang around three geeks was pretty unusual, but the fact that all four were female and extremely pretty had us firmly believing that it was a practical joke of some sort. Thankfully they’d convinced us otherwise and over the year we’d become fast friends to the point that we’d all decided to live together in the second year to try and not only cut down on costs but to get somewhere a little bigger than we’d otherwise be able to afford. We’d even gone to the spring ball together, with the girls each choosing who’d they like to go with. Again for reasons that totally escape me two of them had each said they wanted to go with me, and as we were short one guy anyway it didn’t seem like a bad solution to the problem at least not from my point of view.

That particular evening had stayed with me though, and I found myself trying to work out why they’d both decided on me as I knew that if you compared the three of us I was definitely sitting in third place. I’ve always had a big build, natural born rugby player as one of my friends used to joke, but it was only recently that I’d really started to loose the last of the puppy fat, so for the first year and a bit of university I was sitting firmly in the chubby camp. I’m not particularly tall either at five ten, and most of my muscle is in my legs, so I tend to look shorter than I am.

It was really bugging me though, and I was starting to talk myself into believing it was a sympathy thing, which frankly I neither needed nor wanted. After a couple of weeks I plucked up the courage to actually ask them why and they both gave the same answer: “You make us laugh”.

That floored me; I’d always assumed that the whole ‘must have good sense of humour’ line was a way for women to dodge seeming shallow by putting the physical assets higher up the list, but apparently not. It took a while for them to convince me, but they managed it and ever since my confidence has been through the roof.

One thing that does surprise people, well, those that ask anyway, is that none of this had ever lead to anything beyond friendship between any of us. Sure we flirted a lot, and the girls tended to play around with us (and on one very memorable occasion, each other, but that’s another story) when we went out to the pub, but it was never anything more than that. In fact, and this is hard to admit, I’d never even kissed a woman, let alone done anything else. It sounds corny, hell it sounds incredibly stupid, but I’ve always had this thing about actually wanting any, umm, physical activity to be second to a strong relationship, and that kind of puts the brakes on any ‘serious’ fooling around. The other guys weren’t in the same situation and I’d occasionally cop a little flack from them about it, but it honestly didn’t bother me that much. All good thing to those who wait and all that jazz.

Anyway, the figure standing outside my door was definitely not one of the girls, not unless that was a hell of a good disguise kit they’d gotten for Christmas. It was in fact the body of Tim, my next-door neighbour and best mate. By the looks of him he’d been up for far too long working on this damn assignment and had reached the point of either going out and getting blind drunk on cheap vodka night down the Bay Hotel, or having a long scream, going up to the uni and taking a baseball bat to all their computers. On this occasion he seemed to have settled for the vodka option, and was asking me if I wanted to go with.

A quick think convinced me that this might not be the best plan. For a start, he had managed to finish his project, which was due in at the end of the week (today being Tuesday) and I had barely started and needed to catch up. More importantly though I knew exactly what would happen if I went out with him and ‘the lads’ when they were in this state. I am a slow drunk, I don’t mean I drink slow, rather that it takes a very large amount of alcohol to have any real impact on my system thanks to a slow metabolism. The net result was usually that they’d all be drunk enough to start something stupid, a fight with the entire university rugby team for example, and I’d have to wade in and try to sort it out. Frankly I didn’t need the excitement and declined as gracefully as I could, using the work thing as an excuse, which he reluctantly accepted and both Tim and Tony (the third member of our merry band) headed out for the evening.

I returned to the computer and after about fifteen minutes had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do but no longer had the brainpower left to figure out exactly how to make it happen. But that didn’t really matter; with the plan in place I’d broken the back of the damn thing, and could come back to it in the morning to finish off. I saved the project and shut down the PC, walked over to the bookshelf and pulled down my latest Terry Pratchett novel.

My room was big, cavernous by student standards and it had given me a little freedom in how I had it set-up. One wall was dominated by the desk, bookshelf and wardrobe, curving round to meet the fireplace. The opposite wall held a couple of smaller units and the bulk of my TV and audio equipment with the bed off to the side. In the middle of the floor was a sofa bed, which was positioned to face the TV and block off the work-orientated side of the room, effectively, giving me a study area and living area in the one room. I settled down on the sofa with my book and curled up; letting my mind clear itself of the computer code I’d been immersed in for what seemed like days.

Over the course of the next hour or so I got through close to a hundred pages of the book, distracted slightly by the large number of people calling on the house. I counted at least five people coming in through the front door and heading upstairs to the top floor. The girls must be having a night in I thought and made a mental note to make sure I was presentable if I headed out to the kitchen or bathroom. The computer and central heating had combined with the lack of proper ventilation to turn the room into a sweatbox though, and I propped the door open to try and get some air in. It was working, but slowly and I pulled off my, by now in desperate need of a wash, t-shirt and threw a clean one over the back of the sofa, intending to cool down a bit before finishing dressing. I settled back down and once again started to loose myself in my book.

Suddenly from upstairs I heard a shriek and hit the ground running. There were four long flights of stairs and a couple of doors to negotiate to reach the top floor, but even so I think I made it up there in about twenty seconds flat. All the doors in this place were the same, thick fire doors with cheap bolt locks that would give if hit just right. I didn’t even slow down, just lowered my shoulder slightly and popped the door open, wincing slightly as I felt the wood resist for long enough to guarantee a nasty bruise and some lingering pain for the next few days. The sight that met my eyes was a curious one: ten women (I must have missed one coming in) were all crowded around the bed with one of them looking distinctly twitchy. The one in question was Fiona, one of ‘our’ lot and by far the most attractive. The others were good looking but she was a knockout. Five three, blond hair that flowed down her back almost to her waist, perfect body and eyes that were capable of just sucking you in and down until you were completely lost if you weren’t careful. She had been one of the two that I had escorted to the ball, and the memory of her clinging to me, her simple black dress flowing over her body like liquid silk, her scent rising to meet me was as strong today as it had been then.

I checked everyone was okay, and had a quick scan of the room. I recognised everyone there, and that more than anything reassured me that nothing too bad was going to happen tonight. I really should have known better, but I guess I was still a little spaced from overwork. In fact I’m sure of it, as I normally hide that sort of thing pretty well, but Fiona had picked up on it immediately and was staring at me with an intensity that was both unnerving and thrilling, the two feelings arriving mixed up together and causing a shiver to pass through me as I struggled to sort them out.

I knew that if I stayed any longer the situation would start to get uncomfortable, especially as it was sinking in that I was still sans t-shirt and the looks I was getting from some of the women were definitely more than simple amusement, with one or two almost looking, as daft as it sounds, hungry. I headed back down, entered my now cool room and quickly pulled the new shirt on and flopped back on to the sofa. Normally my mind would have been going over what I’d just seen and would probably have picked up on a few subtle, but vital, clues. However if I had I suspect that what happened next would have stayed a ‘what if?’ for evermore.

There was a knock at the door and like a fool I opened it. Immediately I was forced to back up as all ten of the girls started to file into the room, though strangely it wasn’t Fiona in the lead as I’d have expected, but Bonnie, a tall brunette who normally one of the sweetest people you could ever hope to meet. Now though there was an odd look on her face that immediately put me on my guard and I turned slightly so I was standing between the bed and the sofa, not wanting to box myself into a corner.

Behind Bonnie the girls spread out in a line, all of them watching me intently, reading my movements as I passed my gaze around the room. I was well aware that I could be in real trouble here, but ultimately I knew these people, and there wasn’t one among them I didn’t think of as a friend. They were all dressed in black, a simple combination of trousers and t-shirt that were so tight at first glance you’d have been forgiven for assuming they were wearing catsuits. Bonnie cleared her throat, purely for the theatrical element I thought, and started to speak as if quoting from a script.

“We, the sisters of the feather, do herby give notice that what happens from this point onwards are actions demanded of us by our laws, and are in no way representative of our personal feelings on this matter. Sister Fiona, do you understand why your initiation has been….modified in this manner?”

I glanced back and for the first time realised that Fiona was being flanked on either side by the largest and, I assumed, the strongest of all of the women. “I do” she replied, voice catching slightly as she caught my questioning glance.

“Then I should explain the situation to your white night before we begin” Bonnie continued, right before they rushed me.

I’d seen it coming, the shift in stance as soon as Fiona had said “I do” had been the tip off and I moved quickly, up on to the sofa and over the back, trying to get round them and out the door. It almost worked too, but someone managed to knock my ankle as I cleared the back of the sofa and I headed for the ground at speed. Landing on my already bruised shoulder I rolled through, now only a foot or two from the door as I heard a strange yet somehow familiar clunk from behind me. The only problem was Fiona was standing in front of it and there was no way I was simply going to shove her aside, not even to get out of here. I pivoted and headed up onto the bed, planning to head for the large patio doors in the opposite corner. Suddenly I felt someone tackle me from behind and I went down, landing face down on the mattress. I squirmed forward, knowing that if they managed to get enough bodies on me I was done for.

I made it off the bed, and with a chance to get my feet under me launched off the floor towards the sofa, planning to pivot off the back of the sofa and swing round back towards the patio doors. As I reached out for the hard frame I suddenly realised that the earlier clunk had been someone letting down the backrest to turn the sofa into a bed and I landed sprawling on the now double bed sized cushions.

This time I had no chance, the landing had knocked the wind out of me, and the girls piled on top of me, spreading out so that while some of them held me down the others moved to my arms and legs, pulling them taught and crossing both my wrists and ankles. There were muffled clinking noises, as I thrashed underneath the weight of their bodies, I felt something soft click shut around my right wrist, then my left and then my ankles, left and right. The weight lessened as they all shifted off to my right, and then with one swift movement they rolled me over onto my back. As they did so my arms were pulled outwards towards the corners of the bed, as were my legs, by the restraints and I realised that they had put the left cuffs on the right limb and vice versa, so that when they flipped me over my right hand was suddenly yanked upwards rather than pulling my arms closer together.

I felt hands yanking at my clothes and suddenly my shirt was torn away from my body, followed shortly afterwards by my trousers, leaving me tied up and helpless clad only in black briefs in front of ten women, all of whom I respected and all of whom turned me on, a fact that was becoming painfully clear to the casual observer at this point.

I watched as the girls spread out around the bed, two saying behind my head, one either side of my body, one by each thigh and one by each of my feet. Fiona I realised wasn’t joining them and I twisted my head around to spot her sitting on the edge of the other bed, hands tied together in front of her with a rope tied around her ankles that was fastened to the foot of the bed. Looking back I suspect it was more of a symbolic bondage than anything else, as she could have gotten her hands close enough to that knot to free her feet and get out if she’d wanted to. A sudden weight on the bed brought my attention back to my own predicament as Bonnie knelt down between my legs, lent forwards and ran her nails over my bare skin.

In a moment of clarity I realised exactly what they were planning as my mind finally caught up with events and I tried to force myself not to react to Bonnie’s touch. I managed not to laugh, but the tensing of my muscles under her hands, the twitching of my jaw as I fought to hang on to my self control was all the confirmation she needed. She rocked forward, lying down on top of me, her mouth barely an inch from my ear as she flipped her hair down like a curtain around my head.

“Relax,” she whispered, “we’ll explain everything later and we won’t do anything to cause you harm. Well, not permanently anyway.” I could her the grin in her voice as she said the last part. “Let’s just say we’re going to prove that no good dead goes unpunished and the road to hell is indeed paved with good intentions. Just try to enjoy it.” With that she gently bit my ear, and pushed herself upwards, from my enforced perspective she looked like a mythical creature rising above me, preparing to deliver judgement. Any hopes that I’d guessed wrongly about their intentions dissolved with her next words.

“For daring to interrupt our ceremony it is our custom that the white knight shall be sentenced to one hour of torment at the hands of our sisterhood. However, as this particular knight has performed above and beyond the call of duty for each of us here tonight at some point in the last year, we will reduce this sentence by half, if all the sisters agree.” There were nods from all the women at this, although I thought I saw a brief look of disappointment on more than one face. “Then it is decided,” Bonnie continued “thirty minutes of tickling, punishment to commence immediately.”

*** Continued ***

03-29-2003, 02:41 PM
At once eight pairs of hands started to assault my body, nails racking over my skin as they started to explore, searching for the most ticklish areas. I clamped my mouth shut, forcing myself to stay still, clinging to the slim hope that if I could hold out for a few minutes they may get bored and give up. But they were relentless, constantly changing tactics as they went, switching from long, slow strokes of their hands to rapid-fire poking and prodding, then on to fast scratching before returning to the gentler stroking. There seemed to be no pattern to it, and the sensations grew, building upon themselves until my whole body shook from the effort of holding back laughter. My eyes were screwed shut, red dots of light flaring in the darkness as I put everything I had left into one last ditch effort to resist their attentions. For a moment I thought I might have succeeded as I managed to get my body back under control, if only I could gain a couple of seconds to regain my focus I might be able to do this.

That idea disappeared only a second after I’d thought it as they finally managed to break through my defences. I felt Bonnie, who I realised hadn’t actually been doing anything up that point other than watch the action lean forward, the bed shifting underneath her as her legs slid back along mine until she was lying down between my legs, the warmth of her breasts pressed up against the now rather large bulge in my briefs as she rested her cheek on my stomach. Her hands moved up my ribs, roaming over my chest until they came to rest on my shoulders, right on the collarbone. She moved slightly and suddenly her lips were on my skin, locked over my belly button as she blew out through her lips quickly, doing a ‘raspberry’ on my skin as her fingers dug into my shoulders and neck. The feel of the extra fingers, her smooth hair gently stimulating my skin and those lips vibrating against me was too much and I exploded with laughter, my eyes snapping open as I tried to buck her off.

I felt her laugh at my pathetic efforts to move her, and she raised her head just long enough to issue a command to the others. “You saw that girls, fingers are good but this one can’t stand your mouths. Get to it!”. The next thing I knew all the women had shifted around, their hands now moving to secondary locations on my body as they concentrated on the worst tickle spots with their wet mouths and tongues. It was, well in all honesty, it was indescribable but I’ll try my best. It was the same sort of feeling as comparing receiving an electric shock when you were bone dry to the same shock when you were in the bath. Their saliva seemed to transmit the ticklish sensations straight to my mind, bypassing everything else and magnifying their efforts a hundredfold.

I screamed out loud, and wrenched hard to the right, managing to actually shake a couple of them away from their positions but to no avail. There were simply too many of them, and they quickly grabbed me and pushed me back down onto the bed, the girls at my arms wrapping their legs around me to keep me still, removing any chance of gaining leverage I may have had. My throat felt raw as they forced laughter out of me that I didn’t know I was capable of. My mind seemed to become detached and I can clearly remembering listening to my own laughter in fascination. It would start as a scream, which gave way to high-pitched hysterics. Then suddenly it would drop down until it was almost a sub-harmonic rumbling before rising back to a hysterical giggling and from there into silent laughter. The girls would back off for a second, letting me catch a quick breath before starting the cycle all over again.

Worst of all was the torture the two at my feet were dishing out. Their hands, unlike everyone else, were not being used to tickle away at my already tender flesh, but to hold my feet steady and to pull my toes back, exposing the vulnerable, sensitive flesh between those toes to their tongues. Oh god, those tongues, their owners seemed to be able to make them perform contortions that I didn’t know the human body was capable of, licking and lapping between my toes, then taking the toes themselves into their mouths and slurping at the skin before moving up and down the soles of my feet with long, slow, sensuous licks that while incredibly erotic were also driving me insane. On their own they would have been enough to make me promise to do anything for just a five-minute break, for just a moment of peace, of freedom. But combined with mouths and tongues and fingers seemingly everywhere on my body, the rasp of a tongue across my armpit, the scrabble of fingers on my ribs and neck, mouths moving over my hips, thighs, waist and stomach, yet more fingers poking and prodding my knees, it was all too much,

I felt like I was floating, watching my own body being tormented by these women, absentmindedly wondering if it was possible to be tickled to death, wondering what exactly I’d done to deserve this, why Fiona was tied up on the other bed, what those tongues would feel like on the only area of my anatomy they’d left alone much to my disappointment.

The movement of a body on top of me brought my mind back down to reality, as Bonnie worked her way slowly up my stomach and chest, planting loose, wet kisses all over my already tender skin, each one making me jerk tiredly in my bonds. She reached my neck and started to nuzzle against my flesh, a low hum, almost a purr in here throat as she made me squirm, even that subtle vibration enough to cause new ticklish feelings in my abused body. She moved up again, looking straight down at me, as she brought her hands up and gently held my head, fingers spread over my cheeks and neck. She slowly lowered her head, mouthing a private count down to me, ten, nine, eight, her eyes sparkled as she leant closer, five, four her lips seemed to call me, two, one. As she reached zero she finally made contact and kissed me, a long, sensual kiss that seemed to spread out through my body, warming me and relaxing stiff and sore muscles. As she broke the contact I realised that the tickling had stopped and the girls had moved over to Fiona’s bound body.

As I lay there, exhausted, I had no choice but to watch what they were doing as four of them set to adding more restraints to the bed I was lying on. The others undid her restraints, then moved her hands behind her back and secured them there with a set of padded handcuffs. They placed a leather collar around her neck and stood her upright in front of me. Then, in virtually the same motion they ripped her t-shirt away from her body, and slid her trousers down to her ankles. Two girls smoothly lifted her up in the air slightly, and two more finished pulling her trousers off her, leaving her standing, bound in front of me in only a black satin bra and panties, a beautiful contrast against her pale skin, breathtaking, stunning.

So enchanted by this vision standing before me was I that I failed to notice Bonnie approaching until she started whispering in my ear. I jumped slightly at the unexpected voice, distinctly Bonnie’s but lower, huskier than I’d ever heard it before.

“Now I think you’ve earned the truth, or part of it at least. When you burst in on us tonight we were just starting sister Fiona’s induction ceremony into our order. It’s a simple ritual, one that mixes the experiences you’ve gone through tonight with intense pleasure, a study in duality you might say. Once started it must be completed the same night, and we could leave you in peace and finish this privately if that’s what you want. However…” she paused, seemingly debating what she was about to say and in that moment she changed from the leader of this ‘sisterhood’ into the person I knew.

“However, the fact of the matter is that the two of you,” and here she indicated their gorgeous prisoner “are right for each other, even if you’re both too stupid to realise it. You’re good together and it’s about time you accepted that. If you’ll allow it we’ll make you part of the ritual, I guarantee you’ll enjoy what we have in mind, but we won’t force you.”

I thought about this for a moment, still unable to quite believe what I was being told. I had to fight past my, I think understandable given the circumstances, natural reaction to simply say yes and tried to work out what exactly it was I felt for this woman. Suddenly everything became crystal clear, one simple event a few weeks ago while we were out walking on the cliff paths.. Fiona had stumbled, catching her ankle as she went down and had been unable to walk for more than a few steps. We’d moved off the trail into a nearby field, and had stayed there for a couple of hours while she waited for the pain to subside enough to make it back home. It was that time, sitting alone under a sunny sky, just talking to each other with nothing else to intrude that I’d felt an overwhelming sensation of peace unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. At the time I’d assumed that it was simply the effect of sharing that day in that place with a gorgeous woman alongside me, but looking back I realised that only Fiona had that effect on me, and it happened to some degree every time I saw her.

I opened my eyes and looked straight at her, and then saw the fear in her eyes, not of what was to come but of what I may say in response to this offer. I made up my mind. “Yes, I’ll do it, but on one condition.”

“Condition?” Bonnie said, clearly surprised, “You’re not in much of a position to be bargaining you know.”

“This is a simple one.” I replied, still staring right into Fiona’s eyes. “Are you sure that you want to do this?” I asked, holding my breath as I did so.

The reply was immediate: “Yes, definitely, I want to do this, and you.” Fiona said, her voice loaded with desire as it seemed to shoot through me like a live wire.

Beside me Bonnie made a quick signal at the other women and they rapidly moved into position. They untied my feet and slid my briefs down and off my unresisting legs, leaving me completely naked before ten pairs of female eyes, all of which did a slow, and to my mind deliberately staged, long look up and down the length of my body. They secured my feet again, but this time much closer together, and in a far more comfortable manner. My arms they left stretched out, although here too they added a little slack to the restraints. Two of them moved behind Fiona and, with the aid of a pair of scissors finished removing the last of her clothing. God she looked good standing there, and I could feel my body pulse with desire.

Their preparations finished, Bonnie’s voice rose in command once more: “Bless the alter.” and before I knew what was happening a soft female mouth had covered mine, a tongue that, mere minutes ago must have been tormenting me, now exploring my mouth, making me twitch and shake for far different reasons than before. The kiss ended and was immediately replaced by someone else, another deep kiss. All nine of the girls performed this act, and in those few moments I realised an awful lot about what I’d been missing. Each kiss was subtly different, a different taste, pressure and movement yet each alike, with a seemingly genuine passion and caring behind each one.

Bonnie was the last to kiss me, and as she finished she did not withdraw like the others, but hovered above me, patiently waiting for me to regain my senses. Finally I managed to focus on her, and the small silver packet in her left hand. She gave me a grin that seemed to bypass the brain and speak directly to the heart, and I realised that she was deliberately putting on a show, perhaps playing the part that, had things been different, Fiona herself would have played. She slinked down to my hips, ripped the packet open and gently rolled the condom onto my now rock hard dick. Just that was enough to send me into orbit, every movement against my, until now neglected, flesh making me twitch and spasm. She giggled and flicked the end of my dick with a finger, pulling a groan from somewhere deep in my body. Looking up at the two guards with Fiona she nodded and stepped aside.

The guards escorted her forward, guiding her up the bed until she was level with my hips. She swung a leg over my body and slowly slid down, teasing my aching cock with her pussy until I slid inside her. Her legs stretched out alongside my body, her feet about on a level with my shoulders as the girls went to work. First they secured her ankles with restraints, pulling them tight to ensure she couldn’t move her legs. Then they untied her wrists and moved her arms up above her head. Crossing her wrists they secured them to a set of restraints that were attached to what, in all honesty, looked like a six foot tall piece of metal pipe with a pulley on the top. I could hear rustling noises from somewhere below my eye line as they secured the bar at it’s base. Finally they attached two thin chains, one to the front and one to the back of the collar, and once again pulled them tight.

The net result was that Fiona had very little movement available to her, her head and body firmly held in place by the chains, her arms and legs secured tightly. She tugged and twisted but the only real movement she had was in her hips as she could wriggle from side to side. Doing so of course was a tremendous stimulation, and as I worked out what was likely to happen, I resolved to try and make this last as long as I could for her.

The girls took positions around Fiona’s helpless body, in similar positions to the ones they’d used to torment me, although this time Bonnie was kneeling behind Fiona so as not to interfere with my view. Each of them held a feather in their right hands, and from what I could see they were all different. Some where thin and stiff, others wide and flowing, still others short and pointed, no two would produce the same feeling, and I realised that I may have actually gotten off lightly in my own punishment.

Seemingly without warning they struck, all nine of them reaching out and running those feathers over Fiona’s slim body, this was no warm up but a full on, all out attack. Fiona instantly burst out laughing as feathers traced over her skin, in and out of her armpits and bellybutton, down her ribs and across her hips, down her thighs and behind the knees and all over her toes and soles. Her head shook from side to side as she giggled and writhed under their touch, long blonde hair whipping around her body, hands clutching at air as she fought to free herself from this predicament.

Of course, trapped underneath her as I was, I was getting the ride of my life as she twisted and bounced, her pussy holding me as tight as a vice as she moved above me. She looked gorgeous, beyond anything I’d ever dreamed or fantasised about, and under any other conditions I don’t think I’d have lasted very long. However the tickling was driving her to distraction, and she couldn’t maintain any sort of rhythm, constantly building us both up and then sending us both back down as someone found a particularly ticklish spot.

Bonnie had been watching patiently from her perch behind Fiona, and now seemed eager to get into the action herself. She moved forward and slid an arm over Fiona’s left shoulder, while her right arm moved around her side. I watched, hypnotised as the short, stiff feather in Bonnie’s hand wandered up and down, barely an inch off Fiona’s body, teasing her with brief touches to her skin all over her sensitive areas, dipping into her belly button for a moment and causing a shriek of laughter, then dancing over to her hips before moving back up to the her throat and chin. Finally Bonnie looked straight at me, blew me a kiss and moved the feather down, dancing it around Fiona’s breasts, circling her nipples in ever decreasing circles before breaking off and tickling the undersides of those wonderful tits.

Fiona in the meantime was going nuts, not knowing whether to laugh or moan, giggle or scream as they kept up the torture. From the corner of my eye I saw the girl at her right foot turn her feather around and start using it as a quill, drawing random patterns on her soles. Fiona’s eyes almost popped out of her head at that and the shriek of protest was accompanied by an attempt to pull away that her bondage turned into more of a bounce, which in turn set us both groaning. Seeing that she was clearly enjoying this motion, the girl on her left foot put her feather between those vulnerable toes and pulled it through, prompting another shriek and a switch to a twisting motion as she shook her head violently.

By now Fiona was a mess. Sweat poured down her body, her mouth was hanging open as she panted for breath amidst bursts of fresh laughter, her skin was flushed, and her hair soaked through as her body heaved with the effort of breathing. She looked beautiful. Every time her tormenters let up, even for a second, she would shift back to a bouncing motion, clearly becoming more and more desperate for release as this torture went on. Behind her, Bonnie raised one hand and the two that had been tickling her knees moved around to join Bonnie behind their captive. With a final glance at the others, Bonnie dropped her hand, and all hell was let loose.

*** Continued ***

03-29-2003, 02:42 PM
Those girls still in their original positions dropped their feathers and dived in with their mouths, sucking and licking for all they were worth, their hands scrabbling across her flesh as they went. I knew exactly what that felt like and I could imagine just what she was feeling right now as those wicked women went to work. After only a few seconds of this I saw the three behind Fiona lean forward and from what I could see, they started to run their feathers over her perfect ass. Fiona’s eyes, which had been screwed tightly shut, now flew open as the feathers flew over her most ticklish area. She shook her head from side to side, her mouth hanging open as she shrieked silently with laughter. Her natural reaction to this new torture was to try and get away, and the only option she had for that was to return to that bouncing motion, and I could feel my climax building.

Behind her I saw Bonnie grab a long, plus feather that one of the other girls had dropped and return to the attack. Again, I’m guessing as to the actual movement but I think she started to worm both feathers down between Fiona’s cheeks. That was more that enough for Fiona, the last bit of extra stimulation was too much and I felt her pussy tighten around me, her head thrown back as far as possible in the collar, her scream of pleasure seeming to echo off the walls as she started to milk me. That was all I needed and I reached my own climax along with her, crying out her name as I came.

As soon as Fiona started to come down, the girls immediately stopped their tickling and moved quickly to support her as they freed her from her bondage. As soon as her hands were untied she collapsed backwards, unable to hold herself up any longer. They removed the restraints from her ankles, and then set about undoing my own restraints. I moved slowly to one side, swung my feet down and got rather shakily to my feet. Somehow I knew what I should do next, and reached down, sliding my arms under Fiona’s unresisting body. I picked her up gently, turned and carried her the short distance to the bed. It was a good job it wasn’t any further actually as I’m not sure I could have made it. I laid her down on the sheets and turned to find Bonnie barely a foot away with an odd look on her face.

She glanced down at Fiona’s sleeping form and smiled, then looked back up at me. “When she wakes up, could you give her this?” Bonnie asked, unclasping a short gold chain from around her throat, on the end of which was a small silver feather.

“Of course, may I ask what exactly it is?”

“It’s her reward, she’s the latest member of the sisterhood, so she is now the high priestess until the next person joins.”

“Seems an odd way of doing things, the most inexperienced member having the most power?”

“It’s worked so far, besides it was her idea.”

“What? How could it be her idea if she’s only just become a member.”

“Simple, she came up with the idea of the sisterhood and made up the rules. All ten of us that were there that night put out names into a hat and drew them out to decide the order of our initiation. She came out last, so she’ll be the high priestess for a while I would think. But history can wait until the morning, I’ll leave you two alone.”

So saying Bonnie moved quickly to the door, pausing only to pick up the remains of Fiona’s clothes from where they lay on the floor. “I’m sure she can borrow something of yours to get to her own room tomorrow, right?” She asked, with one last glance back before she swept out of the door.

I slid into bed beside Fiona, the chain still in my hand. I reached down and gently fastened it around her neck, still unable to believe that I was actually here, and that all this had happened to me. She stirred slightly as the cool metal brushed her skin, and turned towards me. She opened her eyes and smiled, opened her mouth to speak. I leant forward and placed two fingers against her lips.

“I love you” I whispered, “thank you for making me realise it before it was too late.”

The smile grew and she leant in for a kiss, our first but not our last. It lasted forever, and yet was over far too quickly, a hint of what lay ahead perhaps. Neither of us had any more words that would do this justice; we just curled up in each other’s arms, content and at peace with the world. The last thing I saw before sleep claimed me was her sweet face, almost angelic as she relaxed in the depths of her dreams, and that silver feather, glinting in the moonlight.

04-08-2003, 07:56 PM
Excellent story, as usual. Thanks for all your stories.