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LoL TK: Ahri’s Slave


The Nine-Tailed Fox, Ahri strolled off the concert stage, smiling as she savouring the cheers from a delighted crowd, and the chorus of applause. The sounds of a crowd whipped into an amorous frenzy followed her as she walked backstage, intermingled by the clacks of her high heels. The pop starlet twirled a manicured finger around her golden curls as she waltzed her svelte frame back into her dressing room where he would be waiting.

Her feet were sore, like they always were from standing in those towering high heels for so long. But Ahri knew she looked gorgeous in them, and she knew she had just the person to rub away all the aches and pain from her time on the stage. She fumbled with a key as she laid a milky-white hand on the doorknob to her dressing room. She adored the sounds of the stage, the clamour of the howling crowd, who all, unmistakably, wanted her. They wanted her with every fibre of their being, man or woman. Ahri tittered to herself, closing her eyes as she inhaled deeply with a smile. I know what they desire. She could smell the lust in the room. Her room, where her toy was there waiting for her. It would not do to keep him waiting any longer.

She pushed open the door with a fierce grin on her face. You could see her fox-like teeth sharp in her smile. “Did you miss me, slave?”

“More than anything,” her slave said, weakly, looking up from the large bed where he had been bound naked and eagle-spread. He had almost recited it correctly this time, Ahri thought. His training had been going well.

“You will address me at all times as Mistress Ahri, slave. Do not forget your place,” the fox said sternly, as she slid inside the room, shut the door, and made her way to the makeup table. She could see from the mirror her slave was watching her intently, his longing eyes shifting from her ample rump, to her wicked toned legs, to her backless dress. She took her time, disrobing, knowing that it teased him so, as she pulled of her hat, her heart-shaped medallion, and her jacket till she wore nothing but her derriŤre, which showed off her bosom alluringly.

By the time she turned around, she was pleased to see his member, which had been limp and slumbering when she first walked in, was already in a semi-aroused state. What a delightful find he had been. She had found him lurking outside the concert grounds one day, clamouring for her autograph. He was shy and cute, so she had taken him inside and had her way with him. Not simply for sex, oh no… it would not do to kill her new boytoy when he could be repurposed for other designs.

Ahri’s charming abilities would wear off on strong-minded individuals, but for a natural submissive like this one, it could be nigh-permanent, which was just the way she liked it. He was the perfect tonic for her long concerts. She sat at the foot of her bed, and began to slowly unzip those killer black high-heels of hers. She knew the effect it had on him. What luck she had to find a foot fetishist. All the better to tease… By the time her pantyhose clad feet were free, he was already almost fully erect. Ahri giggled to herself. It really was too easy. She pointed down at the cock ring she made him wear with a pink-painted finger. “Does that feel comfortable, my sweet slave?”

He gulped. It was a game they played regularly, and by now Ahri had conditioned him to know what would happen if he answered in a petulant, insolent manner.

“N-No, Mistress Ahri. I l-love it,” he said, with a look of pleading in his big brown eyes.

Ahri’s grin was downright predatory as she extended her long legs across his chest, taking care to accidentally on purpose brush against his growing erection and make him gasp. The cock ring’s purpose was two-fold. It was a necessity, in that Ahri’s destructive powers would kill a man if she had sex with them, but only if they climaxed inside her. As a result, the tight cock ring kept her boytoy alive long enough to continue his service. The cock ring was also diabolically fun. She could see the desperation in those big brown eyes of his after being teased and edged for hours. She didn’t know what he was complaining about. He had been so desperate to please, and now he was doing that. He should be grateful for simply the pleasure of her company. She was making sure to tickle the guilt-inducing look of him thoroughly.

But that was all for later. It started with her massage. Her slender, shapely feet were perpetually tired after concerts, and the soft, tender tongue of her boy made the perfect cure. She rubbed her immaculate feet over his face and sat back as the probing tongue did its work. It lapped over the slick fabric of her stockings, as his tongue kiss and sucked the pedicured appendages. Her toes were painted a matching sharp pink of course, as they curled and wiggled happily as they were engulfed by his loving mouth. Ahri’s feet were sensitive to stimulation of every kind, and the truth was the tongue treatment tickled them slightly, and her slave knew better than to attempt to nibble on her toes or along the ball of the feet, were she was astonishingly ticklish. He had done that first, during their first night together, and he had smiled so very mischievously. Of course, his howls of laughter had sounded a lot less mischievous when Ahri’s talon-like nails and her nine-tailed whipped his body into a haze of sensual, ticklish delirium. Ahri closed her eyes in remembrance, smiling fondly at the memory. Her gleaming eyes opened back to the sight of her devoted slave now, his tongue still lapping furiously, not missing a beat.

The plain massages were relaxing and all… but Ahri’s always found she enjoyed them more when she found… things, for her hands to do while she was enjoying her tongue massage. As her own feet were lavished by that warm, wet touch of the tongue, she stared down at his bare feet. They were not as exceptional as Ahri’s own shapely, flawless feet, but for a man, they did not look bad - creamy white, rather thin and small for a man, and rather wrinkly especially when he curled his toes. They were the kind of soft-looking feet that just begged to have a fingernail dragged across them. Ahri was not one who liked to delay gratification of any sort, so with a devilish smirk, she kept herself waiting no longer, and scribbled her long nails in his arches.

He immediately spluttered with laughter, just as she knew he would. “What’s wrong, slave? You don’t enjoy my touch?” she demanded, scratching at the base of his toes, as he squirmed about impotently.

“I dohohohoho,” he giggled, lost for words like he always once they started this game, which was precisely why Ahri enjoyed playing it so much.

“I do, Mistress Ahri,” she corrected, wedging her fingers between those quivering toes for punishment as he squeaked from the sudden stimulation.

“Why have you stopped pleasuring my feet? Are you tired of my company?” she demanded, as his tongue stopped their tender caresses on account of the foot torment he was enduring .

“Nohohoho. Sahahahary,” he said meekly, before returning his mouth to the task at hand, popping in Ahri’s perfectly painted toes one at a time and swirling them in his mouth.

“You forgot to address me as Mistress Ahri,” she said, slapping him in the cheek lightly with her free foot. “Again,” she added, tickling even more fiercely with her razor sharp nails. “And don’t you dare scrunch your toes like that. Your feet are mine. Your whole body is mine now.”

He whimpered, his giggles muffled by the foot in his mouth as he reluctantly uncurled his ticklish toes, granting his mistress unimpeded access to the ticklish gaps between them. Naturally, she promptly took advantage of by sifting her fingers through all the toes at once, or scratching insistently at the little-to-no-contact area where the toes met the rest of the foot.

Ahri wore a smile as wide as the tight, ticklish grin on her slave’s face as revelled in the suffering of her boytoy alongside the ravishing her own feet were still receiving. The best part was how she could see how he was still so turned-on, despite all the torment and abuse he was going through. Her little submissive… how sweet he was. He really could not get enough of her gorgeous, pantyhose-clad feet, even being tickled so intensively as he was.

“Are you enjoying yourself, my pet?” she said, with a voice that was dangerously sweet as she moved her left foot down to brush against his raging hard-on, while her other foot continued to be pampered with kisses from his mouth.

He nodded, his tongue continuing to pleasure her sole, just as she knew he would. He was such a good boy. A shame Ahri was feeling so bad…

"Well, I’ve had enough,” she said, pulling her remaining foot free from his slack mouth, amused by the little pout he made as his toy was taken from him. “Let's have some real fun. Now I know how much you adore my feet…" Ahri giggled, turning around so she was sitting down on his chest, right in front of his throbbing member, knowing full well that sitting down like this gave him a splendid view of her ass. It was another tease, of course. She looked back and manoeuvred her feet till they were prodding in his armpits. “See how you like my feet now,” she smirked as her toes pressed against his armpits, the pantyhose making it feel like velvety claws were scratching into his taut, stretched out underarms. They went on to poke and prod, as Ahri’s cruel fingernails devoured the buffet of ticklish spots laid before her. Ahri closed her eyes as she continued her tickling with her hands and toes, loving the symphony of laughter and begging from her oh so ticklish slave. By the time she was finished, ribs, stomach, hips, inner thighs and balls had all had a taste of her evil, wonderful touch. Everywhere except the cock, which had been carefully avoided, of course. Ahri leaned down to kiss at his inner thighs, knowing full well her long hair would be snaking across his firmly erect cock as she did so.

It was so very frustrating for her slave, and not just became of his cock. He kept glancing right and left at those perfect feet he loved so much… those damned beautiful toes were tickling him silly as they pressed into his ticklish underarms. It was too cruel to be tormented by the toes he adored with every kiss and lap of his tongue… too cruel! The mouth that was darting in to lick and teasingly nibble was the worst of all... he was truly prey in the clutches of this predator.

“Do you like my hair, slave?” Ahri asked, suddenly stopping all the tickling. It was a question with no right answer, he knew. Yes or no would only lead to more.

“Yes…” he said weakly. She smiled that savage, stunning smile of hers and she used her power, her long hair moving about like serpents, as they hovered in front of her boytoy’s quivering feet. He felt her long hair rear up and flutter between his toes, making him squeal and laugh out loud again. Ahri’s power… the way she controlled her nine tails of hair like her own limbs…

His laughter rose as her hair washed over his midriff, dusting it up and down with its light, maddening touch. A few stray hairs would tease against his erection constantly of course, in addition to brushing against his inner thighs.

“Beg for it, slave,” Ahri ordered, her hands on his balls, as her hair continued wreaking ticklish havoc across his body.

Powerless to the whims of his ticklish, sexually frustrated body, all he could do was beg. “Plehehehehehase Mihihihihistress Ahahahahahari!”

When she smiled his cruelest smile, he knew she was not in a generous mood.

“No,” she said simply spidering her nails over his balls. It always tickled so much there, because everytime she touched him there he always had this vain hope that maybe this time she would be generous, and merciful…

“Nohohohohohoho stahahahahp!” he shrieked, thrusting his hips up as best he could in his tickle-addled frustration. Of course, this was the wrong thing to do…

“Are you giving me orders, slave?” Ahri said, with a shark-like grin, teasing him even harder, as she began using slow, light strokes along his most sensitive of areas. Her feet had re-entered the game too, prodding and poking in his armpits just to send his body into a ticklish frenzy even more.

“Nohohohoh,” he squealed, tossing her head back and forth as the tickles invaded his body.

“Yet you continue to avoid addressing me by my title. I don’t like it when you’re so disobedient. I like it when you’re cute and ticklish. It seems I’ll need to punish thoroughly you today, for being such a bad boy.” Ahri declared, the tone of her voice making it clear that she was going to take a great deal of joy out of her task.

Ahri stood up from her post, letting her hair tease his erection as she stood up and walked to the foot of the bed. She reached into her bag, and pulled out a half-empty bottle of baby oil, and a pair of bristly hairbrushes. Ahri’s slave gulped at the sight. He had spent many an evening with those brushes sawing at his oily arches.

“You deserve this, you naughty boy,” Ahri grinned, as she slapped the baby oil onto his pale, trembling soles.

In a second, the brushes hit him with the force of a hammer, the uncountable number of tiny bristles absolutely overwhelming his sensations. They brushed ferociously at his quivering feet, which still dared not curl and risk a reproach from his beloved mistress.

The hair had the tensile strength to handle the hairbrushes themselves, and though they were unable to scrub them as expertly as their mistress, they were still effective in transmuting him into a ticklish mess after a few seconds of scrubbing into his slick, oily arches.

She went up to his chest, her cruel fingernails still stroking and teasing over his skin.

“What’s wrong… don’t you trust me?” she said, whispering in his ear as softly as a lover. He could smell the musky aura about her that she always had after shows. He wanted to reach up, to kiss her, but he dared not move.

“If you'd like to play with me, you'd better be sure you know the game," Ahri said, the same way she always did. “If I hear one giggle… do you promise to stay silent?”

The hair at his feet had discarded the hairbrush for now, and were lightly tracing over and between his toes, with light, wispy touches, so he was able to catch his breath. He was able to muster a nod of concord.

He shuddered as Ahri plants kisses on his ears and neck, her hair right in my face, lghtly brushing over everything as always. She felt her straddle him in earnest, let him sleep inside her, as she planted continued to kisses all over his neck and ears, which tickled, of course, but not enough to ruin things. Of course, when her tongue suddenly licked at his underarm, he pursed his lips and tried not to giggle. He began thrusting to take his mind of things. Ahri moaned, then after about the tenth thrust, he felt something alarmingly scrape against the bottom of his right foot. One of the brushes had come roaring back to life, teasing at his heel… but only one. He scrunched his toes, praying his mistress would not notice and went back to it. He was close to orgasm when the tickling began too much, and laughter spluttered through his gritted teeth.

“I heard that,” Ahri said, pulling herself off him with a feral grin, and tickling both his armpits. At his feet, both hairbrushes were scrubbing from heel to toe.

“You bad slave… lying to me…”

He lost track of time then, his mind a delirious mess of ruined orgasms. Ahri’s nails and hair continued to roam his body, tormenting him in every spot imaginable. Every fifteen minutes or so, Ahri would give him a little break, which mainly involved teasing him to the very precipice of the edge again with fingers, tongue or hair, just so the subsequent tickle session was all the more torturous. He lost count after the fifth break, so intense was the tickling.

“What’s wrong… too much for you? Should I make your pulse rise? Or...stop?" Ahri said with a giggle, as she played with his curly dark hair. “Awwww, you poor baby,” she crooned, counting his ribs with her prickly fingernails. “Is this too much for you?”

Her boytoy nodded his head in ascent, his hair tousled from sweat.

“Well, I’m not finished yet… I could listen to your laughter all night long, so you’ll have to wait on my pleasure,” Ahri said, her face a visage of cruelty and beauty. Her fingers reached down at his groin, and spidered along his inner thighs. Ahri’s hair whipped out, clumping together into bundles the size of basting brushes. The manipulated hair made a beeline to his member, which had been starting to flag and droop. “Let’s keep you in the right state of mind, shall we?” Ahri asked rhetorically, a savage smirk on her pretty lips as her nails scribbled along his thighs while her hair stroked up and now his cock. Teasing him like this was always one of the highlights of their time together, Ahri reflected, as she watched his penis twitch helplessly as every inch of it was pestered by those brushes. Nothing was more pleasing than watching the brushes stoke him to a full erection, and just watching it quiver there, erect and straight up in the air with nowhere to go.

"They're mine now," Ahri cackled, as she spidered along ball sac with one hand and along the tip with the other, as her brushes dusted at her sides and stomach. “You’re all mine, slave,” she said, as she continued playing with his cock. “Every inch of you…” she giggled girlishly, deviously teasing his member with light, sharp touches.

“Now I’m in the mood for another game…” she said, as suddenly all ticklish touches evaporated, and the slave found himself every breath again. His rock solid member was still frustrating him, but he had learned to accept that part of things by his twentieth night with Ahri. He was given about five minutes to rest and take a sip of water, as Ahri pondered what next to do with him, and what game she wanted to play.

“The name of the game… is don’t orgasm. You do not have my permission to cum. Cum and I will be very displeased,” Ahri said firmly, as she reached down to pluck off his cock ring. He could only whimper as she saw Ahri’s hair form into bundles the size of basting brushes again. He could guess their intentions.

Ahri stuck her gorgeous, pedicured feet right under his face again, intoxicating him with their musky scent. He was so infatuated with those perfect soles of hers, that purely on instinct, he began worshipping them, quickly realizing his mistake as his cock stirred to life yet again.

“Hmmmm,” Ahri moaned, her words sending rumblings through his libido. "There we go… indulge me…" she said, her voice sensual and sultry as her toes splayed open around his eager tongue and lips. He groaned and grunted as she felt the bundles of hair brush against his inner thighs, and along the base of his member, right where the sensation was the most tantalizing combination of sensual and torturous.

Ahri’s slender, nimble fingers lightly trace over his sides and stomach, squeezing his nipples, as he found his body revolting against him. He had been edged for too long. He was around about to explode. The brushes danced around his cock, softly tickling the tip of his member. His laughter was all moans and giggles, as his body writhed under the ticklish touch of his mistress.

He tossed his head back, gritting his teeth as he tried not to lose himself as Ahri reached down with a gentle hand and grabbed his cock, manually wrapping her hair around it several times. Giggling to herself because she knew of the effect it had on her desperate slave, she pumped him exactly five times, just enough to push him firmly onto the edge of ecstasy. The loose strands of hair that brushed against his member as the hair disentangled themselves were jolts that threatened to send him firmly off. He was so close…

Of course, Ahri knew. She always knew. After he had endured all that a human possibly could endure, Ahri grinned and reached down for the cock ring.

"Don't hold back… now I want to hear you laugh!" She clamped it on him. He gasped, as he felt the uncomfortable tightness. In a flash, all the hair went from teasing to savagely assaulting his body with tickling sensations. They flew to all his worst spots, his underarms, his toes, his stomach, and brushed and brushed. Ahri’s fingers were first of all, as they were constantly in the mix, scratching and grabbing here and there, as she smirked at his shrieks of laughter. “You should have cum when you had the chance! Silly slave!” she laughed, as her sharp fingernails moved like a blur across ticklish flesh. Her hands never neglected his poor cock even now, as Ahri liked nothing more than the sight of an erect penis that longed for her. Her hands, hair and mouth kept him in a steady state of tormented arousal, till he finally passed out from the torment.

When he was woken by the sharp scent of the smelling salts Ahri kept for this exact purpose, he awoke to see the sight of her feet right in front of his face. He didn’t know how, but he was already hard.

Ahri slowly pulled off her pantyhose, she always did this slowly, knowing that his eyes would be glued to her. Her slender, milky-white feet curled and flexed, their pretty pink nails glittering in the light. She planted them on his groin, caressing him slowly with their soft soles. “Do you want an orgasm, my poor, ticklish slave?” Ahri asked, with dangerous-sweetness.

He nodded his head and begged, thrusting with his hips desperately. “Well then,” Ahri said, straddling him. “Let’s see how well you do… give me a few orgasms… and maybe we’ll see. You’ll orgasm when I want you to…” she purred, stroking his member softly as she tickled his balls with her hands. “And not a second sooner!” she announced, her voice turning sinister. Ahri sat down in front of his face, as she waited for him to do his duty.

Naturally, Ahri was not one for making things too easy for him, so as soon as she felt his tongue inside her, her hands reached around and darting across his ticklish sides. From time to time she would even reach down to spider-tickle the balls and around the cock, just to torment him even more, which would naturally speed up her orgasm. Of course, Ahri was constantly shaking her hair from side to side so that her hair would tease along his midsection as she did so, just to add another delightful flavour of torment to the most appetizing of morsels.

Ahri moaned as she felt her slave’s masterful tongue work its magic on her. She wasn’t feeling especially gluttonous today, so perhaps she would let him cum after she had her fifth orgasm.

Maybe… Ahri thought to herself, closing her eyes in ecstasy as her fingers tickled her slave even harder. The night was still young…