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Star Wars TK: Party Heist

(This story takes place between Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and Episode VI: Return of the Jedi).


She had caught Governess Leonia Tavira’s eye right from the beginning, and not in that way. She recognized the striking dark-haired figure that walked across the halls of her swanky private party at her mansion on the planet of Eiattu 6. She hadn’t believed it, forced herself to play it cool and smile as if nothing was amiss. Surely the Leia Organa wasn’t attending her party? It must have been some tasteless jape, Tavira told herself, but the more she studied the woman clad in the elegant black evening dress the more apparent it was.

It was Princess Leia, no mistaking things.

“It’s her… there’s no mistaking it,” Tavira whispered to her household guard. “Let’s meet the Princess, shall we?”

Leia couldn’t remember the last time she had been allowed to dress so glamorously. It had to be before the war, certainly. Instead of laying low and wearing combat fatigues, she would be donning an outfit that would turn the head of many. She wore long velvet gloves that went up to her elbows, and a finely-cut dress that drew eyes to her chest. The elegant black dress went down to her stockinged feet, and strappy high-heeled sandals completed the look. Leia’s dark hair hung in a bun. She mingled with the guests with the ease of the lifelong politician, as she made a beeline towards her destination – the Imperial secrets held in Tavira's safe. She had just entered the Governess’s office only for a voice to greet her from behind and muscular guards to grab her.

Imperial Governor Leonia Tavira’s attire was much more masculine – she donned the traditional Imperial Service Uniform which consisted of a pair of grey trousers, grey overfold tunic, along with standard black plastic-leather belt, gloves and boots. Her outfit along with her short black hair gave her an aura of seriousness and she did not seem like the type of woman you should ever trifle with.

“My, my… I don’t remember putting any thieves on my guest’s list, especially not one as infamous as you… Princess,” Tavira said softly, making it clear she recognized her guest.

“Let go of me!” Leia snarled, trying to slip her arms free, but the guards held her firmly.

“I don’t think so,” Tavira said, with a sly smile. “Take her in for questioning. She has secrets I intend to be privy to.”

“Shall we question her sharply or question her softly, Governess?” asked one of the guards.

“Hmmmm, question her softly. Very softly, if you catch my meaning. We may have some use for her as a hostage. And she may have some information for us. I’ll attend to her personally myself after the ceremony. Warm her up for me with the droid.”

The droid… Leia’s heart leapt in her throat at the sound of those words as she was wheeled into an interrogation room and strapped tightly to what Leia could only describe as an X-frame table. She had encountered interrogation droids on the Death Star at Grand Moff Tarkin’s request, and she still had nightmares about the things.

Leia was strapped tightly to the crucifix frame, with soft leather straps holding down her wrists, elbows, thighs, knees, ankles, and even at her neck, so she was forced to keep her head in the same position, staring up at the ceiling. She was effectively immobilized, capable only of shaking her body slightly, or wiggling her hands and feet lightly. Leia’s elegant attire had been taken away from her, and she left only in her black undergarments. Curiously, her strappy sandals still remained on her stockinged feet giving Leia hope that maybe the interrogation method of the governess would not be what she was dreading.

She had endured Tarkin’s own IT-O Interrogator’s droid, surely she could survive these! Leia’s warrior courage took a hit when a pair of IT-O Interrogator droids floated into the room, the sight of their menacing black domes striking fear in her heart. The large, black orbs floated towards Leia threateningly as Leia closed her eyes and bit her lip as she wondered what those machines intended to do to her… only the sharp clack of high-heeled boots drew her attention as the metal door of the interrogation room opened loudly, sending echoes across the small room.

“Princess Leia Organa… to what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?” Governess Tavira said, with a smile that showed no warmth whatsoever.

Leia bit her lip and said nothing.

“If I didn’t know any better… I would say you broke in to try to access my safe,” the governess said, in a voice that was no louder than a whisper.

“Espionage… that’s punishable by death,” Tavira said, as she played with the strap of Leia’s high-heeled sandal. Leia’s feet twitched as she felt Tavira’s nails scratch lightly against her ankles and resisted the urge to giggle. Not good. She could not let Tavira discover how ticklish she was. This was not good at all.

“But then again, supporting your rag-tag Rebel Alliance is punishable by death too,” Tavira said, as she pulled off Leia’s footwear. Tavira’s wicked smile widened as she set her eyes on Leia’s feet, clad in elegant black nylons. They were shapely, beautiful things, and it seemed the rough, dangerous life as a rebel had not diminished their beauty. Leia’s slender toes and high, flawless arches were a sight to behold, and Tavira had no doubt her chosen method of interrogation would be effective. She gave Leia’s ravishing, gorgeous, pale feet with their freshly-painted shimmering toenails one last look before activating the device affixed to the ankle cuffs. Leia’s feet curled and wiggled in distress as the device came to life. Rubber suction cups sprouted from the ends of the ankles cuffs, one for each toe. The suctions zeroed in on the very tips of each toe, latching onto them securely by sucking out the air so there was no way the suction cups could be dislodged by frantic foot flailing. Within seconds, the suction cups had tightened, and the toes were slightly pulled apart to expose the deliciously sensitive crevices in between. The suction cups held the sole firmly in place, depriving Leia even the ability to curl her toes or flex her foot.

“If it were up to me, we’d put you up against the wall, but unfortunately for me, the Emperor wishes to make an example of you, so no harm shall come to you before the garrison arrives to take you off-planet. I understand Lord Vader is coming himself,” Tavira explained, as she placed Leia’s high-heeled sandals on the floor.

“But before they arrive, a Princess like yourself probably expects to be entertained,” Tavira smiled, twirling a lock of her short dark hair around her fingers. “Let me introduce you to TK-1 and TK-2,” Tavira said, gesturing to the two floating black droids that reminded Leia ominously of mini-Death Stars.

“Custom droids, they’ll keep you… smiling till I finish with my duties. Don’t you worry, I plan on attending to you personally,” Tavira said, sounding like she was looking forward to it with bated breath. Leia most certainly was not. There was no doubt what fate awaited her at the hands of TK-1 and TK-2 (the names really gave it away).

“Set them to level one,” Tavira said, gesturing to her technicians in the next room. “Let’s give our Princess a taste of what is to come.”

That was a loud whirling of metal parts working in unison as a pair of cold, metallic hands emerged from the droids’ black frames, the echoes of the mechanical devices echoing across the room, striking fear and dread in Leia’s heart. The droids were intentionally designed to be as loud and imposing as possible and even this had been calculated in their design.

Leia did not fail to notice how the hands were equipped with long, ceramic-alloy nails that looked like they were designed to tickle even worse than fingernails; little did she know that the hands came equipped with internal vibrators set beneath the latex skin which would intensify every touch from those remorseless hands. To use the word ‘hands’ was in a sense misleading. There were ten ‘fingers’ that sprouted from each droid, but they were not limited by a human skeleton the way the human hand was, and could stroke and move in ways that were impossible for any human.

Tavira stayed to enjoy the trepidation and fear on the mighty Princess’s face before departing. “Begin. I want to hear her screaming and begging by the time I return.”

Leia’s howl of laughter as the fingers began their mechanical manipulations on her ticklish flesh brought a wide grin to Governor Tavira’s face. The Princess had the sweetest laugh… it would be so tempting to keep her here for a few weeks before reporting to the Emperor, but she would follow her duty.

Now, time to finish up quickly so she could play with her captive sooner.


Leia remembered how unbearable Tarkin’s Interrogation Droid had been, how at the time, she had never imagined there could be a type of torture more unbearable… She was wrong. She was learned that lesson so many times over, it seemed.

Of all the nadirs she had experienced, all the tickle-torture she had received before at the hands of corporate spies, drunken pilots, and vengeful smugglers, this had to be her worst experience yet. She lay there, in the X-frame, helpless to do anything but quiver as the pair of droids and their cumulative twenty ‘fingers’ worked all over her helpless nylon-clad feet.

The droids’ tickling algorithms were methodical and ruthless. They were utterly predictable, but no less effective for it. They would always start brushing around the bottom of the soles, starting slow, and then speeding up, then going up tease the soft, smooth arches, again, starting slow there, and then speeding up. Next up was always Leia’s slender toes, then the tops of the feet, before finally finishing up with the fleshy areas under the balls of the feet and the very centre of the sole, before starting from the heel again. The fact that it was actually so predictable actually increased the sense of dread, as whenever the droid began tracing precise circles around her arches Leia lamented, knowing the next target would be her unbearably ticklish toes.

The suction cups affixed to her long toes were the most nebulous bit of bondage she had ever experienced. They kept her toes firmly in place, no matter how hard she strained, and they always kept the undersides of her toes exposed so every inch of her sensitive digits could receive proper ticklish attention.

Leia tried to close her eyes and endure the torment, but the laughter continued to come burbling from her as every inch of her feet were systematically tickled, the droids always operating with perfect synchronization so the same spot on both feet would be struck at the same time. It was eerie how silently the droids operated, as for the longest time, the room was silent aside from the sound of Leia’s own girlish laughter bouncing and echoing off the walls, as if mocking her.

Leia was almost happy when Governess Tavira returned, her heels clacking across the door, thinking she would hear another voice aside from her own shrill, desperate weak laughter. Leia assumed her presence would mean the tickling would stop as she began asking for information. Leia already had a lie prepared, but she just waited… and waited… and waited. Governess Tavira just stood there, leaning against the wall, watching Leia laugh her head off as the droids continued their pre-programmed ticklish algorithms. After watching the droids scratch every inch of Leia’s quivering toes for the third time and then work on the tops and the insteps, out of the corner of Leia’s eye, she saw Tavira take out a small remote from her pocket and gestured to point it at the droids. Leia’s felt a premature sense of relief as she figured the droids would finally be stopping, but to her dismay, Tavira did nothing. She just stood there with the remote in her hand, as if she was watching the Holo-nets and and was undecided if she wanted to change the channel or n. For another two ‘cycles’, Leia watched Tavira stand there the remote in her hand as the droids continued their ruthless scratching all over Leia’s nyloned feet.

“Hahahahurry up! Stahahahap thehehehem! Tuhuhurn thehem offahahahah!” Leia screamed more than once, at the sheer frustration of being kept waiting for so long.

Tavira stood by and casually watched as Leia endure some of the most intense tickle torture of her life, her finger calmly on the button, ready with a simple motion to pull Leia back from the brink of insanity.

The governess was no stranger to torture, and she was staring right into Leia’s eyes for a look – the pleading, desperate look that begged for the button to be pressed and for an end to the tickling. She hadn’t seen the look from Leia yet, but she was more than content to stand by for several more minutes and admire the droids ravaging Leia’s clearly-ticklish feet with deadly mechanical precision. Tavira knew fully that ever second she delayed would feel like another eternity to the captive princess, and so she would delay as long as needed to send her message. The droids would keep her on the edge as long as needed, with no risk of tickling her to unconsciousness, though even if that happened Tavira had medical droids standing by.

After watching Leia writhe and thrash for a while longer, and savouring the bubbly laughter that came pouring from her, Tavira finally hit the switch and the droids’ mechanical hands slowly stopped their precise manipulations of Leia’s nylon-clad soles. Tavira would have happily watched the droids tickle Leia all day, but she couldn’t let herself forget that she was, alas, here on business.

Immediately, the princess began gasping for breath as she tried to compose herself.

“That was the first setting of my beloved droids,” Tavira explained, as she stroked the chrome dome of the nearest TK unit. There’s much more where that came from. I hope you realize that you don’t have a chance of resisting them, especially with me here to… assist them,” Tavira said, waving her long fingernails in front of Leia’s face.

“I’m never telling you anything,” Leia spat, refusing to be fazed by the threats Tavira was sending her way. Her comrades would be coming along to spring her free any moment now.

“Never is a long time, Princess. You’ve just experienced a taste of what my droids can do. I think you realize that your pair of exposed, ticklish, nylon-covered soles has no hope of resisting them… and me,” Tavira said, cracking her knuckles. “I look forward to seeing you break.”

Leia grit her teeth, trying to consolidate the conflicting emotions of rage and fear as she heard Tavira’s high heels clack as the governess walked towards her bare stomach. She had to calm down. All Leia needed to do was endure. She needed sagacity and stocisim now. The last thing she needed was to lose her cool.

“Level two, TK-units,” Tavira said, and Leia immediately braced herself for another harrowing foot-tickling experience at the hands of those diabolical droids. To her surprise, she felt Tavira’s fingernails skittering across her mid-section instead. The way Leia’s head was fixed to the bondage table, all she could do was look up at the ceiling so this sudden stimulation of her sensitive stomach startled her.

“I’ve never tickled a princess before. I have to say I’m not disappointed. War agrees with you, Princess Leia,” Tavira said, as she gazed at Leia’s firm, flat stomach. The governess smirked at the princess’s obvious ticklishness, delighted in being able to tickle the princess first hand having been watching for so long. She gently stroked and teased the trembling flesh of the stomach, grazing lightly along the soft sides of the belly as well as slipping a fingernail in to tease the navel. Leia was already laughing as much as she ever had been from the droids from this attack alone.

After Leia’s laughter began dying down after the initial assault, Tavira gestured to her TK droids.

“Commence level two on subject.”

Leia only had a moment of lucidity at the governess’s words, as she was still preoccupied by Tavira’s fingers swarming all her torso, and she was barely able to brace herself before the droids struck. Unbeknownst to her, level 2 meant that the droids sharp ceramic fingernails had retracted and were replaced by small brushes – the size of paintbrushes that artisans would use. Like the fingers, each droid came equipped with no less than ten of them, so Leia had twenty paintbrushes roving all her immobile, precious feet.

To make matters even worse, unlike the routine, scheduled strokes from before, the brushes were manoeuvring in wild patterns that utterly befuddled Leia’s attempts to predict them. It was as if each brush was an independent entity, as despite the twenty small brushes dusting all over her soft soles, it seemed that there were never more than two of them operating in the exact same fashion, though it felt like there would always be brushes meticulously exploring each individual toe, stroking her arches and digging in the fleshy spot below the balls of her foot – everywhere where she could not stand. The tickling brushes were an roaring, whirling storm of sensations; level two for the droids meant that they had been programmed with a random touch and time-span for each movement, which was why the tickling always arrived at the next spot unpredictably, making Leia jump every few seconds.

In an attempt to preserve her sanity and keep her mind away from confession, Leia tried to concentrate on one foot at a time and exactly what each brush was doing. She was aware, painfully aware, of a pair of brushes taking the time to explore her toes. One was stroking under the toe-stem of her big toe, while the other one dusted the tips of her middle toe. Two brushes were tantalizing the sides of her feet – one from the heel to the big toe, and one from the other side of the heel to the littlest toe. The one that went to her big toe was always faster, while the other one seemed to move at a snail’s pace, though Leia wasn’t sure how she was even able to isolate such minute sensations. Three brushes were drawing shapes on her high, shapely arches and she felt figure eights, stars, lines and circles, though concentration was being a limited commodity by this point. The other three brushes were… Leia couldn’t focus, as the brushes on her other ticklish foot drew her attention and the sensations coursing through her body set her to laughing hysterically again. Then the brushes jumped to different spots, and she lost track of them and had to start again.

All the while, Tavira’s tickling of her torso never ceased. Leia’s upperbody was protected only by a black velvet bra, and with the bondage so tight, there was little she could do but laugh as Tavira’s fingers descended on her body. After playing with Leia’s toned stomach and her firm ribs, Tavira’s fingers trailed upwards to tease the underarms, gently grazing up and down.

“Gohohohohosh, stahahahap!” Leia cried more than once, unable to stop these pitiful words from coming from her mouth as she was tickled so insistently. She continued to try to struggle and squirm her feet and body away from her tormentors, but it was all in vain – she couldn’t move a centimetre away from Tavira’s nails or the droids’ brushes. There was nothing she could do but take it as Tavira’s evil fingernails scritched and scratched her taut, hairless armpits or the droids’ brushed and teased her smooth soles.

“You want me to stop? You know how to make me…” Tavira said, as she finished tickling Leia’s underarms in a flurry of rapid strokes before standing up. The remote was in her hand again, as she watched Leia’s face for the tell-tale signs of desperation and willingness to give up. Tavira had always been good at reading people. It was how she was such a successful governor, in a way.

She stood aside and watched the droids work on Leia’s helpless, nyloned feet. She gently thumbed the switch, noticing how Leia was looking at her with wide, frantic eyes as the droids drew tiny circles on her arches, dusted the ball of her feet, brushed the heel and stroked the hypersensitive skin on the undersides of her toes. It was the finest show to watch proud Senator Organa buck and beg as the droids worked every inch of her sensitive soles, deaf to her pleas for mercy.

After savouring this display for a while longer, Tavira finally pressed the button and the droids stopped.

“My intuition tells me a pampered Princess like yourself might enjoy this,” Tavira said, motioning to her technicians. There was a grating sound as the TK units’ brushes and hands retracted, and the technicians fixed them with large, fluffy feather dusters that were wide enough to tickle the whole sole in one go.

It was at the edge of her peripheral vision, but Leia could just make out the feather dusters looming over her oh-so-ticklish feet. It was already bringing back memories of Hannah Chase.

“No… not that…” Leia gasped, jumping as she felt the first lick of the feathers along her soles. She tried her best so scrunch her toes again but there was no breaking free of those accursed suction gaps that had captured her toes.

“The feather duster is a wicked tool… but don’t take my word for it,” Tavira said. “Let’s give the Princess a taste of what is to come!” Tavira snapped her fingers and the technicians scurried out of the room as the droids immediately went towards Leia’s helpless, feather-sensitive feet.

Each droid took a foot as the feather dusters begun spinning gently in circles over Leia’s taut soles. Leia’s eyes bulged and she howled with laughter as she felt her feet receive the feathering of a lifetime. The feather dusters were wide enough to tickle the whole of her feet from her heels to the tips of her toes, and they moved so quickly that every spot on Leia’s delicate soles must have been feathered a dozen times per second. Leia would have liked nothing more than to throw her body in all directions to escape this feathery torment, but the bonds held her tightly in place as the droids continued their feathering. This was even worse than what Hannah Chase had done to Leia, so many moons ago, as at least the devious spy had only had one feather duster.

"It’s unbearable, isn’t it? My technicians can vouch for it… they tested the droids’ algorithms and tools extensively for me.” The way Tavira said the word extensively sent shivers down Leia’s spine as she wondered just how many people had suffered in this X-frame, turned into a helpless pile of tickle jelly by those remorseless droids. Leia imagined the imposing governess being locked in this X-frame as the droids worked all her ticklish body, and the mental picture gave her strength.

Tavira continued to speak, over Leia’s laughter.

“Lord Vader will be here soon, and I promise that he will not be as... gentle as I have been. Tell me what I want to know, and you need not suffer more… indignities.”

Taking Leia’s desperate wails as a sign of cooperation, Tavira stopped the feathering of Leia’s soles to allow her to talk.

“Tell me… where are your friends?” Tavira said, in a voice that was as cold as intergalactic space.

“What’s… the time?” Leia said, in-between gasps.

“The time?” Tavira asked, her eyes narrowing. “Why do you need to know the time?”

“Because… depending on the time… they may be in one location… or several…” Leia said, with an enigmatic smile.

“Don’t give me some vague nonsense,” Tavira growled, as she raked up fingernails up Leia’s nyloned soles, making the captive burst into laughter, though the way Leia was laughing it seemed more like she was laughing at her. “What are you talking about? Where are they?” Tavira said, tickling Leia’s feet harder and harder with her nails. It was a full minute till she stopped.

She walked over to Leia’s face and stared her in the eyes. “Where are they?”

Leia smiled at her. It was not a smile born out of forced ticklish laughter, but one of triumph. “What’s the time?”

There was a sharp rap at the door of the interrogation room.

“What?” Tavira said, in barely suppressed rage as she exited the interrogation chamber, she left the door open, eager to return to her interrogation. “I gave strict orders not to be interrupted.”

“Apologies, Governess,” the red-faced guard said. “It’s just… your safe. Cut open with what looks like a lightsaber. Our sentries were disabled. I think our security has been compromised. They might even be-”

There was a loud slam that cut-off the flustered guard’s words. All eyes went to the interrogation room door which had inexplicitly slammed shut. It was as if a gust of wind had suddenly blown the heavy metal door shut, but that was impossible since they were no windows in this part of the mansion…

Governor Tavira peered in the one-way mirror and was astonished to see a sandy-haired young man donning a bright blue lightsaber, cutting the Princess free.

What’s going on? Did the Princess intended to be captured? No… is this a trap? IT’S A TRAP! Panicked thoughts flew through Tavira’s mind unbidden, one after the other. She tried to push her thoughts away to focus on the present.

“Where did he come from! Send some troops after them. NOW!” Tavira bellowed as she pounded at the glass with her bare fists.

“The door’s jammed!” a guard reported, as he slammed against the door with his shoulder.

“Break it down! They’re getting away!” Tavira screamed, pointing at the glass. The Jedi was carving a hole in the wall with his lightsaber.

“Stop them! STOP THEM!”


Tavira had been stripped of her governor’s uniform, though thankfully not of her rank. She reclined in the X-frame, where Princess Leia had been hours ago. When Lord Vader arrived he had been displeased. Most displeased.

The proud governor tried not to whimper as her own TK units scratched up and down her soles with their ceramic fingernails.

She felt a whirling from the droids which only mean it was time for the brushes again. Lord Vader had been so incensed by her failure to retain their captive that he had decreed Governess Tavira be tickle-tortured for the time it had taken him to arrive at Eiattu 6 – seven hours. Seven hours of non-stop tickling from her merciless droids… Tavira choked back tears as she laid there, a quivering mess on the X-frame.

Damn you, Princess Leia. Tavira resolved that one day she would have her revenge. It was then the droid’s fingernails began scraping in her high, well-structured arches and the plotting had to take a back seat to rampant laughter.

Tavira knew the odds were good she might not even see elusive Princess Leia again – the vixen had eluded the Empire’s best efforts for so long now, but there was no convincing Tavira to change her mind now. She had already decided she would hunt Leia down. She did not know how long it would take, but it would happen.

“Never tell me the odds… damn the odds! Revenge will be mine.”