View Full Version : The good days

04-06-2003, 09:18 PM
I remember when I was just 6, I had an older sister who I used to play this game with, where I would tickle her for 1 min on one foot then 1 min on the other then every day the time would get longer and the same for all her other ticklish spots. I dont know why she always used to do whatever I told her to even though she was older but I made her do a "test" every day. She was extreamly ticklish on her feet and armpits. When I got a bit older I realised that this power I had was in my advatage and I told her she would only have to do a test every other day if she got one of her friends to do it in her place. She had many friends that were really hot and magically she agreed. I realized the downside to this plan, who in the heck lets there friends little brother tickle their feet untill they couldnt laugh anymore cuz there sides hurt? My sisters friends, thats who...I was the happiest guy alive, every weekend I would have an older ticklish girls feet to tickle. I used to go at it for hours untill the begged for me to stop. Noone ever found out and they didnt seem to mind much and my sister thought she was getting out of a test. Soon enough my fun was over when she went to collage. It was fun while it lasted and I definaly concider myself lucky to have tickled so many beautiful girls in such a little time. I guess you can say i was a smart child :D

To better days and more tickling