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04-08-2003, 03:03 PM
It was late October and Kate had just left school after staying late at the library to work on a paper that was due at the end of the week. It was almost dark however it was nice outside and only a 20 minute walk to her house so she decided to go for a walk.
On her way home she came across the local cemetary which she would regularly cut through as a short cut during the day but never had the guts to do at night. She said to herself "Why not, theres no such thing as ghosts anyway" and proceeded to walk through the cemetary gates toward her house.
It was Autumn but it was still warm enough to go without a jacket. She was wearing jeans, her favorite t-shirt that cut just above her midrif, and her white adidas sheltop sneakers. She was a very cute girl, about 5'4, shoulder length curly brown hair, with brown eyes and a very nice figure.
She was about halfway through passing through the oldest and darkest part of the cemetary. She kept repeating to herself "There's nothing to be scared of, its all in your mind, GET OVER IT!" Her thoughts were quickly interrupted though when she tripped over what she thought was a branch. She to the ground but realized that her foot was still caught. She looked down to see her ankle caught in what looked like the root of a tree. She tried for a few mintues to pull herself free. When she realized she couldn't she thought of uing her cell phone to call for help but when she fell, her bag had landed several feet out of her reach.
She tried again to get her ankle free but pulling it out with her own hand. When suddenly a vine popped from the ground and wrapped itself around her other ankle. "OH MY GOD!" . As she jumped back in fear, she threw her arms up in the air only to have them caught by two more vines and pulled down to the ground. She was completely pinned down by these vines that had wrapped themselves around her wrists and ankles and she had no idea what to do.
With that, she felt a slight movement just underneath the small of her back. It felt like fingers reaching up through the ground. Suddenly two hand popped out of the ground next to both or her ribs and started squeezing and tickling her. "AHHHHH W-WHAATTS GOINNGG ONNNN?!" The Hands started to lift up her shirt so they could slowly stroke and tickle her delicate tummy. All she could do was jerk her torso and squirm to try and get away from the mysterious hands but it was no use. The hands traced moved like spiders all over her tummy and ribs, tickling her senseless. Kate yelled as two more hands popped up at her armpits and started to tickle those as well. "WHY IS THISSS HAPPENINGN TO MEEEE?!!" she yelled.
Suddenly Kate realized that one of her biggest fears would come true. The other hands stopped tickling and Kate watched in horror as two hands popped out of the ground next to her feet. The two hands sowly untied her sneakers but did not remove them right away. Kate jerked her feet and spun them around in cirles to try and avoid the hands but it didnt work. The hand on the left slowly extended its index finger and let it slide down the arch of her sneaker. She giggled nervously as she watched. The finger slowly traced a line from the heel of her sockd foot, up the arch, under the toes, and round the otherside. It repeated this making circles around her extremely ticklish foot. This was of course, slow torture for her but it wasn't extreme...not yet. The hands then slowly pulled off her sneakers letting them fall to the ground. Both hands then started to slowly draw identical circles with their index fingers on each squriming foot. Starting slowly...then getting faster and faster, Kate didn't know how much more she could take. the Two hands then started using all of their fingers...moving faster and faster, tickling her sock covered feet. Her feet were being tortured and there was nothign she could do to avoid it. "PLEEEEAAASE SOP TICKLING MY FEET! I CANT TAKE ANYMORE OF THIS!!!"
Suddenly two more pairs of hands popped out of the ground around her knees and thighs. One pair slowly undid her jeans and pulld them down to expose her white cotton panties and sikly smooth thighs and the other took pleasure in tickling behind her knees and squeezing the top of her knee to drive her wild. The hands around her tummy and armpits suddenly returned and Kate was being tickled hard on every part of her body.
She remained like this until she woke up in the morning, lying on the same spot she remembered falling. She didn't know when it had stopped, and she didn't remember going to sleep, but she was relieved that it was all over. The hard part would now be explaining to her parents where she was all night.

04-08-2003, 08:48 PM
Nice story, I like how you write the tickling scenes. However, I have a few suggestions...

Could you please space out the paragraphs so its easier to read? I constantly find myself getting lost...

And please make it LONGER!!! You're a great writer but you leave us wanting more!! Other than that, I enjoyed your story very much.

Anna Donnison
04-09-2003, 07:30 AM
WE thought it was good but... normal talking while being tickled? Interesting twist.

NO minors in the story but there is mention of them. Debra woke up, still tied up. Michael and Allie had gone to bed. She hope Ray would get home soon, being tied up after Cowboys and Indians was enough. The door opened and Marie (her mother in law). "Debra!!! I don't like that! WHat if the children were to see." exclaimed Marie. "The kids tied me up. WE were playing Cowboys and Indians . Could you untie me, Marie?" asked Debra. "Oh, I remember when Raymond and Robbie would play Cowboys and Indians. The next door neighbour Janice was always the Indian, hehehe. SHe was such a sweet girl, I wonder why Raymond never ended up with her." said Marie. Debra just ignored that comment. Marie was always referring to her that way. "MArie. My hansd are getting tired. Do you think..." "This floor needs cleaning." said Marie. "Do you..." "You know, dear, we don't talk enough." said Marie with a strange glint in her eyes. "WE will. But first could you..." "I remember my best friend Christina and I used to play tie up games." "Marie..." said Debra, sounding scared. "Oh there's nothing to alarmed dear. I would just tickler her, that all." said Marie, again with the glint. Debra having a very reasonable IQ responded "Okay! How about untying me?" MArie just smiled and approached the tied up daughter-in-law." "Marie!!! DOn't! I'm too ticklish! PLease!!!" But Marie wasn't listening. It was time Debra became a more consentious and supporting wife to her Raymond. And would learn to cook and clean! She got close to Debra and tickled her tummy. "HAHAHAHAHAHA! STOPHAHAHAHA!" pleased with the reaction, she pulledup Debra's shirt and started to play with her ribs. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAEEEHIHIHIHIHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH A>" screamed Debra. "Boy, Debra. You are ticklish. Sorry, dear. I have to break you, for my Raymond." She quickly moved unto Debra's tickish armpits, Debra went wild."HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!NOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO HOHOHOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" screamed Debra. Marie just kep tickling her there, up and down her armpits. After 10 minutes she went diagonally. From N-W to S-E and back again. Then 5 minutes later switched to one fingered N-E to S-W. Then she returned to her ribs and playing Kootchie kootchy koo on her ribs. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!........" squealed Debra as she retreated into silent laughter. Giving Debra a two minute break to regain her breath. She then scratched her belly with claws like hands driving DEbra back to hysterics. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...." as she retreated to silent laughter. She blew raspberries getting a few howls before dipping her left index fingers into her ticklish innie navel. Debra buckled wildly. Finally she moved down to her feet. Debra tried one more chance. "Please!!! Have mercy." cried Debra, tears flowing down her cheeks. "It's okay dear." said Marie, rubbing her cheek. "It's only tickling." And then she unleashed her fingers on Debra's ultra ticklish toes. 2 hours later, "Deb I'm... what the?" The house was its cleanest Ray had seen it. It was sparkling. "Hello, sweetie." said Debra, smiling. "How was your day?" kissing Ray. "Getting a whole lot better." he said. "So are the kids in bed?" he asked, with his sex face on. "Yep. What do you say, Ray? Join me my sweet?" she said. Ray was very confused but thought sex!!!! Debra offering! The loud screams from next door brought a smile to Marie's face, her Raymond was happy. Now, she had to break Robert's ex wife, Joanne. That would be the best breaking of all.
Anna and Heather