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04-02-2003, 04:06 PM
Stephanie McMahon was in her office when she heard a knock at the door, *knock knock*. "Come in" said Stephanie and the person who walked through the door was no other than the 1st WWE Diva in and former WWE Women's Champion Sable. "Sable what a suprise, why are you here?" asked Steph, "Well i just got an offer to come back to the company" said Sable. * Steph was angry that they brought her back but remembered the fun time she tickled Sable's soles for 2 hours.* Out of nowhere Steph through punch and Sable caught her fist and put her in the sleeper and let her new boss fall to the ground. 15 minutes later Steph woke up in her office on the floor with her arms handcuffed to her chair and her size 6 feet in stockswith no way out. "Glad to see you woke up" said Sable, "Get me out of here NOW" ordered her Steph. you are in no position to order anyone said the diva wearing her black leather pants with her black bra and black 3 inch heels. She noticed Steph had the exact same thing on she had but she just smiled at those sexy feet steph had, not too small and little wrinkles and toes. "Steph remember when you tickled me for 2 hours?" yep said steph, well now it is time for payback. Steph eyes grew big when Sable used her long nails to tickle her feet up and down up and down. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA SABLE PLEEEEASSE STOP THIS I AM TOO TICKLISH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, u didn't stop when i asked you to. HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I AM SORRY HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Just then sable stoped and grabbed something out of her purse, it was a white feather in which she waved it in Stephs face. "Sable please don't please don't use that feather" said steph. Sable ignored her and tickled slowly with the feather she went up and down the soles and then she tickled the toes and steph really lost it. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I AM SORRY PLEASE STOP IT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sable stopped when her victim passed out and then left steph drained of all her energry, when steph woke up she was laying on her desk with a note in front of her saying: This is only round one i only tickled u for an hour i intend to tickle you for a few more hours. Sable.

04-03-2003, 08:14 PM
Wow, you post this at 6:00pm today, 2 hours before sables real return in the WWE. One can only wonder if you were live at the tuesday taping of smackdown, and if so, did this happen after the cameras went off? (please be so....please be so.....please be so....)

04-03-2003, 10:26 PM
sorry man i wasn't there, just thought it would make for a good story.How did u like the story?

04-04-2003, 03:59 PM
Kinda short and unimaginative. I know WWE is fake and all, but their on tv charecters are just like a tv show basicly. Actors and actresses. So, for tv purpases, if steph is head boss of smackdown, then why would she be uninformed that she asked sable to return?

Now, handcuffs might have made sence for a 1997 era chyna to have, but why sable? Ring ropes would have been a better choice, but not in her office. It would have made more sence for this to happen during ring set up. The time when the ring isn't completely set up, hours before crowds are let in. She would have used the excessive ring rope to bind her to the ring posts which have been established already.

As far as the length, i sure hope you wrote this in chapters, and i just missed the earlier chapters. If this is the first chapter to the story, it might have been better to have made a prelude set in 1998 era, before stephanie was WWF tv material, but rather a behind the scenes bitchy daddys little girl, trying to boss around sable, the #2 draw of the company at the time, but sable wouldn't listen. So stephanie tickles sable and tickles her again in 1999 causing her to leave the company.

Then in 2003 gets word of torrie wilson posing in playboy, and wants to come back to the company, only to have the hurdle of stephanie again, but, this time when steph punches sable, she catches it, and reveases it into a sleeper, and carries her to ringside, where the ring workers kindly help sable tie her up.....after being mistreated by stephanies bitchy ways. Then leave when sable tells them to. Stephanie would then wake up only to find sable has set up a camera crew, who were all to willing to help out (remember, steph has pissed off a lot of people).

Sable then tickles her sencless.

You then end chapter 1 with sable saying something like "well stephanie, have you learned your lession?" and steph would reply with "fuck you bitch, your in sooo much trouble when i get out, i'll call the police" and then sable would say "Yeah, well this camera crew here says differently. Ya see, the tv crew has already said they'd air this if i so desired...what you fail to realise is all the men want me, and all the women want to be me. Including you steph, you wish you were as smart as i am, i think from now on, you work for me. We'll no longer call you stephanie. Your new name is "Tickle-slave", because you'll get tickled whenever and wherever i tell you to. Now, these boys here want a shot at you, and don't worry, they wont strip you or hurt you, just tickle you." And with that sable walks away as stephanie sees over 30-40 men all with tickle lust in their eyes.

Damn. That was fun. Now I want to write my very first story. Personally, i'm going to stray from the WWE cast, and rather make my own original charecters, so that i can make them into whoever suits the story best. My storys will have plot twists and charecter development. WOW. I never knew writing these stories was fun, but i'm gonna make my first one right now.