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Star Wars TK: Imperial Interrogation

(This story takes place between just before the beginning of Episode VI: Return of the Jedi).


“Join the empire, they said, you’ll be fighting rebels and making a name for yourself, they said…” Kerry Altira said, sighing deeply as she slumped over at her post at the Imperial scanning outpost of Dantooine. Kerry was a doe-eyed brunette who had been recruited with tales of glory and valour to be won by serving in the Empire. The bored brunette had found neither working in the backwater planet, as her post seemed to involve nothing but tedious reports. The worst part of it was that often she would have to send messages to Imperial bounty hunters with intriguing commands like “eliminate contact #606 at listed location.” It was like a small, fleeting taste of the exhilarating life she would never experience. Working at this outpost was such a tremendous bore. It would ameliorate things if there were at least some cute co-workers to flirt with, but there was nobody here but droids, herself, and a grumpy old commanding officer who barked orders and scolded Kerry every other day for some trifling, pedantic misdemeanour:

So what if she had been playing Pazaak with an astromech droid? Nothing ever happened here.

So what if she had been five minutes late to her shift? Nothing ever happened here.

So what if she brought a book to read during her shift? Nothing ever happened here.

So what if she had been hungover trying to dull the pain of her miserable existence? Nothing ever happened here.

Nothing ever happens here, the petite imperial officer accepted resignedly, as she stood up to stretch as her standard regulation grey imperial officer outfit with matching grey nylons was starting to itch her skin uncomfortably, the way it always did in the middle of a shift. She twirled her long brown hair around her finger absent-mindedly as she imagined taking the field, blaster in each hand and gunning down rebels left and right. Kerry closed her eyes as she focused on her daydream. She could see it now… Kerry Altira, hero of the Empire and talk of the nets! A beeping sound jarred her from her blissful fantasy.

“Bloody door must be malfunctioning again,” Kerry grumbled, as she checked the monitor and saw one of the monitors for the doors had gone off. Like a lot of things with the Empire, it was good in theory – it was designed to prevent tampering and sabotage by sending an alarm when its sensors picked up movement. This of course, meant that every time a branch or animal brushed across the sensors she would have to go out to manually check for any tampering – another one of the regulations the old stick-in-the-mud would bust her chops over if she didn’t follow to the letter.

Kerry sighed, slipped on her high black boots and got up from her chair. It felt like she did this a dozen times a day. She walked out to the door, coffee mug in hand.

It’s probably nothing. After all, nothing ever happens here.


Princess Leia, donned her uniform in preparation for her mission. She wore the same outfit she had worn at the battle of Hoth – white jumpsuit and coat with her hair braided and looped around her head.

The rebels needed a way to enter Jabba’s palace without undue attention, and the best plan they had come up with was Leia disguising herself as a bounty hunter. They had narrowed down their options to bounty hunters that wore a mask and had a reputation, but not someone quite as high profile as say Boba Fett. They settled on reclusive bounty Hunter Boushh, whose slender build would make it more believable. Leia did not have the body of a Mandalorian, after all. They had decided that in order for the plan to succeed, they would need to obtain the actual ship and possessions of Boushh, as a mock up was too likely to be spotted and Jabba's spies in Mos Eisley would undoubtedly notice if Boushh's ship didnt arrive.

But how to track down Boushh and his ship? Considering that Boushh was an authorised Imperial Bounty Hunter, Leia and company decided that the easiest way to track him was via the imperial sensor network. A small scanning outpost on Dantooine was selected due to its remoteness and the plan was to capture an officer who worked at the scanning station, and obtain the access codes.

Leia almost felt sorry as the young, inexperienced officer they had targeted for this mission appeared on their sensors – she looked like a sweet and naïve girl who had been roped in by the Empire’s propaganda machine. Leia shook the doubts from her head, as she drew her blaster, knowing that the chances were just as good this imperial officer was a hardened warrior who just happened to be blessed with comely features. They had done their research, and had decided that this officer, whose name was Kerry Altira, was their best option for obtaining the codes. They would obtain the codes one way or the other – either via interrogation or preferably bringing her over to the Rebel Alliance, though Leia privately deemed the possibility of an Imperial officer having private rebel sympathies was a bit unlikely.

Leia watched the yawning Imperial Officer slowly walk over to inspect the door, dragging her feet as she sipped from a mug of coffee. Despite herself, Leia felt a pang of guilt as she sprung out from her cover and pointed her blaster at the startled girl.

“Don’t move!”

The officer squeaked in surprise, dropping her mug on the ground, where it shattered loudly. “Okay, okay! Please don’t hurt me!”

“Let’s get out of the heat, move!” Leia ordered, as she jabbed with her blaster and marched the girl back into the command centre. Han and Luke would be taking care of the other officer and any security droids, so interrogation would fall to her.

“This isn’t a training exercise, is it…” the officer said, half-whimpering already as Leia disarmed her of her blaster and administrative keycard.

“Do you know who I am?” Leia asked, as she tossed a pair of stun-cuffs to the girl who reluctantly put them on.

Kerry nodded, half in tears already. “Are you going… to kill me, Miss Leia?”

Leia felt another pang of guilt as she looked at the girl’s big brown eyes. Leia had intention of being overly malicious to an unarmed captive – that was how the Empire operated, not her. “I’m not going to hurt you. I want your help,” Leia said, as she firmly-but-gently nudged Kerry into a chair in the command centre. It was a plastic chair not designed for comfort, but comfort wasn’t exactly what Leia had in mind as she quickly bound the stuncuffs to the chairs, securing the whimpering officer.

“What are you going to do me?” Kerry said, fear and trepidation in her voice.

“Well, that depends entirely on your cooperation,” Leia said, stressing that what happened was entirely up to Kerry as she began unzipping the officer’s knee- high, black boots. Leia tugged off the boots, revealing a pair of cute little feet, clad in regulation issue grey stockings and quickly tied them to the desk for easy tickle access. Kerry felt a queer sense of déjà vu, as sitting with her stockinged feet propped on her desk must have been how she spent the majority of her dull shifts.

Leia glance down at the bound feet; an appraisal of the rosy and soft-looking soles told Leia that these feet would absolutely be apposite for the method of interrogation she intended to use. Leia finger’s moved towards the nylon-clad soles, but immediately Kerry flinched and tried to move her feet back.

“No… not tickling, anything but tickling!” Kerry said, before gasping in shock as she realized what she had blurted out – she had just revealed her own weakness!

Unpleasant memories of a childhood full of tickle-torture at the hands of her sisters came flooding back to her in that moment. It was true though, Kerry had never been able to stand tickling, and her family, especially her cruel sisters (she had two) would often tickle her silly, pinning her down so they could take their time to tickle all over her sensitive body. One of their favourite games to play with Kerry had always been to sit on her ankles, and with each sister manning a foot each, tease and taunt Kerry till she was breathless with laughter. They would always promise to cease their tickling onslaught when Kerry answered their questions, which were invariably something embarrassing (like her current crush). Of course, being the devious siblings that they were, often after Kerry answered they would renege on their promise and continue to tickle her silly on the pretext that she ‘didn’t answer fast enough!’ or some such nonsense. Escaping her tickle-happy siblings had been a big reason she had been so eager to sign up and join the Imperial Officers. Yet it seemed like her ticklishness had found a way to catch up to her…

“Ohohohoho, no! Nohohohot the feet!” Kerry yelped, letting loose a squeal as Leia stroked a finger down the officer’s sole experimentally.

“Thanks for telling me that’s your sweet spot… I’ll have to spend a lot of time there,” Leia said, only just suppressing a giggle. Even as ticklish as Leia was, she could take pride in the fact that she had never fallen to pieces quite so quickly as this hapless officer had.

“You can save yourself, you know. I just need your access codes. Then these ticklish tootsies can be spared,” Leia said, half-hoping the girl would decline just so she had a justifiable reason to see for herself how frightfully ticklish those feet were. What could be said? After being under the feather on so many occasions, Leia had a new appreciation for being able to dole out what she seemed to disproportionately receive.

“My access codes? I can’t!” Kerry exclaimed, remembering the countless times her stickler-for-the-rules co-worker had warned her about there being ‘dire consequences’ to losing her access codes. Losing her job might be the least of her worries!

“I can understand that you might need some time to think about it. Don’t mind me, I can show myself around,” Leia said, as she ignored Kerry’s stricken expression and left the room. For the next few minutes, the Princess would walk from room to room, occasionally depositing an item on the desk where Kerry’s feet were lying. Every new item made Kerry’s quail. First was a pair of metal forks from the small canteen on the station. Just one look at the sharp metal prongs and Kerry knew she did not want that thing anywhere near her smooth, soft soles. Second was Kerry’s own plastic-tipped hairbrush that Leia had evidently looted from Kerry’s locker. Third was micro-fibre wire that looked like it would be perfect for ensnaring wiggling toes.

Throughout this entire process, Kerry tried to reason with her captor, begging her to let her go and promising that she wouldn’t tell a soul about Leia’s appearance, but Leia just ignored her, humming to herself as she searched for more tools.

Sweat beaded on Kerry’s brow as Leia leaned in to use the micro-fibre wire to tie the big toes together. Now even wiggling her foot away would be impossible.

“Last chance,” Leia offered, her arms crossed.

Kerry stuck out her bottom lip and whimpered. “Please, I can’t, really, I ca-BAHAHAHAHA!” the reminder of her plea was engulfed by a torrent of laughter as Leia’s long fingernails immediately tore into the sensitive nyloned flesh. The nails were slow at first, as if to toy with Kerry’s astonishingly-receptive flesh, but they soon begin to tickle faster and faster till the Imperial officer was squealing and squeaking, desperately pulling her feet right and left, but to no avail.

The only thing Kerry did do to protect her ticklish tootsies was scrunch up her toes, but even that seemed to amuse Leia more than it provided any real resistance, as whenever Kerry scrunched up her shapely toes, Leia would simply tease the tops of the feet and the sides of the feet till the toes sprung open again. Leia’s grin would always widen whenever this happened, and she would treat herself by delving her nails deep into the bases of Kerry’s twitching toes, always leading to more raucous laughter.

“Gohohohohosh! Nohohohoho! Plehehehease stahahahap! I cahahahant tehehehell youhohhoho!” Kerry would plea, but every time she got to the “I can’t” stage, Leia’s nails would plunge in with a renewed ferocity, as if trying to change her mind.

“You can’t talk? Well, I understand”, Leia would say, gently pressing her sharp fingertips into the center of Kerry’s high, smooth arches.

"Nohohohohoho! Nohohohot thehehehere! Nohohohot the arhahahaharch!" Kelly would howl whenever Leia’s nail fluttered across this spot, the silky-smooth nylons making the sensations even more unbearable.

“I could tickle this arch all day long… so smooth, so high, and so very ticklish…” Leia said, focusing her efforts on the arch of one foot and then the other, sending Kelly convulsing every time she switched feet. “So are you ready to talk, or should I keep tickling you right...here?" Leia asked, tickling the centres of both arches at the same time.

“Plehehehehease! I reheheheally cahahahant!” Kelly said, shaking her head wildly to emphasis her point.

"It sounds like you need some more time to think it over," Leia said, no trace of disappointment in her voice by the lack of interrogative success. She paused and circled the soft spot on Kerry’s exquisite arch like an X-wing weaving a cord around an AT-AT’s legs. "Let’s try these other toys while you’re considering things…”

Kerry, who had been wondering how it could get any worse, found fresh energy for desperate squirms for freedom when Leia picked up the metal fork and made to apply it to Kerry’s poor soles. One look at the sharp metal prongs and Kerry was filled with pure dread – she did not want it anywhere near her feet.

The first touch of the tines of the fork sent shivers up Kerry’s spine, which quickly lead to giggles as the tri-pronged strokes went along the arch and the balls of the feet.

“You know, I feel almost like a farmer with this,” Leia said, as she slowly raked the fork up and down Kerry’s arches and along the ball of the foot, as if she were a farmer ploughing crops in stubborn soil.

Kerry’s frenzied laughter reached a new pitch as Leia ‘ploughed’ one foot at a time with the fork, slowly stroking the balls of her feet with those cold, sharp tines. Kerry’s pale feet were already reddening from the ‘farming’ as Leia continued to trace the grooves in the feet along those high arches and rounded balls of the feet.

The young Imperial officer fell into silent laughter for the first time as Leia brandished another fork so she could farm both of Kerry’s ticklish soles for even more laughter. “I thought you’d appreciate the forks. Most people on Dantooine are farmers, aren’t they?” Leia giggled to herself, as she continued to scrape the forks up and down Kerry’s super-ticklish soles.

After noticing how the forks had left Kerry’s soles a tender shade of red, Leia began to slow down her ticklish strokes.

“Give me one reason why I shouldn’t keep going,” Leia said sternly, as she eased up the tickling to allow the officer to speak.

Kerry looked at her pleadingly, with tears in her eyes.

“Plehehehease! Thehehehey would kihihihilll mehehehe!” she said, still giggling uncontrollably.

“Why not join the Alliance then? We could use strong fighters like yourself,” Leia said, as she put down the forks.

Kerry fell silent. Join the Rebel Alliance? Well, the Empire would probably have her executed if she gave away the access codes… and she wasn’t sure if she could take much more of this horrendous foot tickling… but how would her family respond? Kerry’s mind went to her sisters and her attention suddenly snapped back to her own current ticklish predicament. They were never happy about me working here anyway… Kerry reflected.

“I can see you need some time to think it over,” Leia said, as she picked up the plastic-tipped hairbrush. She was hoping Kerry would join them, but that was no reason she should not tighten the bolts a little harder either way…

Kerry’s heart dropped as she saw the tool in Leia’s hand – the familiar plastic handle and long plastic-tipped bristles at the head. This would be a special kind of torment… tickled by her own hairbrush… Kerry gulped as she looked at the foreboding bristles of her hairbrush and imagined it being used on her sensitive soles, her toes curling at the thought. Kerry closed her eyes and braced for impact as the bristles slowly edged closer to her nylon-clad soles, utterly helpless to stop their advance.

“Guhhhhhhhh!” Kerry grunted through gritted teeth as the first touch of the brush on her nyloned soles sent disruptive ticklish shockwaves streaming throughout her body. Kerry had used that hairbrush for months, but she was only realizing now how prickly and bristly those plastic tips were, as they softly slide around her smooth soles with tantalizing slowness. She was barely holding herself in check as the hairbrush continued to lightly tease up and down her sole, making a wide arc around her arches.

“You’re doing well, Miss Altira. That’s precisely why the Alliance could use someone like you. We need those who can stay cool under fire,” Leia said, continuing her pitch as slowly stroked along the ball of the foot and under Kerry’s splaying toes.

The oddly-kind words were enough to disrupt Kerry’s concentration and Kerry threw her head back as laughter came spilling from her lips as her ticklish soles reached their enduring limits just as Leia switched to quick, sharp strokes of the brush across her high, deep arches, whilst using her other hand to hold Kerry’s soles steady.

Now that Leia had eroded Kerry’s resistance, the young Imperial Officer’s laughter swelled, rapidly approaching the same hysterical heights it had when Leia had utilized the forks. Leia was delighted to see she had so quickly managed to drive her ticklish captive to this state, and quickly pressed her attack – she alternated which foot she would scrub with the hairbrush, gleefully noting how Kerry would jump and squirm anew every time she switched feet. It almost appeared like the greenhorn imperial officer was getting more and more ticklish with every stroke of the brush, as opposite to becoming accustomed to the invasive sensations.

Kerry arched her back and howled as Leia manipulated the hairbrush with a fashionista’s delicate, artistic touch as she expertly dusted and plumbed all the familiar ticklish spots she had mapped out earlier. The hairbrush circled the balls of Kerry’s flapping feet, slithering underneath her flexing toes and scrubbing those deep arches insistently while Kerry was torn between her allegiance to the Empire, her sympathies for the rebels and most of all, the loyalty to her poor, ticklish feet.

“Do you think the Empire really cares that much about an officer like you?” Leia said, over the din of Kerry’s frantic giggles. “You won’t make a difference with the Empire, but you can with us,” Leia said passionately, though the persuasiveness of the statement was accentuated by the fact Leia had yanked back Kerry’s shapely toes with one hand and was using the brush to slowly slide under and between her toes, twirling it between her fingers to stroke the soft pads and undersides of the toes. When Leia finished with every one of Kerry’s squirming toes, she returned to brushing all the worst spots in the arches that the Princess had come to know so well, or simply stroking the entire sole from heel to toe with a slow, prolonged stroke.

With her other hand, Leia picked up one the forks so one foot was being tormented by the innumerable bristles on the brush while the other had to contend with the metal tines of the fork.

Kerry wasn’t sure which one was worse, as she shook her head and squealed loudly. Alone, those tools had been barely-bearable, but together… she couldn’t take any more of this, especially as she felt the arches of both feet being tantalized at the same time – her left foot being brushed while her right foot was being forked.

"Nohohohoho more! I’ll tahahahahalk!” Kerry screamed, as Leia let up on the tickling to allow her to give her the access code.

“I got the codes,” Leia murmured into her communicator. “Now listen, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way,” Leia said, speaking to a panting, dishevelled Kerry. “It’s not that I don’t trust you… but I really can’t trust you. Your co-worker should recover in about two hours and he’ll come down to free you.”

“If you’re serious about wanting to join the Rebel Alliance, then you’ll understand why I have to do this,” Leia said, as she picked up the remote for the CLE-004 window cleaning droid that Kerry just remembered Leia bringing into the room. The fifth-degree window cleaning droid produced by Publictechnic was a repulsorlift-equipped droid with a single electrostatic polisher protruding on an articulated arm from its squat body. The droid would use this brush to clear windows of grime, dirt and digit marks left by installation droids. The CLE-004 unit’s marketing would brag about it being able to polish even a large window in a matter of seconds, but after Kerry’s ordeal, she looked at the bristled cleaning brush was a powerful sense of ticklish trepidation. “And if you’re not serious about wanting to join the Alliance…” Leia laughed as she turned the device on, the brushes spinning. “Then this is even more justified,” Leia said, as she walked away.

The droid seemed to recognize Kerry’s nylon clad soles as their cleaning parameters, and diligently set out to scrubbing them clean, oblivious to their owner’s ticklish discontent as the hundreds of bristles spun and whizzed over the ticklish soles. The brush was so wide that it effortlessly covered the entire sole at once.

Kerry desperately tried to pull her feet away, but the bonds held as tightly as ever as the droid continued its ‘cleaning’. The droid would spray her soles with what she guessed must be a type of cleaning fluid, but all it seemed to do was make her soles even more slick and ticklish! The droid was meticulous and relentless, as it brushed all over across the now slick surface with devastating results.

After a while the large brush retracted, and just when Kerry thought she was out of the woods, a dozen smaller brushes popped out of the droid’s chrome frame, and the brushes immediately set to invading every inch of her poor tormented soles. The smaller brushes were more precise, and they sought to carefully tickle in every little sensitive fold and niche that the larger brush had failed to adequately ‘clean’.

The droid seemed determined to use these smaller brushes to dust each and every little ticklish nook and cranny Kerry had on her feet, spent what felt like eons dusting every iota of flesh along Kerry’s squirming toes, which it felt the larger brush had not done a good enough job brushing (Kerry disagreed). The ticklish toe-webbing, the pads, the undersides, the tips, and especially in-between were all host to the brushes as the wreaked ticklish havoc as Kerry squirmed and desperate tried to beg the droid to stop, but it was deaf to her commands. Who would have thought the Princess would have been so knowledgeable about droids?

As Imperial Officer Kerry Altira squeaked and squealed with laughter as her tender toes were teased, her mind kept going back to Princess Leia, and her offer. No matter how she spun the idea in her mind, it all came back to the same thing:

“Do I really want to join the Rebel Alliance? Or do I just really want to tickle me some Princess feet…”