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The Aftermath on Lorraine!


It had been a fortnight after the Battle of Lorraine, or The Great Boudo Victory, as it was commonly referred to the city by the victors. Resistance had persisted after Paxim Commander Celeste had fallen in single-combat to Boudo Commander Todoe, but most residence had been eradicated after the first few days as the remaining Paxim warriors ran out of fuel and makeup (both were equally important in the Paxim’s eyes).

Stockades and other bondage devices spawned out of nowhere, and it was a common sight to see a small crowd clustered around a nude/semi-nude Paxim soldier being tickled silly by a horde of giggling Boudo girls.

Today Commander Tomoe was heading to the sparring grounds, a pair of whooping Boudo warriors at her heels. Their discipline had been lax these days, even for Boudo standards, but the city was as safe right now as Boudo cities ever were. The sparring grounds were a good way to use the captive Paxims as guinea pigs for any weapons or techniques they wanted to utilize, not to mention, Tomoe knew better than anyone than her girls would get jittery just laying around for too long, and although a bit of in-fighting could be fun, it wasn’t the ideal time for it right now when a third faction could enter the fray at any given moment. The sparring grounds were a perfect outlet for all the tickle-energy that just had to be defused.

As Tomoe crossed a street that once would have been bustling with vehicles, she saw a crowd gathered around one of said outlets.

Commander Tomoe’s height allowed her to peer over the crowd, and she saw a copper-haired Paxim soldier tied to a street post, utterly devoid of clothing. The copper-haired girl was torn between laughter and moans as the crowd of Boudo females ruthlessly pushed her buttons. The copper-haired woman, whom Tomoe recognized as Captain Venus, a notoriously feisty and fiery Paxim gunner, was tied with her arms above her head and bound to the pole. Her legs were looped behind the pole, and bound, spreading her legs to the jeers of the hostile crowd. Tomoe couldn’t count how many fingers were tickling the Paxim captain, but there were definitely a lot. A bonafide swarm of Boudo fingers were engulfing the shrieking captain and fighting for ticklish spots on the infamous gunslinger. The tickling was making the captain buck up and down like she was dancing, as fingers invaded every inch of her body; Tomoe noticed fingers tease from bicep to armpit, tantalize and pinch the perky areolas, dance and squeeze all over the ribs, and rummage all over the stomach. The captain’s milky-white feet, with their prettily-painted copper toenails were an especially popular target too, as sharp Boudo fingernails scrapped and stroked all over the tender peds, which of course, were buttery-soft in according to Paxim regulations.

The inner thighs and her womanhood belonged to tongues, which punished the Paxim captain with their ticklish pleasure. There was even a particularly lustful looking Boudo girl parting the captain’s copper-hair to lick and kiss along her neck and ear. Captain Venus seemed to be enjoying herself, based on the moans that were so intermingled with her laughter, but after a particularly sultry groan, one of the ringleaders of the crowd, a woman Tomoe recognized as Captain Mizuno, raised her hand, and bellowed. “Can’t let her enjoy this too much. No orgasm for you, Paxim!” the crowd bellowed in laughter at the frustrated moans and hip-thrusts from the copper-haired Paxim captain were ignored and the tickling intensified.

Tomoe could see her troops were quite eager to join the festivities, but Tomoe had a date, and she didn’t intend to miss it.

“Let’s carry on. You can come back here when you’re off limit.”

The two girls nodded reluctantly, but one of them whispered a crude comment in the other’s ear and they both burst out laughing.

Tomoe smiled approvingly at them and they continued their walk.

They came across bars and restaurants teeming with victorious Boudo warriors who were continuing their celebrations of affairs, and more than a few Paxim soldiers who had been rustled in as entertainment, which was a concept Tomoe had approved herself. A few Paxim girls being tickled silly made for a far better show than a live band, surely, Tomoe thought.

She stuck her head in the door of a bar, and saw a trio of Paxim girls with technicolour hair sitting in reclining chairs, their feet high in the air, some in nylon stockings, some bare. Patrons were pouring booze and other drinks down their soles and licking it off, or simply teasing with their fingers. Tomoe’s Boudo warriors were also far too well-trained to leave other body spots attended, so the girls would often have to contend with cheeky fingers dipping into their underarms too.

Tomoe watched the show for a while, there was a pink-haired girl whose long hair fell to her shoulders who seemed especially sensitive to a tongue sticking between her toes, which a short dark-haired Boudo girl was demonstrating, as she slurped and lapped at the Paxim’s pretty pink toes. A green-haired girl who seemed especially sensitive along her navel had to deal with a pool of wine continuously being poured along her stomach which the Boudo patrons would constantly dip their heads down into the stomach to suck, with much incidental but not accidental tickling in the process. The way she squeaked and threw her head back as a Boudo girl blew a raspberry filled Tomoe with such pride.

The third girl, a purple-haired girl with twin pigtails, was having the worst time of it, as the other patrons seemed to have deemed her the least tasty. As punishment for her the un-tastiness of her soles, they were gang-tickling her silly, with hands dipping into her underarms, a finger corkscrewing in her stomach, and fingers wedged between her dainty toes which were, of course, painted a bold purple.

Tomoe tossed a coin into a tip jar by the foot of the reclining chairs, reached out with a varnished finger (Tomoe had painted her nails a metallic silver she had pinched from the Paxim stores) to briefly tickle the green-haired Paxim girl’s foot, and left to cheers and whoops from the Boudo girls. There was something about those pampered, prissy princesses who thought they were such hot shit that Tomoe just couldn’t get enough of; she’d be quite happy staying in the bar and tickling those three Paxim primadonnas till the cows came home, but alas, she had a job to do. There was no rest for the wicked. Tomoe’s bodyguards were visibly reluctant to leave, just as Tomoe was, but a sharp whistle from their commander and they came galloping

The three of them continued their tour of their city, till they arrived outside the sparring ground. It had once been the City of Lorraine’s Grand Coliseum, where the best fighters gathered to prove their mettle, but it had since been converted to more humane purposes. The Boudo warriors outside the coliseum gave their commander a cursory nodded, and Tomoe knew they were trying to sneak a peek at the sparring grounds over the fence they were guarding – they were Boudo, after all. It was in their blood to seek and savour battle. The sandy ground crunched under Tomoe’s sandals as she made her way into the field.

“Afternoon, Commander. Here to spar again?” a voice said, coming from Tomoe’s ankles. The tall commander glanced down, and was not surprised to see the sight of Captain Hisoka buried up to her neck in the sandy ground. She was lying on her back, with the only thing besides her head that was unburied being her pair of slender bare feet. Hisoka’s bare feet wiggled energetically, a leather anklet on the right foot and a pair of bronze toe rings on the second toes. Tomoe knew the toerings were a testament to her valour in combat, as the toe rings were the Boudo equivalent of the Paxim war medal (but not as pretentious, and actually given for true acts of heroism). Tomoe also knew that Hisoka was a notorious tickle-glutton, a bonafide tickle fetishist who loved nothing more than being tickled on her feet. Her recklessness made her a liability at times, but she doled out as good as she got, and her love of tickling and bondage made her a real bitch to interrogate; Hisoka wasn’t a captain for nothing, and Tomoe could think of few warriors as tough as her in the Boudo clans.

Naturally, Hisoka have volunteered to be one of those to undergo tickle endurance training, and free to tickle for any Boudo who wanted to hone their tickling skills on an opponent. Hisoka looked vulnerable with her silky soles already flushed pink, looking like they were tickled on a regular basis, but Tomoe was certain the strongly-built captain could burst free from her confines if she truly wanted too.

“You’re staring at my feet, Commander,” Captain Hisoka said, with a flirtatious smile. Tomoe smiled right back. She would be lying if she said she didn’t want to tickle those slender soles with those long, dexterous toes. Tomoe and Hisoka had trained together and had their share of tickle battles that often ended very… passionately, after all. “Those silver fingernails of your look very dangerous,” Hisoka said, wiggling her toes tantalizingly. “They almost look like daggers. I wonder how they’ll feel tickling my bare feet…”

The little minx was asking for it, and Tomoe convinced herself that a little warm-up might do her some good before her real battle.

“What kind of commander would I be if I didn’t heed the word of my warriors?” Tomoe grinned, as she cracked her knuckles.

Hisoka grinned even more widely and wiggled her toes in anticipation. “That’s the spirit, Commander! Go ahead! Sink those wicked fingernails of yours into my helpless feet. Gimme your best shot!"

Tomoe crouched down to the pair of feet, and after waiting a few seconds, and watching Hisoka’s red feet twitch in anticipation, she sank her fingertips into the soft, tender flesh of her soles.

"Ohohohohoho, Comahahahander!" Hisoka tittered, exploding into hysterics the instant her hyper-ticklish feet were touched. Her resistance was legendary, only matched by her incredible sensitivity on her soles. “Yehehehes, hahahah, rihihihihight thehehehere!” she called out, as Tomoe slid her fingernails across her soft arches.

“Don’t give me commands, Captain. That’s my job,” Tomoe said playfully, as she went up to tickle Hisoka’s splaying toes just to disobey Hisoka’s giggling remark.

"It thihihihickle sohohoho muhuhuhuch!” Hisoka howled, a giddy grin on her face as her feet danced wildly in the sandy ground.

Tomoe tickled faster and faster, loving the way Hisoka giggles and moans grew increasingly frantic with each new twist of her tickling fingers. Her red Boudo soles were warm and deliciously soft to the touch, squirming gently and sensually beneath Tomoe’s wicked fingers, not trying to escape, but trying to intensify the stimulating sensations touch. More than once, Hisoka would closes her eyes to savour the feeling of ticklish helplessness as Tomoe’s nails danced across her soles. "Ooooh!" she squealed with pleasure intermittently, as Tomoe brushed across a particularly erogenous spot on her soles. “Keeheheep it cuhuhuming, Comahahahander!”

The faster Tomoe tickled, the more Hisoka begged, and so the more she would tickle, till Hisoka’s intoxicating laughter run loudly in her ears. Although the captain had some of the softest, most ticklish soles Tomoe had ever seen, yet she was an insatiable glutton for the tickle torment, continuing to scream out for more punishment as her soles rapidly turned pinker and pinker (or at least a deeper shade of red) by the second. She struggles against the frantic need to escape the tickling, trying to force herself to hold her feet still.

The laughter met its peak as Tomoe began digging furiously into the crevices of Hisoka’s high arches, and as she screamed with laughter her eyes began to roll back in her head. She tossed her head back, moaning and laughing at the same time as her feet throbbed for more and more of the tickling. In a moment of powerful climax, Hisoka let loose a piercing scream of hedonistic pleasure and slumped back, panting like she had just run a marathon.

“You… definitely… haven’t… lost your touch,” Hisoka said a giddy smile on her face as she tried to catch her breath. “I think that’s a new record, Commander.”

“Good to know I haven’t lost my touch,” Tomoe smiled, and then glanced over at the clock at the centre of the Coliseum. “But I really have to be going. It was nice seeing you, Captain. Maybe I’ll stop by later," Tomoe grinned, pressing a fingernail into the centre of her soft arch and making the dark-haired Captain jolt as she stood up.

“I’d like that very much, Commander. Oooh, my feet feel so tingly,” Hisoka giggled, as she rubbed her feet together. “Show those Paxim scum why we’re on top!”

Tomoe felt a swelling of pride as she waved goodbye to Captain Hisoka and stood up. Her fingernails were tingling too, and she knew she was more than ready for her real sparring. Her next opponent would definitely not be likely to just lie there and stick her feet in the air to tickle. And that was because her next foe was none other than Paxim Commander Celeste, in their private quarters.

Across the grounds, many battles seemed to have already been decided. Tomoe saw a sapphire-haired Paxim girl pinned to the floor by four Boudo warriors who were sitting on her limbs and tickling her silly everywhere at once, from her blue-painted toenails to the nape of her slender white neck. Tomoe saw a red-haired Paxim wench who boosted a very well-endowed physique who had lost to a pair of Boudo girls, but had evidently put up a good fight, as she seemed to be getting rewarded for it. One Boudo girl, sat on the redhead’s arms her arms creeping into the Paxim armpits, while the other Boudo had her face pressed into the Paxim’s womanhood, her tongue clearly wreaking ticklish and erotic havoc. Her fingers kept themselves entertained by teasing and tantalizing those large bosoms too.

But as Tomoe was nearing the private sparring rooms where she would be meeting with the Paxim commander, Tomoe noticed a particularly fiery training battle taking place between a Paxim and Boudo fighter.

Well, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to watch for a while before meeting the fancy-pants Commander… she was probably still going through her warm-ups anyway.


Warm-ups definitely had a different meaning in Boudo and Paxim culture, Commander Celeste reflected, as she lay flat on her back, eagle-spread on a cushioned flat surface. In Paxim culture, where refinement and grace actually meant something, warm-ups meant stretching, maybe a quick massage, and perhaps some light tickle manoeuvres; in the backwards Boudo culture, warm-ups clearly was some childish euphemism for brutish hijinks, as that was the only way Celeste could possibly explain what was happening to her right now.

It was so typical of those Boudo bastards to do something so underhanded right before the duel with their leader. She was being ‘warmed-up’ by no less than five of those Boudo peasants, though they seemed to be trying to compensate for their brutishness with a type of dogged persistence Celeste had to admire. The five of them were at five of her worst spots, one at each foot, one at each breast, and one particularly persistent nuisance between her legs. With her eagle-spread form, her moist and hairless womanhood was fully exposed and ravishing with loving attention from a mischievous Bodou girl and her ravaging tongue. They had lathered her entire body with some kind of sweet syrupy substance, which Celeste recognized as one of the sweeteners from the Paxim rations, and were licking it off her body as if they were famished wildebeests who stumbled across an orchard. Each foot had a Boudo girl lapping at the soles and along the pedicured toes, her breasts had a pair of Boudo too, suckling and nibbling gently along the areolas of her incredibly sensitive breasts. And the Boudo between her legs was a special sort of pleasurable agony. The jam-like substance also made her skin slick, all the easier for fingernails to skate across, for the Boudo would, naturally, never be content to simply tease her, they had to tickle her half to death too. The light nibbling of her toes was always accompanied by rough Boudo fingernails scratching along the arches and the tops of the feet. The soft lapping at her breasts was accompanied by a hand in each armpit, and a finger twirling along her taut, flat stomach. The hot tongue teasing her womanhood kept her hands busy by tantalizing her inner thighs of squeezing her kneecaps.

They were such cheaters. Post-orgasmic sensations always made the person much more sensitive, and Celeste was always sensitive enough to begin with. The Boudo brat at her left foot began a maddening nibble at her big toe, popping in the painted toe like it was a big yellow lollipop, and Celeste arched her back with a gasp. The tongue probing her womanhood continued its insistent licking, and the tickling of their fingers ensured Celeste would always be laughing as much as she was moaning, and they had gotten to know her ticklish body very well in the fortnight she had been their treasured captive.

There was nothing that could be done, Celeste told herself, as she closed her eyes and shuddered as her orgasm hit her. Divines above, it was the third one already, and they still weren’t stopping… She wasn’t sure how she would be able to walk straight, let alone fight such a hulking monstrosity like their towering Commander Tomoe. Celeste gasped as the suckering of her nipples made her body spasm with ectsacy. The Boudo seemed like a miserable lot, but she had to give them credit for this.

Not that Celeste was enjoying this or anything.


“Get her, get her!” Tomoe’s bodyguards shouted as they watched the sparring battle with exuberance. Tomoe laughed to herself, and crossed her arms as she watched the show. She had to admit, opening up the training grounds had been one of their better ideas.

Tomoe recognized both the combatants. One the right was recently-promoted Captain Kiriko. She was cat-quick, and a constant tornado of movement, her favourite daggers in hand. Her short dark-hair was moist from sweat from her constant exertions, however, but she seemed in better shape than her Paxim foe.

Their Paxim foe was Private Stella, a Paxim soldier who had distinguished herself with her, well, stellar performance in the last battle. She had showed a surprising amount of initiative for a Paxim princess, and she had taken out five Boudo in close-quarters before being stunned by a well placed poke to the stomach. The Paxim girl had hair as white as starlight, and her features were comely, like all Paxim, though that did her little good on the battlefield.

Tomoe crossed her arms as the two women circled one another, combat stances at the ready, with Captain Kiriko with her dual knives and Private Stella a feather blade in hand. Black, hard Boudo eyes stared against teary grey Paxim ones, as they both waited for the other to make the first move. Kiriko struck first – she aimed high with the knife in her right hand, but it was dodged as the Paxim private dashed forward and swiped a glancing blow at Kiriko’s stomach! The blow made Kiriko’s muscular abs spasm, and Stella raised her blade high, aiming for Kiriko’s breasts while she was stunned; Tomoe thought the battle might be over here and now, as daggers were terrible weapons for blocking, but Kiriko suddenly burst forward and tackled Stella down to the floor with a quick, explosive burst before the Paxim could complete her swing, and they both tumbled to the floor. In the ensuing scrum, blades where both kicked aside as they wrestled to the floor, pawing and grabbing at each other’s ticklish spots.

Kiriko, with the sharp instincts that was so undoubtedly a Boudo trait, made a beeline for Stella sides, which were exposed in the crop top uniforms the Paxim were so fond of flaunting their bodies in. Stella squealed girlishly, as despite her valour in battle she was just a puny little Paxim pussy, Tomoe knew. The Paxim’s knees were shaking as Kiriko straddled her and pinned her beneath her thighs.

“It’s over, bitch! Give up!” Kiriko shouted victoriously, as her fingers tormented the Paxim private’s weak stomach and sides.

Tomoe was just about to get up and go, as she thought the battle looked like it was over, but with a surprising reserve of strength, Private Stella managed to find the energy to reach up and squeeze the Kiriko's sensitive thighs, which as she was wearing the short-shorts that was Boudo regulation, were fairly exposed. "Bahahaha! Suhuhuhurender! Stahahahap it!" Kiriko squealed as white fingernails stroke her bare thighs, tantalizingly close to her rapidly-moistening womanhood. And Tomoe knew from the Captain’s initiation session that she went to pieces when she was teased in those areas.

The stalemate continued, as the Paxim girl continued her assault on Kiriko’s thighs, zeroing in on the sensitive red flesh around her inner thighs, while Kiriko tried to strike back by digging into the sides with renewed gusto, but the battle looked like it would be going on for a while longer, and Tomoe had a schedule to keep. She turned back to see the two of them rolling around the sandy floor, their sweaty, grubby bodies (the Paxim girl’s hair was looking significantly more mussed up) intertwining in a mass of arms, legs, and tickling fingers, and giggled to herself.

Time to visit Commander Celeste.


“No toys, no traps, no games. Just me and you this time, Princess,” Tomoe grinned, as she kicked off her sandals and stood on the sparring mat. Commander Celeste stood opposite of her, clad in her undergarments too, as Tomoe glanced down at her golden toenail polish. “You have a good warm-up?”

“You damn know,” Celeste hissed. Her womanhood was still throbbing. “What’s the point of all this? We’ve been sparring every day for two weeks now. You miss me, or something?”

“Miss tickling your soft Paxim ass,” Tomoe chuckled, as she lunged forwards and made a swipe with her right arm. Celeste dodged under the swing, and slipped her manicured fingers into her foe's underarm, causing the great towering Boudo commander to let out a boyish squeak. “Ehehe, you’ve gotten a lot better since we started. You should be thanking me.”

“Thanks,” Celeste sneered, as she narrowed her eyes.

Tomoe laughed, and put a hand to her head as if shaking in disbelief, then suddenly swung her leg down to the floor and swept Celeste’s ankle, sending the blonde commander to the floor.

“You always fall for this move!” Tomoe cackled with laughter, as she pounced on her floored foe. Once she was on top, her much larger frame would keep the dainty Paxim commander firmly pinned. Celeste wasn’t about to make it easy though, as she immediately attacked Tomoe’s muscular sides and stomach, aiming for her six-pack. Tomoe choked back another bark of laughter, but was able to disrupt Celeste’s attack by digging into her armpits while lapping at her white neck, which Tomoe had learned from previous spars that the blonde commander was quite sensitive.

And then suddenly, reaching out with her strong hands, she snagged Celeste’s slender wrists and pulled them above the Paxim’s head. Tomoe’s hands were big enough that she was able to hold both of the Paxim’s hands with one hand so the other hand was free to roam. And roam it did – scampering along Celeste’s taut underarms, along her stomach and belly button, and poking her sides and ribs. As Celeste squirmed and giggled under her, Tomoe could feel their nether lips grinding together as the tickling filled them both with the ticklebattlelust that was so common among both their faces.

More than once, Celeste’s moans would slip into her laughter, and her bright eyes would lock onto Tomoe’s dark ones for a moment, before closing them and laughing again. The Paxim’s constant gyrations, twisting, and ineffective attempts to free her arms simply grinded her womanhood against the Boudo's, till both of them could feel that rising urge within their loins, the same way it was every time they sparred.

Sensing now was a good time, Tomoe released Celeste’s arms so she could use both hands to stroke and tease the writhing woman’s bosoms, pinching and caressing the areolas. Her head leaned down to kiss and nibble the milky-white skin of Celeste’s collarbones as the Paxim commander cooed at the sensations.

“I want to talk to you about a ceasefire. And a prisoner’s exchange, I received a letter from my government today,” Tomoe whispered, as she nibbled Celeste’s earlobe.

“Good... We can discuss this later, Commander…” Celeste sighed. “Don’t stop…”

Tomoe laughed to herself, as she felt Celeste press her body against her, causing their sensitive clits to clash together as moist mounds grinded together with lustful urgency. Paxim really couldn’t keep a hold of their emotions, could they?

"This is my kind of battle..." Celeste whispered, before squealing as Tomoe suddenly goosed her ribs.

"I'm competitive by nature," Tomoe grinned, tickling even harder, as their ticklish pillowplay took on a more passionate turn.

Tomoe squeaked, as she felt a finger creep along the crevice of her belly button. “But when you’re done… it’s my turn to be on top… I want to play with those toned abs of yours…” Celeste said breathlessly, licking her lips.

Celeste giggled and planted a few kisses on the hulking Boudo commander's stiff nipples, and lightly caressed the Boudo's muscular thighs. Tomoe's thighs shook and quivered as the sensitive inner thighs were teased by the Paxim's sharp yellow fingernails.


And so the battle of Lorraine ended, as Commander Celeste and the other Paxim were released because of a cease-fire and prisoner exchange between off-world Paxim forces. The Paxim and Boudo governments met at a neutral ground to put an end to this conflict between the two races

Commander Celeste, head of the Paxim forces and Commander Tomoe, head of the Boudo forces, shook hands as they signed their temporary treaty.

They vowed to meet each other to battle again.