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Kingdom Hearts TK: Naminé


“Tsk, tsk, Naminé, I really thought you would understand by now. We run a tight ship here… no screw-ups…”

Naminé whimpered into her ball-gag as she quivered into the stockade. She hadn’t meant to do it, but she was getting punished all the same! She wore a blindfold as well as the gag, so sight as well as her ability to speak was taken away from her. She knew who it was that was chiding her, scolding her as if she was so disappointed when in reality her tormentress was delighted to schedule a ‘disciplinary’ session.

“Maybe you messed up on purpose…” Larxene, her tormenter, crooned. “I bet you just wanted me to punish you… is that it? Do you like it…” Larxene lightly drug the tip of a razor-sharp fingernail from Naminé’s sole, up her thigh, skirting over her womanhood, up her stomach till they settled on the nape of the neck.

“Aren’t you going to answer me…” Larxene said softly, as if she didn’t know the gag in Naminé’s mouth prevented her from being able to do so. “It’s rude to keep me waiting…” Larxene’s fingers curled and wiggled slightly along the nape of neck. They would curl, a gentle scratch, and then relief. Curl, scratch, relief. Even though it was the same spot over and over again, Naminé could feel all her nerves on edge and it tickled far more than it should have. She tried to keep a straight face; things would go from bad to worse if Larxene thought she was laughing at her. Her body felt incredibly exposed… all she had on were her socks, and she was flat on her back, her feet locked in sturdy wooden stocks with her arms stretched tight above her head.

“Ignoring me?” Larxene said dangerously, after Naminé had somehow kept herself from laughing for a few more moments. Naminé felt dread in the pit of her stomach. She pictured Larxene – arms crossed and glowering, in her normal Organization black coat and gloves, her high-heeled black boots giving her an overpowering air of dominance. It was not a woman you ever wanted to cross, and although her piercing cyan eyes, slim hourglass figure, and slicked-back, sleek platinum blond hair made her at first glance almost look like a harmless beautiful damsel; now that could not be further from the truth, as without word or warning, Larxene plunged her hands deep into Naminé’s armpits and began wriggling them furiously.

Immediately Naminé erupted into laughter. Blindfolded and used to the skittering on her neck, she was caught completely blindsided by the hands which suddenly dove recklessly into her underarms. Larxene’s fingers were slender and agile, the nails long, which coupled with Naminé’s hypersensitive underarms were devastating as Naminé quickly broke into fits of silent laughter because she was laughing so hard. Naminé wasn’t sure how long Larxene’s nails invaded every inch of her hairless armpits, it may have ten minutes, it may have been ten hours, all she realized was that Larxene eventually slows down and stops, waiting for Naminé to catch her breath.

Naminé gulped as she felt Larxene brush a finger against her head, brushing a stray lock of back. She had seen Larxene do this before, and she knew was the next part of the game she liked to play. The gag was loosened, though it was not removed entirely. Larxene let it drop and fall on Naminé’s neck, a reminder of how easy it would be for Naminé to lose speaking privileges again.

“Now what you need to say to me,” Larxene said quietly, placing her claws on Naminé’s quivering underarms.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!” Naminé whimpered, a sob breaking into her voice. Larxene quickly shushed her protests.

“Shhhhhh, quiet. Now, you're going tell me where I'm going to tickle you next. If you don't answer quickly enough when I ask, I'll tickle your underarms for ten straight minutes again. Now, where should I tickle you?"

Naminé panted, feeling so trapped at being asked to make such a horrific choice. Her breathing is all that fills the silence for a few seconds. It felt like there was no good answer – it felt every spot on her body was bad in its own way, how could she be asked to choose?

“Please, Larxene, I won’t do it ag-” Naminé’s protests were silenced by the ball-gag being forced into her mouth again.

“I gave you a choice, and you disobeyed me,” Larxene said, her voice as cold as ice. Naminé only had a moment to prepare herself before Larxene was tracing circles around her taut, trapped underarms again.

“I think I was right… you are enjoying this…” Larxene said, with a titter, as the slow, almost lazy circles she drags around the hollows of your armpits slowly drove Naminé back into hysterics. “I guess I’ll just have to enjoy more,” she said, as she began to really dig her fingers into Naminé’s helpless underarms, and coherent thought became impossible for the trapped girl. All she could think to do was to arch your back, twist left and right, and even try bucking her off. All it did was amuse Larxene, and it spurred her on to tickle her harder till the milky-white skin of Naminé’s underarms was red from the insistent scratching.

“Now for the grand finale…” Larxene whispered, as if she were whispering tender words to a lover, as she wiggled her fingers and Naminé felt the air around her crackle with energy. She shook her head desperately, trying to beg Larxene to spare her and her poor ticklish underarms, but it was no use. There was no stopping Larxene when she was in one of her moods.

Naminé could see some of the light through her gag as Larxene began channelling her Lightning Magic into her the tips of her fingers and lowering them into Naminé’s hypersensitive underarms. The second they made contact, Naminé howled into the gag as the Lightning sensations stimulated every nerve in those armpits to cause extremely-unbearable-holy-hell- this-tickles tickling.

Her mind frazzled from the intense sensations, Naminé could only pant as she felt Larxene lean in to give both underarms a quick ticklish kiss before slinking off. Naminé’s heart pounded in her chest as she heard Larxene circle her, the clacks from Larxene’s high-heeled boots echoing across the room and striking fear in her heart. Larxene’s footsteps stopped at Naminé’s socked feet. This was bad. Very bad. When Larxene had asked her to volunteer a spot for ticklish sacrifice, the one spot she surely would not have offered were her unbearably ticklish feet. She knew this, Larxene knew this, and Naminé knew Larxene knew she knew.

Seconds crawled by as Naminé waited for Larxene to make her move. It was a mind game, just like everything always was. Larxene would make Naminé wait for the tickling – she would make her anticipate and imagine the torture that was about to befall her…

Naminé whimpered, scrunching her toes and wiggling them as she could do nothing but wait. She knew what was coming, and waited, preparing herself for the agony. She couldn’t see, so she wouldn't know when it was going to hit, until it hit. She continued to squirm and struggle, trying to plead with her through the gag.

Larxene knew Naminé’s state of mind, knew how she was waiting in tense suspense, and thus prolonged her delay. She smirked to herself as she watched Naminé quiver in fear; doing everything she could to dissuade her. The blonde glanced down at Naminé’s socked feet, and suddenly placed both hands on Naminé's high arches. The gagged girl jumped in surprise, already begging and giggling as Larxene began to pet her foot bottoms, like she was giving a well-behaved dog a pat on the head.

Such a motion could hardly be considering tickling, but even this light touch was enough to get Naminé squirming a giggling, her socked feet flapping and flailing. It was during this patting that Larxene began to speak, a whisper that was barely audible, but a voice that Naminé would cling on for every word.

"You’ve been a bad girl, Naminé… I'm going to tickle your feet, Naminé. I'm going to tickle your feet so bad, Naminé… There’s nothing you can do while you're trapped and helpless, Naminé.... I'm going to tickle each and every toe. I'm going to find every spot, Naminé... Are you ready, Naminé? Here we go..."

By the time Larxene had finished speaking, her petting fingers had curled her fingers into talons, using the sharp points of her fingernails to rake the full length of both feet, starting at the heels and working up to the toe tips.

Although she never varied her pressure, or her pace, Naminé’s nerves was so on edge that even repeating the same single stroke over and over again on her socked soles were enough to have her guffawing and roaring with laughter. Larxene just grinned at her captive’s reactions, thinking of the next game to play as she kept stroking insistently with her nails. When she finished stroking her nails upwards and completed the lengths of both feet one last time she walked over to Naminé’s ball-gag and plucked it out again.

“I’ve decided to take pity on you… maybe it was an honest mistake,” Larxene said soothingly, stroking Naminé’s cheek that was damp with sweat and tears.

Naminé just took deep breathes – so afraid that any comment she made would get her into more trouble. It was better to just let her talk.

“You’re not saying anything… was I wrong?” Larxene said softly, as she lightly traced a fingertip along the edge of Naminé’s left underarm.

“Nohohoho! Yes, it was an hohonest mistake! And I’m rehehealy sohohory!” Naminé said, speaking quickly as Larxene’s fingertip traced along the hollow of her armpit. If she started screaming with laughter already it would just mean she would have the gag crammed back in her mouth again.

“You’re lucky I’m so kind to you… so merciful…” Larxene said, her words more than a bit ironic as her finger slid from Naminé’s underarms to her sides and back up again. “I’m giving you a second chance… Prove your competence to me.”

Larxene then offered no more explanation, as she began to tease Naminé’s midsection with both hands, her nails spidering over her stomach and poking her sides. Eventually a squealing Naminé was able to blurt out something that resembled a question.

“I’m glad you asked… “Larxene chuckled, dipping a finger into Naminé’s bellybutton. “We’re going to play a game. ” She walked back to Naminé’s socked soles.

She tapped a foot, making Naminé’s jump. “I’m going to tickle these tootsies of yours. Every time you laugh, you lose part of your sock. You lose both socks… well, let’s keep it a surprise. Ready to play?”

Naminé didn’t fail to notice how there was no way to win this game, but that was how things often were you played with Larxene. It was when she opened her mouth to bring attention to this fact that Larxene struck - a finger gliding down the sole of Naminé’s left foot. Naminé couldn't help but shake as the sensation struck her.

"Let’s see how long these ticklish tootsies can take it… I’ll be nice for now… just two fingers."

Naminé shuddered as she felt those two fingers; it had to be the index fingers of both hands, lazily dancing across the surface of her left foot. They were focusing their attacks on her left foot, and left her right alone. The fingers were tracing perpendicular lines slowly up and down the foot, stroking from toes to heel. Naminé clenched her hands and toes, closed her eyes tight, and pressed her lips firmly together, doing everything she could to keep herself from laughing.

“You’re not holding out very well…” Larxene tittered, as those two devilish fingers traced circles, fingertips and nails lightly scratching, slowly massaging. “Do you feel like laughing, Naminé… I bet you doooooo…”

Naminé whimpered as Larxene began scratching with her fingernails more insistently. She had been teasing Naminé’s socked feet slowly, but now she let her fingers go wild stroking all over Naminé’s left foot. Seeing that Naminé looked like she might be able to control her laughter for now, Larxene rapidly added more fuel to the fire. Every time it looked like Naminé had managed to get her reactions under control enough Larxene added another finger, and it was a testament that Naminé had withstood the tickling long enough for Larxene to be using all ten fingers. Ten fingers were definitely the limit, however, especially as Larxene used both hands to spider the tops and bottoms of Naminé’s poor left foot. It was too much to take, and Naminé couldn’t keep it in any longer. She burst out in a fresh batch of high-pitched laughter and started struggling with wild abandon.

Larxene’s nails didn’t stop yet… on the contrary, they moved even more quickly to let Naminé’s revel in her ticklish sensations for a bit longer. Only then did she stop.

“I’ve very disappointed, Naminé,” Larxene said, though her tone was full of sadistic delight. Larxene tugged at the thick cotton socks till they were both about a third of the bare skin was present. The milky-white skin of the heels were present, as well as the base of the arch, but the true ticklish spots along the ridges of the toes and the centre of the arch were still covered… for now.

Then came the waiting game again, as a blindfolded Naminé’s gasped and shivered as she felt the cool air against her feet which were laid bare for the first time. Larxene lightly blew on the bare soles, which almost enough to already make an over-sensitized Naminé giggle. The waiting period did not last long, as Larxene was eager to get her hands on Naminé’s bare soles.

Larxene lightly spidered her nails from Naminé’s bare ankles to the heels, marvelling at how soft and supple the skin felt, and how its owner tensed up and flinched with every light stroke. She could not wait to play with these deliciously ticklish bare soles. Let’s see how long Naminé would last this time…

“The skin here is so smooth… so ticklish…” Larxene giggled, as she took full advantage of Naminé’s blindness. Her targets were the exposed bare skin, and she decided to mix up her attacks to keep Naminé on her toes. “Look at you go…”Larxene smiled, as Naminé’s barely kept her laughter under control, her chest quivering as her fingers continued their devilish machinations.

One hand would lightly spider and tease from ankle to the base of that mouth-wateringly sensitize arch, Larxene loved how the foot which received this treatment would invariable begin flexing and flapping, as if trying to shake the spider off, but always to no avail.

The other hand was one firm finger, being raked from the base of the arch to the heel and up again. Up and down, up and down, up and down. It was effective in its monotony, and it amused Larxene to see how the foot which received this treatment would invariable curl tightly to try to endure the tickling, though based on the little splutters that were escaping from the corners of Naminé’s lips, it was to no avail.

Monotony was a trap though, and as soon as it seemed like Naminé would be able to get pull through, Larxene flipped the script. The fingers and their nefarious patterns suddenly reversed, and the foot that had been raked by a lone finger was suddenly spidered by several, and the foot that had been spidered by several fingers was suddenly raked by one. Naminé’s toes scrunched and wiggled from the sudden change in sensations and giggled slipped out yet again.

“You’re just pathetic!” Larxene laughed, as she made Naminé fully aware of her incompetence by tickling her feet even more ferociously than before. Larxene loved being in control like this, and Naminé made the most convenient target.

“I hope you’ll forgive me for not giving you much of a break, but I just can’t wait to tickle your arches…” Larxene said, mock-apologetically as she tugged up those socks a bit more, so now the ball of the feet and those rosy high arches were on full display.

Larxene dug in immediately; scratching her nails across every inch of newly exposed skin to map out these new ticklish spots. Larxene approached the tickling with an inquisitor’s mind, eager to weed out and find every sweet spot in Naminé’s arches with slow, agonisingly ticklish scratches. Larxene had been tickling Naminé for quite some time now, and her nails were quick to find these familiar ticklish spots again, like the one in the very centre of the arch as she rained torment down on these spots with slight flicks, twitching across it at a constant pace, never giving Naminé a moment to gather herself.

To her credit, Naminé had yet been able to hold her laughter despite how the slow tickling on her arches sent electric currents through her as each and every scratch against the sensitive skin of the arch sent her closer into roaring hysterics. When the centre of the arch of one foot was tormented while the ball of the foot of the other was teased, however, that proved to be too much, as Naminé gushed with laughter again.

“You’re weak, so weak,” Larxene sneered, as she whisked off Naminé’s socks, so now her feet lay fully bare. “You lose, and this is your punishment for losing…”

Naminé’s laughter spurted out again, as Larxene’s fingernails teased her bare toes for the first time by gently pinching and wiggling her toes. They were soft, and bubble-like, just begging to be tickled, Larxene decided as she gently yet firmly held her toes back, and used her free hand to tickle each toe, one at a time. She would tickle their sides, their pads, underneath, and especially in between, which made Naminé’s laughter raise an octave higher the longer her fingers remained there.

“But I’m so kind-hearted you can have one more chance,” Larxene said as she withdrew her fingers from Naminé’s toes as the poor girl panted and gasped for breath.

“Don’t laugh,” Larxene commanded, as if by simply saying that it would come to pass. “And don’t you dare scrunch your toes.” A whimpering Naminé uncurled her toes at once, as Larxene promptly wedged her fingers between each of the gaps between those toes. With her fingers lodged between the quivering toes, it would be child’s play to wiggle her fingers to stimulate the delicate skin between each digit, which Larxene set to doing almost immediately.

Naminé’s resistance was all but eradicated by this point, and she only lasted a few moments before the laughter came burbling out of her.

“Stahahap plehehehehease! Stop tickliheheheeng my tohohoheshehehe!” Naminé begged, thrashing left and right as the undersides of her toes were teased.

“Fine, fine…” Larxene said, as she actually obeyed by removing her fingers, but unfortunately for her it was only so she could run them down her soles, very quickly and repeatedly. “I am too kind to you…” she said, giggling to herself as Naminé squealed and squeaked, her pale soles growing redder by the minute.

“Please… please…I’m sorry…” Naminé gasped when Larxene removed her fingers.

“Awww, poor Naminé. You’ve had enough? Have your poor tormented tootsies had enough?” Larxene crooned, her voice mock-sweet. Naminé did not know what to expect as she lay there, panting and covered with sweat. Her tear-stained blindfold had slipped down slightly, so she could see that Larxene was still right in front of her horrifically ticklish feet. What would she do next? Would she finally let her go?

What happened next was fully unexpected.

“Eeeehya!” Naminé squealed in surprise at the new sensation that struck the big toe of her right foot. It was wet and slick and slightly rough. Could it be that Larxene was… licking her toe?

Naminé’s soles, that had gone from a milky-white to a reddened pink had been through all manner of torment that this tender tongue felt almost… nice. It lapped softly at Naminé’s little toes, lapping on toe at a time. A burst of fresh giggles erupted from Naminé’s mouth, but the laughter this time had a different… flavour to it.

Naminé’s gasped and giggles when she felt her toes being kissed. Larxene of all people was kissing her toes. Naminé knew it tickled, but the suckling and kissing of her hypersensitive feet always felt… good in a way. Questions of why Larxene would be doing this went out the window as the tongue sank into the supply soft skin of the soles again, this time lingering on Naminé’s arches. Naminé could feel moans slipping into her laughter with every lap of Larxene’s tongue, confusing her in a wave of pleasurable torment. Larxene’s tongue snaked between Naminé’s toes, making the bound girl arch her back and moan in confused delight. Larxene giggled, as her tongue continue to trace a path of dark pleasure. The whimper that rose in Naminé’s throat gave way to a helpless moan that made Larxene grin with malicious pleasure. Perfect. Now for the next stage. She reached for the next tool in her arsenal.

Another new foreign sensation was introduced to Naminé’s foot, while the other was being licked and suckled. Naminé did not quite register what it was at first, only that it felt rough and bristly, but as electrical sensations were sent screaming to her brain, she soon realized what it was. It was a hairbrush, ruthlessly scrubbing in Naminé’s deep arches in the way that always drove her mad. The sheer quantity of bristles, each eliciting its own ticklish response was too much to bear as the gentle tinkling tickling sensation of the tongue was overwhelmed by the rampant roaring sensation of the hairbrush.

Naminé’s mind felt like it was torn in two, as Larxene considered her haphazard licking of one foot while the other foot was scrubbed mercilessly. The juxtaposition of sensations made her roar in confused laughter. Larxene alternated which foot to brush and which foot to lick, sometimes even focusing both tools on the same foot so Naminé did not know what to feel at all. Naminé had never felt more befuddled than when her sensitive splaying toes were being kissed while her heel was being brushed.

Then as quickly as the tickling had started, it suddenly stopped. Naminé’s mind felt frazzled, and the confusing sensations continued as she felt Larxene lightly tease her inner thighs. The fingers were tantalizingly closer to Naminé’s womanhood, and Larxene knew it. Naminé heard a crackle in the air, and immediately begged Larxene to spare her. She knew what would happen next.

“Nohohohoho, plehehehase, Larxene! Nohohohohot thehehehere!”

It was no use though, as Larxene’s electrical magic sent a pulse of raw tickling energy along Naminé’s thighs and hips. She was immensely grateful that she had not drunk anything recently because if she had, she had no doubt the intense sensations would have led to her embarrassing herself. She felt wet, but she knew that was another reason, as she panted and giggled as Larxene lightly tickled her inner thighs again. This cycle of light tickles, Lightning Magic and begging continued for some time, till Larxene finally decided she had had enough of teasing Naminé there for today.

Larxene’s high-heels clacked on the floor as she made her way to Naminé’s chest.

“Mmmmmm , I have to say, it makes me tingle to see how much a little touch can do to you...” Larxene chuckled, as she flicked Naminé’s nipple gently, feeling it stiffen to her touch. “I can send you to heaven…” Larxene’s fingertips suddenly glowed with power, and a pulsing electrical sensation, warming and tantalizing, suddenly flowed to Naminé’s chest, making her gasp and moan. “Or to hell…” Larxene flexed her fingers again and suddenly electric sparks streamed from her fingertips to cover every spot from the nape of Naminé’s pale neck to the rim of her stomach. Naminé’s howl of laughter was even more frantic as a result from the contrasting sensations.

“Oh, we are just getting started,” Larxene said sternly, as she used the tips of her nails to tickle the edges of Naminé’s hips, her fingers either trailing back upwards to assault the belly button or torment the inner thighs again. The way Naminé was tied, her ribs were visible through her skin, and the way her back arched made them super-ticklish. Larxene would drew her nails up and down them like she was playing a harp, and then start grabbing and squeezing all over, from the front all along to her side. She was sure to give a few pinches to Naminé’s lower sides, just to keep her off balance. All Naminé could do in her position was wiggle slightly and beg, neither of which did her any good, as they seemed to spur Larxene on.

Larxene was a master musician, playing Naminé’s body like a ticklish, giggling instrument; she knew every chord to pluck to incite giggles, shrieks, or moans. She launched devastating Lightning strikes when she wanted roars, she tickled ferociously with her nails when she wanted laughs, and she teased erogenous zones when she wanted moans.

Cruel fingers teased Naminé’s nipples with tantalizing touches as her moans growing longer and deeper until her hips were lifting off the bed, begging to gain some kind of release. It was always right when Naminé was in their conflicted desperate states that Larxene would be her most savage, as she disrupted Naminé’s impending orgasm with a savage scribbling in Naminé’s armpits, mixing scratching from her talon-like nails and zapping from her nerve-overloading Lightning Magic.

“Now… tell me, are you ever going to mess up again?” Larxene said, as her Lightning Magic built up in one hand while the other spun around Naminé’s left breast.

A whimper, a moan, and then a scream.