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Star Wars TK: Endor Endeavour

(This story takes place during Episode VI: Return of the Jedi where Leia has been taken to the ewok village after the ill-fated speeder chase.)


It was a sweltering afternoon on the forest moon of Endor, as Princess Leia walked across the forest floor alongside her new ewok allies.

The ewoks were not the most technologically-advanced race, but Leia had a newfound respect and admiration for their surprising guile and ingenuity. The traps she and the ewoks had set up around the village would be devastating against the Empire with their plodding AT-ATs. It was further evidence that one should not judge based on first impressions. The ewoks had shown a surprisingly high level of sophistication in artistry, especially the way they had supplied the wayward Princess with a new attire to allow her to blend in more with the forest setting. She wore a humble brown smock, with white sleeves, along with a loose dress that exposed much of her legs, but there was no time for modesty when open warfare was hours away. The ewoks had even fashioned crude stockings made from the silk of the Endorian giant spider along with strappy sandals made from vines and wood.

The ewoks were a primitive people, but Leia had no doubt their aid could be the turning point in their fight against the empire. They did have their fair share of peculiar traditions, however, and as their guest Leia did not want to openly balk at their time-honoured customs, even if she privately considered them nonsense. One of these traditions involved making a sacrifice towards a giant tree shrine in the deep forest, clicks away from the main ewok village. Leia understood the ewoks believed it would bring good fortune in battle, but the idea of spending too much exposed in the open, even with a handful of ewoks there to guard her, did not strike her as an especially wise stratagem.

Despite Leia’s concerns, the ewoks, especially Wicket, were adamant that the offering would bless them in the battle to come, and so it was decided that the offering would commence. Leia tried to push the niggling doubts from her mind. Maybe things would go off without a hitch…

Needless to say, things did not go off without a hitch.

Right when Leia was placing a garland of wild flowers in the shrine in front of the massive tree, she heard the ominous click of a blaster. Leia turned, and she was face-to-face with a biker scout trooper, whose blaster was so close to Leia’s face that she could kiss the blackened muzzle.

“Who's back there?” the scout’s partner barked, and Leia was surprised to hear the voice was distinctly feminine. She heard the scampering of footsteps as the ewoks fled into the tangly underbrush. She didn’t blame them – their clubs would be no use against the powerful blasters the two scouts were wielding.

“Didn’t expect to see a human here, who are you?” said the first scout, the one whose blaster was jabbing Leia in the throat. Leia was surprised to hear that she was female as well. It was rare to see so many female troopers, though Leia reasoned for an operation like this they may have dug deep into their conscripts.

“You were asked a question, girlie,” ordered the second scout, as she dismounted her bike.

“Kerry Altira,” Leia said, giving the first name that came to mind.

“And what are you doing here, Kerry Altira?” the first scout probed.

“If that is really is your name,” the second scout added, dismissively.

“I’m just a settler in the forest, please don’t hurt me!” Leia said, doing her best impression of a doe-eyed, innocent young girl.

A tense moment passed as the two scouts looked at each other, and exchanged a hushed conversation.

“Command would want us to kill her – she might be a rebel,” Jessica ‘Jess’ Kilvaari, the taller of the two scouts murmured. Jess had no qualms about the Empire. She was a trooper for the creds, and knew the Empire preferred soldiers who followed orders and didn’t ask too many questions.

“We’re just going to gun down some defenceless girl? That’s not what I signed up for, Jess,” Claire Vane hissed. Depending on who you asked, Claire was a fool who swallowed the Empire’s propaganda like a lustful twilek, or a true believer in the ideals of the Empire. Claire’s idealism and naiveté made her partner roll her eyes at times, but Jess was grateful for her company and did respect her moral fibre, though she didn’t always agree with it.

Jess chewed on her lip and tossed a pair of stun-cuffs to the ‘settler’. “Put those on. Now,” she snapped. She tightened the handcuffs and then quickly frisked their captive, discovering a little military-grade blaster tucked away in her belt.

“You mind explaining this, ‘settler’?” Jess asked, waving the blaster in the girl’s face. The girl stared back defiantly.

“It’s my blaster! I have to be able to protect myself!”

“Well, that does make sense,” Claire considered. “There’s all kinds of beasts in this forest.”

“This is a military-grade weapon, Claire,” Jess said, with a sigh. “Please try not to be so gullible. This is suspicious as frick.”

“Fine, can you tell us you got this?” Claire asked their handcuffed captive.

“I… bought it. The ewoks sold it to me,” the girl stuttered.

“Suspicious as frick,” Jess repeated. “Like those savages would even know how to trade.”

“What are we going to do with her, Jess? I know she’s a bit fishy, but we aren’t just going to shoot her, are we? She might be innocent…” Claire said, in a quiet voice.

Jess chewed her lip again as she lowered her blaster and tugged at her helmet to buy some time to think. “It’s bloody too hot to think,” Jess said, as she removed the white scouting helmet, and a cascade of short, sweaty brown hair fell loose.

“Good idea…” Claire agreed, as she removed her regulation-issue helmet as well, revealing her short blonde hair and bright blue eyes. “Should we just let her go?”

“Yes, please!” the captive added hopefully.

Jess sighed, and pointed at the woman and told her to shut up. She didn’t want to say Claire was a dumb blonde at times, but she did feel that Claire embodied the stereotype at times.

“I don’t buy her story at all. And I’m wondering if her story will hold up under… duress.”

“You have an evil idea, don’t you?” Claire said, with a chuckle.

“Damn right I do.”


“Gotta love nature, eh?” Jess said, as she shoved a handcuffed Leia forward to a clearing after a short ride on their bikes (embarrassingly, they had tied Leia to the back of the bike like a bag of oats to prevent her from escaping).

Leia’s mouth gaped as she stared at the pit of writhing vegetation and vines. Leia was reminded of a localized, forest-y Sarlacc that she had seen recently, only of a smaller scale as she saw the gaping maw and swaying tentacles. It was not nearly as large – the mini-Sarlacc’s mouth was only the size of a manhole.

“Ever seen a Sarlacc before, ‘settler’?” Jess asked. “If you’re from here, like you claim, you must know all about this things. You should know what happens next, right?”

Leia bit her lip as she looked at the tentacle-vines worming along the ground and the teeth of the beast – they were blunted, unlike the razor-sharp teeth of the Sarlacc she had seen inhabiting the Great Pit of Carkoon on Tatooine. Leia wisely kept her mouth shut as to not reveal her ignorance.

“We were prepped on all the local wildlife here,” Claire said, by way of explanation. “This creature has a really nifty way of attracting prey.”

On that note, the two scouts frogmarched Leia in front of the gaping hole of the forest Sarlacc and using hooks and some strong rope, they pulled off Leia’s shoes as they prepared to push her into the pit.

"You sure don't have the feet of a settler," Jess said, commenting on Leia's glossy, transparent toenail polish as the scout gave her a shove and and pushed her into the pit, ignoring Leia's shrieks as dozens of vines slithered all over her legs and feet. Leia’s wrists were still bound together by the stun-cuffs, and the stun-cuffs were tied to a rope which trailed over her head, hooked to a tree. The rope lead back to the bike, securely tied as Leia felt her body slowly sag into the wet and humid maw of the Sarlacc, though the way she was tied she was only engulfed up to her knees.

Leia’s mind was reeling. Were they feeding her to the beast? It was then when she felt the slippery vines begin to slide across her feet, and she figured why they took off her shoes. She yelped and giggled at the sensations – many were slick with dew and condensation, and almost felt like tongues as they swirled about Leia’s legs and stocking-clad feet with severe ticklish ramifications. She had definitely been unaware being eaten by Sarlacci would feel this way!

“The Sarlacc takes its time to digest its prey… and it likes to play with its meals…” Jess said, her voice turning sinister. “So feel like telling us what you were really doing there? Who are you, really?”

Leia shook her head, as more and more giggles spilled from her mouth. It seemed like anything she would say would only incriminate her further, so she did the only thing available to her that wasn’t incriminating – laugh. And laughing was easy as the Sarlacc’s vine-tips slithered up and down her legs, tantalizing all the sensitive flesh along her legs.

“Have it your way, then,” Jess laughed, as she took a seat on her bike to drink in the show.

Leia wanted very much to defy her captor, but she had to admit the tendrils of the Endor Sarlacc were even bit as lethal on her ticklish soles as anything she had ever experienced. They lacked the dexterity and craftiness of some foes she had brushed with in her adventures, but they more than made up with numbers and persistence.

The vines of the Sarlacc swarmed all over her skin with their pointed tips, slipping and sliding all over all the flesh they could reach. It felt like there were dozens of tiny serpents rampaging across Leia’s slender feet and shapely legs.

Leia closed her eyes and trembled as she felt herself spout with laughter at the frenzy of vines along her soles, as their pointed tips pressed into the soft skin of her stockinged soles. The vines were roving over every inch of her soles, slipping into the sensitive spaces between her toes, brushing along the sides of her feet, and sweeping along the insteps, leaving no tickle-spot untouched. There was no room to escape as the Sarlacc’s jaw tightened and held Leia’s legs firmly in their slimy clutches.

"Lehehehet me gohohoho!" Leia howled, straining to pull her legs free as the tendrils slid around the exceptionally ticklish spot in the centre of her arch, and credit to the Sarlacc’s intelligence, its tendrils immediately focus on this exact same spot on Leia’s other squirming foot, bringing forth a fresh frantic peal of laughter. Leia grit her teeth and threw her head back and forth as she felt like dozens of slick tongues were slurping all over her soles. The only slight consolation to her dire tickle dilemma was the fact her toes were free to squirm and wiggle as much as her confinements within the Sarlacc’s jaw allowed. She had been tickled more than enough times to learn how much she despised having her soles bound in place by toe-ties and such, as she had many super-ticklish spots like the gaps between her toes that could really use the protection of curled toes.

Of course, maintaining the concentration to keep her defences mustered was another matter entirely. Keeping her toes clamped shut was easier said than done as dozens of tendrils slithered across every tantalizingly ticklish spot on her sole – it was akin to resisting the urge to blink as something flew near your face. Leia’s soles were aflame with electrical sensations, and every unexpected flick or stroke would threaten to send her toes spasming and splaying, open to tendrils slipping into all those ticklish nooks and crannies that had just exposed themselves. Often it wouldn’t even be her worst spots that would lead this to happen, but the unexpected attack on an only moderately ticklish spot, such as when a tentacle licked along her ankle, the sides of her feet, or made a wide arc along the tops of her insteps.

And every time Leia conjured the strength to shut her toes again, the tendrils which had been happily teasing the webbing of her toe-stems would spend the next few moments teasing the tips of her toes in an attempt to ‘re-open’ access to the undersides once more – more than once this toe tormenting sprung those toes up within seconds.

The tickling was terrible, though if Leia could be honest; she had endured worse. The sight of the two grinning Scout Troopers hooting and laughing at her ticklish display was probably the worst aspect of it all, as Leia’s dignity and pride took a major hit with every mocking cat-call.

“Sounds like the Sarlacc’s hungry for some laughter!”

“Someone’s ticklish!”

“Cootchie cootchie coo!”

“Are you sure you’re a settler? Settlers aren’t supposed to be so ticklish!”

“Squirm harder – you might get free!”

Leia closed her eyes just to escape their mocking jubilance, but the lapse in focus was enough for the vines to slip under her toes again, and her eyes sprung open as she squealed with high-pitched laughter.

To make matters worse, the Sarlacc’s vines were starting to branch upwards and stroked along Leia’s shins and around her kneecaps. Leia had never realized her legs were so ticklish as the Sarlacc’s tendrils gradually covered more and more tickle-ground, as the Princess’s laughter became more and more undignified and unprincess-like by the minute. Every new inch of tickle-territory the Sarlacc claimed added more fuel to the fire as it from the shins and the back of her calves which were only mildly ticklish, to the kneecaps and back of the knees which were definitely at least moderately ticklish, and the inner thighs which were definitely hyper super ticklish. As Leia’s lower body was swallowed by the encroaching tickle beast, she saw her two captors slowly make their way towards her.

“It tickles, doesn’t it?” Jess said, as she brushed a stray lock of hair away from Leia’s face.

“It must be so unbearable…” Claire added, with a touch of sympathy.

“Tell us what we want to know and we can let you out,” Jess said. “Or do you want more of this?”

Leia bit her lip and choked back laughter. She barely had the breath for a witty retort, so she simply shook her head.

“Up to you,” Jess smirked. “Get her from behind, Claire.”

Leia only had a moment to process what this meant before she felt Jess’ gloved hands creep under her shirt and tease her stomach. She felt another pair of hands, it must have been Claire’s, wiggle wildly into Leia’s underarms, pulled taut by the rope.

The ravaging of her upperbody in addition to the vines licking all over her legs was brutal enough, but the most unbearable part of it was the dark-haired trooper, Jess, hovering right in front of Leia’s face, mocking and taunting her as she sent Leia into a quivering ball of tickle-jelly.

“Cootchie cootchie coo… did you know the Sarlacc tickles its prey to lure more into its clutches? Aren’t we nice to do it a favour? Good thing you’re so ticklish…” Jess said with an evil smile, as she skilfully tweaked and squeezed Leia’s ribs – she definitely had done this before, Leia could feel the touch of a tickle torturess.

“Her skin is so soft, definitely more princess than settler, this one…” Claire said, from behind Leia’s right ear. She was patting and spidering her nails over Leia’s toned stomach. It wasn’t quite as potent as Jess’ manipulation of Leia’s ribcage, but with so many on-going ticklish sensations (the Sarlacc had never stopped its strokes in all this time) it all seemed to meld together into one roaring sensation of pure ticklishness.

“I told you she was lying,” Jess said, as she rubbed Leia’s ribs with her knuckles – a surprising sensation which resulted in a girlish squeak from the fatigued princess.

“I’m sorry for doubting you!” Claire said, as she poked a finger into Leia’s belly button and corkscrewed it around wildly.

“No worries, it’s not your fault. How’s about we tickle her even harder to make up for it?”


On that note, the scouts dug in even more vigorously. Their hands were gloved, which meant that scratching was less effective, but they more than made up for it with relentless wiggling and enthusiasm. They joyfully double-teamed Leia’s upperbody, delighted with every squeak and squeal they could coax from their captive. Sometimes they tickled independently from each other and sometimes they tickled in unison, with varying ticklish effectiveness, though by this point Leia was so hysterical it was almost hard to tell the difference. When the two of them used both hands to tickle Leia in her left underarm, four hands and forty fingers scratching and digging into every centimetre, Leia thought she would pass out. They eased up, not wanting Leia to lose consciousness, but quickly pushed her back to her limits by double-teaming her right armpit. All the while, the Sarlacc continue to stroke its slimy vines all over Leia’s legs and soles.

The gloved hands were anywhere and everywhere, as a countless number of vines continued their assault on Leia’s stocking-covered legs. The stimulation all over her body was an overload of sensations as everything was swallowed by a haze of dizzying laughter. Leia had never been tickled to such extremes before, probably because her previous tormentors had been skilfully keeping her teetering on the edge of consciousness. As she felt herself drift closer and closer to blacking out, these vivid memories of her previous tickling experiences popped into her mind.

“You won’t get any rest from me, Princess, till you tell me what you need to know!” Hannah Chase, the maid who wasn’t a maid, said, as she flicked the feather duster masterfully over Leia’s silky soles.

“You think you’re such a big shot, don’t you? What’s wrong,’hero’? Can’t take a few lil tickles?” Rebel pilots, Alexis Kramer and Lucille Watson sneered, half-drunk as they conducted their alcohol-fuelled vendetta by punishing Leia’s tender, ticklish body.

“It’s my turn for aggressive negotiations,” Riley the smuggler said, shortly after Leia had doled out a bit of tickle-medicine of her own. Being on the dishing-out end instead of the receiving end had been delightful, though Riley’s revenge in the stocks on Leia’s tender soles had been thorough.

“You will talk. And I will break you…” Imperial Governess Leonia Tavira had said, as her interrogation droids tore a devastating swath into Leia’s ticklish soles with an unrivalled, inhuman precision. Nothing had tickled quite so methodically and as ruthlessly as those dreaded TK units.

Leia tilted her head back in a slump, as the weight of all her memories and her current predicament bowled her over. Soon there would be a new memory to her collection.

“Cootchie cootchie coo, ‘settler’. Don’t you want to tell us who you really are?”


Leia was jolted from her exhausted state of sleep by a powerful stench that crept up her nostrils and whipped her brain back into action. She opened her eyes slowly, half-expected the familiar feel of vines stroking her soles while the scout troopers hovered over her with their smug, conceited smiles. Instead, Leia was greeted with the most beatific of sights – her ewok saviours had returned! A grinning ewok was waving a bundle of herbs under her nose, which was what had reinvigorated her.

She quickly learned that her frenzied laughter had made it easy for her ewok guards to track her down, and they had caught those diabolical scout troopers off-guard.

They had managed to overpower them, and Leia was delighted to see Jess and Claire, bound and gagged as the ewoks asked Leia what she thought should be done with them. And Leia knew exactly what to do.

“Looks like that offering gave us luck after all,” Leia thought, smiling.


Jess Kilvaari tossed her short-cropped brown hair back and forth, tears welling in her blue eyes as she was swarmed by half a dozen ewoks. Those vermin had driven wooden stakes into the ground, and tied her to them, so she lay there eagle-spread and helpless. They had even removed her sturdy scout trooper armour, leaving her body clad in a sleeveless, faded vest and short shorts that barely covered anything past mid-thigh, so they could claim full rein over her ticklish body. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her companion, Claire Vane, similarly bound, awaiting her turn. Claire was shouting at the ewoks to leave her friend alone – Jess could barely hear the words over the sound of her own high-pitched laughter, but she appreciated the gesture from her friend. Jess would never consider herself a martyr, but she knew it would be better she endure the tickling than her much-more sensitive friend.

At least Jess could boast that she was no stranger to tickle torture – she had served under Governess Tavira back on Eiattu 6, and had seen and experienced the power that tickling had on some captives. Tavira had even ‘tutored’ her on some of the more minute aspects and nuances of this lost art. It was precisely because Jess was such a veteran that it was so undeniably frustrating to be driven to ticklish hysterics by such barbaric creatures. It was one thing to suffer under the masterful precision of a TK droid, or the expert cunning of a master tormentress, but to be tickled silly by such simpletons? Unspeakably embarrassing.

They weren’t even that good at it, Jess thought, gritting her teeth and biting her tongue as she refused to laugh, but she could only hold out for a few seconds with so many of those damned furballs tickling her everywhere on her body.

Two of those baboons were exploiting Jess’s exposed underarms, which were held taut by the rope so they were free to spider-tickle all of their stumpy fingers in each one, sometimes teasing the edges before burying straight back into the centre.

Another pair of the dirty monkeys were grabbing and squeezing along her midsection, with one particularly ugly creature squeezing Jess’s hips while the other poked and prodded her bare stomach.

The final two of the wretched animals were exploring Jess’s trapped, nylon-clad feet. The black military nylons were designed to prevent chaffing, but right now all they were doing was amplifying the ticklishness as the creatures’ small, yet nimble fingers scampered all over Jess’s large soles as if they were trying to tickle the entire foot at once.

Jess had no doubt whatsoever that individually she could have easily handled their unskilled, pathetic attempts at tickle torture, but somehow, inexplicably with so many of them pushing her buttons all at once, together they were driving her crazy.

"I’ll kihihihiill youhohohoh all!" Jess howled, more in anguish than anything else. The ‘settler’ looked over her, and gave her a smile.

“I think she wants her feet tickled,” the woman said, with an arrogant smile. With that regal smile, it all came to place, and Jess recognized her – Princess Leia! They had captured Princess Leia this whole friggin’ time!

This revelation did Jess no good, as like the trained chimps that they, two ewoks suddenly hopped onto Jess’s trapped ankles and wiggled their fingers under her fiercely-clenched toes and pried them back, holding them there, forcing the nylon-clad soles taut and even more immobile than before.

Twisting and bucking on the filthy ground did little to halt their attack but muss up her hair even more as forty small, wild but enthusiastic fingers attacked her helpless soles. Their short nails scratched all over your skin, sometimes fighting over the same spots, and sometimes working together to tickle separate spots at the same time.

All Jess could do was twist and writhe, her toes trembling against the beasts’ strong hands as they held onto her pinned soles firmly.

“If you feel like talking about shield generator access codes, be a dear and let me know, alright? Take your time and think it over…” Leia said, with a giggle. “And don’t worry; your friend will get her turn soon too…”